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Being a huge fan of the late, great American artist Bill Ward and his gorgeous girlie art, I decided to pay homage to him by interpreting a few of his suggestive cartoons onto paper.

Therefore, the following filth below is what I’d like to imagine occurred before the punchline of the cartoon. For best results, please don’t skip to the end!

* * *

Saucily biting her bottom lip, the curvaceous young woman reached into the gentleman’s open flies and delicately took hold of his growing erection. Gently taking the hot piece of flesh in hand she wrapped her fingers around it before drawing it into the open, her eyes widening approvingly as his gorgeous prick came into view.

“I like a girl who uses her initiative,” the fellow said, slouched back in his plush, leatherette chair. A plaque on the wall to his right stated that his name was Freddy Goode. It boasted several achievements, of which not all could be proved. He adjusted his tie, loosing his shirt as he stared transfixed down upon the saucy young thing.

“You mean, you like a girl who uses her head, don’t you?” she smiled, squeezing his now rigid flesh in her palm.

“Something like that,” he mused, swiping a thick strand of silky-soft hair from her face. What was her name again? Betty? No, Becky, yeah, that was it. She was truly fucking hot, no matter her name. Her breasts were held hostage within a lacy, purple colored bra-cum-chemise, her swollen cleavage barely contained within. There was a hollowed out jeweled heart on a silver chain around her neck. The short piece of lingerie revealed much of her tummy; a tiny black plaid skirt was wrapped irresponsibly around her waist, a matching purple thong streaked up and across her hips, and for shoes the gorgeous young woman wore black and silver cowboy boots. Wallpaper-paste thick, red lipstick applied to her full lips was pursed just inches from the tip of his circumcised cock. He waited impatiently for her to engulf him. “Initiate away, babe,”

Becky let out a small giggle as she slowly ran her pink tongue across his purple dome, exploring the smooth mushroomed shape head. Freddy squirmed in her grip, his now-throbbing erection pulsating in her hand. She ran her tongue up the length of his engorged prick, circling his knob, leaving feather-soft licks there. She then kissed him, branding his cock with her lipstick. Not for the first time did Becky wonder how many times he had seen that in his lifetime?

“Suck it, babe,” he told her, his hands resting on her head, entangling his fingers with her incredibly soft hair. “Suck that big cock!”

“Oh yeah,” Becky replied, licking her lips, pulling on his thick shaft. “I’m gonna suck me some cock!” And so saying she lowered her mouth over Freddy’s prick, wrapping her wet lips around his chunky cock and sucking hard. She felt him twitch deliciously in her mouth.

“Fuckin’ nice …” he groaned, releasing his grip on her hair to remove his unbuttoned shirt. He tugged on his tie and threw it onto the desk in front of him. He then unbuckled his belt, and with Becky now bobbing her head up and down in his lap Freddy opened the top button of his pants, he carefully wriggling out of them. She released him from her mouth and vigorously pulled on his cock as he lifted his ass off his seat and kicked off his pants. Becky groped his naked chest and tummy with her hand, admiring his naked body.

“Lick my balls,” he told her, she obeying immediately, lowering her head between his thighs to ravish his recently shaved balls with her sarıyer escort tongue. His exquisite testicles made her mouth water as she smothered them, he lifting his hips to allow her to suck upon them.

“Are you wet, slut?” Freddy asked her, noticing that Becky had reached between her legs and was busily fingering her clit.

“See for your self,” she said, letting his erection rest across her cheek as she brought her fingers from her pussy to his cock. Becky layered his iron-clad cock with her honey, spreading her flowing honey over his saliva-sticky prick. She then lapped and sucked her excitement off of his erection.

You horny slut,” he stated, once again taking hold of her head and, as she swallowed his erection into her mouth he held her fast, forcing her down onto him, she gagging and choking on his fat cock. Seconds later he let her up for air, she spitting out a tangy concoction of saliva and pre-cum that oozed from her lips onto the tip of his purple dome.

“Again,” she told him, adding, “longer.” She sucked him into her mouth again, Freddy placing his hands onto her head before pressing down. Becky slurped and gagged as her nose swam in his pubic hair, her cheeks were bloated, her face flushed as Freddy held her in place. His cock throbbed in her throat, she snorted through flared nostrils, the grip in her hair tightened. Freddy thrust upwards, now fucking her mouth, amazed at her throat-choking, cock-sucking ability.

“Gaaaaaaaaarrggh!” Becky gasped, letting him fall from her lips, she breathing heavily, sweat forming on her brow. She licked her lips and composed herself, pulling on his big prick, and then greedily repeated the whole process again.

Fuck!” Freddy snorted, practically lifting Becky up off him. His cock had never penetrated a woman’s throat so deep, or for so long before. He had to stop her; otherwise he’d never get to fuck this horny slut.

As if reading his mind, Becky rose to her feet, wiping her dribbling mouth with the back of her hand. “You gonna fuck me now with that thing, or what?” she asked him, cheekily. She slowly turned around, throwing her hair back and resting her hands on his desk, presenting her ass to him. Somehow, her black plaid skirt was entangled in her purple thong, the material damp, and the outline of her pussy lips pressed deliciously against it.

“I think that can be arranged,” Freddy replied, getting to his feet, stroking his cock as he approached her. His hands found her ass, he caressing the smooth flesh of her buttocks, running his hand over the material of her thong. “But first …” he said, sinking to his hunches and taking hold of the thin, purple fabric, “I wanna eat me a little pussy.”

“Mmmm,” Becky said, “I was wondering when you’d get around to it.”

Untangling her skirt from her thong, Freddy pulled the plaid skirt from her waist, sliding it down her shapely thighs and over her cowboy boots, Becky then kicking it to one side. Freddy took hold of her thong and stretched it across her ass, revealing her wet slit and pert asshole. Her excitement filled his nostrils, her lips glistening with oozing honey. Steadying her erect with his open palm on her buttock Freddy struck out with his tongue at her treacly puss, feeling her shudder, her legs buckling to his touch. Parting her cheeks aside he drove his tongue deep between her wet slit, shoveling the soft folds of flesh with great strokes of his cock-like tongue, lapping and slurping esenyurt escort her oozing cunt-juice which flowed from her. Becky moaned loudly, encouraging him to continue.

“Lick me, God, yes, lick me,” she purred, peering over her shoulder at him, jutting her ass towards him, making sure he could reach every last square inch of her dripping pussy. She felt him stab her anus, felt his tongue worm its way into her asshole, the fucking bastard! She adored having her asshole licked, and when he fingered her sopping cunt Becky came immediately, she crying aloud as her orgasm ripped through her voluptuous body like hellfire.

“Yeah, oh fuck, yeah!” she groaned through closed eyes, licking her pre-cum-coated lips, now wanting his cock deep inside her instead of his fingers. “Fuck me, Mr. Goode,” she told him, her tone indicating that she would not take no for an answer.

“Sure, baby,” he replied, getting to his feet and reaching into one of his desk draws. “Safety first.” He pulled out a shiny-wrapped condom wrapper, and bit into the packaging. “Wanna put it on?”

Becky smiled, sinking to her knees in front of him as he handed the half-opened condom to her. Carefully slipping the condom from its wrapper, she took hold of his circumcised prick and placed the open end of the condom over his mushroom shaped dome. Becky then rolled the condom down his shaft, her mouth watering at the thoughts of this gorgeous cock fucking her. Once it covered the entire throbbing length, Becky bent her head forward to lash out at his balls with her tongue, pulling gently on the condom-smothered cock.

“At your convenience,” she said, getting to her feet and presenting her ass to him. She felt him tug at her thong, felt him tug the material from her buttocks and down her hips. She lifted one cowboy-boot foot upwards, her panties falling into the open mouth of the other boot. Looking behind her she saw Freddy step into her, condom-covered cock in hand. Positioning his knob to her lips, he teased her momentarily before suddenly penetrating her, filling her puss with fat, rigid cock.

“Oh fuck, yeah!” she gasped, her body tensing under his sudden barrage of fucking. His balls swung beneath him, slapping into the underside of her ass, Becky backing into him, wanting more and more of his big, beautiful cock. “God, I love it!” she groaned, sluttishly.

Reaching around her Freddy clasped one of her wobbling breasts, feeling the taut nipple through the flimsy material of her top. Not for the first time did he imagine his cock sliding between those beauteous melons. “Horny slut!” he cried out, lost in the moment.

“Yeah, oh fuck yeah, I’m a horny slut!” Becky confirmed through deep, passionate moaning. She let out a gasp as Freddy tugged on her hair, pulling her head back towards him, exposing her supple, perfumed throat that he smothered with feverish kisses.

“And a hot slut at that,” he commented, biting her smooth flesh, his tongue striking out at her ear.

His words made her wet, it was simple as that. With his big prick fucking her, his hands kneading her jutting breasts and his lips on her flesh Becky’s second orgasm was imminent. Closing her eyes and biting her bottom lip, she squeezed his prick with her pussy muscles, focusing solely on the thrust and sensitive area where his cock buried within her. It was fat, thick and long, and with an exasperated gasp her second climax over-powered her, she letting go a series of groans and squeals. How avrupa yakası escort lucky she was, she thought, that it didn’t take much to make her cum.

Becky lifted her right leg up onto the desk to allow Freddy deeper access. He took hold of her thigh to balance him self before accelerating his pace, now thumping into her deliciously tight puss. Her body shook from the sheer force of his fucking, he grunting through gritted teeth, she moaning in heated pants.

And then he withdrew, taking Becky with him. He spun her round and helped her up onto the desk, she spreading and lifting her legs. Freddy stepped into her glistening puss once more and thrust forward, penetrating her sucking cunt as she wrapped her cowboy boots around his naked waist.

“Fuck me!” she cooed, before they kissed, their tongue dancing frantically. Becky leant back, resting on her hands upon the desk, Freddy then freeing her breasts from her top. They were magnificent, and jutted wondrously in his palms. He pulled on her nipples, tweaked them between finger and thumb, all the while his cock jack-hammered in and out of her hot, wet puss.

“Yeah, oh yeah,” Becky cried, the sensation of his fat prick grinding off her engorged clit too much to bear. She was going to cum for a third time and she didn’t care who knew it.

“I’m gonna cum, baby!” Freddy said, his hips quickening, his thigh muscles tightening. Sweat formed on his brow, his eyes fixated upon her heavy melons that wobbled and rippled over her purple top, thoughts of fucking those titties the mental image that would send him over the line.

“Cum for me, baby,” Becky urged him “Fill that fucker for me!”

Freddy obliged. With a series of violent thrusts his orgasm shook him to his very soul, he snarling the ferocity of his climax, his seed spilling from him as it blasted the inside of the condom, splashing back against his twitching knob, his cock vibrating within Becky’s squeezing puss.

“Yeah, oh Jesus, fuck yeah,” he groaned, his breath coming in deep, heaving gasps. “You,” he panted, “are a great fuck.”

“Right back atcha,” Becky replied, smiling, throwing her hair behind her shoulders, before asking, “Are you gonna let me see how much cum I missed out on?”

Taking hold of his condom-sticky cock, Freddy withdrew from Becky’s sopping puss. The condom was wrinkled and naturally well used, the bloated tip saggy with a pool of silver-white cum. “Who says you missed out? Lie down.”

With Becky sprawled on her back upon Freddy’s desk he climbed over her, squatting over her face, his balls sticky with pre-cum and honey. She reached up to lick at the glistening testicles as he unrolled the cum-heavy condom.

“Bottom’s up,” he said, offering the contents to Becky. She opened her mouth, licked her lips, and graciously accepted his gooey gift. His cum spilled like flowing mercury from the condom into her mouth, the creamy seed resting on her tongue. As it oozed forth, Freddy squeezed the contents dry as Becky licked her lips and swallowed the salty mouthful.

“Yummy!” she said, licking her fingers clean, reaching for his sticky cock and squeezing it.

“I thought you’d appreciate that,” Freddy smiled. His fingers sought out her pussy, and while Becky played with his softening prick he gently frigged her wet slit. “Anyway,” he continued, sighing deeply, “wanna get down to the real reason why you’re here ..?”

* * *

She closed the office door behind her, ‘Freddy Films Casting Agency’ scrawled in plain script across the tinted window paneling. Becky sashayed into the waiting room where two, scantly-dressed young women sat cross-legged, eyeing her suspiciously.

“Did you get a part?” one of them asked her.

Becky smiled knowingly.

“A juicy part?” the other woman said.

“Oh, I got a juicy part, all right,” Becky replied, “and not just in a movie …”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32