Parker Ch. 07

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Adriana Chechik

Welcome to the continuation of Parker’s Adventures. Last we left off, Parker got quite an unexpected welcome home from his roommate. Gearing up for the work week ahead, Parker begins to get back into the swing of things. His roommate books him a massage to help him relax.

While I was gone my boss had called the house a few times looking for me. I can only surmise that she somehow got my cell number wrong because there are no missed calls or messages. All she told Lynn was that she needed to see me first thing on Monday morning.

I figure it can’t be a good thing, especially since she knew I was on vacation. If it was something that bad she would have tried harder to reach me on my cell. Hell, I know she knows the number, she’s called me on it before. All the rest and relaxation I got on the road is gone and I’m tense all over again. Until now I hadn’t realized how relaxed my mind had gotten.

With only a couple days left before I go back to work, Lynn suggests I get a massage. While I got a good mental break my body is a whole different story.

According to her, I’ve been treating my body like an amusement park. While we both agree that it’s a good thing, I need to allow myself some time to recoup. She’s got a couple friends that do house calls and books me an appointment for tomorrow.

In the mean time we spend a few hours out back in the hot tub drinking wine and listening to music. It’s not the first time we’ve done this, but now there’s a teasing knowledge between us. We’ve had an intimate moment and having another isn’t off the table. The game is to see who makes the first move.

Deciding I’ve been away from my workout regiment too long, I go to the gym first thing in the morning. I’m having trouble with giving myself a rest, but since I used to be overweight and inactive I just figure I took it easy way to long.

Besides, I’ve still got some weight to lose and a massage on the books for later. After some cardio and weight training, I clean up and decide on some coffee. Not wanting to fall on old habits I get an espresso with very little cream and sugar, and a bowl of fresh fruit.

As I sit at a table outside, my bowl of fruit empty, I smoke a relaxing cigarette. The most unhealthy thing I do these days, but I don’t do it often.

Looking in the windows of the coffee shop I watch the waitress move about inside. She’s about 5’4, small breasts and a tight ass. Her green polo shirt isn’t buttoned at all showing as much of her large B cups as she can. Tight blue jeans show off that nice ass as she leans over and clears off a table.

I find my mind drifting off at the possibilities, wondering if my newfound confidence could get her out of those clothes. By the time I finished my smoke my dick is half hard and I finished my drink. Even to me, with as much sex as I’ve had in the last week, I’m surprised my mind keeps drifting back to sex.

I know it’s in old cliche that men think about sex all the time, but I didn’t use to. Then again, I was married and couldn’t get laid if my life depended on it. Seriously, if somebody put a gun to my head and told my wife to fuck me or they’d kill me I’d be dead now. I shrug off the thoughts and get along with my day.

Time slips by as I grocery shop, wash clothes and generally get things ready for the coming work week. Noon rolls around without my noticing and there’s a knock at the door I’m not expecting. Lynn’s off somewhere, I haven’t a clue where, and no idea when she’s getting back. Obviously it’s not her at the door, it’s her place and has no reason to knock.

Opening the door I find two women I’d guess are just shy of thirty. Both have dirty blonde hair, one more close to brown than blonde. They both wear black spaghetti strap shirts and denim shorts showing off athletic legs and ample cleavage.

I manage to get out, “Can I help you?” without looking like a complete idiot, but it’s a stretch. They introduced themselves as Angela and Melissa. “Are you Parker?” When Lynn told me she had a couple friends that make house calls, I had no idea she’d be asking more than one to attend to me.

My first clue to who they were should’ve been the large black thing they carried, but I was too awestruck by their revealing clothing to notice the folding table. Good looking women have that effect on me.

While they set up in the living room I go to my room to disrobe and wrap a towel around myself. As I had at the coffee shop my mind wanders to a sexual place, but I stop it quickly. It’ll be hard enough to keep my dick from getting hard without thinking about fucking them both.

Coming out with only a half boner hidden by my towel I see them waiting for me. Some interesting music is playing on a stereo they had brought, some instrumental stuff meant to calm, not stimulate. Moving to the table I see there’s a hole where one shouldn’t be, right about cock level if I were laying face down.

Angela, the lighter of the two blondes, explains why. “We understand erotik film izle that for our male clients, sometimes a massage can make some things,” and I know she’s holding back a laugh when she says, “grow, and it can be difficult to lay on it. The hole is in case this becomes an issue.” The cover on the table was specifically designed for this purpose because it also lines the inside of the hole.

Of course my mind goes to the obvious place, having seen more than my fair share of porn, but I let it slide. They turn around as I climb on the table, and getting a good look at those lovely asses, I admit that I let my dick go into the hole. Just a look at those supple, curvy legs and tight denim covered asses makes my dick grow another inch.

With the towel draped over my ass I lay there as they go to work on me. The aroma of warm oil the scent of woodlands accompany the hands working over my muscles. With my face resting in the hole of the headrest I can’t tell which one is where, but the feet I see below me are bare and pretty. It’s surprising that I even think it, since I have an aversion to feet, but they look well cared for and the nails are painted red.

One set of hands are working on my shoulders and the other are on my legs. You never really notice how tense your muscles really are until someone starts working on them, bringing attention to them.

Smooth hands work expertly on my body, finding those problem areas and working them out. I hear them talking to each other, but I’m a little lost, my mind relaxing into a state of inner peace as my body is rubbed by two gorgeous women.

It doesn’t take long for my cock to reach full erection, and I’m grateful for the hole. Deciding it’s rude to drift off to a state of tame bliss while they converse, I listen in on their conversation. For the most part they’re talking about me and how tight my body is. Telling them that I just worked out this morning doesn’t explain it, not entirely.

They begin to compare my various parts to some of their other clients. Angela, who’s moved to my mid back, compares me to a banker she sees every Thursday. Melissa, who’s moved up to my hamstrings, says I remind her of a fire fighter she used to work when she first started. It dawns on me that they don’t seem to share clients. I thought one of them might’ve been a trainee, but they’ve both been in this game for years.

“Lynn said you needed some special attention,” Melissa says with a laugh, “and she wasn’t kidding.”

“Yeah,” Angela agrees, “we’ve only seen one person that comes close to you, Parker.” I ask who and they both say in unison, “Lynn.” That explains why she sounded so sure this is what I had needed. “When she called yesterday and told us about you, we decided you need the same treatment she gets from us.”

Angela moves to my lower back as Melissa finishes with my legs. They tell me that Lynn is the only client they’ve shared together and I’m now the second. Most people can’t handle them both at the same time.

While yes, I will admit that the two of them have been amazingly knowledgeable and can read my body like an open book, I don’t know if most people would be overwhelmed.

Then again, this is my first massage so who am I to judge? With Angela working my lower back I feel something else working on me. Where Angela uses oil and hands, Melissa begins to use saliva and her mouth. Underneath the table, she begins an oral massage on my cock. “Same treatment as Lynn?” I asked in surprised awe. With a full mouth, Melissa says, “Mhmm,” and the vibrations on my cock make me shake.

I thought I was losing track of time before Melissa started sucking my dick, but now it has no meaning. Angela continues to work on the muscles of my lower back, finding a few knots there. There are moments where I can’t tell if my gasps and groans are from my back or cock.

While hands and palms move with a practiced ease, mouth and tongue work expertly over my dick. A light graze of teeth, tongue dancing around my head sending jolts of pleasure throughout my body. For years I’ve heard the jokes about a happy ending massage, but I never imagined it’d feel so good that you’d forget how to interpret language.

I can hear Angela say something, but I don’t have the mental capacity to understand. What I do pick up on is the sudden loss of warmth on my cock. I’m about to get up and ask why she stopped, but then I feel it come back. It’s different this time, more teeth grazing my shaft and faster pumping. The hands at my back take on a different kind of strength and I realize they switched.

Melissa makes quick work of my back as Angela sucks eagerly at my cock. It all feels so good, truly overwhelming, and somehow my arms stay at my sides. Being in such a relaxed, euphoric state, I think I even forgot I have arms.

Before I get my wits about me enough to reach out and touch Melissa, her hands aren’t on my back anymore. Deciding that my massage is done, she helps me into film izle a sitting position as Angela comes out from under the table.

With my cock hard and glistening with saliva, I watch the pair in front of me begin to slip clothes off each other. With each item removed they give me a full eyeful of the now exposed body parts. Large breasts hang free with erect nipples, tight asses bent over as they slide their shorts off, pussies completely devoid of any hair.

As they get each other naked I watch as they touch, caress, grope and lick. Tongues wrestle in front of me, and it has the feel of something real. I don’t think this is something they do for money, it’s more than that. You can’t pay for that level of enthusiasm, that look of pure lust in their eyes.

Melissa’s hand slips between Angela’s legs and they both gasp, one in surprise and the other in pleasure. “Would you look at that, Parker,” Melissa says as she holds up her hand, two fingers glistening, “Angela is already wet.”

They both look at me and those eyes are just as lust filled as when they looked at each other, “Sucking such a nice cock always gets me super wet,” Angela says as she moves toward me.

If there’s any part of her that doesn’t want to do this, like it’s just another job, she doesn’t show it. Not the look in her eyes, her tongue sliding between my lips, her hand holding the back of my head as we kiss, nor her hand guiding my hand to her pussy. Just a quick touch and I can feel her juices. “I’m so wet, Parker,” she coos into my ear, “I’m so eager for your cock.” She slowly leads me to the foot of the table, “I want you inside me,” she sits on the table, “I need you inside me,” she begs. I kiss her as she lays on the table, her hand on my cock as she spreads her legs and guides me in.

Angela engulfs me as I slide inside, so wet and eager I’m welcomed in with a hungry grip as she moans. I slide all the way in, reaching as far as I’m able before slowly pulling out. I take my time, wanting to jackhammer in and out, but torturing us both with slow and sure thrusts.

One leg rests on my shoulder and I feel the thick muscles of her calf, caress her as I move down to her thigh. Her moans fill the air as I fill her pussy, and Melissa isn’t content with being on the sidelines. Crawling on to the table she straddles Angela’s head as she watches my cock fuck her friend.

I look on as Angela’s tongue darts out and she begins to lick Melissa’s pussy, but she’s still not content. Leaning forward she grasps the back of my head and kisses me like she kissed Angela before. Such intense, instant passion fuels me on and I begin increasing my thrusts.

Before long I taste Melissa all over my mouth and my body is slapping hard against Angela. Her moans and cries of pleasure are directed into Melissa’s pussy and she moans her pleasure into my mouth.

Leaning back slightly I watch as my fucking has Angela’s tits bouncing back and forth in a mesmerizing display. I couldn’t explain why, but like most men, I love to watch tits bouncing around like this. I fuck her harder just to watch them bounce more.

My increase in power and speed has an orgasm building in Angela that’s making her moan louder and lick faster. Melissa starts bouncing up and down, riding Angela’s face. I lean forward and take one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking them with a greed I can only describe as primal. I fill my free hand with her other breast and I feel Angela’s sudden grip.

Her orgasm crushes down on my cock as she squeezes her thighs on me, fingers digging into my hips trying to make me stop. She holds me still as she quivers on my cock, ripples inside working along my buried shaft has me moaning.

Melissa rotates herself around, moving down Angela’s body. Stopping at the edge, she’s face to face with her now and kisses her. I’m left staring at her smooth back and perfect ass when she starts moving down again. Angela squirms up some and stops when Melissa plants her feet on the ground and her face is buried in her pussy.

I don’t wait, the invitation is right there in front of me and I take it. With my hands at my side I move in, letting my cock lead the way. We’re perfectly level as my cock pushes at her opening. My head moves in the slick wetness, but I find resistance. While Angela had been open and eager, Melissa is still clinched from an orgasm I hadn’t given her.

I don’t stop, I push my way in, forcing her to stretch open for me and I’m rewarded with a muffled moan that travels from one mouth through a pussy and out Angela’s mouth. Unlike with Angela, I don’t start off slow, I reach her depth and immediately start fucking hard. Finding it’s more difficult to cultivate a rhythm like this, I grab her hips and slam in and out of her.

Dark blond hair sways from side to side as Melissa’s mouth does things to Angela’s pussy I can’t see. Hands move up to her breasts and I want to taste them, to feel them fill my hands and mouth. Melissa’s mouth makes quick seks filmi izle work of her pussy and she’s crying out again with another orgasm. Quicker than I thought she’d be able to, Angela is rolling off the table and now there’s nothing to muffle Melissa’s moans.

I lose sight of Angela as I focus on Melissa, fucking her with all my strength. I’ve been at it with her longer than I had with Angela, but she hasn’t cum yet. I’m not deterred, reaching around my finger finds her clit and begins to rub. She cries out in surprise, but I’m not at it long before Angela comes back.

She kisses me and has me standing upright again, my pace slowing. In one hand she holds a bottle of lube and dribbles some down the crack of her friend’s ass. At this point if someone asked me my name I probably couldn’t answer so I don’t really jump to a conclusion here. It’s a good thing because Angela holds something in her other hand I’ve only ever seen in sex toy shops.

The plug is thin at the end and cones out to nearly twice that width before plunging back to small, a knob at the end for a handle. Since my cock is nearly as thick as its biggest part I’m guessing it’s for those mid level of experience. I stop as Angela slides it down Melissa’s ass crack, getting lube all over it and stopping at her asshole.

I’m still inside her as Angela begins to push it in and the effect it has on her ends up pushing me out. Taking it slow, Melissa cries out as her asshole stretches out slowly, taking a little at a time. I watch, cock rubbing against her leg, as she works the plug in centimeter by centimeter.

My cock throbs as I watch. Looking at her back side, I can’t get over how Angela’s legs look. They’re thick in a way that drives me wild. While she works on Melissa I press her legs closed, and from behind, I slide my cock between them.

Catching her off guard, I slowly draw my slick cock back out, and push back in, rubbing the top of my dick against her pussy. Without thought I’ve essentially created another hole to fuck, and I do. I fuck her thighs slowly to tease us both. I must be distracting her because she begins fucking Melissa with the plug in time with my thrusts.

I want to cum so badly, but I want this wonderful torture to go on and on. Angela leans forward a little and pushes her ass out to me just enough that my next thrust has me slipping back inside her pussy. She cries out and presses her legs closed tighter, making it difficult for me to move in and out, but that delicious friction is the only thing that matters. As I thrust back in with more force than before, Angela pushes the plug all the way inside Melissa’s ass. Her cries are loud and so full of pleasure you’d think she was being fucked to death. I can think of worse ways to go.

As I thrust into Angela, she thrusts the plug into Melissa. Everyone is getting fucked in one continuous rhythm and before long the ladies are cumming again. I really don’t know how much more I can take as I slide out of Angela, away from those legs shaking uncontrollably.

I keep a hold of her hips so she doesn’t fall down, and keep like that until she is past the orgasm’s wake. Once back in control of her faculties, she guides my cock toward her friend again. I see the plug buried all the way in her ass, only the nub of a handle sticking out, her pussy glistening with her juices. Her eyes are wide as she watches my cock get closer, spreading her legs wide for me.

My head pushes in, but the resistance I feel is so much more intense than the first time. With that butt plug in, her pussy is so much smaller, I’ve never felt anything so tight before. Angela molds herself to my back and presses me forward. I fight for every inch as Melissa groans and squirms, Angela watching it all over my shoulders. Thrusting her hips forward and pulling me back, Angela uses my body to fuck her friend.

I can feel it build deep in my groin, that telltale feeling I get when I have only a few moments until I cum. I manage to warn them, and they scramble. The two of them are on their knees in front of me, both their mouths on my cock.

They kiss, suck, lick and stroke me until I can’t hold back anymore. I explode, their hands on my throbbing cock direct where I go. Cum jets out of my cock over one face, then the other as they take turns. My cum showers them both as I strain to keep my legs from giving out. A hand from each of them on my hips gives me additional support. They use both their lips to form a seal over my head and suck the last drop out. By some miracle I don’t end up on the floor and I feel like I’m cumming again, but nothing comes out.

Two women at the same time is new for me, and certainly something I hope to experience again. They compliment me on my stamina and abilities. I compliment them on their expertise in working the body and inquire if we could make this a regular thing.

I make it sound like a joke and am only partly hopeful. Angela informs me that they normally don’t work together like this. Melissa adds that they don’t fuck for money either, thankfully she’s not offended. I, like with Lynn apparently, was treated to a threesome because they wanted to fuck me, not because they were paid to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32