Paradiso Ch. 16

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Day 4 Continued

When I arrived back at the apartment there was no one there, but the maid staff had been by because the sheets had been changed and things were all nice and tidy. I looked for some sign of where Sara, Liam and Devi had gone and I found a note on the fridge from Sara saying that she was going to a Yoga class with Devi and that she would meet up with me later. I considered my options for the rest of the afternoon and decided to just walk around the island for a little while and see what fun I’d stumble across.

When finished I was re-energized from the workout I had gotten from Jessie and her friends and headed out to see what kind of trouble I could get into. The day was beautifully sunny with a cool breeze to cut the heat and there were all sorts of sexy sights to take in. Everywhere was naked flesh and in addition to the tits and pussies I’d always admired I also started taking notice of the cocks on display.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when a Frisbee landed just a few feet in front of me. I looked to see where it came from and saw a small group of people standing in the middle of a large lawn about thirty yards away. There were four of them, three girls and a guy. They looked to be in their mid-twenties, fit and attractive.

The guy looked to be a surfer with a toned physique and a tan to match it. His muscles were lean and well defined and he had a good sized dick hanging down below his flat stomach. Two of the girls were white. One was a redhead with a sprinkle of freckles across her cheeks and nose and another across her pretty little breasts. Her pussy was completely shaved. The other had thick, dark, curly hair and olive skin, big round tits and a thick, but neatly trimmed, bush. Her most striking feature, though, was a round belly marking her as maybe four or five months pregnant.

The last girl was a slim, sultry Asian with tiny A-cup titties and a little black landing strip above her otherwise smooth pussy. She and the redhead wore no anklets while the guy wore a pink anklet and the brunette wore a blue one. I picked up the Frisbee and tossed it back.

“You wanna’ come play with us?” the redhead called out. Why not, I thought.

We introduced ourselves to one another. The guy was Eric, the redhead was Charlotte, the Asian girl was Mika and the pregnant brunette was Cammy.

For the next half an hour or so we tossed around the Frisbee and talked. Aside from the fact that not one of us was wearing a stitch of clothing the whole thing was quite non-sexual. It was a nice change of pace to just soak up the sun and enjoy a little friendly conversation. Eric and Cammy were married swingers who came to Paradiso for one last hurrah before settling down to raise their family. Mika and Charlotte were their friends and also a couple in an open relationship.

After a while Mika suggested a friendly bet. Eric and I would stand in one spot and the girls would stand across from us and we would toss the Frisbee back and forth until one of us dropped a throw that could have been caught. If Eric or I dropped it we’d buy lunch for the five of us. If one of the girls dropped it, they’d split the bill.

The game lasted about ten minutes. Mika and Charlotte were both very agile and I was surprised at how quick and energetic Cammy was with the extra cargo. Finally Eric failed (I suspect on purpose) to catch the Frisbee so we could call it quits bursa escort and get some lunch. I didn’t mind, as I was getting kind of hungry myself.

After walking around for a while we all settled on a vegetarian restaurant with outdoor seating. For the next hour I enjoyed getting to know my new friends over a bowl of lentil chili and crispy flour tortillas. As it always seemed to, we eventually began trading stories of some of our favorite sexual encounters. I spoke of the breathtaking Lauren and how Sara and I had helped take her mind off of her woes. I also recounted being introduced to gay sex by Liam with some encouragement from Sara and Devi, and of course being ravished by Jessie and company just that morning.

Each of them shared some hot stories and I could feel myself beginning to stiffen under the table. I wondered aloud if being pregnant was a hindrance for Cammy.

“Quite the opposite.” She said with a smile. “There are lots of guys who are into pregnant women.”

“And the hormones have put her into overdrive.” Eric added. “She was always horny but since the morning sickness passed she’s been a fuck machine.” We all shared a laugh at that.

As the dishes were cleared and we got ready to leave, Cammy looked my way.

“What about you, Gary? Have you ever been with a pregnant woman?” I glanced over to Eric and he rolled his eyes with a there-she-goes-again look on his face that almost made me laugh out loud.

“No, actually, I haven’t. But I have a strict don’t knock it ’til I’ve tried it policy.” After all, I added in my head, until this week I’d never had a cock up my ass and in the last four days I’d had at least five.

“Good policy.” Said Mika, wrapping an arm around her girlfriend’s waist.

“Why don’t we go someplace comfortable to have some fun?” asked Eric.

“Outdoors?” asked Charlotte.

“Ok.” Eric replied after looking to Cammy and seeing her nod.

“Great!” Charlotte enthused. “I love fucking in public. It’s so hot knowing people are getting off on watching me.”

The five of us found a nice, empty stretch of lawn beside one of the main walkways and there was a good amount of foot traffic which was sure to please our little exhibitionist, Charlotte. Suddenly Cammy took my hand, looked to Eric and said;

“Have fun, honey.”

Cammy then took my face in her hands and pulled me in for a kiss. She was not shy or hesitant and our tongues swirled and mingled with one another as her soft lips glided over mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in close. Along with the familiar touch of tits pressing into my chest was the new sensation of her belly, swollen with the baby growing inside it.

I let my hands roam freely over her skin, stroking her back and kneading her buttocks while she did the same to me. It felt kind of awkward at first, but her passion helped overcome my hesitation and I soon became less tentative. My right hand circled around to her front and began feeling her breast. I found myself wondering how much her pregnancy had enlarged them.

Slowly, my hand drifted downward until I was caressing her enlarged stomach. It was different, unfamiliar, but not at all unpleasant. As my hand explored her middle, Cammy’s own hand reached down to tease my stiffening manhood. She was so insistent that I found myself growing bolder by the minute, once I was convinced I wouldn’t hurt her.

I bursa escort bayan pulled back from her hungry mouth and lowered my face to one breast, taking the hardened nipple between my lips and flicking the sensitive skin with my tongue. As the one hand continued caressing her rounded belly I slipped the other between her legs, letting my fingers run through the dark, soft bush before slipping between her soft lips, already slick with arousal.

After a couple minutes of this Cammy pushed me down gently onto the grass in a kneeling position and then knelt down with her back pressed to my chest and gyrated her hips against mine. As my erection slipped around and between her shapely ass cheeks my hands fondled her lovely tits and steamy pussy, and also the swell of her tummy. I was past the strangeness now and was beginning to be quite turned on by her sexy pregnant body.

As my fingers teased her stiff little nub of flesh in what I thought was typical foreplay Cammy suddenly groaned and shuddered in one of the fastest climaxes I had ever seen. We hadn’t even been going at it for five minutes. She and Eric had said that being knocked up had heightened her sex drive but she was like a damned rabbit. I had never seen anyone cum that fast.

Cammy didn’t even stop to take a breath. As soon as her orgasm passed she turned around to face me, pushed me down onto my back on the grass and straddled my hips. In a single motion she took hold of the base of my cock, aimed the head at her slick opening and slid down until all seven inches were buried in her warm depths.

She was remarkably wet and hot and we quickly established a smooth rhythm. I turned my head to see what the others had gotten up to. Charlotte was lying on her back, having her pussy eaten by Mika while Eric fucked Mika from behind. I also noticed that a small crowd was forming to take in the show. Before I could see any more of what was going on around me, Cammy reached down, took hold of my chin and turned my face back to hers.

I looked up at her, taking in the sight of her gorgeous body. Her pussy was warm silk, caressing every sensitive inch of me with each motion of her hips. Fucking this pregnant beauty out in the open for all to see was so dirty and hot. It a strange, forbidden thrill, like I was desecrating something sacred, like fucking a nun in a confessional booth. But the awkwardness was gone and all I wanted was for this sexy creature and I to find our pleasure together.

Again, less than five minutes had passed when the smooth motions she was making turned into wild bucking and once again she came, hard. I don’t know if it was the pregnancy, but Cammy was officially the most orgasmic woman I had ever met. She got up off of my prick and we switched positions, getting into a classic doggy style. I wondered to myself if she would cum again, before I did.

Cammy came again, before I did. This time, as we fucked, I was able to take in the crowd all around us. Eric was lying on his back with Mika straddling his face and Charlotte bobbing up and down on his cock while the two women made out with each other. A black couple had joined in the festivities and were fucking just a few feet away from them. Meanwhile maybe twenty people had gathered around to watch, some openly masturbating.

When Cammy’s latest orgasm passed she saw that I was getting a little bit antsy. This bursa bayan escort time we got into a spoon position on our right sides and when she pulled one leg up into the air she looked over my shoulder and said;

“Put it in my ass.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. My cock was straining for release and dripping with her moisture. It only took a little pressure and the head slipped right into her hot little anus and she didn’t show a hint of discomfort as I slid inch after inch inside. As I began sliding in and out I circled a hand around and began caressing her swollen belly once more. She put her hand on mine and moaned with satisfaction. Her pregnant stomach, it seemed, was an erogenous zone.

After a few minutes Cammy took her hand away and began stroking her clit with it. I didn’t think it possible but by the way her breathing was quickening I could see that she was building to yet another orgasm. The woman was a machine. I quickened my own thrusts and it was as if we were both racing toward a finish line, trying to see who could cum first.

It might have been a photo finish, but I think she may have beaten me by a nose. Her anal muscles began a rhythmic squeezing just as I was about to cum and that last little sensation pushed me over the edge. A blaze of pleasure washed through my groin and hips and out through the tip of my cock along with a warm splash of cum into Cammy’s hot rectum.

We lay there for a few moments, catching our breaths and I reveled in the feeling of her anus continuing to grip my stiff penis as her own orgasm subsided. When we were both spent I eased my rod out of her asshole and she rolled onto her back to face me. I leaned down to kiss her and as we made out I stroked her breasts and the rounded tummy beneath them.

I had done nothing with Cammy that I hadn’t done with any number of other women, but the fact that she was pregnant, the fact that I made love to a woman with a new life growing inside her, had heightened the experience and turned it into something special. Sara and I had talked about what was in store for us in the future; marriage, children. Now I knew that having a child would only make her more beautiful and sexy.

As if she could hear my thoughts, I looked over to the walkway where an appreciative audience was enjoying our show and in the middle of them stood Sara, smiling broadly. I returned the smile and helped Cammy back to her feet. We walked, hand in hand, toward my girlfriend and I introduced the two.

“That was really hot, Gary.” Sara drawled.

“That was my first time with a pregnant woman, and you’re right, it was really hot.”

“You’re not so bad yourself, Tiger.” Cammy added.

I saw a look in Sara’s eyes that I knew well. She was lusting after Cammy and wanted to go where I had just been, but she must have seen the blue anklet because she held back. I looked over to see where Eric and the others were, and it turned out that their threesome had grown and they were still in the throes of passion with at least five other people.

“Well it looks like Eric is still busy but I’m sure you’re welcome to hang out with us for a while.” I said to Cammy.

“Thanks, but I think I’ll stick here for a while. Maybe I’ll get a little more action.” She added with a wink. She really was a fuck machine.

“Well tell Charlotte and Mika and Eric that it was really nice meeting all of you.”

We then exchanged room numbers so that if any of us were in the mood for some more fun later on we could hook up. I turned back to Sara.

“So now what, baby?” she asked.

“Now we find someplace to talk so I can tell you all about my morning.” I said with a wicked grin.

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