Papa’s Little Puta

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Okay, this story spun out of control and became a wild and crazy ride. There’s incest involved but also a lot more. I suspect this will be a story that you either love or hate…no middle ground. I look forward to hearing your comments!

As per usual, this is a work of fiction and all characters are imaginary, existing solely within the story and my imagination. Enjoy

You would think as in much trouble as I was in, that I might at least act a little remorseful and respectful, but I really didn’t care. My father might be royally pissed off and Monsignor Carella might have been expressing doubts about the future of my immortal soul, but I really didn’t give a shit. My demeanor as the three of us sat in the Monsignor’s office pretty much reflected that.

I sat slumped on the sofa, watching the two of them discuss my behavior with my already too short green plaid school dress hiked way up my thighs so that as I shifted my legs restlessly, one could catch glimpses of my panties. My arms were crossed underneath my breasts, helping to lift them up even more than the push-up bra, exposing a great deal of cleavage as my blouse had several buttons undone.

Papa was sitting stiffly upright in a chair in front of the Schoolmaster’s desk. You could tell how agitated he was by his body language. His whole body was clenched so tight you could have bounced a quarter off him. Monsignor Carella was agitated as well, but his was betrayed by his jittery movements and constant puffs of his cigarette in between irritated glances at me on the leather sofa to his left.

“It goes without saying that Amanda is expelled permanently, Mister Herrero,” the monsignor said in his gravelly voice. “In addition to ruining the career of one of my best priests and teachers, there are indications that she may have compromised one of our nuns…Sister Victoria.” He paused and looked at the papers in front of him. “Her Latin teacher.”

There was a moment of silence violated only by my slight giggle and I smirked at my father as he glanced over at me, his dark skin suffused with blood in his anger and embarrassment. I dropped the smirk, but didn’t look away from my Papa’s burning gaze. I don’t care that what I did is considered wrong. I am not ashamed of what I did or what I am.

“Is there anything else?” my father said in a low, hoarse voice between clenched teeth.

Monsignor Carella shook his head and said, “I don’t think so. You can press charges against Father Vincent, but…Amanda is eighteen.” He hesitated and then said carefully, “And I assume that…with your current situation, you would prefer to keep this quiet.”

My father stood up suddenly and the schoolmaster flinched, tensing up until my father said, “Yes…I agree and this is of course not the first time Amanda has behaved…so disgracefully.” He offered his hand to the monsignor who shook it with relief visible in his old and ugly face.

We exited Monsignor Carella’s office, me looking over my shoulder to throw him a sexy wink. In the outer office, we passed his secretary who frowned at me disapprovingly and past a middle-aged priest, sitting in a hard backed chair with a disconsolate look on his face. As I reached the door, I called out, “Goodbye, Father Mike. I’ll miss our little…study sessions.” I waved at him, enjoying his anguished expression – one that still had lust etched on it amidst the shame.

“Amanda!” snapped Papa, not looking back as we descended the staircase and were out the door. Papa’s SUV was parked at the curb – the logo of his ‘Club Stallion’ painted on the doors. Two large suitcases were sitting beside it. “Get in,” Papa said brusquely. I climbed into the front passenger seat while he loaded my stuff into the back. He didn’t say another word as he got behind the wheel and with an angry squeal of tires took off, leaving Saint Joan’s Academy behind…forever.

Papa didn’t say a single word to me for the next hundred miles as the flat farmland of Indiana passed by us. We were across the Ohio River and into Kentucky before he made a sound…soft mutterings under his breath. We were south of Louisville before I could make out a single word. “What’s that you said, Papa,” I said with a teasing tone. “You’ll have to speak up.”

“PUTA!” he screamed at the top of his voice. “You goddamned fucking puta! Tres times you’ve been kicked out of good schools…expensive schools.” He pounded the steering wheel. “I didn’t raise my daughter to be a fucking puta! You shame me, Amanda!”

I rolled my eyes and replied, “Please…Papa, you’re not one to be throwing stones. I know what you do for a living and you want to pass judgment on me?”

Papa slammed his hand down on the steering wheel again. “I am a businessman. I run a nightclub…nothing more!”

I snickered and replied, “Sure, with a bunch of topless waitresses, strippers and what…ten or fifteen hookers turning tricks out in those little shacks behind the Stallion!”

My father stared at me and muttered, “It’s not the same…you…you escort bostancı just fuck because you are a slut.” He turned his attention back to the road and shook his head. “Just a fucking puta…”

I wanted to laugh, but chose not to, recognizing that my father was near his breaking point. And he hated it when I turned what he did back on him to defend my shameless activities. Now the truth is, I am a puta…a slut or whore if you will. I’ve devoted my young life to sex. I can’t get enough of it and at nearly nineteen years of age, I’ve done more nasty stuff than most women five times my age. I adore cock and I have an appetite for pussy that’s nearly insatiable.

Papa…well, I’ll give him credit. He is a hard working man. His parents came over from Mexico illegally as migrant workers and he was born here, rising up from absolute poverty to carve out his own self-made fortune. In his early twenties, he worked up enough scratch to buy a seedy little bar outside Louisville and within five years, had made it one of the most popular nightclubs within a hundred miles…his ‘Club Stallion.’ I’m sure if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve seen the logo – a colorful line drawing of a stallion with a naked woman on it’s back…the stallion’s mane and body discretely covering up most of her attributes.

‘Club Stallion’ features topless waitresses – all with large breasts and strippers, most of whom turn tricks in small shacks behind the club, along with several working class girls who do nothing else but fuck for money. Papa’s into other things as well – he does some gambling and maybe a little smuggling and I guess he also launders money for some business associates. It’s all very lucrative and Papa keeps the local law on the take and rarely has legal trouble.

“You fucked a priest, Amanda,” Papa said suddenly, snapping me out of my reverie. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

I shrugged and sat up in the passenger seat, my move dragging my schoolgirl skirt up nearly to my thighs. I saw Papa’s eyes glance down at my brown thighs and that sent a naughty thrill through me and I didn’t bother to tug my hem back down. “Father Mike is sexy in an older guy sort of way,” I said with a giggle. “Kinda like that Nolte actor. He was so…innocent, I don’t think anyone had ever given him my kinda confession before. I think he came in his pants that first time. And when I confessed that I wanted to suck his cock, he couldn’t say a word…not even when I slipped into the confessional and sucked him off for the first time. I think he hadn’t had a good cum in years. I never had a man give me so much semen.”

“FUCKING PUTA…SHUT UP!” Papa screamed, nearly running into oncoming traffic. “What is wrong with you!”

“Hey, you asked, Papa!” I said with a laugh. “Father Mike was such a lovely man and he had such a lovely cock! I loved having him inside me in those evenings he tutored me in Calculus.” I giggled and added, “Hey, you’ll be happy to hear that I brought my Calc’ grade up from a ‘C’ to a ‘B+’!”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP, PUTA BITCH OR I’LL SHUT YOU UP!” Papa screamed as he suddenly waved a fist in my face. I let out a gasp. Papa had fussed and screamed at my escapades before but he’d never threatened me with violence. I felt scared for the first time with Papa, but strangely enough, it kinda turned me on.

I shrank away from my father in the seat, turning until my back was against the door. I felt the air conditioner on my legs…cool air flowing over my panty clad pussy and realized my dress had ridden up even higher. Papa’s SUV swerved over to the right, the rumble strip making noise in warning for several seconds as Papa stared at me…or more specifically, stared at my exposed crotch…my little white bikini briefs tight against my mound.

“Fuck,” Papa murmured as he steered us back into our lane, his jaw clenched as he stared ahead as he drove.

Several minutes passed and I watched as we passed up the exit that led home – our nice McMansion in the nice subdivision in the town where I’d grown up. “Hey, Papa…we’re not going home? I sat up a little as I added. “Where we going, Papa?”

My father didn’t answer me, keeping his eyes on the road, the muscles in his cheeks twitching as he ground his teeth with such force, I could hear them. Four miles on, we took another exit and then after a couple of turns, I realized he was heading for his nightclub. Dusk was just about to slip into darkness, but quickly we could see the bright and blinking neon signs of “Club Stallion ahead. “Hey, Papa, why are we going to the bar?”

Papa didn’t answer me, but fished his cell phone out of his jacket pocket and punched a number. “Mallo? Si. Es el numero quince todavia vacio? Bueno, tu y Hernan verme alli en una hora.” Papa spoke Spanish like a native, but I had to struggle to make out what he said. Mallo was one of his workers…a big, scarred guy who was both sexy and scary. I think Papa wanted him and another of his people Hernan to meet them at 15 something in an hour.

Papa ümraniye escort slewed through the parking lot of Club Stallion, barely reducing speed, racing around the club itself and down a lane of small wooden cottages…three of which had porch lights lit. He proceeded down the lane and braked hard to stop in front of the last one. “Papa, what are you doing?”

My father ignored me as he climbed out of the SUV, but then he was opening my door and he reached roughly across me, his arm mashing into my chest as he undid my seat belt and then he grabbed me by the arm, his fingers painfully strong and dragged me out of my seat. “Papa!” I cried as he pulled me to the dark cottage, holding me with one hand while he unlocked the small building’s door. “What the fuck are you doing, Papa!”

He flung the door open and dragged me inside, flipping on an overhead light. The room was barely more than maybe twelve feet by twelve feet and held two wooden, straight back chairs and a queen sized bed. Another door stood off to the side. “Papa?” I said…a sudden ball of cold fear manifesting in my stomach.

Papa flung me onto the bed and then turned to close and lock the door. Turning back to me, his face was suffused with rage as he tugged off his jacket. “You want to be a fucking puta, Amanda…fine…be a fucking puta!” he snarled as he began to unbutton his shirt. But…Madre Dios, I fucking made you and you’ll be my fucking puta!” He draped his silk shirt over one of the chairs and kicked off his shoes. The harsh light of the overhead bulb seemed to overemphasize my father’s well muscled arms.

“Papa…what do you think you’re doing!” I cried out, my heart suddenly in my throat.

I clambered off the lumpy bed…my blouse suddenly pulled loose from my plaid skirt and tried to rush by Papa, but he was too close and he grabbed hold of me and before I could react, he ripped my shirt open, buttons flying everywhere and then shoved me back on the bed. “Omigod!” I moaned. “Papa…I’m your daughter…we can’t…can’t…”

I lost my voice as my father unzipped his slacks and shucked them off, revealing that he was wearing white briefs and that they contained something big…something swollen. “You’re a puta…you like fucking anything, Amanda,” Papa sneered as he tugged off his underwear and his long, thick cock sprung free. “Any dirty slut who would fuck a priest would fuck her papa!”

My father climbed up on the bed, his erection pointing the way, even as I backpedaled until I felt the wall behind me. I never felt more scared or excited in my life. Papa was a stocky man…not too tall, but his 5’8″ body was all muscle…scars from his years in a teenage gang marked his body as did a fearsome wolfs-head tattooed on his lower torso…it’s tongue hanging out as its eyes stared at me lewdly.

Then Papa was on me, pinning down my struggling arms as he pushed his knees between my legs and spread my thighs. One strong hand reached out and I felt the bra straps digging into my shoulders before there was an audible snap and he ripped it off me, freeing my firm and upright breasts. For a long moment, my papa stared down at my naked tits, a look of both wonder and apprehension in his eyes.

“My little puta,” Papa hissed as he dropped his body onto mine and kissed me, this tongue wet and sloppy on my mouth and then in my mouth. I was in shock and barely responded to his kiss and then as my tongue finally began to respond to his as he ran it over my lips and then my cheeks in a way that made me feel like what I imagined a cheap whore would feel.

As Papa licked my face, his right hand stole down between our nearly joined crotches and again, I felt a burn-like sensation as my father ripped my panties apart. “No, Papa…we can’t do this,” I whimpered as I feebly beat my fists against his rock solid back. “I’m your daughter…your little Amanda.”

I felt Papa’s tongue teasing my ear and then in a menacing whisper, he replied, “You’re my nasty little puta, Amanda and I’m going to fuck you silly!” Papa’s fingers slithered across my sex and then inside me and the room seemed to spin as he said, “And you want it, you fucking whore…your pussy is hot and wet…muy hot and wet…PUTA!”

Papa rose up on his knees and his hands took me by the ankles and he spread my legs up and wide and even as I begged him not to do it, my father positioned his long, thick cock against my pussy lips which some little part of me perceived were thick and spread wide in a blossom of arousal. I tried to deal with the reality of the moment. My father was about to rape his daughter, but…is it rape if knowing your father is going to fuck you makes you as wet and hot as I was?

“Please,” I whispered, not sure if I meant, ‘please don’t rape me, Papa’ or ‘please, stick that big cock inside me, Papa!’

There was a moment where Papa’s eyes seemed to clear and his face softened and he whispered, “Mi Amanda…I love you!” But as his eyes focused on me, seeing me there with my plaid skirt up around my waist kartal escort bayan and my 36C breasts naked with nipples already swollen nearly to bursting and my long, dark, curly hair spread out on the bed around me, his expression became one of utter lust and he again hissed, “Puta!” and then my father rammed his cock into my wet pussy!

It is almost impossible to describe the sensation of having your father’s erect penis plowing into your pussy for the first time. Sure, I’d had fantasies about it before, but I never imagined that my father would ever even consider it. I’m sure I’ve had bigger cocks and longer cocks, but feeling Papa’s hard erection sliding into me, spreading me open felt like nothing else. The shock I felt was physical and chemical and surely emotional as my body responded to his assault with such intensity that I was nearly at orgasm before I felt his coarse, wiry pubic hairs scratching against my pussy lips.

“PAPA!” I screamed as my hands now clawed at his back, nails ripping into his wife-beater T-shirt as my mind registered pain and pleasure and then something greater than pleasure as the full realization that this was my father fucking me and that I fucking loved it! Papa ground himself against me for a long moment, the head of his cock hitting my cervix and then he abruptly withdrew halfway and rammed his cock home again and again.

Each stroke of Papa’s cock nearly took my breath away and he quickly proved to be relentless, fucking me hard and fast with brutal efficient thrusts, squelching my cries with his mouth, kissing me roughly, mashing his lips against mine with lusty force. I writhed with pleasure beneath him, knowing I was being fucked by someone who was supremely confident in his abilities…showing no awkwardness and no hesitancy to pound my pussy hard.

It couldn’t have been more than two or three minutes before my first incestuous fuck sent me hurtling over the edge of a tremendous orgasm, my pelvis flying upwards to meet Papa’s cock as my body convulsed with ecstatic pleasure. Then in the midst of my climax, Papa suddenly pulled out of me, his cock withdrawing with a loud and moist ‘pop’ as I cried out in dismay.

My still quivering and pleasure wracked body was suddenly jerked up as Papa wrapped his fingers in my long tresses and yanked me to my knees. “C’mon, puta!” Papa snarled. “Let’s see if you can suck cock as well as you brag!” In my sudden disorientation, the room seemed to spin and a surreal feeling came over me as I found my father’s erect and throbbing cock was slapping my face, leaving wet streaks of my own pussy creams on my cheeks…the smell of his musk and my cunt saddening thick in my nostrils!

Papa’s fingers intertwined in my hair tugged me closer and I opened my mouth, trying not to choke as my father rammed his cock forward, the thick head suddenly trying to worm its way down my gullet. As my mind tried to process that I was sucking my father, I let myself revert to a form of lewd autopilot, fixing my eyes on Papa’s face as I began to roll my tongue over his shaft, licking and sucking at Papa as he fucked my face, slowing his thrusts by lovingly sucking on his cock head as he withdrew, massaging his fine cock with my full, thick lips…the blessing of my mother’s Mayan ancestors.

“Sweet Jesus,” Papa whispered as he let me gradually take over…his fingers letting loose of my locks as his arms fell to his sides and he let his head fall back with a groan as I slowly and sweetly sucked his cock to the best of my ability. Again, knowing this was my father…feeling it instinctively in the weird and delicious sparks that the feel of his cock on my lips and tongue generated , aroused me as no man had ever been able to do before. I could feel my pussy juices running from between my spread labia, splattering the sheets and making my thighs slick.

Suddenly, Papa snapped out of whatever reverie my oral loving was producing and withdrew upbruptly from my mouth and then grabbed me and spun me around and shoved me down onto my hands and knees. “Gonna fuck you, now, little Puta…going to make you scream!” Papa’s hands spread my meaty ass cheeks and I moaned as I felt the saliva covered head of his cock nudge my asshole. It wasn’t my first go-around with anal sex and I was prepared for pain, but Papa was rough and forceful and no sooner did I feel him press his cockhead against my anus that his fingers dug into my cheeks and spread them wider and with one quick and brutal thrust, he rammed his cock up my ass.

I screamed so loudly, I could feel my throat burn and knew I would likely be hoarse the next day as Papa’s cock forced its way up my anal passage. I felt my body spasm in reaction to the pain that like the incestuous pleasure I’d already experienced, was enhanced by the fact that this was my own father fucking me up the ass!

My body seemed to go limp under Papa’s sexual assault, my face flat against the mattress which felt damp from my own juices, my arms sprawled out wide as my fingers spastically clawed the sheets. Papa had one hand wrapped around my waist, holding my hips up as he hammered his cock home again and again and then I felt his fingers in my hair again and he was yanking my head back…back…back, until I could feel his hot breath on my back and shoulders.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32