Pajama Choices

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Mark raised his glass in a toast. “To friends we don’t get to see near enough anymore.”

“Here, here!” The others raised their glasses and cheered, laughing. Maddy shook her head at her husband and chuckled. “You goofball. What am I ever going to do with you?”

“Put up with me,” he teased.

“Nobody else I would want to put up with” she said as she admired him. Tall, dark hair, and rugged good looks were what had attracted her attention in the first place. His smile, laughter, and care raging hard-on that was tenting in his pajama pants; and the very close proximity of Tina’s heavenly body. Her full, firm breasts were brushing against his chest as she gazed in to his eyes and ran her hands along the bottom of his shirt.

She swallowed, and then nervously ordered, “Arms up.”

Mark complied, and she lifted his shirt over his head. Her nails felt exquisite as they grazed his chest.

She gazed down at his tented member as she ran her fingers along the top band of his pants, gathering the courage to proceed. “I already like what I see,” she said softly. She looked over at Todd, who was standing in the entry to the hallway next to Maddy with his arm around her waist.

He nodded and smiled at her, so she pulled the remainder of Mark’s clothing down in one motion before she could lose her courage. As she did so, and bent over in the process, his boxer shorts snagged the head of his cock. When it released, it nearly slapped her in the face.

“Oh!” she gasped, and that elicited a good laugh from the others.

Sitting back on the bed, her heart beating rapidly and her breaths deep, she looked Mark up and down a few times as he stood there, unsure of what to do next. “Very nice,” she said, looking first at Mark and then Maddy.

Maddy beamed at her friend as Todd began to lift her shirt.

“Hang on, there,” she said, stopping him and then handing him her wine glass. “Hold this, please.”

Mark stood next to Tina and ran his fingers through her hair while she ran her hand up and down the inside of his left leg. She could feel goosebumps, but she didn’t know if it was from excitement or the temperature.

They both watched as Maddy slowly undressed Todd, savoring inch by revealed inch.

Finally, she stood admiring his naked form for a moment, then without thinking took a hold of his cock and gave it a few long tugs.

Todd jumped at her touch, Mark’s eyes widened in surprise, and Tina gasped sharply with unexpected delight.

‘Never thought it would be a turn on to see my wife play with another man,’ thought istanbul escort Mark.

Similarly, ‘Wow… who knew I’d enjoy seeing my best friend with my naked husband’ went through Tina’s mind.

Maddy chuckled, “Sorry, I suppose I should ask if this is going to be more than a kiss swap.” Todd’s cock twitched in her hand as she continued her slow, smooth strokes.

Mark was the first to find his voice. “I’m ok with it if you all are.”

Todd and Tina nodded at each other, unable to speak.

‘I love you’, Maddy mouthed to Mark.

Finally, Todd spoke. “You sure you’re ok with this, hon?”

Tina nodded vigorously. ‘I can’t believe we’re actually doing this’ she thought, unable to speak.

“Well, then… I guess we’ll see you later,” Maddy said, her hand still on Todd’s member as she led him to the bedroom. She brushed her fingers over Mark’s cheek as she passed, her eyes gazing lovingly upon him. ‘I love you, too’ he mouthed back, smiling.

The two on the couch watched their partners go around the couch and in to the bedroom. When the door “clicked” shut behind them, Tina looked up and smiled, nervously twirling her hair. “Guess I better get started, huh?”

Mark gently caressed her head. “Are you sure you’re ok with this?”

She nodded. “Yes… it’s just that I haven’t been with anybody else since we got married. We’ve, you know, fantasized and pretended to be other people… but, um…”

“Yeah, little different in person, isn’t it?” he agreed.

“You ok with this?” she asked, and Mark nodded in approval.

With that, she kissed along the length of his shaft as it twitched under the touch of her lips. Mark groaned softly as she worked her way up to the tip, running his fingers through her soft, silky hair. When she reached the head, she looked up at him and batted her eyelashes seductively before sticking out her tongue and slowly licking around.

He groaned again and his cock jumped, signaling his approval. Tina licked each side and the front several times, moving around and mixing it up with swirling her tongue over her hips swaying as she went.

He closed his eyes, put them to his nose, and deeply inhaled her musky scent before tossing them to the floor and following along. Tina was leaned over adjusting the water when he arrived, and he absently ran his hand along her cheek while he waited, making sure to tease her slick snatch from behind with his fingertips.

Tina moaned softly, then stood up, turned around, took his head avcılar escort in her hands, and kissed him deeply on the lips. She broke the kiss and whispered, “You don’t mind kissing me after I’ve had you in my mouth, do you?”

He shook his head, then resumed kissing her. His hands went to her sides as he guided her gently backwards in to the warm, inviting shower. Tina wrapped her arms around his neck, lost in their kissing. She barely noticed the hot water on her skin as their lips embraced their tongues darting and exploring.

Mark pulled her to him, one arm around her shoulders while the other reached behind her and his hand took a firm grip of her ass. She moaned in to his mouth and wrapped a leg around his waist, pulling his groin hard against hers. Even through the heat of the water, he could feel the warmth between her legs.

She ground against him as they kissed, both moaning with pleasure. Mark’s lips broke their embrace, and he kissed & nibbled the long, inviting lines of her neck while Tina hissed in through her teeth and stroked her fingers through his hair. “Oooh, Mark… Yeah…” she half whispered.

He took this as a sign of encouragement and pulled his chest away from hers, freeing her breasts which had been smashed tightly between the two of them. Taking one in to his hand and gently squeezing the supple flesh, he took the nipple of the other in to his mouth and sucked on it – hard, and groaning with delight.

“Wait, wait…” Tina reluctantly interrupted as she lowered her leg and gently pushed him away. “Mark, wait… Let me… Let me get soaped up before we go too much farther.”

He reached up and grasped her cheek, kissing her once more. “If you insist,” he said, gazing in to her eyes and smiling.

“I do,” she answered, looking around. “Think Maddy would mind if I borrowed her body wash?”

“Well, she is letting you borrow her husband,” Mark replied, drawing her in and pressing against her as he reached towards the showerhead for the supplies. “Shampoo?”

“Good point,” Tina answered with a smirk, “and yes, please.”

“You wash your hair and I wash you?” he asked, an eyebrow raised in expectant hope.

Tina chuckled. “Sure.”

As she squirted shampoo in to her hand, Mark looked at the loofa in his hand before dramatically tossing it away, grinning. “You brat!” Tina laughed, as he put the body wash directly in his hands and rubbed them together until he had a good lather.

His eyes traveled up and down her voluptuous form, admiring her and trying şirinevler escort to decide where to begin. “From the top, I guess,” he said to himself.

He started with her neck and shoulders, caressing and massaging as he went. Tina closed her eyes and moaned softly under his touch, then pursed her lips inward as his hands reached her full, firm breasts.

“Wow,” he breathed, hefting them slightly and admiring their feel under his gentle squeezes. After soaping them up, he returned to caressingly admiring them, his eyes transfixed on the rivulets of soap slowly sliding down the narrow gap between them. Tina moaned again, a little louder this time, as his thumbs circled her nipples & flipped back and forth over them.

She stopped washing her hair and put her hands against the sides of the shower to steady herself, enjoying the blissful sensation of Mark’s hands on her skin. He kept one hand on her breast as the other worked its way downward, soaping and caressing her stomach and the tops of her thighs before teasing its way back to the very slightly stubbled area where her pubic hair normally resided.

“You know,” Mark whispered in to her ear, sending chills over her entire body, “I saw that you were shaved clean when we were in the living room, but it didn’t really register.”

She widened her legs as he slid his fingers along the insides of where her thighs began, alternating between each side.

“You like it smooth?” she half whispered, sighing hard as he teased her – agonizingly close to her swollen, hot lips but never quite touching them.

He nodded as she shifted her hips around, breathing hard and trying to get his fingers where she desperately wanted them.

“Please…” she pleaded.

“Hang on,” he told her. “I’m enjoying this.”

“I bet you are,” she responded, grabbing his hand and thrusting it between her legs, gripping it tightly between her thighs. “Gaahhhhh!” she moaned, squeezing his hand under hers and rubbing it forcefully against her hot, smooth, and slick mound.

“You’re no fun,” he teased. “I can usually get Maddy to beg me to touch her.”

Tina chuckled. “Tough luck, I don’t beg for anything.”

Mark kissed her again, sliding his middle finger between her lips and gently stroking her clit. “Funny…” he began, “for as prim, and proper, and quiet as you normally are, it’s pretty hot how confident you get when you’re turned on.”

She just gave a long and stuttered moan, biting her bottom lip as her body trembled. Then, she leaned in and put her head on his shoulder, wrapping her arms around his neck as he toyed with her bud.

“Aaahhh… Aaahhhh…” she moaned, her breaths coming faster and her body starting to jerk. Mark rubbed harder and faster as she gasped & moaned. It wasn’t long before he thought she was getting close, so he shoved two fingers deep in her pussy. Tina gasped as he curled them upward, feeling for her spot…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32