Overtime Surprise

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Big Tits

My weekend overtime shifts are pretty straight forward, i come into work, wait for the delivery and then lock up and go home. It’s not very exciting and I am usually the only one in the building as pretty much nobody else has any reason to be here. This last weekend however was a different story.

I was once again doing the Saturday shift on my own due to none of the other guys volunteering to take the early start, it was the same as any other shift but just as I was finishing up I got a phone call, it was the seriously cute redhead from the office. I had a thing for her and rightly so because she was gorgeous, she had a nice curvy figure and in all the right places, i could happily watch her wiggle her perfectly round ass for hours but i usually have to just settle for brief glimpses at lunch, she had the type of eyes you could drown yourself in and I usually would whenever we spoke, she could completely change her appearance with a simple hair style but each one seemed to just be as hot as the next. I got on really well with her as her personality was quite similar to mine, I would shamelessly flirt with her at any given opportunity but subtle enough to just be passed on as friendship or so I thought. I thought I detected an uncharacteristic shyness to her voice when she asked if I was still at work but thought no more of it as she told me that she had left something in her desk that she needed to come and get. I told her I would was just about finished but I would wait to let her in, this would give me the perfect chance to check her out again. I thought she had caught me the night before as she left work, she had on skin tight white jeans which flaunted her curves perfectly and as she strolled past me in the warehouse she must have seen the slight bulge in my trousers.

I waited by the door to let her in and then pressed the buzzer as she approached. I didnt think it was possible but the jeans halkalı escort she had one were even tighter than yesterday, my eyes are immediately transfixed. I hold open the door for her and she slowly walks past me, her perfume smells amazing, it’s intoxicating and seducing, I walk behind her and my eyes take in the fine curves of her beautiful ass, she seems to be taking her time, is she enjoying this? I follow as she walks to her cubicle and sit on the desk opposite her drawers like I always do whenever I’m making an excuse to go speak to her, she reaches over to the right of her desk looking for something in a pile of paperwork, she is stretching as far as she can and exposing her midriff and lower back tattoo which I’d never noticed before, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her body and my cock began to twitch, at that moment it was almost as if she could hear my thoughts… she went to look in her drawers but stood directly in front of me and then bent over. There isnt a big gap between these two objects and as she bends down she pushes back against me so that she can feel my cock pressing against her ass cheeks, I tried to flinch back but she just pressed harder and began to grind against me. I couldn’t believe what was happening, this must be a wind up or something.

She looks over her shoulder and with a cheeky wink asks me if this is what I was imagining yesterday when I was watching her, I say nothing as I’m still slightly shocked and taken aback. She smiles at my reaction then turns around and simply crouches down in front of me to unzip my fly and pull my cock out…she looks me in the eye and starts to lick and suck my already hard cock, I want to lean my head back in pleasure but my eyes are locked with hers, she looks so sexy staring at me whilst she pleasures me. Her technique is amazing, she gently strokes my shaft as she licks it up nişantaşı escort and down, she explores every part of my cock with her tongue and teases me by nibbling at the tip, she massages my balls at the same time and it feels incredible and im so close to cumming.

She must sense this too so she slowly stands up with her hands firmly grasping my cock and tells me that this is her cock now, it belongs to her and only she can decide when I get to cum, this alone nearly sets me off so she releases me. She turns away from me and starts to pull her jeans down, to my delight she isnt wearing any underwear, her pussy is already wet and is exactly as I’d imagined it. As she does this she leans back into me and nudges the tip of my cock with her pussy, I let out a moan because this feels so good so she stays in that position for a short while teasing me, I try to enter her but she quickly turns away and sits on her desk.

She puts one leg up on her chair so she can spread her legs apart and then slowly pulls open her pussy lips to expose her clit, fuck, this woman is unbelievable. She lets out a giggle as she notices my expression and then seductively sucks her fingers and begins to play with herself, I try to copy but she tells me to stop, I’m not allowed to touch anything…yet. As she bring herself close to an orgasm she slides two fingers into her pussy to help get her there, she then tells me to get on my knees and move as close to her as possible, i oblige. When she cums she slowly pulls her fingers out and orders me to suck them clean, I don’t hesitate and fuck, she tastes delicious.

She seems to like this domineering side and orders me to lick her out because she wants to cum again, I am loving how much she has control over me and I don’t need asking twice as I flick my tongue all over her pussy, teasing her clit, gently nibbling her lips and şişli escort sliding my fingers inside her, she is so wet and I can’t wait to feel my cock inside her. She arches her back and moans loudly as she hits another orgasm thanks to my tongue and fingers, she grabs hold of my hair and pulls me up wrapping arms around me and kisses me, it’s a lustful, passionate, hot kiss, as we kiss she reaches down and grabs my cock which has never been this hard and she pulls me inside her.

She wraps her legs around me and I begin to kiss her neck as she moans loudly at how good this feels. Each time I thrust inside her I feel her pussy tighten around my cock and this just makes me fuck harder, god I love this feeling, she leans back and I pull her top off exposing her bare breasts, i grab them roughly and begin to pinch her nipples, they are rock hard and as i brush my tongue over them i feel her squirm at the extra sensation, she begins to play with her clit while i fuck her better than she has ever been fucked before. We change positions and she sprawls down face first on the opposite desk facing the window, her legs are spread apart so invitingly that legs I don’t hesitate, I want to keep the same rhythm going so I hammer my cock into her. Her ass looks so amazing like this and I grab a hold of her cheeks, I can’t help but slap them as I fuck her hard from behind, her screams of pleasure tell me she is loving this, we don’t even care about being quiet now, as she screams for me to fuck her harder.

As I pound away she yells that she is going to cum and that she want to feel my hot cum inside her, I don’t hold back anymore and I plough harder into her until I grab hold of both her ass cheeks and give one final powerful thrust, she squeals as her pussy is filled with my cum. I lean over her and run my hands up her back, lowering myself to give her a kiss at the back of her neck, I help her up as her legs are still trembling, she tells me that she thought about this all night after she saw how much I enjoyed watching her yesterday and that this was better than what she had imagined. We kiss again and then get begin to get dressed, we both know that it will be difficult to hide the smiles on Monday when we get back to work.

The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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