Outside Shenanigans

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Jennifer and Dave lived in a modest home amidst a parkland reserve, which surrounded a large lake. They bought the two-story house almost 2 years ago and because of the rising interest rates both were fairly stressed dealing with work issues in order to keep paying the loan off. Their weekends usually consisted of maintenance to the house or upkeep of the gardens followed by a quiet night in with a glass of wine and watching whatever movie was on the television that night.

This particular Saturday morning while Jennifer was enjoying her breakfast of tea and toast in the sunshine on the verandah, David came to the kitchen door wearing his white pair of pyjama pants and no shirt. Jennifer looked up to see the brown skin on his chest shining in the sunlight and noticed that a section of his pants was sticking out because of his morning hard on. David ran his fingers through his ruffled hair and gave Jennifer a sleepy smile.

“Morning beautiful”. He remarked.

“Morning yourself” she said grinning and reached up and to stroke his penis through his pants.

“What are we having for breakfast today?” Dave asked watching her hand move backwards and forwards, enjoying the sensation through the cotton pants.

“I’d like to have a piece of you actually”. She smiled and reached into his pants.

“Jen, the neighbours are probably watching!” Dave pulled back and walked off towards the bathroom. Jennifer picked up her half-eaten piece of toast and took a bite.

“As if Felicity or Bill would be interested in our sex life!” she yelled out to him down the hall, thinking to herself of all the times she’s missed out on sex because of Dave’s coy nature towards their neighbours.


The next Saturday morning was Jennifer’s birthday and David walked out of the bedroom and headed out to the back patio where he expected to find her. She wasn’t there. He wandered over to the bathroom calling her name. There was no answer. He supposed she was still out on her morning jog and walked back to the kitchen to start making some breakfast. On the way there he spotted a book laying on the sofa. He thought Jennifer must have gone to the library during the week. Walking over to it he noticed the picture on the front cover. It was a woman’s leg covered in a black fishnet stocking. He pick up the book and read the title – ‘Bringing your sex life out in the open.’ It was a how-to book. He flipped it open and noticed that there was a book mark inside. He read the title of the chapter – ‘Outdoor sex’. Jen wanted to have sex outdoors? Surely not? What if the neighbours saw? They’d have to move house! He sat on the sofa and read a paragraph.

One of the best ways to improve your sex life is to take it outside. The feeling of the warm sun on the surface of your bare skin is enough to awaken the senses to new sensations and the cool wind blowing over your naked body will bring goose-bumps to your skin.

By the time David heard Jennifer taking her running shoes off at the front door, he had read two whole chapters. He quickly put the book back where he found it and bounded towards the kitchen and opened the fridge door.

“Hi honey” he said as Jennifer walked through the door. “Happy Birthday.”

“Thanks.” She smiled. “Did you just get up?” she asked looking at his erect penis through his pyjama pants.

“Yeah, just then. Do we have any juice?” he asked sticking his head back inside the fridge.

“No, I drank the last of it before I went out this morning. Sorry. I’m going to go and jump in the shower. I’m really sweaty.” And she walked off towards the bathroom. When David heard the water being turned on, he picked up the book again.

Spontaneity also plays a big part in sexual arousal. Try to surprise your partner every now and then. If you have a normal sexual routine, try something out of your comfort zone and you never know what could happen in your favour.


After coming home from the shopping centre with the kadıköy escort perfect birthday present, David put the little gift-wrapped box on the kitchen table and headed out onto the back verandah. He noticed Jennifer sunbaking on the grass in their back yard and decided to have a quick shower before going down to tell her that he had returned. As he was getting dressed he heard their neighbours car leaving the driveway. He walked down the back stairs and headed over to Jennifer. He remembered parts of the book that he’d read that morning and thought about putting them into practise. He had heard the neighbours go out, so what did he have to loose?

As he got closer, David looked at his wife’s long legs glistening with tanning oil. She was lying on her stomach and he noticed that she was listening to her ipod. His eyes travelled up her body to the red g-string she was wearing. He noticed she was topless and bent down to sit beside her. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a bun and she had her eyes closed. David reached out to touch the side of her breast and she jumped in fright.

“Would you like a back rub?” he asked after she removed her earphones.

“Sure.” She smiled at him.

His hands slid over her shoulders and down her back and he felt the oil cling to his fingertips. He moved one of his hands to the side of her breast and began stroking it gently while continuing to rub her back. Her smile widened. He started massaging her bum with both hands and she let out a soft moan. She let one of his fingers slide beneath her g-string and rub the slit of her pussy. She was wet already.

Jennifer turned over and David saw the patterns that the towel had made on her breasts. He took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked on it gently. She ran her fingers through his wet hair and guided his head over to her other breast. One of his fingers slid underneath her g-string again and he found her clit and started stroking it, while he circled her nipple with his tongue.

Jennifer let out a soft cry as he brang her to orgasm. She looked around to see if there was anybody watching as she finally realised that her husband didn’t seem to mind being outside. She saw a movement on the other side of the fence and spotted her neighbour Felicity staring through the pailings at them. She looked back at David who was now removing his shirt. He didn’t seem to notice that they were being watched, so she wasn’t about to ruin the moment by telling him that he was right about their neighbours after all.

She brought David’s mouth back to her breast and looked in the direction of their neighbour’s house again. Felicity was taking off her gardening gloves and leaning against the fence to get a closer look. Jennifer tried to wave her off without David knowing what she was doing. If David knew that they were being spied on, he would definitely stop and she would miss out on her chance of delivering David out of his demure nature.

David started kissing Jennifer’s neck and lips as she unbuttoned his jeans and slid her hand into his pants. His penis was as hard as a rock. She circled it with her hand and started stroking it up and down, slowly moving her fist over the head of his dick. David closed his eyes and felt the sun beat down on his back. It actually was quite a nice feeling and he realised that it did awaken his senses, just like the book said it would.

Jennifer used this opportunity to steal another quick glance at the fence and she saw that Felicity now had her hand inside the waist of her skirt and was playing with herself while she was watching the couple on the grass.

David opened his eyes and looked down at Jennifer in a suggestive manner. She sat upright and then bent over his legs and surrounded his penis with her mouth. Her breasts brushed against his leg each time she moved her head up and down over his shaft. She couldn’t see Felicity üsküdar escort any more and just enjoyed giving her husband a blow-job for a while.

When David felt the urge to come, he stopped Jennifer and guided her back down onto the towel and took off her g-string. He parted her legs, positioned himself between them and buried his head in between her thighs. He started licking her inner lips and inserted one of his fingers into her wet pussy. He slid his finger in and out as he ran his tongue over her clit. Jennifer started softly moaning again and when David wasn’t looking she glanced over at the fence. She saw that Felicity had the nerve to stand on the fence and peer over the top at the couple when she realised that Jennifer wouldn’t say anything to her lover about her presence. She was enjoying watching the couple making love and she imagined it was her lying there instead of Jennifer, as she continued stroking herself.

Jennifer felt her pussy explode in another orgasm as David flicked his tongue over her clitoris. She was enjoying having sex out in the open as the wind tickled her skin as it floated past. She wasn’t about to spoil it by telling David about their neighbour. She wasn’t hurting them after all.

After Jennifer finished having her third orgasm, David removed his jeans and slid the head of his penis inside her tight pussy. He slid it in and out slowly so Jennifer had time to get used to having the length of him inside her. He plunged his dick deep and she wrapped her legs around his body to welcome him in. Her breasts jiggled each time he thrust himself into her and he kissed her neck and gently nibbled on her bottom lip.

David could feel the cool breeze brush over his bum and noticed the effect that it was having on Jennifer’s nipples. He smiled to himself as he realised that the book was right. A little spontaneousness had changed his life and he wasn’t even worried about getting caught. It was their own backyard and they had a right to do whatever they liked in it.

They swapped positions and David laid down on the towel while Jennifer straddled his penis by sitting on top of him but facing away from him, so she was looking at his feet. In this position she could see Felicity but still knew that David couldn’t see her.

Felicity hid herself back behind the fence when the couple changed positions so that she wouldn’t be seen. She had taken her knickers completely off by now and was still stroking her clit. When she saw that Jennifer was looking straight at her in her new position, she wasn’t quite sure what to do. It wasn’t until she noticed that Jennifer had the sexiest look on her face and was playing with her own breasts that she realised that Jennifer was putting on a show for her. She continued playing with her clit but decided to tuck the front of her skirt into its waistband, so that Jennifer could watch her fingers sliding up and down the slit of her pussy.

Jennifer watched as Felicity exposed herself and she started getting really hot. She spread her knees wide and bounced up and down on David’s hard cock. She licked one of her fingers and started stroking her clit as she felt the head of David’s dick slide in and out of her pussy.

David grabbed hold of Jennifer’s arse cheeks and spread them wide. He watched as she moved up and down on his dick and inserted the tip of his finger in her arse and felt her clench it tightly. He pushed it in a little further and smiled to himself as he felt the breeze brush against the hair on his balls. He couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to do this before. It felt amazing to be out in the sunshine with a gorgeous blonde bouncing up and down on his dick!

Jennifer gave out a small cry when she felt David’s finger inside her arse. Her first reaction was to clench her muscles around his finger. She loved the feel of his finger inside her alongside his dick. She relaxed and he pushed it in a little further.

Felicity tuzla escort saw the surprise on Jennifer’s face and realised that David must doing something to her from behind. She felt disappointed that she couldn’t see exactly what it was, but when she saw the evil smile creep onto Jennifer’s face she realised that whatever he was doing, she was enjoying it very much. Felicity started rubbing her clit faster and inserted a finger inside herself. She was delighted with the fact that Jennifer felt comfortable enough to let her watch them fuck and began thrusting her finger in and out of her wet pussy.

Jennifer felt David’s finger wiggling inside her arse as she watched Felicity finger herself. She hadn’t noticed how sexy their neighbour actually was until this very minute. Her long brown hair was flowing down to her waist and bounced around as she thrust her finger inside herself, obviously enjoying the show. She felt the end of David’s dick moving in and out of her pussy and imagined how Felicity would be feeling right at this point in time.

Jennifer decided that since Felicity wanted to see an exhibition she would take things a little further. She hopped off David’s dick and bent over to take it into her mouth once again. She stuck her arse high up in the air and spread her legs so Felicity would have a fantastic view of her dripping wet pussy.

David laid on the grass with his eyes closed. He was trying not to come, so that their afternoon sex session would last longer. He grabbed onto Jennifer’s head and guided her up and down slowly. He could see her arse sticking up in the air and thought it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. This is one of the reasons why he married Jennifer. She gave great head! She curled her tongue around his dick and shoved it deep down into her throat. Then she would come up and slap it against her lips a couple of times and take it in her mouth again.

He wanted this to last forever. This was one of their best sessions yet. He grabbed her by the shoulders and persuaded her to straddle his face. He loved the way she tasted. He thrust his tongue deep inside her. She moaned in pleasure. She guided his hands to her arse and he spread her cheeks wide. He licked her all the way from her clit to her arse hole and back again. She loved it when he did that. He took her clit inside his mouth and sucked on it hard. She let out a loud moan and had a shattering orgasm. He stuck his finger up her arse again as he continued sucking on her clit and inner lips, stretching them out as he did so. David knew how to make her come over and over again.

David loved seeing Jennifer come like that and when he thought she couldn’t take it any longer he slid out from underneath her and mounted her doggy style. He grabbed Jennifer’s hips with both hands and pumped his penis in and out of her hard and fast. He came so hard that he let out a loud cry just at the same time as she did.

They both laid down on the towel together, in each other’s arms. They were both exhausted. Jennifer glanced across the yard to see Felicity sneaking up her back steps and disappear into her house. She took David’s head into her hands and gently kissed him on the lips.

They started getting dressed and were going to head inside when Jennifer heard a faint buzzing sound coming from next door. She smiled as she realised that Felicity had probably gone inside to finish off what she started.

“So?” Jennifer turned to David. “What changed your mind about having sex outside?”

“I learned a few things by reading part of the book that you got out of the library and I wanted to try them out.” He blushed.

Jennifer was confused. “What book from the library?”

“The one you left on the sofa for me to find.” David winked at her.

They walked inside and as David turned off to go to the bathroom, Jennifer walked into the living room and saw the book he was talking about. She had never seen this book before. The phone suddenly rang and when Jennifer answered it, she heard Felicity’s voice.

“Hey neighbour. Happy Birthday. I hope you like the book I bought for you. You left your door open when you went jogging this morning, so I thought I’d leave it for you as a surprise. Hope you enjoyed your afternoon. I know I did.” And then she hung up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32