Out of Control

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You step into the room, dimly lit, and pause for a moment to let your eyes adjust to the low light as you take in the scene. We are in a room that is empty for the most part, with very little furniture or decoration. The floor is dominated by a low wide padded bench, and you feel a deep clench inside you when your eyes fall upon it. You know why you are here and exactly what that bench is for.

The walls hold some toys in wall racks, and a covered tray on a small table are the only other things you can see.

I step into the room behind you and close the door. The sound is lost in the room and you realize that it is fully sound proofed. I step up to you, lift your chin gently in my hand and look deep into your eyes. “Are you ready?” I ask you in a quiet sure voice. You nod, not trusting yourself to speak clearly in that moment, as you surrender yourself to me.

I reach out and undo the belt of the black silk robe you are wearing, letting it fall apart and revealing your naked skin. You blush as you see the controlled desire in my eyes as I slip it off your shoulders to let it fall unheeded to the ground. I reach out for your hand, and guide your now naked form to the bench. As we near it I take the dark cloth covering the table and remove it, laying it down on the bench instead. You can see in the dim light you mistook it for black, but up close it is a deep wine red. I lay the cloth down neatly as your eyes flick to the items lying on the table. You see coils of rope, a blindfold, a candle and lighter, a riding crop and one item still hidden beneath a piece of cloth. I turn and see the direction of your eyes, and with a smile I reassure you. “Only if you want them to be used on you my dear” You nod again, relieved as I turn you around and guide you down onto your back on the bench.

When I have checked that you are lying comfortable I turn and retrieve the rope from the table. Uncoiling it, I begin to bind you to the bench. I take my time, running my hands across your naked skin as I move around you. bahis firmaları Soon your wrists are securely bound behind and above your head, and i begin tying your legs. When I am done they are tied securely, your heels resting on the back of your thighs, and your legs tied so that they fall open for me to gain easy access to you. I rope your beautiful breasts till they stand proudly bound, and the sensations it causes are coursing through you. Once you are securely tied and I have checked your comfort, I stop and take a moment to admire you. You look so beautiful tied up with arousal and a hint of vulnerability and fear in your eyes.

You know that now there is nothing you could do to stop me from taking you, and that thought sends an illicit thrill through you. I step closer. Touching you was agreed as being allowed, and i take a moment to give a slow sucking kiss to each of your erect nipples, teasing them for a moment with my tongue, building your arousal. When they are hard between my lips i stand again, moving back towards the table. As i do i glance between your legs and see the glisten of arousal already covering your folds. I smile in satisfaction and run my fingers down your stomach as i take one slow tender lick to your wetness, wanting to taste the first drops of your sweetness.

You shiver in pleasure within the tight cage of rope that restrains you. The warmth of my tongue as it slipped between your folds felt so good and you almost ask me to do it again. But I am already standing and moving over to the table. Your eyes lock on my hand as it lifts the cloth covered object, and I reveal the wand that lies beneath it. Confusion slows you for a moment. This isn’t the model wand that you were expecting. You had the basic model in mind when I suggested this session to you, but this model you recognize as being top of the range in terms of power. You strain against the ropes for a moment involuntarily. You have heard the stories from women who have used this model and you know just how devastatingly potent kaçak iddaa it can be.

I turn towards you and switch the wand on. The buzz of its powerful motor on the lowest setting is audible as I step towards you. As the wand descends towards your breast, you give the softest of whimpers and the sound is indescribably erotic. The wand touches your skin and the whimper transforms into a full fledged groan as the vibrations send your nerve endings wild. I play the wand across your breasts, already so sensitive from being bound. You are thrashing lightly in the grip of my rope as I take my time to enjoy your breasts fully.

When I am satisfied I move down your body slowly. I spend some time playing the wand across your inner thighs, and that alone has you dripping wet before I have even reached your center. When the wand finally makes full contact with your clit, my god the scream that rips from your lips is purest ecstasy. Your body arches against the ropes and strains to break free of the bench, but you are utterly immobilized and cannot escape me. I play the wand across your clit for a moment only before lifting it to hover just above your skin. You look up at me, panting from just that first momentary touch. Our eyes meet, and I smile gently at you as i command you.

“You will not cum until I say you may my dear. For every orgasm you have without my permission, I will force you to have two against your will. Do you understand?”

You gasp out an affirmative and I lower the wand back down to your clit. Again your body tries to break free as pleasure races through you. The stories were not exaggerated. If anything they left parts out! Nothing had prepared you for this, no vibrator or toy could match the power between your thighs and the ecstasy that I am giving you. I don’t hold the wand in place, but play it gently across your clit and your soaking wet folds. I can see the muscles in your legs quivering deliciously as you cry out in the effort of not cumming. But oh, I can see that you want to. The exertion kaçak bahis is already coating your naked skin with a light sheen of sweat, and your cheeks are flushed with arousal. Your breasts rise and fall rapidly as you struggle to breathe and keep under control.

This contest is unfairly weighted in my favor but I don’t give thought to it, instead touching the wand directly to your clit again. I catch you at a weak moment, unprepared, and with a shriek of horror and ecstasy you find yourself unable to prevent an orgasm ripping through your body. A veritable flood of wetness flows from you as you writhe in pleasure, begging me to lift the wand from your clit, but I don’t listen. The only concession I make is to shift its position slightly which is just enough to allow you to calm down and regain control. Or at least the illusion of control.

Now it is a game of Cat and Mouse. I toy with you, watching for moments of vulnerability, of distraction, and I exploit them rithlessly to have you cumming over and over, till you are shuddering from the force of multiple orgasms as I lift the wand from your clit.

I place the wand on the table, silenced for now, and move up to stroke your skin and calm you as you come down from the orgasmic high you have been riding. As I caress your cheek, our eyes meet and i whisper two words “Twenty four”. You look at me in confusion, not understanding the meaning behind my words. I elaborate. “You came twelve times my dear, and I told you that for every time you orgasmed without my permission, you would be forced to have two as a penalty” The memory comes back to you, and despite the rush of wetness between your thighs at my words, your mind reels in delicious horror. Twenty four orgasms from that wand? Impossible, you would never be able to endure it. Surely I wouldn’t…

Your eyes widen as i pick up the wand again, and move between your thighs. “Lets try the next setting my Lady, and see how you manage to hold up beneath that level of pleasure.”

As the wand descends, and as it meets your clit to send an almost instantaneous orgasm coursing through you, the last thing you hear before being overwhelmed is the sound of my satisfied voice, and the words “Feel free to scream for me my Lady”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32