Out of Bounds Ch. 03

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Body Cumshots

Dante woke the next morning to find Rylee kneeling on the bed with her sweet, plump lips wrapped tight around his swelling cock. Her bare ass was in the air and her breasts bounced up and down as she moved on his length.

“Fuck, girl. I could get used to being woke up like this.”

Rylee looked up at him without stopping, winked and gave a shy smile around his cock and went right back to focusing on what she was doing. Her fingers moved up to cradle his balls, playing with them here and there as she worked. For a few moments, Dante just enjoyed the sensation of having her like this and the amazing things she was doing with her mouth before deciding he needed his hands on her.

Dante tweaked and pinched her nipples with a little more force that he probably should have before moving his fingers down to find her dripping pussy. This girl seemed to be constantly wet and ready for him, not that he was complaining. The second his fingers dipped into her wetness, she moaned around his cock. The vibrations of her throat on him felt unreal. It only took a few minutes of sliding his fingers in and out of her tight hole before she was coming all over his hand. She had lost focus on sucking and had her forehead resting against his thigh with her whole body quivering as she recovered from her orgasm.

“Get up her baby, I need to be inside you,” Dante growled, pulling her up on top of him. Rylee happily complied, sinking down onto his shaft. She winced slightly at the intrusion but refused to stop. When she was fully seated, she looked up to find Dante’s face battling between concern and pleasure. Within seconds of her rocking her hips on top of him, pleasure won out.

Dante pulled her down as she rode him, bringing her lips to his and snaking his tongue inside her mouth. Her breasts were smashed up against his chest and he could feel her nipples brushing against his as she moved on his cock. He couldn’t remember the last time anything had felt as good as having Rylee naked on top of him.

Briefly, he worried about the logistics of how this was going to play out. Was this a one time thing for her, were her feelings anywhere near as strong as his? If so, how was her dad, his best and oldest friend going to react to him banging his daughter. Furthermore, how fucked up was he that he was in love with the little girl who he helped raised, his god-daughter, a girl who called him Uncle Dante, a girl way to young for him.

All those thoughts shot out the window when she sat up sightly, still leaned over him with her breasts dangling in his face. Her nipple brushed his bottom lip and he couldn’t help but sucking it into his mouth hard. She squealed but didn’t tell him to stop. Dante loved that he could be a little rough with her and that it seemed to just turn her on even more.

Rylee was overwhelmed with the feelings and emotions running through her head but those took a back burner to the pleasure coursing through her veins. Her skin tingled and was more sensitive than it had even been in her life. Her whole body buzzed with need and god, the feeling of Dante filling her up and slamming into her over and over was too good for words. She had slept better last night than she had istanbul escort in years, wrapped up in Dante’s arms with his bare skin warming her whole body. What they were doing might be wrong and who knows what the future was going to hold but at least for now, she was sure as hell going to enjoy it while it lasted.

“Come for me baby girl” Dante urged. He had reached down between their bodies and pressed his thumb straight onto her clit. Just that small touch sent her overly sensitive body off the edge and into another climax. At the same time, the sensation of her already extremely tight pussy, clamping down even tighter as her body shuddered on top of him caused Dante to cum as well. Rylee collapsed on top of him in exhaustion. She could feel his hot cum both inside her and seeping out down her leg but was in no hurry to clean it up or move for that matter. The chime from Dantes doorbell quickly ruined her plans to not move from his body the rest of the day.

“Who the hell could that be?” Figuring it was a neighbor who got his mail by accident again or some door to door salesman, who wouldn’t go away until he answered the door, he gently moved Rylee off him and got up. Throwing on a pair of sweatpants, Dante jogged down the stairs to open the door. He smiled to himself at the clothes thrown all over his living room which reminded him of Rylee sucking his cock on his couch. Still smiling and looking into the living room, he pulled the door open and was shocked to find Hank standing on his porch.

“Hey man! I needed to come to the city for a few errands this weekend and since Rylee was here already, I figured I would pop over and say hi. Maybe we can all grab some lunch or something!” Hank had a bright smile on his face as if he couldn’t be happier to spend the day with his two favorite people. Dante on the other hand, stood motionless in front of his friend, his mouth hanging open like a fool.

“Well, aren’t you going to invite me in? Sheesh, 20 plus years of friendship and I’m left standing on the porch like a stranger,” Hank joked, seeming unfazed by Dante’s shocked state. He nudged his way through the door before Dante could protest, putting Hank right in line with the living room. This happened to be the same room that his daughter’s clothes lay scattered about the room. Dante watched as Hank took in the room with a puzzled look on his face. It wasn’t until Rylee appeared at the top of the stairs in nothing but Dante’s tee-shirt did Dante see the piece click in Hank’s brain.

“Are you coming back to be…dad! What are you doing here?” Rylee’s face morphed to match the same look of horror that Dante was sporting at seeing her dad. That was the last person she had expected to show up at Dante’s house today, otherwise, she might have been a bit more careful about how she came out of the bedroom. Hank hated coming into the city and did it as little as possible. He constantly complied about the traffic, the noise, the number of people, and just about everything else.

Hank looked between his daughter and his best friend, than back again. His expression was unreadable which Dante thought might be good considering avcılar escort he expected immediate rage. He watched him like a hawk, waiting for his next move. He even mentally started to prepare to get punched in the face. There was no pretending that this was not exactly what it looked like and that Dante hadn’t just throughly fucked his best friend’s daughter.

“Well it’s about time you two figured your feelings out. Although, I could have gone without the visual of how it happened. I’ll wait here while you two go put some clothes on.” Dante couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The look on Rylee’s face told him that she was shocked as well. It took a minute for his brain to catch up and for him to be able to move but when he did, he did as his friend had asked and climbed the stairs to his bedroom where he and Rylee both got dressed.

“What the hell just happened?” Rylee whisper yelled as she tugged her shorts back on and searched for her shirt which happened to still be somewhere on Dante’s living room floor. Dante reached his drawers for his smallest tee shirt and handed it over to her to wear. She tied a knot around the waist so that it didn’t hang like a dress.

“I don’t even know. I was really expected him to knock me on my ass. I had no idea he was coming today until I opened the door and there he was. I know you dad is a pretty calm and understanding man but knowing his best friend just had sex with his daughter would be enough to make most men, even the Pope, pretty fucking angry.”

“I guess we better go see what he has to say. Maybe he was in shock. Maybe you will get punched when we go back down. If that happens, I am sorry in advance!” Rylee was talking a mile a minute as nerves raced through her. She tried her best to walk normally as her and Dante moved down the stairs and into the kitchen where her dad was waiting. The burn between her legs and the soreness of her muscles from this morning and last night made that nearly impossible.

Standing in front of Hank, neither Rylee or Dante knew what to say. Dante had never had a problem talking to his friend in the past even the few times they had gotten into an argument over something stupid, they made up within minutes and things had moved on as if nothing happened. This was much different. They stood there is complete silence for several minutes, or maybe it was seconds. All Dante knew was that it felt like an eternity. Finally, he saw his friend crack a small, mischievous smile. Rylee looked Dante in complete confusion and got the same look back.

“Daddy, I…” Hank held his hand up to his daughter to stop her. He could tell how guilty and mortified they both looked and had to laugh a little to himself.

“Look, I know I am an old man and all but I am not stupid. I have watched you two dance around each other for the past few years and knew it was only a matter of time before you knuckle-heads figured it out for yourselves. Yes, I would have liked to not walk in on the evidence of that happening like I did but I’ve known this was coming for awhile now. At first, yeah I was pissed. Dante, I wanted to strangle you for looking at my little girl like that. It took me awhile şirinevler escort to realize that there was no better man for her than a guy I have known my whole life and trust more than myself. You a good man Dante. I saw how much you struggled to fight how you felt. I just want the two people I care about most in this world to be happy and if that means I have to accept you being together, than that is what I have to do.”

Dante released the breathe he hadn’t realized he was holding and Rylee launched herself into her father’s arms. Hank have Dante a smile over her shoulder and he knew things would be okay. Hearing him talk about how he watched both of them fight their feelings gave Dante some hope that Rylee might be as serious about them as he was and it wasn’t just fluke or a young girl wanting to loose her virginity situation. Deep down, he knew it was more than that because Rylee wasn’t that type of girl but still, hearing Hank all but confirm it left him feeling like a million bucks.

Hank, Rylee, and Dante spent the day together getting lunch, playing mini golf, and wandering the city. Rylee and Dante kept their affection PG in front of her dad by only holding hands and a giving a few chaste kisses here and there. By the end of the day though, neither could wait to get home and have some time alone again. As Hank pulled out of the driveway, both Rylee and Dante waved goodbye on the porch. As soon as his car disappeared, they were back inside the house. Dante had Rylee pressed up against the front door as it closed within seconds, his fingers tangled in her hair and his lips kissing and nipping at her neck. She wrapped her legs around his waist and ground herself against the bulge in his jeans that was now pressed against her core.

“I need you Dante. Please.” she begged as he teased her neck and lips with his own. Just as he had done last night, he carried her up to his bed, with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. He cock strained against his jeans became painful and he couldn’t wait for them to both be naked again. Their clothes were off in a matter of seconds. Dante groaned at the feeling of her soft skin brushing against his own bare chest. He would never be able to get enough of her. Spending the whole day with Hank and having him be okay with things was great but it also made him that much more desperate to be inside Rylee again.

Dante gently tossed her on the bed and instructed her to get on her hands and knees for him. Rylee quickly complied, her bare ass in the air pointed at Dante. She looked over her shoulder and watched at he dined himself up with her entrance and eased his way inside her. Things felt different at this angel than last night in the best way. The pain had subsided and the angle he was at felt amazing. After a few slow, easy pumps in and out, Dante started moving fast and harder inside her. She gasped when he grabbed her hair and tugged it backwards. It hurt but for some odd reason it turned her on like crazy.

“Harder Uncle Dante, please. Fuck me!” Rylee was shocked by the words that came out of her mouth but didn’t regret them. Something about sex with Dante brought out a different side of her and made her feel confident and sexy. Dante in turn, loved her dirty mouth and did exactly as she had asked, pumping into her in deep, hard strokes. Her pussy gripped his cock like a vice making his cock harder that it had even been in his entire life. Rylee was like a drug and he couldn’t imagine that he was ever going to be able to get enough of her.

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