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“You have piqued my interest,” Sarah replied. “Is that what you want baby?”

“Only if it pleases you baby.”

“It pleases me very much. Tell me some more about them baby,” Sarah asks in the afterglow after our mutual orgasm. “You know I have a thing about bisexual men. And I love watching another man blowing your thick, nine-inch erection.”

“They are both very attractive men in their late-twenties, with toned bodies,” I tell Sarah as I show her some pics on my phone.

“Good asses. Both of them,” she smiles at the first pic. “And impressive erections. And look what his tongue is doing to that woman while her man is holding her hand alongside her on the couch while the other one is sucking his cock.

“Is that what you want baby? We both have a simple test for deciding and choosing our partners. Should I remind you?”

“Yes, remind me,” she teases, knowing exactly what I am going to tell her.

“Would you be comfortable receiving twenty-minutes of oral sex from that person, Sarah?,” I ask her as she looks at the pics again.

“They have impressive bodies, I would be very comfortable with twenty minutes. Perhaps even more.”

“And you baby, would you be comfortable receiving a twenty-minute blow job from one of the men while the other is teasing and licking my cunt while you watch and I watch?”

“Only if it pleases you baby.”

“It would please me very much, you know it would. You want it as much as I do. That’s why you showed me their pics isn’t it? Organize it for us, soon.”

We are a professional couple in our early forties. Sarah is of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from me, bi-sexual, though she didn’t need a great deal of prompting. She has a very strong sex drive and one of her favorite turn-ons is sex with an audience.

On the following Sunday afternoon we are both anticipating the sexual pleasure we are expecting from Alex and Jon who operate as a sexual tag team. We are both horny after we made a point of no sex the previous day.

Watching each other receive oral sex from two different men is not a new experience for us. Though from what I have reliably heard about these two men, today promises to be oral sex on new level for both us. Sarah thrives on receiving escort sexual pleasure and today I want her to experience and enjoy it on another level – while I watch, the voyeur in me coming to the fore. Sarah is also a sexual exhibitionist, she loves me watching her receiving sexual pleasure.

We are freshly showered, when like any woman Sarah asks what should we wear for our guests. “Dress to impress baby, I want to tease you and the two boys while they watch me undress you. Also a tease and turn on for me, flaunting my lady’s naked body to two men we haven’t met previously.

“Let’s cut to the chase, I love being teased and having my cunt licked. My man tells me you are very good at it,” Sarah tells the boys in full control of the moment as soon as Alex and Jon enter.

“My man wants to tease all of us while you watch him undress me so I am naked for you,” she tells them as I open, then slowly remove Sarah’s short, silk dressing gown, so she is naked apart from her heels, black stockings and a sexy, black garter belt, which accentuates her thighs and ass cheeks.

I am pleased at the two boys reaction to Sarah’s ass, confirming they are bi-sexual. “Wow, magnificent,” Jon (the boy who is going to have me) tells her. Alex, doesn’t say anything, the look of lust on his face as he ogles her ass cheeks, is enough.

I am multi-orgasmic and I love to squirt when fully aroused,” Sarah tells them as I stand behind her as she parts her legs and teases her nipples with a fingertip on each. “I do love a tease, is showing two new men my naked body a tease for you?”

“And I love watching another man blowing my man while I am having my cunt licked, by males and females,” she teases as she struts around the room to flaunt her magnificent ass.

“My man is excited about what we are going to have from you today. Note that I said we. He is nine-inches and thick, when fully aroused,” Sarah tells them as she removes my gown. “Though he is not quite fully aroused yet. Get naked for us and arouse us fully,” Sarah tells them in a stentorian voice to show them who is going to call the shots. “Would you like me to help Alex?,” she asks the boy who has made it obvious he is the one for her.

They are both very attractive, blond, good looking boys with toned bodies and a matching earring in one ear. I can see Sarah ogling izmit escort bayan their taut asses. I refer to them as boys because they are in their mid-twenties, at least fifteen-years younger than us.

Two minutes later we are both naked, holding hands, legs apart on our sofa in front of a wall length mirror. Both of the boys have erections as Sarah and I ogle them and compare.

“Tell me what you are going to do to me,” Sarah whispers loud enough for me to hear as we both watch Alex licking his way up her thighs.

“Exquisite sexual pleasure for you with my tongue. I am going to lick your cunt like it has never been licked before. Pleasing older women with my tongue is my forte,” Alex smiles as he pokes out his tongue for us. Not your average tongue is it?,” he smirks as Sarah and I take in the large stud near the tip of his tongue.

“I learnt long ago I have special skills with my tongue, even before I had my stud. I love a challenge and you are challenge, let’s find out if you really are multi-orgasmic. And I want you to squirt for me,” Alex tells Sarah as he continues licking his way up her thighs.

“So good, don’t stop,” Sarah moans as Alex flicks her clit with the tip of his tongue.

Sarah is watching Jon licking and kissing my now full on erection as she soaks up the pleasure of Alex’s tongue on her now very wet cunt. “You are even bigger than I imagined at the gym. And I love blowing a hung man while his lady watches,” Jon tells me so Sarah can hear.

I have pleasured Sarah’s cunt lips with my tongue countless times and have watched both males and females do the same to her. This time her reaction is electric as Alex slides a long piece of his very wet tongue along the full length of her already cunt tips.

“I wanted your ass cheeks in my hands as soon as I saw it Sarah, magnificent,” he mutters as he has his hands under her ass while she places her thighs over his shoulders. From experience I know Sarah loves to articulate while receiving sexual pleasure.

She has various degrees of articulation depending on how much she is enjoying the sexual pleasure. They range from, ‘So good’, ‘So fucking good’, ‘Fuck my cunt,’ to an endless, ‘Fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt’.

Today as Alex is darting his tongue along Sarah’s cunt lips as she izmit sınırsız escort chants an endless, “Fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt.”

Sarah is in her element soaking up the sexual pleasure as Alex is sliding the huge stud on his tongue along the inside her cunt lips.

“I told you I was multi-orgasmic, that’s three, don’t stop,” Sarah groans.

To my great surprise and pleasure Jon also has a stud on his tongue. The sensation and pleasure as he gently slides it along the underside of my erection is heaven on a stick while I watch his buddy fucking my lady with his tongue.

Jon moves his body twice so his stud in sliding along the sides of my erection. Then, and I am still not sure how he managed it he has his pursed lips wrapped around my erection as he slides the stud along the top of it.

I glance at our wall clock, to check how long Jon has been blowing me – Sarah and I always time ourselves. I can usually last thirty-minutes. I don’t think I am going to last that long today.

Sarah is now sitting on Alex’s face. He has her ass cheeks cupped in his hands as they combine so he can maximize her pleasure. “That’s five, don’t stop, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt,” she whispers, extremely aroused, as I am.

I love looking at Sarah’s naked, magnificent ass at any time. Today is special as I watch it in another man’s hands in the wall mirror while she is sitting on his face.

“That’s six, don’t stop, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt,” she whispers, extremely aroused.

“Your lady is a sex machine,” Jon tells me. He has me right on the edge. I can’t hold back any longer as he manages to whisper, “Hand or swallow?’

“Swallow,” I mumble as Sarah and I orgasm in sync.

“That was seven Alex, I told you. Now make me squirt while the other two men watch,” Sarah smiles as she stands with her back to the wall.

“One finger or two?, he asks as he finds her g-spot with one finger. Jon is standing alongside her watching closely. It is obvious he wants a hand job for relief.

“Two,” Sarah whispers as she strokes Jon’s erection with a hand.

I have watched and helped Sarah squirt countless times. I have never seen her so agitated as she is today. Her knees are shaking as she groans incoherently. Then a scream as she squirts. “So fucking good, so fucking good,” she and Jon are moaning is unison as she brings him off with her hand.

“That will be a very hard act to follow baby. Perhaps two women next time?,” she smiled smugly, iater that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32