Our Second Time

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Our second encounter

I was ready, eager if you will. I felt like a school girl waiting to go on her first date, except for that fact that I had bad intentions. We met up in the parking lot and I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. We both embraced like we hadn’t seen in other in months. We had a mission to accomplish but I didn’t want to leave his arms. We finally decide to get this over with and start walking to the store. He kept his hand near my ass, which normally would have bothered me, but it felt natural. I didn’t want to take my hands off him, but we were in public and to be seen by people we both know, could have been a bad thing. We were a taboo. We got what we were looking for and we left to go to the next store, in his car.

He kept putting his hand between my legs, rubbing that delicate area. He ordered me to unzip my pants, to which I obeyed willingly. This was a new adventure. He got me right to the edge and stopped. I could see where this was going. I felt my heartbeat quicken, my soul was excited. We got to the next store and parked. I didn’t want to leave this space. My pants still unzipped, he said let’s go. I asked if I had permission to get dressed and I could see a flicker in his eyes. I don’t think he realized how bad I wanted him at that moment. He met me on my side of the car and we embraced again, I couldn’t get enough of him. We quickly look for the item we were searching for and when we couldn’t find it, decided that what we did find would work for now.

We leave and walk back to the car, where we just stood there in each other’s arms, playfully teasing each other. He kept asking what I wanted to do. How could I come out and say that I wanted him to take me somewhere and take full advantage of me. He said that we could go back to his hotel, but he didn’t want to make me feel pressured or uncomfortable. I don’t think he realizes how much I want him at this moment. I try and convince him that I was ready, if he was. We left and headed towards our destination. All I could do was imagine what would happen next.

After a hiccup, we finally get into the hotel room and I get even more excited. He seemed nervous but I couldn’t blame him, this dynamic we were in can be complicating. We hadn’t discussed fine details about hard or soft limits. We knew the basics of each other but not enough. I had imagined that the first time in a room alone together would be awkward. It was nothing like I had imagined. We seemed natural. I didn’t want to take my hands off of him and his off me. His kisses were intoxicating. The moment he starts pulling my clothes off, I start to get nervous. Would he think my body was disgusting, would my imperfections bother him? I felt good in clothes, but highly vulnerable naked. I don’t know how, but he made me feel like I was a goddess. Once all of my clothes were off, the look in his eyes make me comfortable. For once in a very long time, I didn’t feel like I needed to be ashamed.

He bakırköy escort went down on me and starting licking and sucking my sweet spot. His fingers traveling everywhere. I was in heaven. How could he know my body so well? I kept thinking, if he is this good now, I can’t imagine what this could be later down the line. He gets me to the edge of climax and stops, making my orgasm slip away. I knew what he was doing, and I liked it. He starts rubbing and suckling on my clit again, thrusting his fingers inside of me, bringing me to the edge again. He asks if I’m close and I tell him I am. I can feel myself tightening up, the rush of an orgasm building up. I ask him if I have permission to cum, and he says nothing. I ask again, slightly freaking out because I was so close and didn’t know if I could hold it in. He was doing this on purpose, and I could tell he loved it.

He finally gives me permission and helps me get my sweet release. I thought he would stop but he kept going, making me reach climax again, quickly. I start begging if I can cum again. Once again, silent. I’m trying to figure out what he wants to hear, and I need to find out quickly. I beg him “Can I cum? Please? Please sir, can I cum”. That look in his face turns me on so much. He finally gives me permission and my orgasm comes crashing over me.

We lay on the bed, I’m out of breath. He just rubs my body, looking at me in my eyes. He can’t take his eyes off of me. I don’t know why he seems so mesmerized with me. I’ve never just laid with someone and took each other in. He asked what’s on my mind and I can’t comprehend what is going on in my head. I tell him I have these feelings that I don’t understand. I can’t even explain in a way that makes sense. I don’t normally feel this way and I’m not sure it’s a good thing. All I do know is, I want more of this. We just lay in each other’s arms, caressing each other. This was not what I expected, it was so much more. We were learning about each other but not in the way that we had imagined. Being sensual and goofy at the same time. Moaning and laughing. Learning each other’s body, although he learned a lot more of mine that I his. I kept waiting for him to make a move. Waiting for an order to please him. I wanted nothing more but it never came. He made it seem like his intentions were solely to please me that night.

He starts playing with my body again. I can’t get enough of this. He starts rubbing my clit and get me quickly to climax. I can feel my orgasm coming again and I ask for permission to cum. He never answers and I couldn’t help but to get my release. He looks at me, that stern look in his eyes and asks “did you cum? I didn’t give you permission”. At that moment I knew I messed up. My bratty side came out and said that I couldn’t help it with a smile on my face. I loved the feeling of being in trouble, he had no idea. He makes me edge a couple of times while spanking beşiktaş escort my ass, punishment for having an orgasm without permission. Little does he know, I was enjoying that punishment all too much. He brings me closer to another orgasm and I beg him for permission, not letting myself release without it. After begging for what seems like forever he finally says yes.

It was intense, a sensation that I knew he was aiming for. He puts my knees beside my head and started eating me out like I’m fine cuisine. I can’t help but to watch him, it was so sexy. He acted like he couldn’t get enough, and I know I could get used to this. He goes to that forbidden area, and started licking and probing. He was smacking my ass and thigh areas. The pleasure I got from the pain was unbelievable. I could do this all night. I wanted to do this all night.

We are laying down again and he keeps rubbing my ass stating that he wanted nothing more than to spank me, hard. He makes it seems like I couldn’t handle his worse. I’ve told him before, I get off on pain. My bratty side came out again and told him that his baby taps earlier were nothing. I see that firey look in his eyes again, I had challenged him. That’s exactly what I wanted. He makes me lay on the bed, face down and starts spanking me, starting soft at first. He wants to gauge my pain level. I want him to beat my ass. I feel the stings of every blow. God, does he know how to spank, right down to rubbing the area after each blow. I keep wanting more. I need more. He finally quits and although I enjoyed it, I didn’t want him to stop.

He brought me to orgasm again, of course with his permission. I think he loves to hear me beg multiple times. I don’t mind begging, I quite enjoy it. I also enjoy that look in his eyes when he looks at me. The multiple looks he gives me, makes me melt. The certain looks, when he wants my body, when he wants to kiss me, when he’s taking my face in… each and every look makes me tingle.

We spend the rest of our time together laying in the bed. We go from talking to not talking. I loved just laying on him, feeling him. He kept looking at me, staring in to my soul it felt. We play some more, well, he played with me. I keep wondering why he hasn’t let me touch him, I crave to feel him so badly. I want to know how he fits in me, in my mouth. I want to see the look in his eyes when I make him cum. I want to test my skills on him. He focused on me, he knew I needed it. I could see him getting more and more tired. We both had sacrificed a lot of sleep just to talk to each other. My focus lately had been working and him. I couldn’t get enough of him. He was like a drug that I couldn’t resist. Why had we waited so long to connect? He knew exactly how to pleasure me, like he had known my body for years.

We leave the room, him not wanting me to get home too late. I knew he was coming from a good place, but I didn’t want to beylikdüzü escort leave. We go to his car, and stand there, holding each other. Making out like high schoolers. I keep hinting that I wanted more of him, trying to turn him on again. My bratty side coming out again, I keep teasing him. I start kissing his neck, biting ever so slightly. I hear him start moaning, saying “fuck” under his breath. That was incredibly sexy and I loved that I was the one making those sounds come out of him. He says that he wants to take me back up to the room and fuck the shit out of me, which excited me. He holds back, he’s trying to be responsible. Plus, he needed nourishment, the kind I couldn’t give him. We get in his car and head to get some food. I wanted to tease him, to make him rethink taking me back to my car. I still had time and I’m always looking for danger. We get the food and head back to my car.

When we arrive to my car, he comes and kisses me. He’s trying to let me go. I was trying to get him to not let me go. We go to my car, putting my things in it. I bend over in front of him, maybe intentionally. He grabs my ass, mumbling something. I turn around and kiss him, started kissing his neck again. My leg between his, I can feel him starting to swell again. It turns me on so much. He starts to feel on me again, trying to get in my pants, he tells me to unzip my pants to which I happily do. He tells me that if I don’t stop he’s going to take me right there. I start rubbing his hard cock, mmm he feels like he would be a perfect fit for me. It’s late and it’s dark outside, and for once, I didn’t care if anyone saw. I wanted him right then and there.

He starts to make a move, I don’t know whether he was about to fuck me or make me get on my knees, either was fine with me. He stops and tells me to zip my pants back up. I start pouting, something I don’t normally do. I wanted him so bad and I could tell he wanted more of me. I zip my jeans up, still pouting. He starts making me walk to the driver side of my car. Little does he know, I know it’s locked and my keys are on the passenger side of my car. I play along, teasing him for more. He tells me to go, and I try and open the door…it’s locked. I start walking towards him again, to unlock my car. I made sure that I made contact with him again. I could tell he was struggling like I was to leave each other. We both needed sleep and I had responsibilities at home. I get in my car, light up a cigarette and tell him to call me when he gets back to the hotel.

We leave each other finally, unwillingly. He calls me and we talk most of my way back home. When I get home, I lay in bed and I could hear the desperation for sleep in his voice. He falls asleep on the phone, I can hear him snoring. I smile and hang up. I couldn’t be mad, he had sacrificed a lot today for me. I texted him to sleep well and dream of me. He calls me back to tell me good night. We hang up and I think back on tonight, reminiscing on our time together. I fall into a peaceful sleep, something I haven’t done in a while. I dream about him, about us. I relived the night, remembering how it felt when he called me a good girl when I obeyed him. When he kisses my forehead, and the noises he made spanking my ass.

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