Our Last Night

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It was to be our last night together, and I wanted with all my heart and soul to make it special for you. The next morning I was flying to India to take up my new post, and it was unlikely that I would be back again in the UK for three years, or possibly longer. Telling you that we must say goodbye was something which I had dreaded when I arrived home late that evening a few weeks earlier to find you sleeping in front of the fire awaiting my return after a month away from your side. The tears began the next morning after a wonderful night of love, when I finally plucked up the courage to break the devastating news, but now the time for tears was over.

I had planned the evening with great care, and after much thought I had found the perfect gift for you to remember me by, something that would give you great pleasure in the months and years ahead. I had prepared a very special dinner with all your very favourite dishes, and a bottle of the finest champagne. We had dressed in our finery, me in a white tuxedo and you in your most expensive gown, as if we were celebrating rather than bidding each other adieu after three wonderful years together.

After dinner I carried you up to the bathroom, and after slowly undressing you, savouring each moment as I disclosed your perfect beauty for the last time, I carefully bathed you, devoting special attention to your breasts, and your exquisite pussy. As I tenderly washed your most intimate parts, parting your lips to reveal the gates if paradise within, I covered you in sweet little kisses, whilst murmuring words of endearment and love. Then, after shaving your delicious pussy mound for the very last time, and anointing your flawless skin with the most expensive lotion, I carried you back downstairs to the study, where I had earlier lit a blazing fire of cedar wood, for our final night of love.

I laid you down on the rug in front of the hearth, the only light that of the flickering flames which caressed your body, and made your flesh radiant with their warmth. I stood back for a moment to savour your divine beauty, a beauty that befitted the goddess of love which you were to me; a goddess who had led me down enchanted paths to rapture so many times. As I gazed in awestruck silence, a host of memories flooded through my mind of those wonderful nights when I had ascended to the heights of Olympus in your arms.

After a last lingering look, filled with both joy and regret, I picked up the box I had left on the side table, gift wrapped in gold with a large crimson bow, and kneeling, presented it to you. “For you, my love,” I whispered, “just a simple gift to help you recall the good times we have shared. May it give you many nights of pleasure as you ride it to ecstasy and beyond.”

With nervous fingers you undid the bow, and removed the paper to reveal a black wooden box about 12 inches long by 6 inches square, unmarked except for the simple engraved inscription, “To my divine lover, in grateful memory of so bursa escort many shared pleasures.”

You opened the box, and gasped in amazement at the object within, nestling in its bed of scarlet silk. There before your enraptured gaze lay a dildo, unique in its craftsmanship, made from the finest Venetian glass. This exquisite toy was a work of great artifice, modelled on my own cock in all its rampant splendour.

Overall it was about 10 inches long, and it glowed in reflected light from the fire, waiting to come to life as it fulfilled its mission to give you pleasure beyond imagining. The base of the dildo was flat, and so that it could be ridden in comfort, it had a powerful sucker attached so that it could be fixed to the surface of a table or chair, or the glass screen of the shower. The glans was shot through with flecks of pure gold, and around the shaft of silvery glass wove spiral ridges of deepest cobalt blue. At its heart, along the length of the shaft, was a tube of deepest crimson, running from a reservoir in the ball sac at just above the base, to issue in a hole at the tip of the glans. Around the base of this tube, just above the reservoir, was a small pump, and fine copper wires were embedded just below the surface of the glass, which, when connected to the low voltage power supply and control box would either heat or cool the phallus by the Peltier effect, depending upon the desired effect.

The glans had a sensor which could detect an approaching orgasm from the electrical signals emanating from the vaginal muscles, and would trigger an ejaculation of the fluid in the reservoir in the balls of the device. I had discovered, by searching online that personal water based lubricants such as Liquid Silk were perfectly safe, were relatively inexpensive, and could be bought online. The sensitivity of the sensor and the volume of each ejaculation could be set beforehand with the control box. It was in every sense a pleasure machine, cunningly devised to give its user orgasms of the most exquisite nature.

It was almost with reverence that you lifted the toy from its bed, and weighed it in your hands, caressing its smooth surface with you slender fingers in mounting excitement. “Thank you, my darling,” you murmured, “it is so beautiful, I will treasure it always, and save it for use on the most special of occasions. But, can I try it now, for our last night together?”

“That was my devout intention,” I replied, “ever since I had it made, I have been impatiently anticipating the time when I can watch you experience its wonders, as it transports you to a place of infinite delight. But first, let me quickly tell you about its features, although they are fully explained in the manual, which you can study in detail at your leisure another time.”

After the briefest of explanations, I secured the sucker to a small glass topped table, filled the reservoir via a small tube in the base, and activated the on switch, setting bursa escort bayan the device to heat. I lubricated the shaft with KY jelly, though in truth you did not need it, as you had become increasingly aroused as I spoke, and your vaginal juices were by now flowing freely, and after removing my clothes, sat back in my chair to watch it take you on your first journey to heaven with its aid.

You parted your inner lips, and placing the head at the entrance to your vagina, slowly slid down its length until it was fully enclosed in your soft velvet depths. You then started to ride up and down long its full length, squeezing your breasts and pinching your nipples, as your arousal grew stronger and stronger. Between your moans of excitement, you were just able to speak, “O thank you Will, this the best present I have ever been given. O god, this is amazing, it fucks me far better than all my other toys. O thank you, thank you.”

It was not long, however, you were no longer capable of coherent speech, and your moans soon turned to squeals of delight as you built towards your first climax of the night. Your excitement was incredibly erotic to watch, and I stroked my cock and fondled my balls, as your pleasure triggered equal feelings in me. Your orgasm came in waves of ascending intensity, your limbs quivering and your body shaking with the exquisiteness of the sensations.

But most arousing and amazing of all was the look of utter delight on your face as the device ejaculated inside you, sending you into paroxysms of joy, your orgasm seeming to go on and on. I was close to the edge of ecstasy myself, but I held back until at last you started to come down from your peak. As you opened your eyes, I rose from my seat to stand in front of you, and offered you my cock, which you took into your eager mouth, swallowing the entire length of my shaft until you are able to lick my balls with your tongue. I then let go of my control, and very soon I felt my balls contract against the base of my cock, as I pumped stream after stream of hot semen deep into your throat, crying out in my rapture.

I was filled with euphoria, in the knowledge that my gift had already given you such intense pleasure, and I knew then that it was indeed a fitting present for you to remember me by once I had finally left your side.

The night was not yet over, for I intended to give you one further gift of something you had never experienced before, but which I hoped would drive you to even greater extremes of sexual bliss. This was the night when I intended to introduce you to the pleasures of anal penetration, whilst the dildo continued its stimulation of your pussy, an act of double penetration which would drive you over the edge of the abyss into an entirely new world of such exquisite sensations that you would feel that you had truly found heaven.

Withdrawing my cock from your divine mouth, I moved to stand behind you, and pushing you forward, bursa bayan escort I stooped down to lick the cute little rosebud of your anus in preparation for my entry into your hot dark depths. I reached for the KY jelly, which I smeared liberally on my still erect cock, and all around your anus. When we were both well lubricated, I pressed the head of my penis against the entrance to your rectum and gently pushed until your anal muscles relaxed, and I was able to slide into you.

Wrapping my hands around your body to hold and caress your breasts, I began to thrust my penis in and out, withdrawing almost to the full length of the shaft before plunging back in until my balls were slapping against the cheeks of your firm little bottom. As I rode you, you continued to ride the dildo, and soon we established a rhythm of ascending urgency, until we were both on the verge of our second orgasm of the night.

You turned your head to kiss me, and our tongues began their own dance of delight in time with the rapturous movements of our bodies. We both began to shake with passion, as divine sensations overwhelmed our senses, until it seemed as if we had melted into each other in a union of infinite mystery. We came together in a climax of mutual delight, and as I pumped my seed deep into your bowels in streams of liquid fire, the pump in the dildo ejaculated its own load of hot fluid, filling your vagina, and sending you into indescribable raptures such as you had never experienced before.

In that unending moment of spiritual and physical union, I lost all sense of the world around me, and felt as if I was floating in a sea of sensations that radiated within and through me. Later, when you were capable of speech again, you described for me a similar feeling of being beyond outside the boundaries of everyday reality in a new world of wonder beyond the power of words to describe. Our cries echoed around the room as we sang our song of mutual joy, the harmony of our voices a physical manifestation of the fusion of our bodies in a new single being, at one with the whole created universe and each other.

Time no longer had any reality for us, but after an infinity of pleasure, we collapsed against each other, exhausted by our journey to the stars. Standing with difficulty, I gathered you in my arms, and drawing on my remaining reserves of energy, I carried you up to the bedroom, leaving the dildo where it stood, its work done for this night of nights. We lay down on the bed, where I enfolded you once more in my embrace, our exhausted bodies pressed close together, as we floated off into a peaceful and dreamless sleep, serenaded by the music of the spheres.

We woke in the early hours, and made love again, fucking slowly and tenderly face to face, love making of infinite sweetness, exchanging soft kisses, and whispering words of love and longing. We did not reach the heights of the night before, but in a way this was the most wonderful act of union of all, as our bodies melted on into the other in the familiarity of those who have learned all their is to know about one another.

We parted next morning, with tears and kisses, still gilded with glow of the enchantment of the night before, a magical night, our last night together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32