Our First Time

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His hands trembled slightly as they cupped my face, pulling me into a kiss. I told him to take charge but did not expect him to be so nervous. He had no need to be, I wanted him as much as he wanted me. I was surely more nervous than he was. Though it wasn’t the first time either of us had been intimate with someone, it was the first time we would be giving each other this part of ourselves. We had been discussing for days the possibility of progressing more and aside from a few make-out sessions in the back seat of his car, we’d never really done more than some high school style groping.

So as we sat on his couch, watching a movie I could not focus on, he finally made his move. I was already familiar with his lips, soft and knowing, his tongue gently grazing mine. He ran his fingers through my hair pulling ever so gently, tilting my head slightly to gain access to my sensitive neck. Slowly he kissed down my jawline until he reached the spot just below my ear, where he gently bit the sensitive skin, a low moan escaped my mouth and my body tingled in anticipation. His other hand found my breast, gently pulling down my shirt to expose an erect nipple, I shivered as his gaze shifted to my chest, his breath slowed, desire cloaking his eyes. His mouth moved from my neck slowly down my chest until he pulled my hard nipple into his mouth. His tongue expertly swirling around and around, his teeth gently grazing the sensitive skin. My breath started istanbul escort to come in small gasps as he looked up at me with hooded eyes.

I leaned back and felt him press against me, feeling his hard shaft pressing into my leg through his pants. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation, as he tugged my other breast free from my constricting clothes I groaned again, this time rocking my hips gently into his. My panties were soaked and my pussy aching for him to be inside me, my whole body vibrated with anticipation. I pushed him back slightly and pulled my shirt over my head, unclasped my bra, dropping them both on the floor. His eyes, big and filled with desire took in the sight of my bare torso, he followed suit and removed his soft t-shirt, adding it to my pile on the floor. I giggled as he groaned lightly before pressing his body hard against mine. His chest peppered with soft hair brushing against my skin. Goosebumps covered my skin as his lips find mine again. I ran my hands down his back, gripping his butt lightly before moving my attention to the front, gently stroking his growing member through his clothes. His pressed his body into mine harder. Our tongues and lips press hard against each other. His hands ran down my body, across my hip and down my thigh, resting momentarily just behind my knee before moving back toward my pulsing mound. His hand moved the very short avcılar escort skirt I was wearing aside as he brushed his fingers against my wet panties, sending electricity through my whole body.

He pulled aside the thin strip of fabric revealing my throbbing pussy, glistening with my own wetness. His finger slid with easy between the folds to find my aching nub, gasping for air I ground my hips into is hand as he made slow but purposeful circles around my enlarged clit. My pussy getting wetter and wetter, throbbing, waiting. All the while he gently kissed my jawline and my neck, nipping at my skin and when his teeth brushed my skin I moaned deeper, begging him to make love to me. For what seemed like hours he rubbed my swollen clit, every so often slipping his expert fingers deep in my dripping pussy. Eliciting a deep growl to escape my mouth. When I got close, and my muscles began to contract around his fingers, my body shivering with the anticipation of release, he stopped leaving me twitching, my chest heaving with pleasure. My hips bucked into his, groaning into his neck, nipping at his ear… Please.

He stood for a moment, unbuttoning his shorts and letting them fall with his boxers to the floor. His cock sprang from his pants, filly erect and pulsing. I gawked at it, hoping he didn’t tease me much longer, I watched as it bobbed between his legs as he slowly pulled my skirt and panties off, dropping şirinevler escort them to the floor with his own clothes.

He took my hand in his and pulled me from the couch walking me to his bedroom, instructing me to make myself comfortable on the bed. I lay awkwardly on my back as he watched me… Clearly appreciating my bareness, enjoying leaving me aching for more. He crawled on the bed, starting at my toes and slowly kissed up my body, slowing only for a moment to release a warm breath on my swollen mound, his tongue flicking gently between the folds to taste me, he groaned and continued up my body. I started to pant immediately, my body hot and aching for release. When he finally reached my mouth I could feel the swollen tip of of cock hovering at my opening. I rocked into him and felt the pressure of him against me, unable to stand it anymore I begged him to take me.

He kissed me gently on the forehead and told me that he knew It would be worth the wait. With those words he slammed his cock deep inside me with one thrust. I came right then from the building anticipation. Unable to contain myself I moaned loudly, as the continued to rock his throbbing cock into my dripping pussy. He held me tightly as his pace quickened, I felt myself cumming again and muffled a deep groan by gently biting into his shoulder, at this he began to shiver, his body quaking over mine. His muscles tightened and a felt the hot rush of his release inside me.

He slowed, pulling his relieved member from my slippery passage, He gazed into my eyes, kissing me once more before, lying beside me on the bed, pulling me into his arms, my head resting on his chest.

I told him that I agreed, it was worth the wait, but he was not going to make me wait that long again.

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