Our Family Vacation Ch. 10

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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

I would like to thank my editor joefelton.


Sinning in Sin City

Day 17

As I wake from a deep, restful sleep I feel the most amazing sensations over my body. As my body and brain start to sync up I realize the sources of these sensations are two mouths gently sucking on my nipples as two hands work together on my pussy; the person on the right is slowing fingering my wet slit as the person on the left rubs tender circles over my clit. For several minutes I just lie there enjoying what these two amazing people are doing to me.

Finally the mouth on my right nipple pulls away and I hear Tina’s voice, “Abby we know you’re awake.”

“Yeah, so?”

Now Danny pulls away from my other nipple, “So Sis if you’re awake it’s only fair you give a little pleasure back and not only take.”

“Well fine then,” I play angry as I sit up.

They remove their hands from my pussy as I get on my knees and walk over the bed until I’m between Tina’s legs. I kneel over until I’m on my knees and elbows before diving into Tina’s already, or maybe still, wet pussy. Tina spreads her legs as far as she can as she lays back and lets me do my thing.

Danny just lays back and watches as his little sister eats out his girlfriend. After a few minutes of this I pill remove my mouth from Tina’s love hole long enough to turn to Danny and say, “I thought you wanted some pleasure too,” before wiggling my ass as I return to servicing Tina.

“I don’t need a second hint,” Danny chuckles as he gets behind me on his knees.

Danny rubs the head of his very hard cock over my wet lips a few times before slowly pushing all nine inches deep into my love canal. I have no idea how long we continue this. Tina and I have orgasm after orgasm thanks to my tongue and Danny’s hard cock. If it was up to me and Tina we would stay like this all day but we both know that isn’t possible. That fact is made clear when with a series of loud groans Danny starts fucking me even harder until with one last hard deep thrust he bottoms out in my dripping pussy and fills me with his hot cum.

As Danny fires his last volley of cum deep inside me his body just gives out like a puppet who’s strings were cut and he falls forward onto me. Though I’m now trapped under all his weight, his movement forces my legs out from underneath me making my clit rub over the rough yet soft textured blanket under me which pushes me over the edge into one last strong orgasm. His weight crashing down on me also forces my face and tongue forward deeper into Tina’s pussy and clit which also triggers another orgasm in her.

For the next several minutes we aren’t much more than a mass of tangled, sweaty body parts as we try to recover after our mutual orgasms. When Danny is finally able to he rolls off of me onto the bed next to us, allowing me to slide free from between Tina’s legs.

Once we are all more or less recovered Danny looks over at the clock next to the bed, “Oh shit! I didn’t realize it was that late. We really should be heading downstairs for breakfast.”

“Well we can’t all go down smelling like sex,” Tina giggles, “so why don’t the three of us hop in the shower.”

“As fun as that sounds. I think I’ll go to my own room and shower,” I say as I pull on my clothes, “after all, we can’t all be here if someone comes looking for us.”

“Abby’s right, as always,” Danny teases as he slaps my ass. Then with a huge grin, “but next time I want to watch you two wash each other.”

I playfully slap his arm as Tina throws a pillow at his head and we both laughingly yell, “perv.”


After a quick shower I make my way toward the elevators, but as I walk past Jack’s room I notice he still has the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on his door. I’m not sure if he is still in his room or not but I decide to find out. I take the extra key to his room that he gave me last night and sneak inside.

Sure enough Jack is still asleep in his bed. As carefully as I can I pull the blanket down past his knees, quickly followed by his shorts. As gently as I can I climb into his bed and take his soft cock into my mouth. In no time my actions pay off and my little mouth is full of brother dick yet again. For the next ten minutes or so I slurp on his cock; I’m not sure when he woke up because I’m only aware he is awake when he suddenly groans, “Oh fuck Abby you’re going to make me cum!”

I pull off his cock with a loud *POP*.

“Well, when you do let me know because I already took a shower so you can’t glaze me again.”

As I resume my oral assault on his hard shaft his only response is another groan as he nods his head. It is only a few minutes later when I suddenly feel the first shot of cum blast into my mouth as Jack moans above me, “Ohhhh fuck cummmmming Abbyyyyyyyy!”

I force every throbbing inch of his twitching cock down my throat as he fires rope after rope of his thick, large load deep into my belly. bostancı escort I doubt I would have been able to keep him in my mouth throughout his entire climax, but thankfully I don’t have to find out as after his first two shots both his hands tangle themselves in my hair as he forces my lips even farther down his cock. My vision is starting to darken when Jack finally shoots the last of his cum and pulls my head up and off his cock as I gasp for air.

“Fuck Abby, are you alright?”

It takes me a few seconds to catch my breath but when I do I simply smile up at him, “It’s too bad we need to get downstairs because that was fucking hot… not to mention fun.”

Jack gets a surprised look on his face that quickly turns to a goofy grin, “God I’m glad you’re my sister.”

I smile back at him, give his cock one last kiss and then lean up and give him a deep kiss on the lips, “And I’m glad you’re my brother,” I tell him before wiping my mouth and leaving his room.


Not long after I’m sitting with Mom, Daddy, Danny and Tina as we wait on Jack to meet us for breakfast. Eventually Jack joins us and we order breakfast. For the most part it was an ordinary family meal with one exception; not long after our food arrives I set mine aside and only nibble on my bacon and eggs.

Mom notices and asks, “Abby are you alright? You aren’t eating much.”

I couldn’t tell her, ‘Well Mom both your sons spent last night and this morning feeding me their cum so my stomach is too full for food,’ so instead I simply say, “I’m not sure why since I haven’t eaten any food since dinner last night but I feel really full.”

Upon hearing this Tina gets a smirk on her face that she tries to hide by taking a drink of her juice; and both Danny and Jack turn red and start squirming in their chairs. I find it funny that all three are so focused on trying to hide their own tell tell signs of knowing the hidden meaning to Mom’s question they don’t notice how the others are acting.

As for Mom she simply says, “Well baby, if you don’t feel hungry don’t force yourself to finish.”

After that short exchange we have a normal breakfast before going to our rooms to pack. After checking out we load all our stuff and ourselves in the van and drive Tina to the airport. Mom and Daddy are of course in the front seats, Danny and Tina are snuggled up in the middle seat trying to get in some last minute time together and Jack and I are in the back seat.

While watching the city slowly pass by the van, trying to tune out the giggles and kissing sounds Danny and Tina are making, I get a naughty idea. I put on one of my skirts after my shower and I think now is a good time to make use of that. I give jack a little nudge and when he gives me a ‘what’s up’ look I smile and reach under my skirt and pull off my panties.

“Abby,” he shout whispers, “what are you doing?”

“I gave you a good time earlier, so I just thought you could return the favor,” I grin as I spread my legs.

“What about…,” he nods his head toward the front of the van, “…you know?”

I just grin and shrug as I take his hand and slide it under my skirt. I let out a slight moan when I feel his fingers brush over my lips making Jack give me a worried look. I just grin again and place his palm over my bare mound. At first he doesn’t move at all as he nervously looks toward the rest of our family. I give him a nudge and thrust my hips up a little forcing his hand to move over my clit. He gives me a ‘I can’t believe you’ look as he shakes his head as he slowly slides his fingers down my slit and slowly pushes them inside me.

For the rest of our drive to the airport I enjoy Jack ‘s fingers working in and out of my pussy as his thumb rubs my clit. More than once I have to cover my mouth tightly with my hand as he brings me to enjoyable orgasm after orgasm.

When we reach the airport we say our goodbyes to Tina. Danny of course takes the longest time to say goodbye after which they share a long passionate kiss. Before Tina leaves she pulls me into a hug and whispers in my ear, “Make sure you keep our stud happy until you all get home.”

“Oh I’m sure we will keep each other more than happy,” I whisper back before giving her a quick kiss on the corner of her mouth.

After one last goodbye we all go our own ways and we get back on the road. Unknown to me and the boys, at some point Mom and Daddy chose Las Vegas as our next stop.


After almost six hours of driving through the desert we finally arrive at the hotel. Mom and Daddy booked themselves a more expensive room on one of the upper floors, Jack and Danny are again sharing a room and I get a room to myself. On the way up the elevator Mom informs us, “Kids, once your dad and I drop off our bags and change we’re heading down to the casino.”

“Cool, count me in,” Jack laughs.

“Sorry shrimp,” Danny laughs, “the gambling age is 21.”

Jack looks to Mom and Daddy, “Is that true?”

“Afraid so kiddo,” ümraniye escort bayan Daddy says as he tousles Jack’s hair.

“Damn that sucks,” Jack blurts out.

“Jack, watch your mouth,” Mom snaps like she always does when one of us curse.

“Oh please Mom, I’ve heard you say much worse,” I say giving her a knowing look.

“That’s different, I’m the Mom,” Mom grins and sticks her tongue out at me making us all laugh.

Once our laughter dies down I turn to Jack, “Hey, don’t worry Jack. I’m sure us ‘kids’ can find some way to keep ourselves busy while they all lose their money.”

Only taking a second to fully appreciate my words Jack gets a huge grin on his face that he quickly tries to hide, “You know what Abby, I’m sure we can.”


Around twenty minutes later Jack sends me a text message that simply says ‘All Clear’, and I make my way to his and Danny’s room. I didn’t let those twenty minutes go to waste. Pretty much as the door was closing behind me I was stripping off all my clothes and hopping in the shower. After a quick shower to wash away the day of sitting in a hot car driving through the desert I dig out the lingerie I bought in Chicago, though unlike Chicago I had no plans on giving Jack a strip tease since it didn’t exactly work the way I had planned for Danny.

After making sure I’m completely dry, while giving anyone who might be able to see in my window a nice little show of my 18 year old body, it doesn’t take me long to pull on the black garter belt, fishnet stockings, lace bra and panties and the leather corset. Now comes the hard decision, do I just throw on the robe I found in the closet, or do I put on some of my normal clothes over my black clad body?

On the one hand imagining the look on Jack’s face when I walk into his room in only a robe which I drop revealing what’s underneath puts a big smile on my face, but showing up dressed normally and letting what I have underneath be a surprise later on also makes me smile. I finally decide on wearing regular clothes. After all, Danny already got the surprise of me in my lingerie so Jack should get a different experience.

After a few minutes digging through my bags I finally decide on something simple but still sexy; blue jeans, a white long sleeve button down shirt and Vans. I am just buttoning the last button, or at least the last one I plan on using, leaving the top three undone, when my phone buzzes and I read the ‘All Clear’ from Jack.

When Jack opens the door I have to stop myself from giggling when I see the look of disappointment when he sees what I’m wearing, “What’s the matter Jack? Were you expecting me to show up butt naked?”

“No of course not,” he quickly says wiping the look of disappointment off his face, then adds with a grin, “but I was kind of hoping.”

I make an over the top fake gasp, “My own brother,” then laugh and kiss him on the cheek before asking, “so can I come in?”

“Of course,” he says while nearly tripping himself to get out of my way.

After he closes the door we walk over to the couch in front of the TV and sit down. For the next couple of minutes we just sit there in awkward silence, both of us unsure what to say or do next.

I finally break the silence, “So if you were hoping I’d show up at your door naked I’m pretty sure I can guess what you wanted us to do?”

I suppress a smile when I see his face turn red thanks to his nervousness, “Well… you know… to be honest I was… you know… hoping we might… you know…”

I turn to face him, look him in the eyes and give him a big grin, “No Jack I don’t know, please tell me.”

His face gets even redder as he stammers for a few seconds before bursting out, “I was hoping we could fuck again, okay?”

For a second I thought of just jumping him but quickly decide on a different approach. Without saying a word I stand up and pace around the room. As I do he just sits there following me with his eyes, not sure what I’m thinking. Having to force myself to keep a straight face I walk up to him and just look down at him for a minute as he looks up at me in silence. After thirty seconds or so of that I simply lift up my right leg and put my foot on his leg.

“Uh…,” he looks at my foot then back up at my face, “…Abby?”

“Well, are you going to take it off or not?”

Once he understands what I’m wanting he practically attacks my shoe as he quickly unties it and pulls it off. I put my right foot back on the floor and lift the left to his lap. He again quickly removes that shoe as well, I don’t think in his rush he even noticed the fishnets on my feet.

After I put my left foot back on the floor he just looks up at me for a few seconds. Realizing I’m going to have to give him another little push; I look down at him then at myself, “You’re not done yet.”

Finally fully understanding what I’m asking him to do, he gets a huge grin on his face and stands up and starts undoing the rest of the buttons on my shirt. I can’t help kartal escort but let out a giggle when his eyes nearly pop out of his head like in an old cartoon when he see the corset under my shirt.

“Fuck Abby, who knew you were so hot?”

I give him an innocent smile and shrug my shoulders while thinking, ‘Well, our older brother and Father to name just two.’

He just smiles and shakes his head before pulling my shirt the rest of the way off of me. He then kneels down and starts on my jeans. As he starts pulling them down my legs I’m glad I went with one of my looser pairs instead of the skin tight ones I had originally thought of, because as it is he has some trouble pulling them off with the fishnets on underneath.

After a few seconds of struggling he finally has my jeans off. He stands up and gently moves me back a few steps from the couch. For the next few minutes neither of us say a word as he slowly circles around me, taking me and my outfit all in. As he circles and I see the look on his face I suddenly get the feeling of what it must be like for a surfer being circled by a shark.

When he finally stops in front of me my normally timid brother surprises me when without warning Jack slides his hand through my hair then roughly pulls me into a deep kiss. Though a little shocked I don’t let that interfere with sharing a very passionate kiss with Jack. After what seemed like an hour, though it was probably only a few minutes, we break our kiss.

“Wow, that was a little unexpected, in a good way,” I smile at him, “but I don’t think you’ve finished undressing me yet.”

Still with his hand in my hair, “No I haven’t but I think it’s your turn now,” he says before pulling me down to my knees.

Not in any way expecting his actions I let out a startled squeak as I fall to my knees. I look up to see him grinning down at me. More than a little surprised to have my normally timid and quiet brother behaving this way, but in no way opposed to it I smile back up at him before reaching for his jeans. I unbutton his jeans then lean into his crotch and use my teeth to pull down his zipper, eliciting a moan from above me.

Before pulling his jeans down I quickly untie both his shoes, which he kicks off across the room. I then grab the waist of his jeans and boxers and with one strong tug pull them down to his ankles. It’s no surprise that once free of his jeans and boxers Jack’s hard seven inches is pointing proudly straight out from his crotch.

I suddenly find out why he didn’t free his hand from my hair as he pulls me onto his hard rod. Though not that long ago I hadn’t done a single sexual thing in my life, I think in the short time I have been sexual I have learned that I love having a hard cock in my mouth. Without any resistance from me Jack roughly forces my mouth up and down his throbbing cock. Though I’m letting Jack be in complete control of my movements that doesn’t stop me from sucking and slurping on his cock as he does.

After what has to be at least fifteen minutes of Jack using my mouth, and me loving every second of it, he starts grunting and gasping as his movements start getting more ragged. Clearly nearing his point of no return I finally pull myself free of his grasp and cock.

“Oh fuck Abby, don’t stop now!”

I wipe some of the drool from my chin as I stand up and smile at him, “Sorry Jack, before you can have your fun you have to finish your chores.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“You have to finish your chores,” I say again as I take his hands and put them on the tie to my corset.

“Are you serious? I was so close to cumming,” he whines.

“Chore before fun,” I grin.

He groans then realizing I’m not going to change my mind he rolls his eyes and starts to work on the tie, “Your know Abby, you sounded a lot like Mom just now.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” I grin at him as I stroke his hard spit covered cock a few times.

“Oh fuck,” he deeply groans causing me to giggle.

I think in an attempt to now make me wait, Jack, with a dead serious face, ever so slowly unties and unlaces my corset, between the time he starts and the time the corset finally falls to the floor is about five minutes. The bra he finds underneath however takes him no time at all as he practically yanks it off over my arms and head instead of unfastening it. Still with his serious look Jack kneels down and pulls off my panties. Then as he’s standing up without warning Jack grabs me around my waist and throws me onto the couch.

When I land on the couch the cushion lets out with a loud release of air, almost like a whoopie cushion, which of course suddenly breaks the serious tone we both had taken and we break out with the giggles. Laughing harder than I think I’ve seen him laugh since we were little kids Jack stumbles his way to the couch and collapses onto the cushion next to me causing it to make the same sound mine did which only makes us laugh even harder.

Eventually we got ourselves under control; as we look at each other still with big smiles on our faces we both lean in and shar another long passionate kiss. Only stopping our kiss long enough to pull his shirt over his head I climb onto his lap and slowly slide my tight pussy down his hard cock.

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