Our Boys Ch. 03

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Big Ass

Our Boys ch 3

By: WAA01 and soul71

Notes: All persons engaging in sex are over 18

Thanks to soul71 for editing and helping with this story.

This story is set in the Porn Star Family universe created by soul71


Ira stood pondering, looking around the meadow he and Raphaela had fought in, trying to determine what to do; he needed to protect his family from whatever evil was coming their way. Looking to Alyda, Rita, Sue, and Vikki their bat like wings folded behind them, their red hair dancing on the gentle breeze crossing the meadow. “I guess it’s going to boil down to running if things get real bad,” he said, glancing up to Lucifer then looking at the four demons, their tails were moving, the spear shaped tips occasionally moving into view on either side of them. “There is something happening and none of us know what it is, all we can tell so far is its evil. If fighting happens you will need to stay as far away from it as possible.” Ira said, looking each of them in the eye as he spoke.

“What are you talking about Ira?” Alyda asked, she was dumbfounded as to why Ira was there in the first place. “What does he know about fighting evil, anyway?” she thought, then she remembered he had been snatched off her front porch by an archangel. She looked up and behind Ira, one of those angels had grabbed Ira right off her porch with the intent to kill him; as she pondered which one it was she knew something was different about Ira, but she was yet to figure it out.

“What’s going on Ira?” Laura asked, as she started forward to where they were standing. Her dad grabbed her arm.

“Laura, don’t go over there, we don’t need to make them angry!?” John hissed trying to hold her back. He was still deeply worried because this was all beyond his comprehension.

Breaking free Laura continued moving in Ira and the other’s direction. “Dad, knock it off, if they were going to hurt us we’d already be dead!” she said in irritation, she couldn’t believe her father was acting like this. Amy and Jeff followed, leaving John standing there. “What’s this thing you’re talking about?”

“We aren’t sure,” Ira said, looking at Laura seeing all but her dad following her into the circle. The archangels had moved closer so to be part of the conversation. “All we know at this point is that its evil,”

“Okay, I got that part, what’s this about protecting your mother and sister?” Laura asked, looking at her mother and brother, knowing if it was needed they would do all they could to help whenever and wherever needed.

“I don’t know that they actually will need protecting but if they do I was hoping these four would be able to do it,” Ira said, indicating the four demons. He didn’t want to use their names in front of Michelle, Raphaela and Gabriela as he was trying to keep hidden their true identity. He didn’t yet realize it was his Nephilim side which brought forth his sword and not his demon side. “But it looks as though all they’ll be able to do is run away if the fighting gets too close to them,” he concluded not seeing any other way.

Glancing to her mother and brother she made the offer, “If you need it, they can stay at our place until the fight, if it happens, is over, “Laura said, knowing her mother and brother were with her in this. She turned to look around her and saw Danielle and Rachel also nodding in agreement. “I don’t know how to fight but I know people don’t know we have become friends so no one will know to look for them there.” Ira looked at her, gaging if she was trying to help or set him up for something, he opened his mouth to speak…

“We’ve been here almost an hour,” Gabriela spoke, “the others will be waking soon.” Just as Ira was turning to look at her his body froze again, just like earlier, unfortunately he was off balance, his stiff body tipped over coming to rest against Raphaela’s leg causing her body to freeze also, but it allowed her to feel what Ira had been feeling first hand. Seeing Ira frozen and leaning against Raphaela, Gabby looked to Lucifer and saw she was in the same state as Ira; everyone waited. After about thirty seconds their bodies stopped vibrating and Raphaela, Lucifer and Ira moved again, with Ira pushing himself upright from Raphaela’s right thigh. “Well?” Gabriela asked, looking between the three of them.

“It was powerful and very dark,” Raphaela said, she shivered, then looked at her sister. “I don’t really know how to describe it except it made my skin crawl.”

“There was something else I felt this time,” Ira said, trying to describe it but not finding the word.

“Magic,” Lucifer said, looking around the group. “That’s what it is; dark magic. Pure evil.” All but Ira looked at her, stunned.

“That’s it!” Ira exclaimed. “That’s what it is.” Gabriela looked at him, then to Lucifer, it had been a very long time indeed since they’d dealt with dark magic.

“We still need to get back before the others awake,” Gabriela said, indicating Laura and bostancı escort her group. They gathered around her and faded from sight.

“We’ll discuss this later,” Michelle said, looking at Lucifer as she and Raphaela faded from the meadow.

“How is it that you came to be in the company of three archangels and our Lady, Ira?” Alyda asked point blank, a concerned yet angry look in her eyes.

“I knew he was feeling the tremors as I am so I asked him,” Lucifer said ,stopping the line of questions before they could get started while trying to distract Alyda. “The same as I asked you upon your arrival.” Alyda dropped to her knee, bowing to her Lady.

“I’m sorry Lady,” Alyda said, “I had no idea he was going through any of this,”

“Change your forms,” Lucifer ordered them, “it’s time for you to return,” and with that they too faded from the meadow. “Now, what started all of this Ira?” she asked, as she walked towards her throne knowing Ira’s eyes were on her ass.

“Gabby asked me to take four living souls,” Ira said plainly, looking her in the eye as she had changed to her normal form. To say Lucifer was stunned would be an understatement. “The four, two women and their sons, have been using some drug, non-violently raping men, women and possibly children for at least twenty years. They used it on Laura’s mother last summer and tried to use it on Laura two weeks or so ago, and one of the women answered the door at uncle’s house Saturday when I arrived for my umm… lesson.”

“Gabriella asked this?” Lucifer asked him, still surprised at the request. She realized for Gabriella to ask this of Ira meant these people needed to be taken care of in the fastest possible way. It also meant there might be a price Ira would pay in the end. “But if he had these four souls he would gain a level, maybe two in power… hmm, the possibilities,” Lucifer thought to herself.

“She did,” Ira said, “she also said she was going to clear the husbands’ minds so they would be able to see what’s been going on for the last however many years,” he added not knowing what would happen after that.

“Do you know where they are?” Lucifer asked, her eyes narrowing, looking at him, knowing he was ready for this task.

“Yes, they’re at the mall, spending money as usual,”

“Bring them here.” Lucifer commanded, and Ira faded away with a nod. Materializing behind them, using his abilities to keep himself hidden from the usual mall crowd as he followed them as they chatted, strolling past the various store fronts. They were so busy between themselves they never noticed the change of scenery as Ira morphed the huge mall walkway into a tunnel leading to the throne room of Hell. Ira smiled to himself as they all started swatting at imaginary insects buzzing around them, they didn’t realize they were hearing the denizens of Hell howling. After 100 yards of them swatting they came upon the throne room, Lucifer sitting her throne and a lake of lava in front of her. They threw their hands to their ears as the buzzing finally cleared into the howls and pleas of the damned. Trembling they stepped forward at a prod from behind looking onto the visage of Lucifer but they weren’t seeing her they were seeing movies. The movies showed them in various stages of their lives: Toby and his mother, Melanie having a baby, then Toby is alone as he watches Melanie disappear with Jeff, his hated enemy, to where he couldn’t say because his mother had abandoned him. Melanie saw herself giving birth to Toby’s son, then saw Toby with Laura, a new ring on her finger and them leaving and never coming back. Sandra and Chris were seeing the same thing about each other. These images terrified them all; the mothers lived for their sons and the sons lived for their mothers, and seeing the other disappearing from their life was the one thing they all feared most.

After a few minutes of letting the foursome watch their various horror movies the images stopped and their eyes fell upon the Devil, ten feet tall with red skin and black horns curving out from his skull, and cloven hooves that clacked on the hard surface around his throne. “What is happening?” Melanie asked in abject fear.

“Ask the one behind you,” The Devil said in a deep, gravelly voice pointing behind them. Her wicked laugh trailed behind them as they turned, seeing Ira standing there.

“Wait,” Toby said, “I know you!” He started to walk towards Ira but suddenly stopped as the ring of fire started in his chest and he changed into his original demon form — about six feet tall with deep blue skin his midnight black wings unfurled with arcs of blue-white lightning dancing along the feathers. Ira’s sword appeared in his hand and with a flick of his wrist a red beam shot out and encircled the four of them pulling tight and passing through them bringing their souls to Ira’s grasp.

“I own you now…” Ira started to say but stopped as he felt the power of their souls feeding him, he remembered back ümraniye escort bayan to when his cousin had showed him how to reanimate the dead and this felt a thousand times more powerful, each soul like a tiny nuclear power plant just for him to tap into and use. Taking a deep breath and savoring the feeling, he looked at the people. Dismissing his new souls to a tiny pocket dimension only he could access. “You are mine to command, if you choose to disobey the result will be me crushing your soul and sending you back here without remorse.” He looked to Lucifer and saw delight dancing in her eyes. “So, I am leaving you here for a day to learn what your punishment will be if you decide to disobey me,” Ira said looking back to his grandmother, seeing something was off with her but unable to identify it, or ask in mixed company. “Have fun with them, but remember they are serial rapists of the worst order.” Then he waved his hand, blew her a kiss and disappeared, knowing he needed to bring Alyda and Amy together in case it was needed.

Meanwhile, back at the Grey residence….

Amy, John, Laura, Danielle, Rachel and Jeff, along with Kristen, faded back into existence just as the others were waking up, quickly shuffling into seats everyone looked around and started smiling, remembering the fun they’d all had. Jenny sat up and looked at Amy, “I didn’t get a chance to tell you what my husband said before we all fell asleep; he agreed to the change to the office but I’ll discuss the pregnancy possibilities with him in person. If that’s ok with you?” Jenny asked, looking at Jeff.

“That’s fine.” Jeff nodded. “I just want you to both be fully on board before we go forward with it, okay?” His face scrunched up for a few seconds before he said, “just so you know after hearing about all the trouble you had adopting I have no trouble helping you all out.” He turned his head away but everyone heard him mumble, “I don’t know why they make it so hard to adopt children!”

“Actually,” Jenny said, looking at the floor. She raised her eyes to Jeff’s and said, “I was thinking we would name you and Laura as godparents,”

Jeff looked at her with an odd expression on his face, “I don’t know what that means,”

“It means that if anything happens to Josh and me you and Laura would take over raising the children,” Jenny said, looking to Tiffany and seeing her bobbing her head and smiling. Jenny knew she made the right choice. Jeff goggled at her, making her giggle, “Yes, I’m sure,” she said, anticipating his question.

“Are you sure that’s a wise decision?” Jeff asked, still stunned. Laura was sitting on his left and Chloe was sitting on his right side, both women were gently stroking his cock.

“Duh!” Laura and Chloe said in unison making both of them giggle. Laura shot an elbow into his ribs dragging him out of his surprised stupor, “She’s already said she is.”

“Okay,” Jeff said softly. Amy had a huge smile on her face and looked to John to see his reaction to the news, but he was sitting there like he was lost in his own little world, just staring off into space like he was lost.

“Uh, John, are you okay?” Amy asked him. “He can’t still be freaked out about the angels and demons and Lucifer can he?” she asked herself. Jenny was putting her clothes back on along with Tiffany, Calista and Chloe, getting ready to go back home. She would have to wait until after they left to deal with John. Stepping to her guests she gave each of them a hug and saw them to the door using the robe by the door. Once everyone had departed she returned the robe to the hook and headed back to the family room, she looked around; Laura, Jeff and Kristen were on the couch; Danielle and Rachel had chosen chairs; John was looking catatonic in a La-Z-Boy; Amy chose to sit next to Laura, she looked at Kristen, “So what happens now that we know who you are?” Amy asked, thinking there were going to be consequences for seeing everything they had seen today.

“I’m not sure,” Kristen said, scrunching her face in thought for a moment. “But if this… whatever it is, happens then it could get pretty ugly.”

“No, no, I mean are you going to erase our memories or what?” Amy asked.

“I don’t think I am, no,” Kristen said, looking at Amy. “Why would I do that?”

“Uhhh, because we know who you really are; and who Ira really is, and the archangels and the Devil. And I think I understand now why John is sitting there catatonic.” Her breathing was beginning to get faster and she was looking around like she didn’t know what to do.

“Easy,” Kristen said, reaching across Laura and touching Amy’s arm. “Unless you want the memory of what they did to you removed I have no intention of erasing your memory,” she said as Amy’s breathing came back to normal and she focused on Kristen.

“You can do that?” Amy asked.

“Yes, if you want me to.”

“I’ll think about it,” Amy said, looking to Laura and Jeff. “What happened to me is the reason we kartal escort are all so close now, and I don’t think I want to forget how it feels to know the true love of my family.”

Kristen nodded her head, “That’s okay, take all the time you want,” She touched John’s arm bringing him out of his stupor, allowing him to be a part of the conversation. “Now as for the people who did this, I have taken care of it and it has already been handled,” she said, looking at each of them in turn. She could still feel the after effects in her body of Ira taking the four souls from living beings. She silently asked her father to not come down on either of them for what they had done.

“What do you mean they’ve already been handled?’ Amy asked. Kristen looked at her curiously. “We have been trying to come up with a plan to get them to stop; the police are out because they own them and so many people have been hurt by them we are afraid if it went public there would be an outcry from the ones they have violated that would see a lynch mob take care of them.” Amy told her wanting it to be true so Jeff didn’t do anything dumb in the defense of his mother.

“I have already cleared their husbands’ minds of the drugs therefore they know precisely what their wives, and sons, have been doing. They will be divorced and, along with their sons, will be destitute very soon.” Kristen said, laying out only the parts they needed to know about. “Also, I’m going to do my best to help any female they have hurt, I don’t know how many there are but I’m sure there are probably hundreds of them.”

“What about the ones who have been using the drug, like Andrew, Bret, Mark and Julie along with all the others?” Laura asked. She knew there were plenty of other people who had paid for the drug to use on unsuspecting women and men.

“Laura, it is being taken care of,” Kristen said. She figured she would tell Laura what was going on after the dust had settled from the coming battle. She honestly had no idea what to do with the people who had bought and used the drug to harm others.


“Jeff did you ever find out what was in it?” Amy asked him, simple curiosity had gotten the better of her.

“I did, but not in the way I was thinking I would,” Jeff said, remembering back to what had happened when he asked the people he was wanting to talk to about the powder. Coming back to the present he simply said, “the people I was going to ask refused to help but one of their friends was more than willing to help, turns out she was one of the people they had used it on,” he said, looking around the room. Kristen was looking at the carpet, the others were staring at him.

“They’re using it at the college also!?” Amy burst out, wondering just how far this went.

“Yeah,” Jeff said. “Turns out she got some of the powder from the party she was at and analyzed it…” he paused dramatically. “It’s a mild, powdered form of Quaaludes.”

“The drug from the 70s” John and Amy almost burst out simultaneously. Jeff nodded to them. “I don’t believe it!” Amy puffed, stunned.

“Yep.” Jeff said, he figured he’d go ahead and tell them all he learned. “It’s just enough to make a person susceptible to being controlled, that’s where the subliminal message comes in; the drug/punch puts them in a mild hypnotic state and the message tells them to get naked and have sex with whomever is around,”

“Oh my God,” Amy groaned, “something so simple yet so devious.” Finally understanding why she had acted the way she had at that so called party last summer.

“Yep,” Jeff said. “It was devious and had been working for many years.” “Well,” he thought, “if Kristen is right, and I don’t doubt her, then the whole thing is over. I just hope the women, girls who need help get it”

Laura’s point of view

“Okay, you’re coming with me!” Laura said, grabbing Kristen’s arm and dragging her up the stairs giggling the whole way. They entered Jeff’s room and sat on the bed. “Now tell me what’s up with Ira, he’s always disappearing and reappearing. I’ve seen, each direction, at least twice now.” Kristen sat there looking at Laura deciding if she could be trusted.

“Ohhh, alright.” Kristen said, still not sure she was doing the right thing. “Yes, Ira does disappear and reappear quite often, it’s my sisters taking him off and having sex with him,” she said waiting for Laura to lose it, to explode in disgust that angels were having sex.

“Okay, so why is it that I always see you in class?” Laura asked. “I mean do you not like him or something?” Laura looked genuinely concerned. “You haven’t missed a class since you started. OH! Except like that second day… hey wasn’t that the day Ira and your sister put on that big demonstration for the gym? All the fighting stuff?” Laura asked, remembering hearing about it from at least four different people.

Kristen sat there looking at her remembering the day herself; it was the day Ira’s Nephilim side fully awakened. She remembered hovering above the school sitting on Raphaela’s shoulder watching as Ira emerged, as his second set of wings sprouted and as his Nephilim body grew an extra six feet. She also remembered Ira flapping his new wings and sending Raphaela a half a mile away with one flap!

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