Oral Pleasure Ch. 02

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“Next time slut,” he had said.

During the intervening weeks, Mac and Clare kept up their erotic texts and phone calls. Until one dark and rainy day in November, Clare got a text saying, “Are you busy today?” She had arranged to meet a friend but the time was flexible.

Clare sent back a text saying, “Now would be good.” Mac replied, saying that he would be in her mouth in an hour! Ohhh! During their phone conversations Mac had said that next time he was going to fuck her hard! Fuck her in her mouth, her pussy and maybe even her arse!

As on their previous coupling, Clare had little time to get ready, but that just added to the excitement. Clare knew just what she was going to wear, as she had recently bought a black basque with red embroidery detail on the front panel.

She smoothed on her favourite body lotion and then dressed in the basque, a red thong and black hold up stockings. She added a pair of hot pants and her black lace up boots. Perfect! Flinging on a lacy black top, Clare went to open the door for Mac. She was ready just in time!

He looked different; maybe it was because his hair seemed longer. Still shaved, but not so short. However, his eyes were still mesmerising. Clare felt her pussy stirring as they kissed hello. His proximity made her dizzy with desire.

“Mmmm, hot pants, very nice,” murmured Mac, as he rubbed her pussy through the material. Clare knew that they made her long bursa escort legs look even longer and the glimpse of flesh showing just below her shorts would start to arouse him.

Her small but pert breasts heaved in the cups of her basque, and her nipples felt so sensitive and longed to be squeezed. Under the shorts Mac discovered the red thong.

“Let’s remove these and you can walk around in your thong,” he said as he removed her shorts. Clare also took off her lacy top to reveal the basque. “Very sexy,” said Mac. He handed Clare a video. “You may need to rewind it,” he said.

“Ohhh, how lovely, some porn,” exclaimed Clare.

The video was close to the floor and Clare bent over on all fours to rewind the tape. “Bend forward more,” instructed Mac.

He had a lovely view of Clare’s arse outlined by the red thong and the tops of her stockings. She raised her bum in the air as she pushed the rewind button, arching her back to accentuate the position. She knew that the posture would be arousing him.

Clare turned and crawled slowly and seductively towards Mac. Reaching the chair, she placed her hands on his thighs and ran them along his soft brown trousers before stopping on his cock, which had grown and was bulging through his left trouser leg.

“Mmmm, very nice,” said Clare, as she pressed her hand on Mac’s stiff shaft. She continued rubbing while they kissed and Mac squeezed her bursa merkez escort breasts through the basque. They did enjoy teasing one another!

Clare slowly undid the button and zip on his trousers, found what she was looking for in his boxers and gave Mac’s cock a squeeze before burying her face in his crotch to increase his arousal.

Her hand freed his shaft from the boxers and began to slide up and down its length before planting a kiss on the head and then slipping it in her mouth. She remembered the taste and feel so well. Mmmm, she was going to enjoy this.

Her manipulations soon got Mac throbbing and she looked up at him and smiled. When he was really hard from her sucking and she could taste the pre-cum in her mouth, she could feel her own arousal moistening between her legs.

Removing Mac’s trousers, Claire lay on the floor and slowly removed her thong. Tossing it over to Mac she began fingering her pussy lips while he watched.

It was not long before he joined her on the cushion. Mac raised her legs onto his shoulders and drove his very hard and dripping shaft into the moist void between her large engorged labia.

Ohhh! That felt so good. Claire gasped as she finally felt Mac enter and take her. She had wanted this for so long. It felt every bit as good as their teasing over the phone.

As he thrust in and out she arched her hips towards him and with bursa sınırsız escort her fingers in her bush and on her clit, she could feel the sensation as he moved. With a shudder and moan, Mac came and collapsed between her legs.

“So, was that what you expected?” asked Mac.

“Oh yes,” gasped Claire. “That was wonderful, so while you recover I’ll give you a special treat.”

“What another?” exclaimed Mac. “Well, I’ll not complain!”

He leant back on the cushions, watching as she retrieved her vibrator and dildo from the shelf above them. Lying down again, Claire seductively inserted the dildo in her vagina and then placed the vibrator on her clit at full speed.

While simultaneously moving the dildo in and out of her pussy and holding the vibrator on her clit, Claire writhed about on the floor in ecstasy.

The movement of her hips was very arousing. Claire moaned and sighed in pleasure as the duo were bringing her to a peak. He moved over, and with his fingers, slowly and softly massaged the area between Claire’s pussy and arse.

His little finger slipping along her crack and into her anal opening did the trick and she screamed and spasmed in orgasm. As she opened her mouth, Mac pushed his member in and within a few deep thrusts, aided by Claire sucking hard, he came and allowed his cum to spill over her breasts and neck.

Collapsing in giggles they lay together on the cushions.

“So, the teasing is over,” whispered Mac.

“Yes, now we can move on,” replied Claire, as she lay back on the cushions with a huge smile on her face.

“Let’s watch the porn now and maybe we will get inspired for more!” Mac grinned as he leant over to push the play button.

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