Oral on the Road

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I’m back on the road again, traveling on my seemingly never-ending series of business trips. The money is good, but the work is quite boring. Today, I left work late and went back to my hotel, tired and a bit cranky. I called my girlfriend on my cell phone, and we had a nice chat. After our talk, I felt a lot better, but now I was horny as hell!

My hotel room had a sort of balcony. Well, not a balcony exactly, but a walkway around the outside of the building that gets you to the doors of the second floor rooms like mine. I stepped out the door with my glass of gin and gazed out over the pool. Several kids were splashing around. Down the walkway a bit, a nice looking woman was also leaning up against the rail and looking down at the pool, enjoying a smoke. I smiled at her and she smiled back. She was pretty, but I didn’t give her much thought.

I went back in the room and checked my email on my laptop. I was tempted to check some of my favorite porn sites, but didn’t dare do it from the hotel internet connection. Who knows if they monitor those kind of things? Oh well. I thought about my cute girlfriend, her sweet kisses, her soft lips, and her fabulous blowjobs. Now I was really getting horny.

I remembered the chick out on the balcony, and wondered if she was still out there. She’d been wearing… what? I couldn’t remember. I did remember bare shoulders, which I love. I refreshed my gin glass from the unbreakable bottle in my suitcase, and went back out the door. Hallelujah, she was still out there, bare shoulders and all.

She was wearing a white ribbed tank top, a short pink skirt, and was barefoot. She had a cute, petite face, with full pink lips and pale blue eyes. Her blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She saw me and smiled. I raised my glass to her in a silent salute. She waved. I pointed at my glass and gave her a questioning look. To my surprise, she started walking my way.

“Are you offering me a drink?” she asked.

“Would you like one? All I have is gin,” I told her.

“Works for me.”

She had a very nice voice. Kind of soft and lilting. I tried not to stare at her tits, which were straining her tank top. She was obviously dressed down for relaxing. I went back into the room, scooped some ice from the ice bucket into one of the cheap plastic cups from the bathroom, and splashed some gin in for her. She accepted it with a smile and took a sip.

We chatted a bit, leaning up against the railing, our backs to the pool. Just small talk. Her name was Vicky, she was from Charlotte. She had a bit of a southern accent, which was turning me on. She was in town for software training of some sort. I didn’t really pay that close attention to her story, as I was mostly staring at her legs and the erect nipples poking through her top. And her toes, which had bright red nails. Very bright red.

“…and we fucked all night long!”

“What?” I said. She suddenly had my full attention!

She laughed. “I didn’t think you were paying attention to me!” She flashed me a anadolu yakası escort smile that showed a bit of upper gum. I love that. “I just wanted to say something that would break through your distraction.”

This could be interesting. “Why do you think I was distracted?” I asked.

“Well, could it be because you were staring at my legs?”

“Actually, your toes. That’s a great shade of red.”

“It’s called Passion Fire,” she said. Her slight accent made the words “passion fire” extremely erotic. I stared directly into her eyes. What the fuck, I figured. What have I got to lose?

“Why don’t you come inside with me.”

She didn’t say a word, but leaned over and kissed me on the mouth, her lips open. Then she strode purposefully through my door and into the room. I followed, slamming the door shut behind me.

She gulped down the rest of her drink, put the cup on the nightstand, and threw her arms around my neck. We kissed passionately. Her tongue was strong and curious. I wondered how it would feel on my balls. I could feel her boobs against my chest. I imagined that I could feel her hard nipples against me too, but that was probably all in my head. I grabbed her ass cheeks while we kissed, and massaged them through the thin material of her skirt. I bunched the skirt up, and found that she was naked underneath it. Very nice.

I tossed her down on the bed. I really wanted a blowjob, and I knew the best way to ask for one. I looked her in they eyes and said, “I’d love to go down on you.” Without waiting for an answer, I knelt down between her legs and pulled her skirt down, and off. She lifted her knees and parted them, showing me a very short blond bush. Her pussy lips were already beginning to part, and were glistening with dew. I breathed in her heady musk.

At this point in the proceedings, I like to take things slow. I started by lightly kissing her thighs; first down one thigh to her knee, then jumping across to the other knee, and then back up that thigh. When I got close to her pussy, I jumped across and did the other thigh again. Each time around, I came closer and closer to her pussy. Finally, when her squirming was starting to get frantic, I extended my tongue and touched the bottom of her lips, ever so lightly. She squealed, jumped a bit, and relaxed. I let my tongue travel slowly up her slit, but only a bit. A quarter of the way up, then back down again. Then half way up, and then back down. Then three quarters up, several times in a row. Finally, I gently flicked her clit, and she screamed with pleasure. From that point on, my assault became relentless. I sawed my tongue over her erect bud, nibbled her inner and outer lips, and slid several fingers into her. She moaned, she squirmed, she put her hands on my head and yanked my hair. I increased and decreased the pace, not letting her climax too soon. After I’d had her close to the edge several times, I finally gave her what she wanted. I clamped my teeth firmly but gently on ataşehir escort her clit and nibbled, all the while sawing two fingers deep into her cunt. Her breathing became short, she sobbed and moaned, clenched, tightened, and finally screamed in pleasure. She clamped her knees on my skull and hung on for dear life as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her body. Fortunately, I’d inhaled deeply at the last moment, as I wasn’t able to take a breath for several moments as she reveled in the pleasure.

Finally, she relaxed. Her legs unwrapped from my head, and she flung her arms out wide on the bed. Her head was back, her mouth was open, and she was breathing slowly and purposefully. Her chest was heaving, her lovely tits still straining at her rib-knit top. Her bare legs and pussy were trembling slightly. Her lovely red toenails were slightly curled. I kissed her knee and she looked at me.

“I’ve eaten your pussy, and I still haven’t even seen your tits. That’s not fair.”

She pulled the top off over her head and threw it at me. “Now you peel for me.” she said. I wasted no time in getting naked, and climbed up on the bed beside her. We hugged and kissed tenderly, like long-time lovers. I stroked her side, her hip, and her nipples. They were hard and brown.

She slid a hand down to my cock and gripped it firmly. “Looks like you are ready for some attention, too.” I smiled inside at my cleverness; works every time. She shimmied part way down the bed, until she was face to face with my raging hard-on. She traced the tip of one finger over it: around the head, down and up the shaft, around the head once more. Then she made an O-ring with her thumb and forefinger and gently jacked me for a few minutes. Finally, she held the base firmly in her hand, and approached me with her lovely mouth. Her tongue came out and licked the tip, probing the slit. Then it went round and round the head where her finger had been moments before, licking me like an ice cream cone. Her tongue then made the journey down the shaft and back up again, several times. Next, she pressed my swollen cock up against my belly and tongued my balls, rolling them back and forth. She sucked one into her mouth and hummed a tune on it, which made me shudder with pleasure.

Eventually, she got down to some serious cock-sucking business. She grasped my shaft with both hands and lowered her lips over the head, sucking gently. She sucked the head in, then pushed it out slightly, then sucked it in again. All the while, her probing tongue teased my slit, and her hands massaged my shaft. She pushed her mouth further down the shaft and began moving her head in a circular motion, which brought all parts of her wet mouth in contact with my swollen glans. Then she plunged downward to the base, deep-throating me while continuing to thrash me with her talented tongue.

She withdrew her face from my cock and looked me in the eyes. My eyes had never left the splendid sight of her sucking mouth the entire time. “I’m going ümraniye escort to suck your cock until it kills you,” she announced, and I almost hoped she wasn’t kidding. She applied her talented mouth back to my throbbing cock, going down and up over and over, stopping for a slow swirl on the head at the top of each cycle. All the while, her right hand was slowly jacking the bottom half of my shaft. Her saliva was flowing like a waterfall, matting my pubic hair and pooling on the mattress. She began to work up quite a rhythm, and I began to feel my juices rise in my loins. She must have felt it too, because she went into her endgame. Her right hand began jacking the lower half of my shaft faster, tighter, and with more urgency. Her mouth matched the pace as it continued to suck and squeeze the top half of the shaft and my aching cockhead. Her left hand was wrapped around my balls, rolling and kneading and squeezing them with the same rhythm. It was a triple threat that my body could not long endure. My head swam, my heart pounded, and my eyes glazed over as I tried desperately to continue to watch the erotic scene unfold.

She must have kept up that triple action for ten exquisite minutes, gradually increasing the pace as my juices and heart rate soared. My body was beginning to tremble from head to toe. I knew I couldn’t take much more. My eyes closed involuntarily and my jaws clenched. The blood pounding in my ears drowned out all other sounds. I felt like my cock was on fire and my balls were exploding, as my jism finally could be denied no longer. The first giant spurt shot out of my shaft and into her mouth with the force of a cannon, and I heard her gag. She pulled her mouth back from my cock in surprise, but her hands never left the shaft or the balls, and she continued her manual assault. The second spurt sent a thick white rope of cream rocketing over her head. I think it landed on my laptop on the desk. The third and fourth shots landed on her face, and by then she decided she could risk trying to swallow again. Her mouth once again engulfed my purple glowing cock head, as she greedily gobbled the rest of my spewing, oozing cum.

She continued to pump, and knead, and swallow, for as long as my tortured dick continued to pour the creamy liquid into her talented mouth. I spied a few telltale dribbles leaking out the corners of her mouth, but most of it found its way down her gullet. Eventually, I was spent. She kept my softening cock in her mouth for several minutes, seeming to enjoy the feeling of it gradually deflating. Then she eased it out, with a slight pop, and looked dreamily up at me.

“Mmmmm, that was tasty. Thanks.”

“Thanks? Thank YOU. That was one incredible blowjob.”

She cuddled against me, nestled her head on my chest, and fondled my nipples a bit. I put an arm around her shoulders and savored the moment; dick limp, body content. After a few minutes she bounced up and started gathering up her clothes.

“Thanks for the drink, and the… great time,” she said. “I really need to get back and prepare for tomorrow’s classes.”

I watched her pull on her skirt and shirt, and watched her cute ass wiggle as she bounced toward the door. Before leaving, she turned and glanced at me over her shoulder. “My class lasts all week, you know!”

This might not be such a bad business trip after all.

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