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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 77 – A Joyful Christmas.

Jamie and Caleb woke the rest of us up at 5:30 on Christmas morning.  “Come on, you guys.  Get up.  We gotta go down and see what we got for Christmas,” they urged. 

“Ok, but couldn’t you have slept a couple more hours first?” I grumbled.  I had a feeling this was going to happen, although I hoped they wouldn’t get up quite this early. 

“No, we’re excited and want to see what we got.”

After everyone was up, we stumbled down the stairs behind our two excited sons.  The other boys were also more eager to do this than Ed, Heather, and me, but we followed them down to the Great Room and gathered around the tree. 

“I’ll pass out the packages to make sure everyone has something to open,” I explained as I moved toward the tree. 

I looked around until I found something for each of us, and then I passed those items out for everyone to open.  We continued doing this until the last of the presents had been unwrapped, although Ed, Heather, and I didn’t get nearly as many presents as the boys. 

The Muellers and I had Santa give the boys the items that were the most fun, while we gave the boys clothes and a few other things that they wanted.  The boys and I were each given two presents from the Muellers, one from Ed and Heather and another from Laine and Caleb.  On the other hand, each of us had bought something for each of them, so they had a few more presents to open than we did. 

The final presents that I handed to the boys were from me.  The first was an iPhone; each in a different color so they wouldn’t fight over which phone belonged to them.  I was glad the phones came in multiple colors and I gave Dakota the purple phone, Glen the red one, and Jamie’s phone was green.  The one I gave Laine was black and Caleb’s was white, and the one I would give to Reece was yellow.  This way there should be no confusion over which phone belonged to whom. 

“These are great, Dad,” Jamie squealed.  “I can’t believe you bought them for us.”

“Or that you bought one for me and Caleb too,” Laine added. 

“I opened a separate account just for you boys and I preprogrammed each iPhone with the numbers you’ll need.  I only used the first letter of your names when listing them so no one else will know who you’re calling if they get ahold of your phone.”

“So you’re E and not D for dad?” Glen followed after he looked at his phonebook. 

“Yes, I’m E, and Laine and Caleb you can add your parents phone numbers to your phones, because I didn’t do it.”

“K, we can do that,” Laine agreed. 

Once they all had their phones, I handed each of them the last item.  It was a Christmas card and inside was a special note.

“What’s this?” Caleb asked as he held up the folded piece of paper. 

“Unfold it and read it, and then you’ll know what I gave you.”

A few seconds later I heard some squeals and saw the boys jumping around in glee. 

“You’re gonna take us to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?” Jamie squealed once he’d read the note.

“Yes, but there will be a lot more to do when we get there than just going there.  I’ll be taking you during your winter break, which comes at the end of February, and we’ll be there for five days.  We’ll fly there on Sunday and return the following Saturday, which means we’ll have the five days in between to check out all of the sights.” 

“Reece, Brady, and Aaron are gonna be bummed out that they’re not going to go with us,” Dakota stated. 

“But they are.  I’ve already cleared it with their parents and I’ll give them their card with the note inside when we see them next.” 

“So we’re all gonna go?” Glen mumbled. 

“Yes, and it will be very similar to our trip to Disney last summer.”

“I can’t wait,” Caleb shrieked. 

“You’ll have to, because we won’t be leaving for two more months,” I teased. 

“You’re a better man than I am,” Ed joked.  “I would never have the guts to take eight boys on a trip like that.  Hell, I’m not even sure I’d be able to do it with just my two sons.”

“I’m sure you would, and like I said these boys are all very well behaved and I make sure that we all stick together.”

“I just can’t believe you’re willing to spend so much money to do this with them,” Heather stated, although not loudly. 

“Why?  How much does it cost?” Laine demanded. 

“If you include the plane tickets, the tickets for each of the parks, and the price of the suite you’ll be staying in,” Ed replied, “I’ll just say that you boys should all be very thankful he’s willing to do this for you.  I could never afford to do it.”

Once Ed finished speaking, each of the boys thanked me again and then we let them check out their other presents while I went out to fix breakfast.  I thought Dakota might come out to help, but apparently he was concentrating on what he’d just got for Christmas, so I began preparing breakfast alone.  A minute later I had someone else come out to join me. 

“Where’s your helper?” Heather asked. 

“I think he’s busy checking out what he just got for Christmas.”

“In that case, can I give you a hand?” 

“Sure, that would be greatly appreciated.  I figured that since we wouldn’t be eating again until around 2:00 that I’d fix a large and very filling breakfast.  We can give them a choice between pancakes and French toast, or they can have both if they want, and we’ll also have scrambled eggs, sausage links, and bacon to go along with it.  Would you prefer to work on the pancakes or French toast?”

“I’ll do the French toast.”

“Ok, then I’ll fix the pancakes and scrambled eggs, and you can take care of the sausage links and bacon too.” 

“Ok, that sounds good to me.” 

After I took out everything we would need, we got busy preparing breakfast.  A short time later we called everyone to the table and laid out their options.  Once they told us what they wanted, the boys set the table while Ed made a pot of coffee.  Before long, we were all sitting down to eat. 

“Wow, this is a lot more than you usually fix,” Dakota observed. 

“Yes, and it’s because we won’t be eating again until around 2:00.”

“What are we gonna have then?” Glen wanted to know. 

“We’re having ham, candied yams, a green bean casserole, home-made rolls, and a Caesar salad.  There will also be a choice of pumpkin, apple, or cherry pie for dessert.” 

“Ok, that sounds good.” 

“I’m glad you agree.”

After we finished eating, Jamie and Caleb went to the family room to see what was on TV, while the others went upstairs to play video games.  lara kendi evi olan escort They’d received a few new games as presents and were eager to try them out and see what they were like, and while they were doing that Ed, Heather, and I sat down to chat.

“We’re going to have to start packing before we eat so we can load up the car,” Heather stated. 

“Yes, we want to start out for home just as soon as we finish eating,” Ed added. 

“It will make it easier since the boys are staying here,” Heather followed, “because we won’t have to worry about them getting their things together or holding us up now.”

“I’m sure that will make it a little easier for you, and if you don’t have room for dessert before you leave, you can tell me which pie you want and I’ll wrap up a slice to send home with you.” 

“Thank you, because we’ll probably have to do that,” Heather confirmed. 

“We’ve really enjoyed spending the weekend and today with you,” Ed continued, “so we might as well plan on having our families celebrate Christmas together from now on, just like we’re going to do with Thanksgiving.”

“Yes, I’m sure the boys will like that idea as well,” I agreed. 

“But you don’t have to give them so many presents from now on,” Heather chided.  “We’ll just consider the iPhone and trip to Orlando as a one-time thing, so just getting them the other items will be more than enough.” 

“Other than the things you mentioned, I merely gave them some heavier riding clothes so they’ll be better prepared for when we go out on the four-wheelers.  The other gifts were from the boys, because they wanted to give them something on their own.”

“That may be true, but you probably had to pay for those items as well,” Ed pointed out. 

“Yes, but the boys do enough to help out around here that they work off their debt.  Besides, they would have been upset if I hadn’t let them do it.” 

“We understand, because our sons wanted to get their own gifts for you and your sons as well,” Heather concurred.

“My sons have felt really close to Laine since they first met him, and they only grew closer when he stayed here with us.  Not only that, but Jamie and Caleb hit it off on the trip, so they all feel really close now.” 

“Yes, we’ve noticed and it’s another reason we should celebrate the holidays together from now on,” Ed confirmed. 

“And you’re also welcome to join us for Easter,” Heather added. 

“We’ll be happy to take you up on that, but let’s get back to the present.  After your sons stay here for the New Year’s Eve party, I’ll bring the boys home on Wednesday and we’ll take you all out to dinner.  We’ll spend the night at a hotel and return home the next day.” 

“I know our sons are going to want to stay with you guys at the hotel again,” Ed stated. 

“I assumed that as well and have no problem with them joining us.  In fact, I think my sons would be upset if they didn’t do it.” 

“As would ours,” Heather confessed. 

We also talked about the plans for our trip to Universal Studios, and I explained that we’d arrive on Saturday to pick up their sons and then we’d spend the night at a hotel before flying out on Sunday.  We’d be returning late Friday night, so the boys and I would spend the night at a hotel again, and then I’d drop Laine and Caleb off on Saturday before the rest of us headed home.  They were both agreeable with this, so now I could confirm the various reservations.

Ed and Heather then went upstairs to change and pack, and when they finished Heather helped me fix our Christmas dinner while Ed went to the family room to spend a little time with Jamie and Caleb.  As soon as dinner was ready, we called everyone to eat. 

“Why didn’t you call me earlier?  I would’ve helped you fix this stuff and set the table.” Dakota complained.

“Mrs. Mueller offered to do both of those things, so I gave you today off.”

“I still woulda helped ya.” 

“I know, but I wanted you to have time to spend with Laine too.”

“Ok.  Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

We then sat down to eat and enjoyed a very lovely dinner together.  When we were done, I wrapped up a slice of the pies that Ed and Heather wanted so they could take them home.  Once that had been taken care of, they said goodbye to their sons before taking their suitcase out to the car and driving off.   

As soon as Ed and Heather had gone, Jamie filled Laine and Caleb in about what they were going to do next.  “We’re gonna teach you how to play UNO Dare! and you’re gonna love it.” 

“Is it different than regular UNO?” 

“Yes and no.  Some things are the same, but other stuff is different.  Don’t worry cuz we’ll explain all of that to you before we start.  The thing is that we all get naked before we start playin’.” 

“How come you do that?” Caleb shot back.

I knew he wasn’t bothered about being naked in front of the other boys, because he’d done it multiple times before.  He was just curious about why he had to do it to play UNO Dare!   

“Its cuz the dares we’ll be doin’ are sex stuff, so bein’ naked makes it easier and saves time,” Glen explained. 

“Oh, ok.” 

“And we’re also gonna do this at the New Year’s Eve party when Reece, Brady, and Aaron are here,” Dakota added. 

“So I’m gonna get to see them naked too?” Caleb asked gleefully.

“Yep, we’ll all be naked, and Dad will be too,” Dakota confirmed. 

“Whoa, this is gonna be a wicked party,” Caleb chirped back, eagerly anticipating what was going to happen. 

“We’re gonna start playin’ with the first set of house rules, so do you wanna sit next to our dad?” Jamie asked.  “You’re gonna be doin’ stuff with the person on your right and left, so it’s up to you who you wanna sit beside.”

“Yeah, we wanna sit next to him then,” they finally agreed after communicating with each other nonverbally. 

“And you can sit on my other side,” Caleb told Jamie. 

“And if we play more than one game, then Kota and Glen can take turns sittin’ on my other side,” Laine added.  

“It sounds like a plan to me,” I agreed. 

Before long there was a room full of naked boy flesh, and before they took their seats at the table, Glen made a comment.  “Whoa, Caleb’s not a little kid any more.  His dick has gotten bigger and he’s got hair down there too.” 

It was obvious that he hadn’t noticed this at Thanksgiving and his comment pleased Caleb immensely.  “Yep, I turn twelve next month,” he stated with his chest puffed out with pride and beaming from ear-to-ear.

We played two games in total, and I ended up performing multiple sexual acts on Caleb and Laine, and they did a few things to me as well.  In the end, they loved playing this game as much as the other boys, including those who presently weren’t with us, so I knew this would be something they’d all want to do at the New Year’s Eve party. 

When the second game ended, we put the cards away and I fixed everyone a snack to fill them up again.  When we finished eating, we went to the lara otele gelen escort family room to watch a movie, still naked.  It was one of the Twilight movies, which I was certain the boys had all seen before, but they watched it again without complaint.  As soon as it ended, I sent the boys upstairs to shower and get ready for bed. 

“Me, Glen, and Kota are gonna use your shower, cuz it’s easier for us to have sex in there,” Laine announced. 

“I had a feeling you’d probably wind up doing that,” I replied.

“But I wanna spend at least one night with you again before we have to go home.”

“I’m sure we can arrange that.”

After those three had raced upstairs and headed toward my bedroom, Jamie tugged on my arm.  When I looked down at him, he began to speak. 

“Me and Caleb want to shower and sleep with you tonight.  Ok?”

“So do you want to do this too?” I asked as I looked at Caleb. 

“Yep, and we want you to do that other stuff to us too, like you did before.  I hadda wait a whole month since you did it with us the last time.”

“That’s true, because Thanksgiving was about a month ago, so I think I can take care of that problem for you now.”

“Yeah, that would be great.”

We didn’t go upstairs right away, since we knew it would take the other three quite a while seeing they were planning on having sex in the shower as well.  When we heard the water stop running, we headed upstairs and the other three were just exiting my bedroom. 

“So who was the monkey in the middle?” I teased. 

“Me,” Glen answered.  “Laine fucked me and I fucked Kota.”

“That’s pretty much what I expected.” 

“We’re all gonna sleep together too,” Laine stated. 

“Then you won’t have much room to move around.” 

“Yeah, we know, but we don’t want anyone to be left out.” 

“Ok, as long as you know what you’re getting into.”

They then headed into Dakota’s room as I led the younger pair into my bedroom.  We didn’t have to undress, since we were still naked, so we merely dropped our clothes on the floor before heading into the bathroom. 

“I’m surprised you two don’t want to spend the night alone in Jamie’s room.”

“We’d rather be with you, cuz you’re better at suckin’ our cocks and doin’ the other stuff too,” Caleb replied. 

“Yeah, you are,” Jamie agreed. 

“And we also like when we cuddle with you,” Caleb added. 

“You could also do that with each other.” 

“Only one of us could,” Caleb pointed out, “but we can both do it when we’re with you.”

“Ahhh, I see.”

I washed Caleb first and he started to giggle when I was cleaning his rectum.  “It tickles when you stick you’re finger in there,” he chirped.  “It feels better when you do it with your tongue.”

“Yeah, we both like it when you do that,” Jamie confessed.

“And when you suck our cocks,” Caleb added.

“Then I’ll try to make both of you feel really good as soon as we finish our shower.”

After I’d washed Caleb, I did the same thing to Jamie and then the two of them washed me.  When we finished, we went out to the bedroom and the boys hopped on the mattress, quickly lying down beside each other. 

“You can do Caleb first,” Jamie offered. 

“Thanks,” Caleb told him in response. 

I then grabbed Caleb by the ankles, lifted his legs, and pushed them back until his feet were touching the pillow on either side of his head, and then I began to attack his hole with my tongue. 

“That still tickles, but I like it,” he said to explain why he was giggling again. 

I never stopped and continued rimming him.  I pushed my tongue as far into his hole as I could, and after doing that for a few minutes, I unfolded his contorted body so he was once again lying with his back on the mattress.  I moved between his legs and attacked his groin. 

I focused on his scrotum first and played with it for several minutes with my mouth and tongue, and then I swallowed his penis and began to nod up and down on his rigid shaft.  He immediately started to buck his hips upward and rammed his penis into my mouth, but he was doing this out of instinct, rather than from any conscious effort.  He continued doing it until he experienced his release, and unlike when he went with us to Disney the previous summer, this time he actually shot a thin, watery stream into my mouth, and it tasted as sweet as honey.  Even though he’d just ejaculated, I continued to nurse on his penis until I was convinced it was completely drained.  When I finally released it, I gave him a chance to enjoy the wonderful feelings still coursing through his body. 

At that point I turned my attention to Jamie and did the same things to him that I’d just done to Caleb.  Since I’d done these things to him multiple times before, I knew all of the buttons to push in order to bring him maximum pleasure.  When his penis finally erupted into my mouth, I gave him a chance to recuperate, and no sooner had I pulled away from his wilting organ, Caleb leapt onto his knees, wrapped his arms around my neck, and kissed my cheek. 

“Thank you for doing this with us.  It was great and I really liked it,” he squealed.  “I hope we can do it a bunch more times before you take us home.”

“I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out, but there will be a few other boys here during part of that time.”

“So you can still do more stuff with me and Laine, cuz we don’t see you as often as the other boys.”

“I’ll definitely take that into consideration and do whatever I can to make you all happy.”

Now that their sexual needs had been sated, Caleb and Jamie cuddled against me and we fell asleep.  I’m still amazed that the boys want to do these things with me, although I know it won’t last forever.  If they’re gay they’ll soon find someone closer to their own age to partner with, and if they’re not gay they’ll find a girl instead.  Either way, I’ll merely enjoy this for as long as it lasts.

We all slept in much later than normal the next morning, probably due to the short night’s sleep we had on Christmas Eve.  Regardless of the reason, as soon as we woke up I fixed the boys a big breakfast, and then I allowed them to do whatever they wanted until it was time to pick up Reece.  Just before lunchtime, we all loaded into the SUV and I drove to the middle school to get him. 

“Why are you comin’ here?” Laine asked when he saw where I was heading. 

“Reece is going to meet us here.”

“Why don’t you just pick him up at his house?”

“His mother has agreed to let him stay with us at various times, but his father isn’t aware of that fact so we don’t pick him up at his house.” 

“How come he doesn’t know that Reece isn’t home?” 

“He has a drinking problem and isn’t always aware of things when he’s drunk.  It’s the reason Reece’s mom lets him spend so much time with us.” 

“Ok, I understand now.”

When we arrived at the school, Reece wasn’t anywhere around.  I thought that was strange, because he was usually early, but I let lara rus escort the SUV idle as we waited for him.  Before long, I saw Reece jogging up the driveway and then he hopped into the car.  Once he’d said hello to everyone, including Laine and Caleb, I made a comment. 

“I was surprised that you weren’t here when we arrived.  You’re usually early.”

“Yeah, I know, but my dad was causing a problem before I left.”

“Really?  What happened?”

“Since he didn’t drink yesterday, cuz my grandparents were there, he got up early this morning so he could say goodbye to my mom’s parents before they went home.  When I started puttin’ stuff in my backpack so I could come to the school to meet up with you, he asked me what I was doin’, and that’s kinda when the problem started.  I wasn’t sure what to tell him, so my mom jumped in and told him for me. 

“She said she’d given me permission to stay with a friend, and my dad wanted to know why I couldn’t just stay home.  She told him that I’d have more fun with someone my own age, so he asked where I knew my friend from.  Mom told him he was in some of my classes and we were also in the art club together, and I thought that would satisfy him, but then he wanted to know his name and where he lived. 

“Before Mom answered him, she whispered to me to finish packing, and then she changed the subject when she started talkin’ to my dad again.  She told him how it was good for me to have a close friend and bein’ able to get away from our mad house for a while, but my dad was gettin’ really mad cuz she wasn’t tellin’ him everything he wanted to know.  When I started to leave, he blocked me from gettin’ to the door and even grabbed a hold of my arm, but my mom got him to let go.  She then whispered for me to take off and said she’d handle my dad, and she also said he’d prob’ly forget about all of this once he started drinkin’ again, so that’s why I was late.”

“I’m sorry to hear about that, but what was he doing home today?  Didn’t he have to work?” 

“I guess he must have taken some time off.  I’ve heard them talkin’ before that this was a slow time at his job.” 

“What does he do?”

“He works at the salvage yard.  They pick up wrecked and older cars and stuff like that.  They take off the parts that are still good so they can sell them to people who need them, and then they crush what’s left.  My dad runs the different equipment that is used to move stuff around and he runs the crusher too.” 

“I see, so do you think he might have followed you?”

“Nah, Mom was givin’ him a beer as I was goin’ out the door, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t follow me.  He got in trouble once and spent a couple days in jail for walkin’ around town drinkin’ his beer, so he doesn’t wanna do that again.” 

I had started driving as we were chatting.  “I hope your Christmas was good.”  

“Yeah, it was pretty good.  I got to see all of my grandparents again and got some nice presents, but I’m glad I’m here with you guys now.”

“We’re glad you’re here as well.” 

As soon as we got to the house and we’d all taken off our coats, I decided to give Reece his presents.  I let the boys give him their packages first, and then I gave him a few things from me, but they all contained clothing.  There were a couple of sets of riding clothes, as well as a few other items for when he stayed over. 

“You can leave those things here at the house and I’ll wash them and put them in Dakota’s room for you.  That way you won’t have to lug as much around when you stay over.” 

“Yeah, that will help out a lot.”

Once he’d opened those, I handed him another, smaller package.  When he opened it, he looked at me with his mouth hanging open. 

“You got me a cell phone?”

“Yeah, he got all of us an iPhone,” Dakota answered before I did.  “All of our phone numbers are already in your phonebook, but they’re just listed under the first letter of our name.  Laine and Caleb are L and C, and Dad is E.” 

“Wow, I can’t believe you bought this for me.” 

“This way I can get in touch with you whenever necessary, and you can let your mom use it whenever she needs to talk to me or I need to speak with her.” 


“I didn’t get phones for Aaron and Brady though, so if they ask just tell them your parents gave you the phone.” 


I then handed him the card.  He looked at it quizzically before he opened it, and once he read the note inside his mouth dropped open again. 

“So you’re gonna take us to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?”

“There and some of the other places that are also part of Universal Studios, but we’ll definitely go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.”

“K, I’ll ask my mom if I can go with ya when I go home.” 

“That’s not necessary, because she’s already given you permission to go with us.”

“When did she do that?”

“I called her one day from school, when I knew your dad wouldn’t be home.  She gave me approval to take you on this trip right away.” 

He looked around before he spoke again.  “Who else is goin’?”

“Of course I’m taking Jamie, Glen, and Dakota, and I’m also taking Laine, Caleb, Aaron, and Brady.  I’ve already got their parents’ permission as well, although Aaron and Brady don’t know about this yet.  I’ll give them their cards when they come here for the New Year’s Eve party.”

“Ok, so I won’t say nothin’ about this to them.”

“Thank you, because I want to do that.  I want to see how they react as well.”

Now that we’d all given him our presents, Reece ran up to Dakota’s room to get the presents he’d bought for us.  “I’m sorry, but I didn’t get nothin’ for you guys,” he told Laine and Caleb.  “I didn’t know you was gonna be here.” 

“That’s ok.  We didn’t get anything for you either,” Laine replied.

After he handed the other boys their gifts, he handed me a package next.  I opened it and found a bottle of Creed Aventus, a men’s cologne. 

“I smelled a bunch of different types of this stuff that they had at the store and I thought this one would smell best on you.” 

“Thank you and I’ve been meaning to try it.” 

“So you like it?”  I could tell he was insecure about this. 

“I love it and thank you very much.”

Now that we’d exchanged presents, I let the boys go off to do whatever they wanted while I fixed lunch.  It’s been a wonderful Christmas break so far and everyone seems pleased with what they got.



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I wish to extend my thanks to Emoe and Donny for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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