Opera By Night

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Cowgirl Position

He car pulls up outside your house. A long, black stretch that has its windows darkened. You notice me get out of one of the back doors and begin to walk up your drive. You rush to the door and open it slowly. As I approach, my jaw drops as I take in your beauty.

“You look absolutely stunning, Missy” I say looking you up and down.

“You aren’t so bad yourself, Babe” you say with a wry smile.

I am dressed in a black tux, with bow tie. You are dressed in a black, long, clingy halter neck dress. Sleeveless, with a long slash up the front of your dress; right up to just below your groin.

“What’s that?” you say, pointing to the package I have in my hand.

I hand it to you to open.

“It’s for you. To wear on your night out. I’m treating you tonight.” You open it to find a large, diamond encrusted broach of a butterfly inside.

“I love it!” you shriek, “It must have cost a fortune”

“That’s for me to know, and you to never find out. Shall we…” I extend my arm out for your accompaniment to the car.

You grasp my arm with both arms and we set off down the path.

“I have a surprise for you also, Sir” you say.

I notice the use of Sir and turn my head.

“Thinking naughty thoughts again are you?” I ask.

“When am I not?” you say with a glint in your eye.

“Hmmm….. Well leave it to me to decide when you can show me your secret”

“Yes, Sir.”

I open the door for you and help you inside. As you get in, you left leg becomes fully exposed through the slash, and I gaze at your supple thighs. I get in after you and we are on our way. The limo driver has been instructed to be at our beck and call tonight, so he has been given our planned arrivals prior to our evening of leisure. He sits behind opaque glass. I pour you a large Gin and Tonic with ice, and hand it to you.

I pour myself a single Dark Rum and recline back into the seat next to you.

I reach out and move your dress away from your knees. I lay my hand on them, softly caressing you warm flesh.

“Should be good tonight. We have a balcony box near the front, so you’ll be able to see the actors clearly,” I say ask I move my hand further up you thigh. You cuddle up close to me and coo. “Hope it’s interesting. Can’t abide boring shows”. I snigger at the thought of you being bored stiff.

“I like what you are wearing” I say softly.

“I noticed” you say, as you look first to my hand on your thigh and then to my crotch. “Just think about what you will see later when I take this off.”

Thoughts start running through my mind as you reach over and pull my face so that our lips meet in a sensual kiss. I run my free hand to your face as you push aside my jacket to get to my nipples. You gently start to pull and twist them, slowly getting rougher. I run my hand down your face, over your neck and let it rest on your breasts.

They rise and fall tuzla escort with the motion of your breathing. I locate your nipple through the material, suddenly realising that you aren’t wearing a bra. I pull on your nipple bar and you begin to get rough with mine.

Suddenly the car begins to slow, and a tap comes from the window. We compose ourselves and you re-align your makeup.

“Must be here,” I say as I open the window a crack.

Sure enough we are at the main entrance to the Grand Opera House.

“Ready?” I ask. You nod your head, smile and start to get up. I open the door and get out. I turn to help you out. You step out onto the pavement with a clack.

“OOoo…are you wearing those ankle boots again?” I ask lustily.

You nod your head. “Thought they might please you”

I lead you up the long, grand steps to the main entrance. An usher is there to take our tickets. He notices you and looks down at the tickets. I know that he fancies you. Who wouldn’t?

Inside we are taken to our seats overlooking the stalls. We are some twenty feet away form the stage, and the attendant hands you a set of binoculars. We sit back and wait. I notice that we are in complete darkness here, and start to fumble with you.

“What if someone came in here?” you whisper and I run my hand up your thighs towards your groin.

“Hang on” I say as I move over to the door to our balcony and lock the door with the draw bolt. I turn to you. You are standing right behind me.

“Fuck this opera…I need you” That is all I can say as I run my hands all over your body.

You lock your arms behind my neck as I slide your dress over your hips to your waist. I look down to see that you aren’t wearing any panties, but your ankle boots look fantastic in the gloom.

You unclasp your arms from my neck, and take hold of your dress. You lift it high so that it is under your chin.

“Do as you please with me, Sir. I trust you.” You whisper to me.

I kneel in front of you and inhale your sweet smelling sex. I grasp your bottom cheeks and knead them slowly. I extend my tongue and lick between your labia. I find your slick button and tongue it softly. You move to open you legs wider, to let me have greater access to your dripping pussy. I place my mouth over you and thrust my tongue into your pussy, tasting you. You start to moan as my pace quickens. Every-so-often I flick my rough tongue over you clit, making your jump.

Very soon you are breathing heavy and whispering that you will cum. I keep my pace up. You tense as you cum in my mouth; flooding it so with your tangy juice. You are completely wet between your legs, as rivulets of cum slide down your thighs to your knees.

“God, you are so wet!” I whisper loudly.

Just then the opera starts. The lights dim further and the band starts to play.

I cannot be bothered with that at present as I spin you round tuzla escort bayan and push you face first to the wall. I move your feet further apart as you splay your hands out on the wall, sticking your bottom out as you do so. I kneel behind you again and this time I wet my finger and start to push it at your anus. You start to push back as I spit at your entrance, making it wet with saliva.

“Let me in, Missy” I say playfully.

I suddenly feel you relax, and you swallow my finger up to my fist. I begin a rhythm as I stand up, fingering your ass. I grip your hair and pull your head back.

“I want you, Missy. Tell me you want my cock”

“I want it. I want it so bad. Up my ass!”

My finger starts to bang inside you roughly. You open your mouth in pleasure as I slip another finger into you. I can sense your enjoyment so I decide to help you.

I undo my trousers and let them fall to the ground. I take out my fingers and replace it with my rock, hard cock. It slides in awkwardly as I push it in. You reach round and pull your cheeks apart, making it easier for my thrusting. In to the hilt, I pull out nearly all the way, and then I start my merciless thrusting. I pick up speed as I hump your tight asshole with my cock.

“Cum in my ass” you say “Make my ass full of your cum!”

I know it won’t take long with words like that coming from your sweet mouth, and sure enough I start to spurt into your ass.

“I’m cumming baby! I’m cumming in your ass! Fuck my cock! Milk it!”

I hear you groan as pump after pump of my white-hot semen streams into you. I finish, and pull out of you. You spin round and squat before me, taking my softening cock into your slick, painted mouth. I see a blur between you legs as you rub my cum into your ass as it flows from your asshole. You expertly suck my cock into hardness again, sunning your tongue over my glans.

“I need more form you, Master. I don’t often ask for much, but please…. Give me your all”

With that you lay down on the floor and splay your legs wide.

“Fuck my ass again, but harder” I kneel before you and place my cock at your slippery asshole.

One thrust and I’m in, reaming your ass like never before. You clench on my cock as you have wave after wave of orgasms. I know that I’ll come soon at this rate, so I slow down. I feel your hand dart to my balls and tug at them.

“Oh..Jesus!” I say, as I start to cum again. I flood your ass with my cream, as you arch your back, putting pressure on my cock as you do so.

I am still ramming into you when I collapse on you. You kiss me, saying that you still need more. I let out a small laugh as I withdraw from your ass.

“How about pussy next?” I ask.

“Per-fect, Master” You pull your labia apart as I push my cock into you.

When up to the hilt, you place your hands around my cock and cup my balls.

“I beg you master…. fuck escort tuzla my pussy like your fucked my ass”

Absolutely NO encouragement needed. I ream you pussy with the same power that I reamed your ass.

Slam after Slam begins to push you over the edge, and soon you are coming; digging your nails into my shoulders as you fling your arms around me. I continue, knowing that soon, my third orgasm will hit very shortly. I can feel your spasms on my cock as I begin to unleash my sperm inside you. I continue my slamming until I am spent.

You have your eyes closed tight and your mouth open. I lean forward and kiss you affectionately.

“How was that?” I ask

“Fantastic…” you say breathlessly “I think we should get out of here”

“But it’s only just started?” I say laughing.

“Never mind that, I need to clean myself up. I’ve about a pint of cum in me, and it’s going to get messy”

I shrug my shoulders and grin at you as we get dressed and wlak out of the Baclony. The ushers standing nearby look at us in amazement.

“Not our scene” I say to one, and he nods his head.

I walk you down the stairs and into the lobby.

“It’s seeping out” you say as you walk slower.

“Well let’s hurry then” I say grinning.

As soon as we are out of the opera house, I pull you over to a dark spot behind a pillar. I make sure that no one can see us from the theatre or the road.

“What are you doing?” you say.

“Here…Now…. I want you again,” I say as I begin to lift your dress.

You start to look around to see if anybody can see us. No one can. You look back at me and smile.

“Go ahead, you randy bastard! Fuck me!”

I look down to see your ankle boots. I groan as I stare are them with your luscious legs in them. I look into your eyes and unzip my cock from it’s confines. I slowly press it against your pussy’s entrance as I kiss you passionately. It slides in very easily with all the cum that is in there already. I slip a hand around to your ass and begin to finger your slippery hole with my fingers. Our actions take over as I push inside you. Our constant moaning is all that is in our ears. I can feel you starting to cum again as I probe your ass.

I also feel my cum rising, so I quicken the pace. We cum at the same time, moaning loudly into each other’s shoulder. I grab more of your hair and clothing in an attempt to get my cock further inside you.

I’m completely spent, and you are exhausted and full of my cream. I kiss you passionately for what seems like eternity. I can feel my head getting lighter and lighter as I pull my cock out and begin to rub your groin with my cum.

“We must do this again” We say to each other simultaneously.

We smile at each other and tidy ourselves up for our journey home.

On our way back in the limo, you tease me by dipping a finger in your sex and tasting our juices; making sure that you lick every last strand of cum off them.

We get to your house. I walk you to your door and I kiss you softly.

“Fancy the Philharmonic next Tuesday?” I say

“Definitely” is your reply.

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