Open House Pt. 02

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PART TWO – (11 months earlier)

Ugh! In her opinion, one of the worst sounds in the world has to be that damned alarm going off every weekday morning at 7am. Even though she was usually half-awake anyway by that time, to Andrea the obnoxious sound just served as a rude reminder that another mundane day was about to begin. Fumbling to turn the alarm off, she rolled back over — knowing she could probably steal another ten or fifteen minutes of rest before reality set in. Robert was long gone, having quietly slipped out at least an hour before. Although she didn’t like to admit it, this narrow window between seven and eight could sometimes be her favorite time of the day, depending on her mood.

Lost in her half-conscious state, for reasons she could never really understand, this is the time that she felt uninhibited, and yes — even horny. In Robert’s eyes she was the ultra-conservative, almost prudish obedient Christian wife. Lying flat on her stomach, reaching around and under the waistband of her flannel pjs, she lightly caressed her round ass, slowly pressing her hips against the sheets and thought, if he only knew!

Robert and Andrea first met more than twenty years before during a weekend church retreat – a most unlikely place considering her background. Andrea’s childhood was not one that included nurturing, warmth and love. Instead, it was more survival, a product of a single irresponsible mother and an unknown, faceless biological father. Although at times she wondered who may have been her real dad, she realized later in life that — based on her mom’s pattern of promiscuity — she was eventually convinced that she didn’t REALLY want to know. She likened her childhood memories of her mom’s “dating” to a revolving door.

Mom always seemed to be popular in the trailer park, and unfortunately the cheap tin contraption that she knew as home was poor at containing the creaking sounds of old bedsprings and the moaning that inevitably followed most of mom’s late night rendezvous. She spent countless mornings preparing for school while wondering whether mom’s dates would have the decency to wait until she was gone before sneaking from the tiny bedroom. She doubted that most even knew or cared that she was there.

It wasn’t surprising then that Andrea learned at an early age that she too could be quite popular with the boys, and it really didn’t take much effort. A week at summer camp between eighth and ninth grade resulted in her first real sex education, and within three days she was known among the campers as “Easy Andi.” By age fifteen, fueled by low self-esteem and a need to be desired, in a strange masochistic way she felt honored and quite worthy of her reputation as the best cocksucker in high school, and she was only a freshman!

There was something about being on her knees in front of her “dates” that made her feel both powerful and vulnerable at the same time. When she finally mastered sucking without gagging, her popularity spiraled. When word got out that she also swallowed and actually seemed to enjoy it, she found that she was rarely without a “suitor” or even two on any given night. Although almost anyone else in her position would have been horribly offended, when one of her “dates” stuffed a wrinkled up ten dollar bill into her mouth shortly after releasing on her, she actually felt a strange sense of accomplishment.

All of that changed with the news that she received on THAT day during her senior year in high school. She remembered it like it was yesterday — how couldn’t she? She was sure that it would be ingrained in her mind until the day she died. The words spoken to her in the sterile office by the middle-aged guidance counselor who — not 2 weeks before — placed her hand firmly on his bulge as he boldly explained — no, make that threatened – that she could quite possibly be “held back” for a year unless special arrangements were made. It wasn’t the first time that she allowed herself to be “tutored” by older counselors and teachers, so by that point she was actually numb to the words, even feeling somehow that it was her obligation, her duty.

This time, however, was different. She knew that she was in that office for something much more serious than to provide him with another quick blowjob under his desk. The counselor sat her down, held her hand and explained that there had been “an accident.” The rest was a blur — how it happened, whom could she call, sharing that there are professional counselors available to help her through the pain. Within a week, she found herself at the doorstep of her distant Aunt and Uncle’s farmhouse in Pennsylvania, more than six hundred miles away from the trailer park that she called home for more than seventeen years.

It was there, over a period of three years, that Andrea ultimately reinvented herself. Far from the trailer park and the reputation that she left behind in South Carolina, she immersed herself in chores. When she wasn’t working on the bursa escort farm, she began reading everything she could get her hands on, gravitating frequently to novels involving transformation and hope. She religiously read every novel that was recommended by her new role model — Opra Winfrey. Finally surrounded by a loving non-judgmental family, at first she felt awkward and out of place.

With time, memories of her past transgressions began to dull, and even though she found that she still had the occasional craving to suck a man — any man — to completion, she found other outlets to distract her, including attending a weekly bible study. No longer did she feel like “Easy Andi.” That was in her past. She was quite simply Andrea once again.

That evening she prepared for the bible study, glancing in the mirror and finally liking — no, loving — the woman that she saw looking back at her. Long auburn hair, often pulled back in a ponytail, on this night was left flowing. She possessed natural beauty, with just enough freckles to be considered “cute”, and a body that, although curvy and soft where women were supposed to be soft, was also toned and tanned from years of outdoor chores. Long gone — at least outwardly – was the cheap and easy South Carolina trailer park whore. She was prim and proper Andrea. No one was the wiser, and she intended to keep it that way.

That night at the bible study, she learned of plans for a Christian retreat to be held in a nearby county. It would be three days of workshops and bible studies, attended by several other churches in the tri-state area. They expected to accommodate fifty guests for the event, and Andrea’s church was allocated up to seven spots. Tethered to the farmhouse and her new “parents” for the past three years, Andrea initially saw it as an opportunity to explore and learn more about her new self, but she also found herself flashing back to that first camp nearly 7 years before when “easy Andi” was born.

This would be different – SHE was different, she tried to convince herself. Packing a borrowed overnight bag, her Aunt dropped her off at the church, and they said a teary goodbye with a hug that neither wanted to end. Only Andrea and two other girls from the bible study signed on for the retreat. At age twenty, she was the “middle child” of the group. Tina was barely nineteen and Melissa just turned twenty-two. Of the fifteen young adults in the study group, she was happy that they were the ones who decided to attend.

She found them to be wholesome and proper — both traits that she only pretended to have. Tina and Melissa were inseparable despite the age difference. When the three arrived at the retreat, they explored the grounds together, until they were funneled into the main hall for a group orientation.

Nervous but excited for the chance to finally be somewhat independent — at least for a few days, Andrea scanned the room as they were given the weekend’s ground rules. Nine pm curfew, boys stay on the east side, girls on the west side, no exceptions. Six rooms per side, each room containing two bunks, with hooks and a basic chest of drawers to store clothing. Common restrooms on each side, with each room assigned its own block of shower times. So THIS is what prison is like, Andrea thought, but she was determined to keep an open mind.

Friday night was actually surprisingly fun, with interesting and thought-provoking group studies followed by singing by the fireplace for the dozen or so who remained in the main room. Andrea did her best to blend in with the smaller crowd, but one of the two guitar players kept glancing in her direction as he played clumsily. When their eyes met, he blushed and looked away. She giggled when he struck yet another wrong chord, and he just sighed, rolled his eyes, laughed and continued playing. Such an innocent Christian man, she thought. Did she actually have a chance with someone pure like him?

As they reached curfew, Andrea waited her turn in the communal restroom, then returned to their small bedroom, changed into her church t-shirt and sweatpants, then sank into the lower bunk while Tina and Melissa claimed the bunks across from her. There was no air conditioning in the room, with only a small window fan offering relief from the typically humid Pennsylvania summer evening. Back at the farm, Andrea would have slept in only a t and panties; however, she didn’t dare do that here. Better to be a little hot and uncomfortable than to come across as slutty, she thought.

After comparing notes about the day and of course some of the cute boys on the other side of the unit, Andrea turned off the light and they each said their goodnights. She kept quiet about Robert, the guitarist, but as she slowly drifted into unconsciousness she found herself fantasizing about a life with someone like him. She was sure that the old Andi would have already cornered him and had his pants around his ankles, but she was more determined bursa escort bayan than ever to carry on as naïve Christian Andrea.

Once asleep, her unconscious mind conjured up a series of interwoven nonsensical dreams, all meshing together. Each however, had a common theme, a common sound… A nice refreshing ice cream cone, a version of Andrea desperately trying but failing to lick the melting vanilla that dripped down, over her hands and onto her t-shirt. Looking up, she saw that it was no longer a cone but a penis, and now it was not one but several, unattached, merely floating just out of reach of her waiting mouth. As she strained to reach them in her sleep, she moaned — or was it her?

Her eyes opened and she realized that it was virtually pitch black in the room. With no idea of the time, she lay there and tried to focus, looking at the underside of the bunk above her. Light wimpers followed by murmurs and a muted giggle came from across the room. The other bunk, parallel to hers – was only six or eight feet across the room, but other than dark forms, was nearly impossible to see. Assuming the girls were awake, she turned on her side to face their way, still resting in her pillow, eager to join in the conversation.

As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she made out some movement in the lower bunk. She was surprised that Melissa was under the covers, given that it was probably still at least eighty-five degrees inside, even with the old fan blowing. More giggling, then a whispered, “shush!” Then, “Quiet! She’ll hear”! Andrea at once realized that as experienced as she was with boys, until this point she was totally clueless about things like this — was something really happening over there?

She remained still, feigning sleep, and the noises all began making sense, taking her back to the trailer & the muted moans of her mother, heard through paper-thin walls. She should have felt sad, repulsed, even depressed, but instead she felt a familiar warmth between her legs. Dare she touch? Here? In a Christian retreat?

More whispers, more giggles, a louder moan — then total quiet. Eyes partially closed as if sleeping, from the slight glow of the moonlight she saw a face peer out from under the sheet, quietly looking over at her. Several seconds went by before she heard a voice whisper, “it’s ok, she’s sound asleep.”

“Mmm…yes, there… oh my God..yes!”

Then another “shhh!”

Andrea realized that she was now drenched, partly from the heat, but mainly from the sounds and the mental images Andrea conjured up, wondering if they were just touching or more? Could they have been kissing, or even licking each other? It took everything she had to keep from playing with her now moist pussy. She buried her head in the pillow, trying not to hear, desperate to be a good Christian woman despite the erotic sounds coming from the lower bunk. Eventually the noises died down, minutes later a dark form quietly slipped out from under the covers and climbed into the top bunk.

Hours later, the next time she opened her eyes, it was morning. “Rise and shine!” Melissa was up and stretching, as if nothing happened. Andrea smiled sleepily, now seeing the two “proper” girls in a totally different light and realizing that she wasn’t the only one with a secret.

Walking together to the community breakfast buffet, Lisa and Melissa were their cheery selves — with no noticeable changes at all to their demeanors. Andrea wasn’t sure how she expected them to act, but she was surprised that it seemed just like any other day for them. Probably an indication that they had been intimate for much longer than just this weekend trip, she figured. As they made small talk at the breakfast table, Andrea’s mind raced, hearing those stifled moans over and over in her mind while sitting directly across from the secret lovers at the table. Was it her imagination or were they sitting too closely together?

When a calf grazed against hers under the table, she wondered if it was intentional or just an accidental touch. My, how her perspective changed in the matter of only a few hours! What would a proper Christian woman do in this circumstance, she wondered, already knowing the answer. She subtly moved her leg away from the warm calf, somewhat reluctantly. Suppressing those old feelings of desire, she looked down at the mixture of eggs, potatoes and ham, pushing it around on her plate.

It was no use — her mind kept reverting to the night before, and biting her lip, she kept mentally finding herself in her old familiar position, on her knees between parted legs, hands firmly holding her head in place. This time in her mind, however, her cheek was pressed against the inner thigh of her weekend “roomy”, not one of the high school boys or men from her past. Did she have the nerve to kiss another woman down there? Her breath quickened as she imagined Lisa spreading her legs, reaching down to pull her damp panties bursa bayan escort aside, awaiting her kisses in the most private place.

“EARTH TO ANDREA!” She was brought out of her trance by Melissa’s bark, and realized that both girls were staring across the table at her.

“That must have been SOME daydream, girl,” Lisa giggled. “Thinking of Robert again?”

“Um, you must have read my mind,” Andrea blushed.

“Go talk to him. He’s 3 tables away, and he keeps looking over here at you.”

Although she didn’t have the nerve that morning, she felt that it was their destiny to meet, when coincidentally they were paired up in a workshop that afternoon. Following that, they found reasons to run into each other throughout the rest of the weekend, even agreeing to meet on the trail for a walk around the lake. She did her best to maintain her façade of innocence, and by the end of the Sunday session, he sought her out and shyly asked if she would like to keep in touch. Smiling and nodding yes, they exchanged phone numbers, hugged and said their goodbyes. Easy Andi remained dormant, but for how long?

It didn’t take long for them to reconnect. It turned out that Robert lived only forty minutes from her, so he became a frequent visitor to the farm that summer. As expected, he was the perfect gentleman, which made it easier for her to keep up the ruse. When they finally kissed behind the barn on his third visit to the farm, they both blushed and smiled before she pushed him away, gently. She knew from experience and by the way he held his arm in front of his Levi’s that he was hiding his excitement, but she pretended not to notice.

How she wanted to unzip him and show him her skills, honed by years of practice, but she continued to hold back. To him she was the naïve and proper Christian country girl, and the perfect potential wife. Within a year they were married, façade intact.

Nympho, obedient sheltered wife, or both? Andrea couldn’t decide which she truly was on any given day. Deep down, was she still the trailer park tramp, the eighteen year old who gave head for tips most evenings during her senior year? She knew, of course, that if Robert ever learned of her past, the life that she now knew and enjoyed would be over. Still, she longed to be the sexual center of attention, remembering back to the hazy night that her “boyfriend” at the time invited his cousin over, and introduced Andrea to cheap Thunderbird wine (drunk from a brown bag of course), and eventually lured her into playing a game of truth or dare. Feeling warm from the wine, it seemed like it was always her turn to choose, at first selecting “truth,” and answering each question honestly and without shame, because in her mind it was just wrong to tell a lie.

And the questions flowed — “How old were you when you gave your first blowjob?”

Answer: Fourteen.

“Did you ever kiss another girl?”

Answer: Yuck, no.

“Did you ever let a guy inside your ass?”…

Answer: No one has ever asked.

“WOULD you let a guy fuck your tight ass?”

Answer: Maybe.

“Did you ever have a threesome?”

Answer: Not yet.

Not surprisingly, the dares inevitably led to the three of them naked in her boyfriend’s room, when the answers to some of those questions would be matter-of-factly changed from No to Yes if she ever played the game again. Even now, thinking back to it, she resented herself for being excited, wanting so much to be on her knees, with her boyfriend behind her, pulling her hair while sliding first inside her drenched pussy, and ultimately becoming the first to take her ass, all while his cousin slid his cock between her lips, holding her head still and ultimately releasing in her wet mouth. After resting briefly, the boys went out for a smoke while she took a nice warm shower, again feeling the satisfaction of a job well done. When they returned, their positions were reversed, and her ass was taken for a second time that night. Was it wrong of her to feel that those were the “good old days?”

She knew that – all in all – it was a good trade off, eliminating sexual openness and freedom for a stable, drama-free life with a good man. Christian couples weekend session topics danced around spousal sexual intimacy, hinting that sex for pleasure only, especially “debasing, perverted sex” (oral or anal, she wasn’t sure) was sinful. She knew by Robert’s reaction that he would never venture down those paths, and for the most part, she honored that.

On one occasion, after his company Christmas party, they were uncharacteristically frisky in the car on the ride home and Easy Andi briefly appeared. As he drove, she reached over and rubbed his pants, feeling him get hard. He looked so handsome that night at the party, and she felt proud to be arm in arm with him. For the first time in ages, she actually really wanted him, not that she was repulsed by him — quite the opposite, but it was much better to avoid the “vanilla” sex that always brought resentment that she couldn’t do what she wanted to do to him, what she was “meant” to do. She unfastened his belt, opened his pants and pulled his half-hard cock out, salivating as she did it, knowing it would be in her mouth in a matter of seconds.

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