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Suki had been waiting for today for over a month now, today was the day she would finally meet him, a guy she had been talking to for a while online, he was older than her but he got her in ways she didn’t think anyone very could. She pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail, looking in the mirror she smiled, her top pulled her breasts in and pushed them up, she liked that, but the way it was structured showed flesh as well, there was a confidence in her movements as she checked herself once more.

She ran her hands down her sides and to her jeans with a smile once more she turned and looked at the clock, she had just over an hour before he arrived, they had agreed to meet at the train station and then he would take her for dinner, they would maybe go see a film, after that it was down to fate. They had agreed not to push things, and simply see what happened between them. She checked her outfit one last time as hugged her curves, showed her breasts, but not too much, and held her tightly in all the right places.

The next thirty means seemed to drag by as she would start doing something then go back and check her appearance, then start something else, before returning to ensure she remained looking good, finally the clock hit the time she wanted and she tore out of the door and down the street. She was happily lost in her world ignoring catcalls from men in the street as she walked toward the train station, it was a long walk and through the city centre but today it didn’t matter.

As the station came into view she felt her heart leap into her throat, she paused to get herself together as she thought about what she would say, before finally pushing down the fear and making her way toward the entrance. She entered she could see the arrivals board, rapidly updating as each train arrived or departed. Scanning down she was looking down for the train she knew he was on. She glanced at her phone and the last text from him, she looked at the board to match the information then headed through the station to the platform where she had agreed to meet him.

Again those last few minutes seemed to crawl past, but finally, the announcement said his train would be arriving. And then only moments later the red of the engine as the train roared in before clattering to a halt. The train hissed as the brakes engaged and then a few seconds later the doors slid open as passengers began filing from the train. She rocked on her heels as she watched them pass by, on their own way out, some hugging loved ones, or grabbing for luggage to make it to their next platform, after a few minutes the doors of the train slid shut and the engine roared to life before the train pulled away. She felt like she’d been punched in the stomach before she wondered what she’d expected, was he really going to come running off the train and sweep her into his arms.

“Suki?” The voice snapped her brain from the train of thought back to reality as she turned, there standing before her the six-foot frame of a guy she knew but didn’t know. He smiled and she felt her brain go numb.

“I .. um … oh .. yes,” She whimpered, everything she had wanted to say immediately disappearing from her brain the moment she saw him.

“You OK?”

She bit her lip and nodded as she stepped back from him. He was he had said six foot, dark hair, blue eyes, his face was kind of round but looked good, his eyes were gentle as he simply stood and waited for her to gather herself, he wasn’t muscled or well-built but he wasn’t skinny either, somewhere in the middle.

“So where’s good to eat?” He prompted her now, her head immediately snapping back to focus, as she nodded and spun on her heel leading him out from the train station, she was grateful he didn’t try to touch her or force any kind of interaction between them, simply allowed her to get a grasp of herself, she couldn’t believe how everything she had thought about before was now just gone. As they reached the café she had chosen she led him in and to the corner table, she normally occupied with the view to town center, where she could watch the comings and goings of people.

“Going to grab a coffee and a sandwich, haven’t eaten since I got on the train, do you want anything?” He spoke there was a tonne of concern in his voice, as she looked to him.

“Coffee please,” She managed to say.

As he made his way to the counter she mentally kicked herself, her head screaming at her as to what she was doing, she had always displayed confidence and passion around him and now here he was in the flesh and her brain had turned to mush and she had reverted to the awkward teenager she had hated so much in the past. She didn’t have much more time to scold herself before he came back placing a cup of coffee in front of her, before seating himself opposite.

“So not what you were expecting?” He asked softly as he began to eat.

“No,” She replied.

“Should I be worried? Or getting back on the train?” She couldn’t tell if he was joking but his words caused her stomach to knot.

“No, please,”

“Relax, I wasn’t expecting istanbul escort this to be easy, kinda panicky here too, take your time we have all day,” His words soothed her and she felt the knot in her stomach uncurl a little.

She nodded and continued to stare at the dark brown of her coffee, their conversations in the past playing out in her head, she had always been so forward and open with him, it was part of what pulled them together, long conversations of their pasts and what they wanted for the future, their dreams for life until a week ago when it had turned to what they wanted was to meet each other, see if their future could become each other, so far it didn’t look good to her.

They ate and drank but for the most remained quiet, though she would occasionally steal a glance at him to watch him as he watched the city go by beyond their window. Finally they got up and made their way out, as she followed him out he held the door for her as she moved past she felt his hand catch hers, her heart stopped, her brain again going numb as his fingers interlocked through hers, the shock of that one simple act causing her mind to spin for a moment, yet suddenly she felt at ease, as if all the nerves had been absorbed by him through that one act.

“You OK?” He asked again

“Yea, better now,” She replied with a gentle squeeze of his hand. He nodded and they walked through town for a while, until the sun began to sink and they headed for the cinema, she already knew which film they were going to see, she had picked it out ahead of time. As they arrived it was quiet being mid-week so they got their tickets with little fuss, they also bought popcorn and some hot food before making their way to the numbered room where their film would show, he stood back to let her pass and she seated herself toward the back as he slipped in next to her.

“You stayed with the horror?” He whispered now keeping his voice low as they spoke.

“I told you I want an excuse to hide in your lap,” She replied, she was glad of the lights as she felt the burn of blush in her cheeks, she didn’t really care she loved horror films as was far from a wuss with them, but she knew he liked the prospects so she had kept with it. She was comforted when his response was a soft chuckle. The trailers started and the lights darkened, she was at last back to some level of control in not being able to see the man she had dreamt would be with her.

The film wasn’t that good, a standard slasher flick, but she felt him cover her hand with his, about halfway through she finally felt her nerve steady and at a jump scare quickly slid into his lap, she was strangely comforted when she felt him tense a little before feeling his arms slip around her waist, she laid her head on his shoulder and they continued to watch.

A few minutes later she could feel his fingers trace over her stomach, she wanted to whimper and moan but she kept it to herself, she found it an oddly nice sensation, as she shifted allowing him better access to continue the motion which was comforting her. A few moments later and she felt his hand shift to slip under her top his fingers now making direct contact with her flesh, this time she whimpered against his neck.

“Shh..” He teased softly.

“You’re mean,” She replied with a slight growl in her voice.

“I told you I was,” He replied softly, “I can stop though,”


The film finished as she sat forward before sliding off his lap, as he stood she felt his hands travel along her whole body before moving away, she turned and they headed out of the cinema, the air had cooled a lot in the evening and she had no coat, she shivered as the cold air hit her.

“We should get you home,” He stated softly before wrapping his jacket around her shoulders, instantly she pulled it against her feeling the heat of it surround her, the scent of his deodorant wafting up for a moment. She took a step forward and off they went, walking back through town and toward the road that led to her home, they chatted on the way about the film, her awkwardness, the strange nerves had all but slid away as she found her comfort with him.

As they reached her front she felt it settle back in, the knot twisting up inside of her as she realized she had a choice to make now, the day had been good and she could leave it at that, but he would have to walk back to the train station and get himself home. As she pulled her phone to look at the time she did the math to figure he might get a train home but she also knew it was trip from the train station on his side to his house, he had often complained about how much of an inconvenience living on the outskirts of a big city rather than close to one like she did could be.

He smiled she looked to him than to the floor.

“It’s Ok, I told you I expect nothing, you’re home safe that’s what matters, so I will talk to you when I get home, or tomorrow if you go to bed,” He reached forward touching her cheek, she caught his hand resting against avcılar escort it for a moment.

“No you should stay, I mean you’ll get the train but you won’t get a bus on the other end, you should stay till morning, then go?” She let her words hold as she could see him process the thoughts before he finally agreed, she turned pulling out her key to unlock the door. They made their way in and she could feel him shudder having had his jacket the whole way home, she directed him to the front room and then headed upstairs to find a blanket to warm him up.

As she came back downstairs a thought occurred to her, he was sat on the couch as she handed him the thick fleece blanket.

“You know I had a thought,” She started

“Didn’t we decide not to do that?” He chuckled in reply.

“Oh shush, I only know your screen name, I mean mines kinda easy kinda in the name,”

“So is mine,” He replied

She frowned as she thought about his words then sighed at missing the connection.

“James DarkBlood,” She stated softly “So your name is James?”

He nodded and she smiled, before blushing feeling kind of stupid. She sat on the couch beside him and turned on the TV, she flicked to the video app and they spent a few minutes choosing a film, another horror, but one she’d seen a few times at this point. The film was background noise as she settled against him.

“So how do you rate today?” he asked now a sudden seriousness to his words.

“It’s been good if you ignore my inability to human,” She replied

“Kinda expected that though I don’t do well with new people either and I came halfway across the country too, so the fact you showed up and then didn’t run away is good for me,”

“I had this whole image in my head, you’d come off the train and we’d kiss and sparks would fly and … God, I sound so stupid,” She sighed softly.

“I do remember threatening something to that effect, seemed inappropriate though,”

“When I saw you everything just, went, like completely blank and I panicked, I’m sorry,” She sighed softly “Like maybe you’d seen me and realised I hadn’t been completely open about some things,”

“You mean you avoid full body shots on purpose? You look great and it was never an issue, we’re good now right? You enjoyed our day together?”

“Oh yes, yes I have so much, and I’m glad you wanted to stay, so I can try and make up for been so awkward,” She replied quickly.

“So anything you enjoyed more?” He kept his words soft, though he was curious to her answer.

“Um, been sat in your lap in the cinema, and when you were touching my skin, that was really cool,” She smiled as she let the memory of that sensation settle through her.

“Kinda didn’t even notice at the time, was just an instinct thing til I realised you liked it then went under,” His hand now moved to rest against her hip as she had laid her head in his lap as she watched the film, mostly so he couldn’t see the reactions on her face.

“It was nice,” Was all she had to reply to his words.

They continued to remain as they were as the film continued on, more teenagers finding themselves been stalked by a merciless serial killer. She always likes to imagine she was smarter than them and wouldn’t wind up as the girl who tripped and allowed the killer to stab her to death. However, eventually the movie ended and she decided to go to bed.

“Do you need anything?” She asked as she slipped from his lap to look at him with a smile.

“I got a blanket, and a sofa, I’m good,” He replied.

In a moment of bravery she leaned down to kiss his cheek, his reaction was so quick it caused her to yelp, as he drew her into a tight hug she felt her whole body react with a violent shudder of happiness. She melted into his grasp and then settled back on his lap.

“That was what I was missing,” he chuckled and kissed her cheek, though as she did she turned which caused his lips to meet hers, instantly her brain exploded as she responded, his lips pressed to hers, slow at first until she responded and the kiss deepened, her arms slid around his neck, as she felt his tongue move to probe her mouth, again she responded, her tongue sliding up over his before trailing back. Her hands now running over the back of his head as she moaned against the kiss.

“You’re mean,” She breathed as she pulled back now trying to gain control of her breathing for a moment, “Like really mean I was not ready for that,”

“Leap of faith?” He smiled softly.

“And if I have run screaming?” She teased in reply.

“I would have known it was a bad idea,” He grinned there was a sudden boyish charm to him as she shook her head with a laugh.

“So you’re confident of yourself then? Thinking I’d be easy?”

“Mmm, that makes it sound so bad, I don’t think you’re easy but I do have confidence that we’ve been talking long enough to know that this awkward front isn’t actually you, and right now your head is fuddled and you’re unsure of your own actions,”

“True, but this was a leap from that?” She şirinevler escort replied

“And yet you’re still in my lap,”

“Well yea, but now I’m going to bed,” She grinned and pulled away, he kept hold of her wrist for a few moments as she began walking away until she reached her extension and he allowed her hand to slip from his “Goodnight James,”

“G’night Suki, sleep well,”

As she stirred to look at the clock she groaned, it showed it was barely 1 am she had slept a little but woken now as she looked at the bright red of her clock, the minutes ticking past. Her mind began to wonder if he was asleep or even still downstairs, would he be there when she woke up in the morning. She didn’t like the idea of him just leaving, as she slipped from the warmth of her bed. She wore only a nightshirt now as she made her way down the stairs, peering into the room where he was indeed curled up on the couch, blanket wrapped around him.

She leaned on the door frame and watched him until she decided to go back to bed as she turned she caught the door and slipped with a huge crash.

“You OK?” She heard him ask.

“Yes, just apparently I can fall over anything!” She snapped back in frustration before standing and sitting on the step with a sigh “I’m sorry, I just wanted to see if you were still here, didn’t mean to wake you up,”

“It’s fine, I’ll be here when you wake up, I wouldn’t just leave,” He replied softly.

“Are you comfortable enough? Warm enough? It gets cold down here at night, do you need another blanket?”

“I’m good,” He replied softly.

“I’m not,” She sighed in reply and headed back to her bed, as she sat on the edge of the bed she heard him move before slowly coming up the stairs, as he stood in the doorway she looked up to him “I’m sorry, this should have been easy, I like you, like a lot, but if we do anything then I’m just easy and you’ll be able to say you nailed me, and have a laugh in chat about how I was an easy lay,”

“You really think I’m like that? Suki, seriously I wouldn’t, I don’t expect to get into your pants, I got to spend the day with you, take you to a movie, hug you, and a kiss I mean honestly that’s more than I expected, you’re amazing, and sweet and incredibly my god you are so fucking sexy, and my god would I love to spend the night with you, but I’m not going to force it,”

“Every time you’ve touched me, my brain has gone to mush and my body is screaming for you to fuck me until I pass out, but we won’t because we can’t because of what I said before,”

He closed the gap between them as he knelt on the floor in front of her, his hands took hers as she looked to him, the blue of his eyes captured her for a moment as he smiled she felt her heart flutter.

“Whatever happened today is between us, no one else matters, and if they figure it out then the details remain with us, who cares what anyone else thinks?”

“You’re so not who you claim to be, you’re much quieter and more controlled,” She smiled softly.

“So which is the front do you think? Am I all talk? Or just as shy and confused as you?”

“I think you talk big, can make a girl wet with words, but you’ve just seen too much porn and just repeat what you see,” She replied as she was curious to his reply, there was a flicker of something in his eyes before it was gone and he just smiled.

“You know what the funny thing is? You’re alone with a strange man, who you know but don’t really know, yet you go to bed and only wear a nightshirt which barely hides anything,” His words were measured as he edged forward placing his hands on her knees then letting them slide up her thighs, she felt herself freeze as his hands continued up reaching the hem of her nightshirt, she wondered if he would stop when he didn’t she felt her stomach knot in panic “So we settle on this, you stop me when it gets to your limit and I’m going to continue until you say stop?”

“But what if I don’t want you to?” She murmured in reply as his hands again moved to edge her nightshirt toward her hips.

“Then I won’t” Was all he said as his fingers slipped under the hem and began to move it up, her hands instantly snapped to stop him. As his hands moved away she turned and crawled onto the bed, he stepped forward tentatively watching her before he climbed into bed beside her. As she felt his weight settle beside her body pushed toward him, his head laid beside her as she turned to look at him.

“I’m glad you came, I’m glad you’re here,”

His hand slipped up her thigh now, this time with more purpose as it ran over her hips and along her side, before moving down a little before curling under to cup her breast, her body tensed at this before she forced down the panic, his hand flexed squeezing the flesh just slightly, she squirmed under his touch before her hand moved to him, she pulled him closer and then into a kiss. The moment her lips touched his her body lit up in response, the shy girl act retreating with haste behind the need to simply let loose. He took the lead and she was happy to allow him to, his hand moved from her breast to the other before moving down over her body. She pushed him away then onto his back. Sitting to peel the nightgown from her body tossing it to the floor before moving over him straddling his waist, his eyes locked with hers as she came back down to kiss him with a deeper wave of lust fuelled desire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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