One Night

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Big Tits

I’m not sure how it started but it started on the dance floor. I was shimmying along with everybody else when these gorgeous green eyes caught me. His smile ensnared me, drew me into his rhythm, left me no other choice but to smile back and move into him, with him.

His hand rested on my hip, subtly guiding my moves, guiding me closer to him. He leaned in to tell me his name, Jake, and stayed, breathing me in until I told him mine, Brynna. He took my hand in his, pressed it to his chest where I could feel his heat, his thumping heart.

Our bodies found a rhythm of moving together with the Latin beat that shot sparks. Hands were gliding lightly over heated skin, stroking easily over clothing, through hair. Eyes spoke and bodies answered. My hands slid over his shoulders, trailing through the hair at his nape, letting my breasts plump and press against his hard chest. He kept one hand at my hip, keeping me where he could rub his growing hard on into my lower belly.

Gazing mesmerized into those smoky green eyes, I watched, amused, as he leaned in, finally, to press those full succulent lips to mine. Tasting me, savoring me slowly, delicately, sensuously. His tongue gently tracing along my lip, teasing my tongue into playing. I felt the rhythm change, slow, felt his hand slide up to cup my jaw, draw me tight against him, his heat.

Grinding tightly together, our hands stroking, searching passionately to possess, to enthrall. I heard walls crashing inside me as he made love to my mouth, my romantic heart. I felt him spin us slowly, his hand sliding down from my shoulder to my ass, always pulling me tighter to him. He slid between my legs, wrapping one around his waist, igniting a blazing heat in my cunt with every grind. Hotter our dancing became until it became foreplay.

His eyes blazed with lust barely held in check, awakening me from that delicious haze, that addicting knife edge of anticipation.

“C’mon.” He growled, dancing our way through the crowded bar.

Outside, the air felt like cool silk on my skin as he danced me to a large black truck. He spun me gently against the passenger door, his mouth a scant breath away. His hands traveled possessively over my body, kneading my ass as he ground into my heat, rising to cup and caress my hard nipples through the silk of my bra.

His mouth relentlessly roving, savoring with gentle sucklings and nibbles, from just under my earlobe to my aching nipples. Clutching at him as my body writhed and squirmed in his hands, gasping and groaning as he drove me higher, into a blazing pyre of need. Need to feel him sheathing that rock hard cock inside me, pound the ever loving fury through me until I couldn’t…didn’t want to move….ever.

I felt him lift me onto the passenger seat. I know I blinked dazedly, feeling his heat fading as he shut the door. I watched as he rounded the hood, his eyes fixed on mine. I felt my mouth become the Sahara, felt a restless, violent need whipping through me as he climbed into the driver’s seat. I sat, watching quietly as he started the diesel and drove from the lot.

His sound system was pumping out more of that Latin flavored beat that caught me up in it, made me move with it. At a red light, he watched smiling as I seat danced, seductively too, over the bench seat to snuggle beside, into him. His smile grew pleased as I leaned in to kiss him, to let my hand explore from his knee higher.

An angry horn behind us broke our lip lock but not the rising heat between us. I let my fingers stroke and pet his trapped swollen monster through the cotton of his Dockers. I traced around his ridges making him groan.

Two turns, three, seven, I don’t know. I was paying more attention to the man beside me, who had his hand sliding slowly up the inside of my thigh. I glanced up admiring his presence. His long, dark auburn hair ruffling in the breeze from the window. His face a sculpture of masculinity. Strong cheek bones, an almost straight nose with a slight uptilt at the tip, a bold, solid jawline that dipped into a slight dimple in his chin. Again that grin flashed when he pulled into a parking garage and found a spot.

He danced me to the elevator, spinning me until I was dizzy and breathless, dipping me deeply to kiss me brainless, pressed tight between him and the wall. He purred as he threaded his fingers through my long hair, pulling gently, trailed down over my bare shoulder to stroke his rough palm over my rock hard nipple. My brain raced, surfed through all these sensations while my body reveled in them. Every skim of his fingertips. Every hot melting of his mouth.

I felt him shuffle us into the car, barely hearing the doors close over our harsh breathing. Soft long moans as he slid his fingers under the hem of my shorts, teasing along my slit. He wrapped my leg around his waist to ease his access, holding me against the paneled wall while his hips humped his cock into my damp heat. Writhing against his hardness just as urgently as he was halkalı escort humping me, as I clutched and grabbed at him, aching to feel his skin on mine, to taste it.

A soft cough distracted us long enough to realize the car had stopped, the doors opened. We disentangled, barely glancing at the elderly couple as we passed. In a blink we were at his door. I could almost see the ferocious animal inside him when his eyes met mine, felt my own raging beastie may have met its match, felt the excitement, the anticipation zinging through my veins.

He slid his card in, opened the door and led me in, flicking the lights on.

“Hotel rooms are a maze to me.” He said gazing hungrily at my mouth. His hands slid back around my waist and under the hem of my shirt, skimming up over my ribs, blazing trails of sensuosity. My body moved willingly into his.

Needing to feel his skin, I pulled his shirt from his pants, sliding my hands around him to his back with a pleased purr. “Like that?” I heard him growl.

“Yes…mmm, more.” I growled back, pulling it over his head, my eyes feasting on the gorgeously bronzed skin, the muscular torso, the almost flat belly, all lightly dusted with fur, arrowing down into his pants. Greedily I ran my fingertips over him, molding my palms to his pecs, rubbing them over his hardening nipples.

I felt myself shrugging my shirt off, felt his fingertips trailing my bra straps down and off with an impatient flick of my wrist. I felt his grin against my throat. I latched my mouth to his throat, tasting his virility, his heat. His fingers slid into the jean shorts I wore, sliding them over my hips to drop to the floor.

I raced my fingers over his belly, finding and flipping open his belt, the catch on his Dockers and opened his pants. Inside I found him hard, throbbing and commando. I know I groaned into his mouth when I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, feeling him pulsate in my fist. His fingers made short work of my excuse for panties and slid into my molten hole, making me gasp and groan.

“Come for me.” I heard him groan as his fingers plunged in and out, shooting me high and then through the first wild wave. Growling and snarling I rode his fingers until my knees buckled. He lifted me gently and brought me over to the bed, laying me diagonally across the queen mattress, leaning on his elbow beside me, sucking my juices from his fingers. I watched as he sucked first one then the other, a smile dancing in his eyes. “Mmmm, delicious. I want more.”

“I want…”

“Name it.”

“I…I want to…suck your cock.” His smile beamed.

“As you wish.” In seconds he was under me, his cock jutting up making me drool, his tongue trailing that first lick through my wetness.

Hungering, I gazed at his cock for a bit, seeing it an almost painful purple, its head so engorged, the veins throbbing along his length, a milky droplet collecting at his tip. Giving in to this rising thirst, I licked that milky drop and fell on his cock like a starving woman. Gobbling like I haven’t gobbled cock in years, sliding my tongue over and around his swollen head, sliding my mouth as far down his shaft as I could, sucking hard, licking soft and quick, listening to his groans as he ate me, as his fingers warmed up my hole, primed it for this cock I was dangerously close to falling in love with.

His fingers were thrumming in and out of my wetness, his mouth sucking and licking furiously at my clit driving me closer and closer to another wild wave. His hand held me against his mouth as he continued his onslaught. It was with a wild howl I dove into that evergasm, bucking wildly against his mouth and hands, hearing him groan into my quivering cunt, feeling his tongue stabbing into my soaking hole, his fingers rubbing at my clit, at my asshole, feeling him sucking my juices right out of me.

I fell over him, his cock throbbing beside my chin, panting and groaning as every motion he made tossed me through another wave of this evergasm. I opened my eyes seeing his cock bouncing before me, felt that thirst growing with every breath. As I was rising to take him back into my mouth, he shifted us. Lifting and turning me like I was a leaf and finding myself under him.

“You’re sweet like honey.” I heard him purr in my ear. I turned to face him, smelling my come on his face, licking softly along his cheek until he turned to me and let me taste myself on, in his mouth. Purring softly into his mouth, I felt his head slide between my lips, dipping in a little at a time, sinking deeper, filling me slowly until we were bone to bone.

“I feel you…right there…” Here he humped his hips just slightly, setting off explosions of orgasms as he bumped and rubbed against that deep button. “…you’re quivering…come, sweet Brynna, come on me…mmm, all over my cock…clamping down, yes…”

Little humps that set off evergasms after evergasms. I could taksim escort barely hold onto him as they rolled through, over me, swamping me in excruciating pleasure. His voice was what kept me there with him, soft and caressing, telling me how he was loving feeling me like this, pulsating and trembling, writhing with every touch of his fingertips. I opened my eyes, seeing him leaning on his elbows watching me. “Hi.”


“Y’know, it’s really a turn on watching you, feeling you come.” His green eyes positively sparkled.

“Is it now?” I croaked, with a grin.

“‘Tis and you know it. You ready for the rest?” he grinned.

I felt his iron spike sliding back. I nodded, my grin widening, my fingers stroking over his shoulders, into his hair, down over his chest to find and lightly pinch his nipples. Slow and deep was his rhythm to begin, filling then retreating as his mouth and hands drove me up with every soft stroke on my electrified skin.

“Let me hear you…tell me…” He groaned beside my ear, his breath hot along my neck.

Rising like a balloon, steadily, growing with everything he was doing to me, I was losing myself in this pleasure. I could hear him squishing into me, felt myself lifting to meet his thrust, felt his balls bounce against my ass, felt his hands clutching my hips, my shoulders as he rode me, rougher and harder.

He whipped me around like I was a doll, spinning me onto my knees and slamming back in, with a slick coat of lube. I heard these roughened grunts and snarls that I answered in kind, adding a sharp nip to his jaw as his hands mauled my body deliciously, as his cock drove me even higher.

I felt his hand slide down between my thighs, his thumb brushing my clit as his fingers slid over my lips, spreading them, felt the gush, the wave crash over, through me, felt my body bucking and humping roughly, with a barely restrained violence, which broke free feeling his teeth bite into the muscle of my shoulder.

Thrashing madly, I managed to throw us off the bed. Growls rose from beneath me as I furiously bucked my hips, snarling at him, making him return my snarl and grabbing me tight to him, pinning my hands between us as he slammed up into me. His teeth caught me just below my ear, holding me still, where all I could do was feel him, pounding furiously into me, feel those successive waves crashing through me until all I could do was moan out loud. I felt him release my skin with a gasp and groan as he fucked harder into me with his ejaculation. I shuddered with him as we both felt the effects of the aftergasms.

It took a while to return to my actual body but when I did, I felt not just the blissful afterlude but a couple of spots of major pain. One was along the side of my head where, I guess, I bashed against something when we tumbled. The other, where he’d bitten my shoulder, was singing the sting of ten thousand bees. I laid on him feeling these pains, feeling his hands ever so softly skimming over my skin, feeling his chest rising beneath me, feeling my body humming, pleasantly sated.

When his fingers slid up over my back, sending shivers down my spine, and found the still tacky spot, he was shoving the tangle of covers away to see what he’d done.

“Shit.” At the moment, it wasn’t much more annoying than a fly and I didn’t want to even think, let alone move. “Are you okay?”

“Mmmm, I think so. I’m breathing, that’s a good thing.”

“Does it hurt?”

“It stings a little.” I mumbled against his neck, snuggling into his warmth.

“I’m sorry.” I didn’t say anything for a full minute. I rose up onto my elbows, looking down at him, seeing him giving himself shit for drawing blood.

“No. I can’t accept it, won’t. Every ache and bruise, I own. I’m pretty sure I gave as good as I got.” This lifted the chivalry guilt from his eyes.

“Now that you mention it, my back’s burning.” He grinned, relaxed. I pressed my lips to his before I climbed out of our cocoon, heading into the bathroom with him following behind. In the mirror, I showed him, the red furrows I’d clawed into his back and he showed me his bite, crusty with dried blood. Gently, I stroked a warm face cloth over his back, listening to him hiss through the cleansing.

“My turn. C’mere.” I sat on the commode, moving my hair out of the way, letting my eyes drink in his naked body, trying to distract my brain. Gently, I felt him lay a wet cloth over the spot, letting the warmth and wetness soak into the dry crust. I looked up from his chest, to his eyes, seeing him smiling at me, feeling the smile spread over my mouth. “Would you let me take your picture?”

“Right now?”

“In a few minutes, out on the bed.”

“Sure, I guess.” I answered warily, watching him as he stroked the damp cloth over my shoulder, wiping away the crusty flakes until he could see the two spots barely bigger than a needle where blood still seeped slowly. “Not as bad as you thought, huh?”

“No, şişli escort and I’m glad.”

“Have a bad habit of biting your lovers?” I teased gently, following him back to the bed.

“You’re the first actually. Climb in. I’d like to see most of your arms and legs so you can relax your modesty.” He said, digging into a knapsack beside the bed, pulling out a small digital camera.

I tossed the pillows into a pile against the headboard, threw the tangle of sheets into the middle of the bed and climbed in, letting him snap away until I thought I’d posed myself just so. “Sit up…no, let them pool in your lap…pull your hair over your shoulder, yes…just like that…” I watched his eyes haze and refocus, a small smile threatening to break out any second, waiting for him to see me again.

“Got a stand for that?” I asked when his eyes cleared a little. A tender smile broke over his face as he dove into the knapsack again, pulling a stand out, setting it at the foot of the bed. He attached a shutter cord and framed the shot before he crawled onto the bed with me. I could hear the camera whirr every time he pushed the button. “Hi there.” I smiled shifting closer to him.

“Hi yourself.”

“Did your muse bonk you on your head while we were in there?” I asked, closing the distance between us, letting my nose rub softly against his, his cheek. More whirrs.

“That she did. You were everything I thought of when I thought the word rumpled. Actually, it was how deliciously rumpled you looked and how much I wanted to rumple you some more.” He answered letting his breath mix and mingle with mine as we bumped softly against each other. He cupped my jaw in his palm, gazed into my eyes and sank into this kiss. More whirrs. I slid my hand up his chest along his throat, his jaw, around his shoulders, climbing closer, into his lap. In seconds we were entangled, writhing and snarling again.

I blinked, seeing the camera staring at me as I rode him, spied the shutter cord in front of me. His hands grabbed my hips when I stopped moving, hoping to keep me moving on him but I was like stone, gazing fixedly at his camera.

“Sit up…sit up behind me…” I crooned, slowly resuming my ride as I felt him shift, sit up. I held the button in my hand, feeling his mouth sensuously blazing a trail along my throat. Whirr. Feeling his hands rise, cup my breasts, knead them as I reveled on him. Whirr, whirr. This rise was a steadier blaze, his hands, his whole body wrapping around me and cocooning me in this heightened pleasure, smiling as my voice rose to a howl as he kept thrusting, humping into me. Whirr. Whirr as he growled out his own release. Entangled, entwined together we slept.

I woke in the gray pre-dawn light, looked into his sleeping face, wished I didn’t have to catch an eight fifteen flight, and wished I could stay, wished I could take him with me, and wished my overseas success had held off even two more days. Wish in one hand, shit in the other, yadda yadda bullshit. I reluctantly freed myself without waking him, but kissing him as much as I could get away with.

I crept into the bathroom, quietly closing the door before turning the water on. As the water heated, I gazed at my reflection in the harsh hotel light, seeing purple bruises all over me, making me grin, seeing them on my hips, my breasts, where he’d held on. I sighed, shook myself from my wishes and got ready to leave. Dressed, with a car waiting downstairs, I gave him one last kiss and left him sleeping, hoping he was dreaming of me.

That was two years ago and I still remember the musky taste of his precome, still remember how he’d entwined himself around me, constricting me until I could only feel him, thrusting in and out of me. I’ve thought about Jake whenever I caught sight of laughing, smoky green eyes. So far, they haven’t been his.

Tonight along Quincy’s Ocean Drive, in Emerald’s on the Shore, I sat at a table by the window wall, opening the whole front of the bar to the warm late spring air, waiting for Jinx to show up, and sipping my bourbon neat, absently people watching. Absently until I saw a pair of smoky green eyes, gazing delightedly at me from across the street. I felt my heart trip over itself, stumble, over rev, catch its own rhythm, felt my mouth water then dry into baked sand. I watched him cross the street, dodging a Prius easily and bypassing two people as he climbed the sidewalk and then into the open walled bar to seat himself beside me.

“Brynna.” He sighed with a joyful smile on his face that was infectious.

“Jake.” I sighed, grinning at him, letting myself reach across the table to touch him, to have him reaching for me, entwining our fingers, locking them together. My waitress came over, asked for his drink order, watching me carefully.

“You have barely stopped since you left me that morning.” He smiled wider, stroking his finger along mine. “Congrats. I’ve read both your books. You’re really good.”

“Thank you. I appreciate that. And you’re right, I haven’t been anywhere where I stayed more than two days in one spot. Until now.”

“Caught a break?” I saw the hopeful twinkle in his eyes and let my grin widen, feeling that same heat rising again between us.

“Yeah, I did. Care to join me?” I asked, watching him, holding my breath, and hoping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32