One Night Only?

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She felt numerous pairs of eyes turn to look as she and her friend entered the club. Ashleigh sighed and looked at her watch. It was a little after 11 o’clock, which means she had to endure this for at least two hours before she could escape without facing the wrath of Naomi. The petite blonde next to her grabbed her arm and led her to the bar. Even though the place was packed Naomi had the bartender get their drinks right away. Ashleigh rolled her eyes, men just fell over themselves to get Naomi anything she wanted., something she took full advantage of. Ashleigh turned and placed her back to the bar, looking out over the pulsing dance floor. She felt the stare before she saw who it belonged to. A gap in the dancers revealed a man sitting at a table, ignoring those around him to stare at her. She watched as he lifted a cigarette to his lips, the burning embers drawing her eye. Ashleigh felt the force of the stare had just punched a hole in her and he could see right through her. She held his gaze.

Ashleigh turned as Naomi nudged her arm. She accepted the drink and gave a casual glance back over her shoulder but she couldn’t see through the writhing throng on the dance floor. A shot was pushed into her hand and she swallowed it down quickly, the liquid burning her throat. She remained at the bar with Naomi as her sexy friend flirted with every man within radius. Ashleigh hovered next to her, a small smile on her lips. She loved the sex confidence Naomi excluded. It said ‘I know exactly how to fuck and if you’re lucky I’ll show you.’ Ashleigh wished she could be that outrageous. Instead she accepted the free drinks from Naomi’s admirers and vaguely listened to one man talk to her about his divorce.

Ashleigh felt a fingertip run slowly down her arm and turned to see the man from before up close. He was dressed all in black, and Ashleigh could feel the soft whisper of the silk against her as he edged his way between her and the divorcee. His hair was dark and fell slightly into his eyes, he brushed it away as he offered her a smile, revealing stormy grey eyes. He took her hand and brought it to his lips, brushing a soft kiss against her knuckles. He tugged slightly on her hand and guided her to the dance floor, weaving between the masses until he found a spot he liked. The hand he still held he slid up his chest to rest on his shoulder. She moved her hand to behind his neck, sliding her hand through the soft hair. He wrapped both hands round her waist and pulled her flush against him. His voice whispered in her ear as they moved to the music.

“I’m Edward.”

“Ashleigh,” She murmured back against his neck.

His hand slid up her back, bare from neck to ass in a short black dress. His hand slid into her hair and tipped it back to look at him.

“Got plans for tonight?”

Ashleigh weighed her options, she could just dance sarıyer escort with the guy or she could take a leaf out of Naomi’s filled little black book and take him home.


He laughed and kept his hand on the bottom of her back as he guided her from the crowd. Ashleigh caught Naomi’s eye and got a thumbs-up and a huge smile in return.

He led her to a car in the lot and opened the door for her. She slid in and waited until he got in the other side before addressing him.

“So where you want to go?”

“Depends, where do you live?”

His teeth gleamed in the dim light filtering through the windows. Ashleigh gave him her address and said nothing on the short drive to her apartment.

Edward held her hand on the short elevator ride to her floor. He released it when she fumbled with the door key, suddenly nervous, taking the key from her and opening the door himself. He waited for her to enter before following. Ashleigh turned on a lamp in her living room and turned to face the man she didn’t know. The man she had brought home with the sole intention of having sex with him. It definitely wasn’t her usual repertoire but the second she felt his eyes on her she had dampened instantly.

He took a seat on her couch and patted the spot next to him. She sat down and looked at him for a moment. Her gaze running top to toe in an appraising manner. Ashleigh shifted, swinging her leg over his so she straddled his legs. She didn’t take her eyes from his as she brought her lips slowly to his. The kiss was soft, introductory. She moved to nibble on his lower lip before bringing her lips back to his for a deep kiss. Their tongues thrust together, each trying to establish some kind of dominance. Edward’s hands gripped her ass, pulling her down onto him and grinding his hips into her. The short skirt of her dress had ridden up to almost her waist revealing the small black lace panties she had chosen for tonight. Edward slipped his hands into them to caress the soft naked flesh underneath. Ashleigh followed suit her hands running over the defined ridges of Edward’s abdomen underneath his shirt.

Ashleigh removed her hands, placing them instead on the buttons. She stopped kissing Edward to look at the smooth chest she unveiled with each button she undid. She was surprised by having a finger slipped inside her from behind and she pushed herself onto it. The last button came free and she slipped the shirt off his shoulders and admired the body of the man beneath her. He obviously took care of himself, something she definitely appreciated in this moment.

She moved her lips to his neck, sucking just enough to leave a light mark before running her tongue over his chest, giving each small nipple a testing tug and nip. The finger slowly stroking inside of esenyurt escort her was removed and her dress was pulled over her head and discarded. The black lace bra was next. Edward’s hands slid up over her hips and sides to cup the lush curves he had revealed. He pulled her to him so that he could enclose one tight nipple in his mouth. Ashleigh tipped her head back, spilling her long dark hair down her back. Edward gave her nipple a small nip and when she reacted by pushing her hips harder into him she was rewarded with a more forceful bite that was sure to leave a lasting impression. The other nipple received the same treatment and Ashleigh felt herself become wet beyond belief.

When Edward was done lavishing attention on her breasts her lifted both her and himself from the couch. Ashleigh wrapped her legs round him to secure herself and pointed to the bedroom door. He made for it and opened it, having no trouble finding the bed even in the dark. He tipped both of them onto it, making sure his weight didn’t hurt her and quickly removed the rest of his clothes before dispensing with the black lace panties, now liberally soaked in her own juices.

She gasped when his mouth fell on the centre of her, nothing gentle about the forceful licks her tingling clit was receiving. It didn’t take long for her to quickly reach the edge and she allowed herself to be tossed over, screaming his name as her legs trembled around his head. Edward slowed his attentions allowing her to recover, avoiding her clit that was bordering on too sensitive after such an orgasm. Instead Ashleigh turned the two of them so she was kneeling between his legs and she brought her mouth to his rock hard cock. She gave him the same treatment he had her and dived right into the act. Wrapping her lips around him and using her tongue to wet all the shaft it could reach. Edward groaned and fisted his hands into the bed sheets. Ashleigh swept her hair out of the way, allowing the softness of it to fall over his stomach but not obstructing his view of her lips locked over the head of his cock, sucking him into the wet heat. One hand settled on her head and she allowed it to push her down, taking as much of the large shaft as she could. She stopped when she felt the head touched her throat, not wanting to gag. She tightened her lips around him and slowly dragged them off.

He urged her off him and brought her to straddle him again. She knelt above him allowing him to bring the tip of him to her entrance. She waited until he moved his hands to her hips and urged her downwards before she allowed herself to slide onto him.

Ashleigh felt herself being split slowly open by the large cock that was forcing its way into her. She could imagine the view Edward was getting and tightened her muscles in response to the provoking images. She made it most avrupa yakası escort of the way down, feeling him pressed tight against her cervix along with every possible part of her insides. She had never felt so full to bursting. Edward brought his legs up and planted his heels. He spread his legs wide and began to rock within her, not really moving in or out. Her hands held his shoulders and her teeth bit her lip as she felt that last inch slide impossibly inside her. He allowed her time to adjust to the intrusion before urging her hips to move. Ashleigh complied, alternating her movements from grinding against his pubic bone which sent a sharp jolt through her clit to sliding up and down his length rapidly.

Edwards hands played with her breasts, toying with her hard nipples, trying to tease the peaks even larger. He was enjoying both the view and the feel of being sunk deep within Ashleigh, enjoying the view of her bringing herself close to another orgasm, fucking herself on his cock, using it for her own pleasure. He watched as her teeth sunk into her lip, her hands tightened their grip on him, her nails dragging at his flesh. He enjoyed the ripples of her muscles on him as she came again. She pushed herself onto his full length and held there as her second orgasm of the night wracked her body. A long, low, drawn-out moan was the only sound that escaped her lips. She stayed seated on him as small aftershocks prolonged her orgasm.

Edward sat up to kiss her deeply once more and he lifted her hips from him. Her lips made small sounds of protest at his removal of himself from her body. He turned her onto her stomach and brought her hips up so her ass was in the air. Ashleigh turned her head to look at him as he used his thumbs to prise her open before thrusting the full length of himself roughly into her. Ashleigh whimpered at the sensation, the small sting of pain that accompanied it only served to heighten her arousal. She slid her hands under the pillows to grip the posts of the head of the bed, leaving her hips held tightly in his hands, opting just to accept the savage thrusts that were ripping screams from her throat. She spread her legs wider, sliding herself to lie full out on the bed leaving Edward on his knees behind her, leaning his weight behind his thrusts. Gripping her hip and hair. Ashleigh lifted one hand from its tight grip on the post long enough to reach beneath herself and find her aching clit. She rubbed furiously, knowing she was close. It hit her unexpectedly and dragged Edward over with her. She pushed up onto her hands and knees so she could hold herself against him, feeling him spurt inside her. Her shaky knees could only hold her for a few seconds before she collapsed on the bed. Edward fell against her back, using one hand to keep his weight from her. He rolled and brought her with him, her back pressed to his chest, sprawling over the full expanse of the bed. They lay and caught their breath, one of his hands idly toying with her nipple.

Ashleigh rolled off him to lie on her stomach beside him. One hand threw over his sweat slickened torso. He caught her fingers in his and turned his head to face her.

“Will I see you again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32