One Night at The Phoenix

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This is new for me. I don’t normally do dialogue. People had said my writing needed some though, so there it is. Please take it with a grain of salt. I know I screwed up the punctuation in several spots. I will continue to try to get better. I was going to write all the way through the fun with Mom but decided to break it up into different chapters. If this is well received, then I will get the second chapter added soon. And on with the show…

“Be careful around Mom when she is drunk”, I said but I had no idea

Let me back up some.

The players are important. They are my mom, Diane. My husband, Curt and myself, Fran are in it too. My dad is in the story in a minor way as well as a few assorted people from town. The first three are the central characters. You should know me well enough by now I think. Curt too. My dad, well he got featured one time too. I kinda think you will be happy to hear about my mom.

The setting is simple enough, it’s a bar. This bar however, has a bit of history to it. There are three bars in Kirksville. A block off Main Street, on the corner of Magnolia and Althea is Kay’s Corner-Bar and Grill. This is the biker bar, with kind of a rough crowd. It’s strange too, considering the good restaurant attached to the side of it. Kay is a decent cook, and she usually is in the kitchen.

The next bar, in the middle of Magnolia, halfway toward Main is Donny’s Watering Hole. This is where the older crowd hangs out and gambles; some card playing and horses. No pool tables are in there even. This is the bar that also closes at midnight. Donny is a well known figure in town.

Then, there is The Phoenix. Why such an odd name for a small town bar? It’s history. It used to be owned by Lyle Mitchell and was named Mitchell’s Pub. One night after work, one of the bartenders came back in, stole all the money from the till and the safe, and set fire to the place. There were two apartments upstairs, above the bar too. Luckily no one was home that night.

The idiot used his own security system password to disable the alarm. He used his key to open the security cabinet to get the surveillance tape out of the VCR. He then set the fire and put the tape in the fire. It wasn’t hard for the cops to figure out it was an inside job. The tape wasn’t completely destroyed in the fire either, somehow. The sad thing is, that bartender had some money of his own too. He owned a bunch of farmland. Anyway, Ken sued his ass off, sold the site and retired.

Diane, my mom, bought the site and Gary, my dad, did the rebuilding of the new bar with his own crew.

Mom said, “Well, since it’s rising from the ashes, I’m gonna name it,The Phoenix.”

The people in town liked the unique name. Now, it’s the local hot spot and the party bar. When we rebuild it, we really updated and remodeled it. I am the manager. Mom ran it for the first year. Then she asked me to take over. I had been manager for three movie theaters simultaneously so she knew I was capable. I liked not having to drive to the three different towns anymore, plus, it was nice to work for family.

That switch is what helped us really take off. I got several of the local hot bands booked with us for weekend shows. Dad set up some pool tournaments and pitch games. Our bartenders are all hot young girls and sexy well-built guys. We get a nice young rowdy crowd, but we don’t tolerate nonsense. Everyone gets to have a good time without things getting out of hand. We keep the jukebox current with the newest and best liked music. When we built, we added a nice size dance area. Now we are as much nightclub as a bar.

Mom is up there most of the time. I am there almost all of the time. I usually open up at eleven in the morning. I do the books and set up the registers and work until about five. Then one of the night people comes in and closes. Most nights, I’m back up there at nine or ten and stay until closing. I usually just hang out or help clean up and stuff.

During my time, I even brought in some newer events. Like I said, I booked some of the hot bands, but I also got some interesting stuff. Mom was hesitant about some of the newer ideas. I can still remember talking her into it. I had jotted a bunch of my ideas down and we were going back and forth on some of the newer ones. It was a nice hot summer and we were sitting in the kitchen talking them through. She was not getting it and somewhat resistant.

“Mom, we need new events to draw in the younger crowds.” I explained.

I don’t know honey, the people in this town like to come in and hang out. They don’t want a bunch of stuff breaking their evenings relaxing in the bar. They would rather relax on a Saturday night, listen to the band and have a cold one.” She countered.

“Trust me mom.” I started, “The older crowd aren’t the ones going out much anymore. They sit at home and rent a movie and hang out cheaper. It’s the younger group that still goes out. They’re the ones we need to get.”

“Well, bahis şirketleri we’ll see. But nothing too wild okay? I don’t want to be the “kid” hangout. She finished.

“Okay mom.” I let it go knowing she would never quite get it and I was the manager anyway.

My boyfriend Curt (my husband now) walked in during our conversation. He was looking so good too. Curt had been helping Dad do some work this summer for the extra pay. Plus his regular work at the factory had him pretty buff. He is Native American; he had long dark hair and sexy smooth dark skin made even darker by working with Gary on the summer sun. He was wearing a light tank top, jean shorts, and tennis shoes.

He watched us as we talked.

I have to admit we had to look pretty good to his 28 year old mind. Mom was 47 years old at the time. She has light brown hair with blonde high lights. She is light skinned and slender. Its suits her 5’7 frame. And since I am going so far with the telling; she has 34B cups tits with brown nipples and a nicely trimmed landing strip on her delicate pussy.

I’m shorter and more voluptuously built than Mom. I was 25 when all this happened. I’m 5’1 and have a big chest and wide hips. People have said I have a luscious looking booty too. My tits are a hefty 36FF and I have lightly pink rose colored nipples. I keep myself waxed bare. I do have a small waist though. I’m not all fat. I am proportionate hourglass shape. I have black hair and brown eyes.

That morning, we were in her kitchen in the middle of the afternoon. It’s funny too because all Mom was still wearing was just a nightgown and silk robe. Both were an attractive hunter green color. The lacey pattern at the bust had her dark nipples clearly visible. The air conditioner had them poking hard against the lace. I guess when it was just she and I in the house, she didn’t really think about it. I caught Curt, discreetly, checking them out.

I was looking good too, if I do say so myself. I had a sexy summer tan and my skin had a healthy glow. I was wearing and white sports bra which I like to wear in the summer months. Sometimes I’ll wear one instead of a shirt. Today I had a tight pink tank top over it. The air had my big rosy nipples jutting hard against my top. I had a sexy white thong under my skin tight jean shorts. I had cute pink crocs on with it and even my toes had a sexy pink polish on them. My black hair was up in a pony-tail and off my back. I was watching Curt get an eyeful of all the female skin on display. He caught my eyes and smiled. I shot him a naughty smirk.

It was Saturday and Curt had the night off, so he came up to the bar with me to help me. Amber had opened for me, but she had to pick her daughter up from pre-school so I was coming up early to relieve her. When we got there, it was pretty empty but, Amber was having fun anyway.

“Hey, you two!” she shouted as she rolled past us standing in the doorway still.

She had one just her bikini top and some tight shorts. She had on her roller skates and was hand delivering each drink, much to Ben and Mike’s delight. Being the only two there, they were enjoying the personal treatment.

It was my idea and she loved it. Amber and I had both gone online to find our roller skates. They were the older two-by-two style instead of the in-line skates. We liked putting them on for awhile and just break up the day with them. We never did it when it was too busy and never at night.

Amber was one of the hot bartenders I mentioned. She was 23 and had a 2 year old daughter. She still had just a touch of the baby weight giving her a large sexy bust and just a tad soft allover. She wore her weight well and looked very sexy rolling around in the bikini top. She is taller than I am. She is the all-American girl. 5’7, blond hair blue eyes, cute red kips and a bubbly personality. We hired her without even reading her resume’.

A couple of mornings, she would come up before I opened to clean up from the night before or run to the bank for me. One day, she and I had a fun 69 on the pool table before we opened. Now and then, she still liked to come up to me while we were busy and just whisper,” I’m gonna eat that pussy of yours later.” She did it just to see me stutter or lose track of what I was doing.

My sometimes closing bartender Zeke, found the security tape of Amber and me having our sexy fun. He convinced me to invite him and his girlfriend Kay over to Curt’s place for some fun. In return he didn’t show the tape to my dad. Little did he know that Dad wouldn’t have cared. I was more than happy to get him and his wife in bed with Curt and me. But I digress.

Curt and I got Amber out on time and took over. Mike and Ben shortly after leaving us alone in the bar before the evening crowd filtered began appearing. He was stocking up the cooler for me and watched the bar while I went to the bank and got some change. I walked in and he was just finishing a quick mopping. We sat for a few and had our lunch bahis firmaları before he had a chance to talk.

“Be careful around Mom when she gets drunk.” I said

“That was out of the blue…what do you mean?” he asked, grinning.

“She gets a little frisky. If Mom gets a few in her she can be downright horny. I think she finds you attractive too. One night she might get a little handsy or something.”

“So does your Aunt Jayne….and your Aunt Rhonda for that matter. Nothing has ever happened with them either.” He pointed out.

“I know. I trust you around Mom. Just not her and not her when she gets drunk.” I continued. “Did I ever tell you what happened with John Willis in the back? She was drunk and decided to flash him. He took the oppurtunity to cop a feel. She was about to blow him except Randy Bender wandered past them to the bathroom. She would never have done that normally but…..just be careful.” I finished.

Curt was still grinning with a naughty gleam in his eye. I knew he was picturing it. He had a hard-on showing in his pants. I was feeling the effect of everything that day too. Mom’s nipples, Amber in her bikini and now a sexy aroused man had me powerless.

“Come on!” I said, snagging his tank top and pulling him with me to the office.

He was stunned as I quickly whipped my shorts down my legs and leaned over my desk. Shaking my ass for him, he got over it quickly. Looking over my shoulder at him, I reached between my legs spreading my wet pussy while licking my lips at him.

“Mmmm, Frannie- baby. You want my cock in your ass this morning?” He asked as he slid his shorts down his muscled legs.

“No time to get that far, just shove it up my wet pussy honey.” I whimpered, “I need it hard and fast…now.”

He grabbed my hips and I reached between my legs grabbing his erect rod and lined him up with my cunt.

“UUnngg,” we both moaned in unison as he sunk his thick hard meat into me. Curt quickly worked up to a brisk rhythm.

I pulled my tank top for him as he grabbed my plush titties. Tugging on my sensitive nipples was one of my favorite things and he knew it was a sure-fire way to push me to my orgasm that much faster. I was biting my hand stifling a wild moan. We heard the buzz as our bar’s front door opened. Curt reached back with his foot and closed the office door quickly. That was all it took and I groaned loudly as he drove himself forward and plunged his cock deep into me. Our orgasm was simultaneous and extreme. I could feel his hot spunk filling my already soaking hole.

He went to my bathroom and grabbed some towels and wiped himself off. Handing me some, he left the office and greeted the patron.

I walked out and his friend Kevin was sitting at the bar while Curt poured him a draft beer.

“Having fun?”, Kevin said smiling before taking a pull on his beer

Fast forward to the end of July.

It was really hot. Luckily, hot weather is a boon for bars. People are coming in for a cold drink and to get into the air. The bar was doing very well. The new ideas I implemented had been big hits. The crowd loved the hot bands I’d booked and the other stuff had gone over sensationally.

The Bad Girls of Oil Wrestling had been one of our biggest nights. We had a cover charge at the doors for it. We did that to discourage non-paying people coming in just trying to get a free peek and to make sure no under-age people snuck in to hang around and watch.

The bands we’d brought in had been a nice change of pace. Different flavors of music were a much needed treat. Our new larger dance floor sure got plenty of use.

One of our biggest events was the mechanical bull. This is the one that Mom had fought me the hardest.

“No one will pay to get up on that thing and make fools of themselves she complained. It will go to waste and then we’ll be out that money.

Mom, I had countered, trust me. I have some ideas for it. We’ll get a cover charge and make it a contest. Put up some prize money and trust me when I say, we’ll get people alright.

So reluctantly, she shelled out the money for it.

That night, Curt was wearing an outfit especially for the event. He had on a tight pair of wranglers, and his brown beat-up cowboy boots. We found a button-up shirt at Goodwill that looked like a cowboy shirt. His long hair was in pony-tail.

I had one a nice red silk shirt and a denim skirt. It was mini enough to be almost like a pair daisy dukes but not quite. I had on my black and white cowboy boots and sexy knee high white socks and my white cowboy hat too.

I know it probably sounds ridiculous, but we had a blast that night. During the evening, Curt came over to me while I was working the bar with Tammy. Mom stood at her usual spot at the end of the bar, out of the way; but close enough to chat with me now and then.

“I got the money from the door.” Curt said, smiling evilly. “I got a little over $350 from the front door and Zach (one kaçak bahis siteleri of my bartenders) got $300 from the side door. The event only cost us what..$500? That means the door charge alone paid for this event.” He slapped the bills down smugly. Christ, you’d have thought it was his idea.

“Alright, alright.” Mom laughed. “You guys were right; this was a good night. I had no idea any one would go for this.” She shouted over the music.

Mom was looking nice too. She had on a t-shirt advertising the bar and her usually tight jeans. Mom’s butt has always been a nice asset and she can usually count on a comment on it at some point in the night.

The mechanical bull crew had arrived earlier that afternoon. They brought the bull and set it all up. They had mats all around it and announcing area. One of the guys, Mark, had stayed with it. He operated the bull and did color commentary as well. The jukebox was still going and they atmosphere was so lively and exciting. He had a loud buzzer that announced the end of the ride. There was clock that displayed the length of the ride.

We had some fun events planned for the bull rides. Mark liked our ideas and ran with them.

We had the Rookie Round-up. This one was low setting so everyone could ride and join in. The bull would whir around slowly. People had been drinking though so some still fell off. Everyone would cheer for them anyway.

Then we had Sexy Stampede. This was a slow sensual kind of setting. It was slow enough for the girls to ride and basically show off on it. It turned into the strip tease rides. No nudity though. Well, there was some nudity. A couple of the girls stripped down to thongs and even whipped off their tops off. Most of the girls went down to bras and panties. The guys loved it. Yes, I was one of the ones that took off my top. I may have been the manager, but I enjoyed the events too. Plus, everyone in town knew what I was like anyway. The three girls that got the most votes got a prize for this round and I turned mine down. I had done it just for fun.

The last setting we did was the Rough-neck Rodeo. It was one of the more competitive settings. We did a couple qualifying heats followed but the winning bracket. This was all guys though. We had cash and prizes for the five best “8 second” rides. Poor Curt didn’t make it past the first cut.

Then Mark, the operator, got on the bull horn and announced the third round. “Alright pardners! Time to separate the true cowboys from the wanna-bes. This here is the semi-final round that will put only two of you cowpokes at the top. Then it’s winner take all!” he drawled in his best western voice.

The night was nearing its end so Zach and I went into my office at the side of the dance floor to get away from the noise and balance all but the one remaining till.

He was chuckling, “Man this was a good idea!”

“Yea? Thanks. Mom almost didn’t go for it.” I told him

“Wow! Hell, the money from the door paid for the price of the whole event, right? That means the shit-ton of business we did is all us.” He said shaking his head

We sat side-by-side going over our sheets, talking about the night

“That sexy rides competition was something else.” he said

I looked over and saw him fidgeting in his chair.

Liked it huh? I asked turning to face him

“Yeah…uh..sorry. That’s probably out of line considering you’re my boss and all.” Zach stuttered nervously

“I don’t mind.” I said, “I did it to get some response.” I reached over cupping his hardening package. “Like this response, for instance.”

He leaned back moaning as I a caressed his meat through his tight jeans

“God Fran. Lisa (his girlfriend) knows I have had the hots for you. She wasn’t thrilled when I got hard watching you take your top off on that bull. She shot me and evil glare when I started whistling for you.”, he confessed.

“Well”, I said, looking at him as I slowly unbuttoned his jeans. “Lisa is a hot girl too. She doesn’t appreciate competition. I can’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to take anything away from her. Maybe we could all share. Maybe sometime, you and Lisa could join me and Curt for a little fun.” As I said all this my hands reached into his boxers and began grazing his meat with my nails.

I slid his jeans down his legs and over his turgid rod. “I know I would love to suck this cock,” I said giving his head a little flick of my tongue. “while watching Lisa ride Curt’s shaft.”

I took Zach’s sexy cock in my hand and slowly began stroking it up and down making it hard and stiff, a drop of pre-cum leaking out from the head. I leaned forward and licked the drop from the head. I smiled naughtily up at him and he just stared as I licked all around the head, before taking it all into my mouth. I began licking and sucking the entire length of his shaft bobbing my head up and down. Even over the music, you could hear the wet sucking noises as I would suck his shaft deep before making the long ride back to his tip.

He was bucking in the chair as I had my hand around his prick, lightly pumping him. My mouth never stopped in it journeys down to his dark pubes, followed by my warm licking back up to his knobby tip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32