One Last Time

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Just like the first time this one felt like the last, like the only time. She chided herself for being so weak in the same breath that she promised herself this one last time. Her heart was dangerously close to betraying her again. Her head was screaming warning signals that were going unnoticed. But neither her head nor her heart were involved in this decision. Her thickly rolled bun came down in tumbling gold waves despite her head and buttons came undone one by one despite her heart. He was being quite helpful as he roughly unbuttoned her shirt and cupped her soft warm breasts in his large hands, his calloused thumbs circling her taut nipples rhythmically.

It was a dance. It was a dance they had danced a hundred times before, though always different and exciting, he made sure of that. This time was very different. This was the last time and they both knew it. That fact could not stop them now; in fact it seemed to drive them harder as if one last rough fuck would bring some closure to their shattered relationship.

She couldn’t remember who had started it first. Her thoughts were too fuzzy with lust to care. He had come over to get the last of his things from the apartment and she had wanted to talk to him to make him see that there was still something left worth fighting for. There was danger in his eyes, bakırköy escort she had seen the warning sign and had deliberately ignored how dangerously close he was to exploding. She knew that he hadn’t had a good fuck since he’d left two weeks ago. He needed one, now, and she knew how to give it to him.

He must have had the same thought at the same time because she had suddenly realized that she was being tossed onto her bed with her shirt half unbuttoned and her lips burning with his rough kisses. Her eyes stroked his entire body, noticing in his stance that he was not only ready for serious business but that this was a ride she’d probably be saddle sore from in the morning. The idea just made her wetter and she licked her lips in anticipation.

Rough hands tore at the last of the buttons on her shirt and pulled anxiously at her jeans. He finally gave up and gave in to her pushing hands. In a moment the button and zipper were down and she wriggled out of the denim sheath; black satin panties the only covering in his way. He stroked the tips of his fingers over the silky cloth, brushing her mons and lips ever so gently. The fire flared and she closed her eyes.

“Play with yourself,” he commanded in a deep voice as he began unbuttoning his own shirt slowly. Her hand was beşiktaş escort immediately obedient and she quickly found that she was much wetter than she had expected. Her warm, damp panties clung to her fingers as she slid a finger up and down her clit. He watched transfixed and continued to slowly undress himself.

It was maddening for her, she loved being watched, but it just made her want his cock thrusting into her even more. Fingers stroked harder as she imagined how hard his cock must be after not having had release for so long. She wondered if he had masturbated, but realized with a smile that he wouldn’t be this worked up if he had.

His shirt was off and he couldn’t wait anymore either. She felt his finger trail quickly along the inside of her thigh before wiggling under the edge of her underwear. He stroked her wetness gently, getting his finger slick before plunging it into her. Back arched she cried, “Oh yes, Luke.”

“What was that, Jenny?” he smiled sadistically; he was going to make her wait for this one. He slid his finger out of her to the point where it was just barely touching her and waited.

“Yes please fuck me,” she stated simply, it was all she could think of. Those four words had become a mantra for her. His finger moved back inside her as a beylikdüzü escort reward. He moved slowly, gently… maddeningly. She wanted to scream. She wanted to grab his cock and thrust it inside of herself, but she waited, knowing that he was building her up to an explosive finish.

He took his tortuous finger away and she groaned with need and want. He had her turn over onto all fours, her butt facing him as he quickly removed his pants. His cock was so hard it hurt. He kneeled on the bed behind her and slowly slid himself into her tight, wet snatch. He stopped when he was at full thrust, feeling her moan of delight vibrate her entire body.

He rocked back and she met his thrust with a burst of pleasure. Her hands curled deep into the dark green comforter and she reveled in the feeling of his cock deep inside her. She shook her loose hair back out of her face and he caught it in his hands. Not missing a beat, one hand around her hair and the other on her hip he thrust deep and hard. He pounded into her suddenly like a jackhammer. She screamed, and met his pace with a wild force all her own. Her world shattered, her mind melted and she gushed pure liquid pleasure. Her breath caught and she came again as he hammered into her.

She lost count, he refused to let up until she nearly collapsed back on the bed. She wasn’t complaining, she loved being fucked like this. Tomorrow she would remember every time she moved that he had been inside her, that he had thoroughly taken her for one last ride. It may not make the heart ache any less, but at least she still knew that he wanted her. He just couldn’t live with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32