One Last Fling

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Note: This is a true story that happened with an ex who broke up with me. The names were changed lest she read this and tear me a new one.


Megan checked her watch as she sat at the restaurant’s bar drinking a martini. She was meeting her ex from college for dinner and catching up. While they’ve chatted occasionally online she hasn’t actually seen him in six years. He went abroad after graduating a year ahead of her and she met someone new a few months after he left. Now she was single again. Then out of the blue he emailed her letting her know he was in her area for a job interview and would she like to catch up over dinner. She said yes even though she had some misgivings. She’s always felt awkward chatting with him since they broke up.

The 27-year-old brushed a lock of her shoulder length red hair out of her face. She was early and killing time with a drink. At exactly six Brad entered the restaurant and spotted her immediately. She couldn’t help but be turned on by the suit he was wearing. Men in suits were one of Megan’s biggest turn-ons. As they chatted over dinner her mind drifted to times in college when they would be making out in his room. She loved the feeling of his body trapping hers on the bed as he rubbed his cock over her pussy through their pants. Megan never let him have sex with her, though. She was on a “wait until marriage” kick back then. In fact, she was a bit ashamed of the way she treated him back then. He was obviously smitten with her and she had toyed with him.

They chatted over dinner. After spending two years in the Peace Corps and another two traveling and working he came back and got a job in finance, where he’s been very successful. Megan asked if he had any pictures of his travels and it turned out he did on his laptop back at his hotel room. She decided to throw caution to the wind and suggested they have dessert there and look at them. He agreed and they left. They rode in his car back to the hotel since she took the subway to the restaurant. She was in awe at the huge suite he had. He smiled and asked what she wanted for dessert. He placed the order and got the computer out.

They laid it on the bed and lied down next to each other. She could feel the tension building between them as they went thru the pics. It was like the first time they watched a movie alone when she couldn’t take it anymore halfway through and kissed him. Next thing she knew she was under him and he was feeling her up. When the bellman knocked with their food she watched him get up to let him in. She admired his body as he signed the order slip and sent the guy on his way. As they ate their dessert and looked at pictures she began to play footsie with him. His hand found its way on top of hers.

Soon Megan couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed his face, turned it to her, and started kissing him. He stopped for a second to put the computer on the table and as he made his way back to the bed he stripped as she watched. She laid on the bed and reached up to grip the bars at the head of it as he crawled across kaçak iddaa the sheets to her. Her eyes were fixated on his 8 inch cock as he came to be kneeling over her. Without any warning at all he tore open her blouse, revealing her bust. Brad always loved her tits. They were large enough for him to take in his hand and not so big that they were obviously fake. Actually, he knew that Megan’s were real, which made her all the more desirable. He could see that her nipples were already as hard as ice picks. He pulled the bra down on one of them and took it in his mouth. Megan began to gasp and writhe a little on the bed as he suckled her breast like a newborn. She always loved it when he did that. In fact, one of the reasons guys love fucking her is she’s so easy to satisfy in bed. Sometimes all Brad had to do was rub her through her jeans and she’d have an orgasm.

As he suckled her she reached behind and undid the bra. When his mouth came off her tit she sat up and her blouse and bra were thrown to the floor. He pushed her back onto the bed and began to kiss and squeeze her tits before moving down to her belly. As he licked her skin he undid the buttons on her pants. He got up and began to pull them down. She lifted her hips off the bed so he could get them off. Now all she had on were a pair of silk undies. Megan didn’t want to have sex with Brad. It was the time of the month when she could get pregnant. But Brad remembered how she wouldn’t put out in college and was determined to have her tonight.

He kissed and licked her all around her pussy. This teasing drove Megan into frenzy. She heard a ripping sound as Brad tore her panties to shreds, exposing her sex, but she was past caring. She looked down as his face went between her legs. Then she closed her eyes, arched her back, and cried out as he began to lick her. Megan had her first orgasm almost immediately. Brad made small slurping noises as he got as much of her pussy juices as he could. As her orgasm subsided he pushed his tongue into her opening. Megan’s whole body went into convulsions as she felt him lick her pussy walls. She began gasping out at him to get on her.

Instead he continued to eat her out. She was rubbing her own tits while begging out loud for him to mount and fuck her. As she came off her second orgasm she couldn’t take it anymore. She reached down, grabbed his hair, and pulled him up. He planted his mouth on top of hers and they played with each other’s tongue as he worked his way between her legs. When she felt the head of his cock on her opening she leaned back on the pillow and smiled up at him. With one, hard thrust he was inside her. Megan let out a gasp as she took him into her. Brad didn’t waste any time and started fucking her fast and hard. She wrapped her legs around his as she felt her whole body shake with the impact of his thrusts.

Megan could feel herself building to her most intense orgasm yet. Brad had started varying the speed of his thrusts. Fast to slow to medium. It was driving her wild. She wrapped her arms around his back and her legs kaçak bahis around his ass while he continued doing her. When the orgasm finally hit her mouth hung open while all she could manage to do was gasp. She pulled him tight against her with her arms and legs. His lovemaking changed to fast, animal-like humping. Megan’s whole body was shaking as she rode her orgasm and near its end she could feel his load being deposited deep inside of her. As he pulled out she worried for a second about getting pregnant. She pushed it aside as he towered over her holding his half soft cock and ordered her to get it hard again.

She smiled at him and sat up. She leaned forward and took his member in her mouth. As she sucked it he reached down and began playing with her nipples. Feeling him pinch and twist them kept Megan wet for round 2. Feeling him grow hard in her mouth was also a turn-on. She took turns between licking the shaft and taking it in her mouth to suck. Once he was back to his hardened glory she sat up and smiled at him. He smiled back before grabbing her by the shoulders and turning her over onto her stomach.

Megan fell onto the bed facedown. She could feel him rubbing her ass. He was running his fingers around the edge of her hole. She remembered how when they were dating they dry hump as they made out, then she would turn over for a massage while he dry humped her ass. He loved her rear and was always giving it a pinch. Now he was prying the cheeks apart and fingering it. Meanwhile, he was fingering her pussy with his other hand. Megan’s mind froze with shock when she felt him start to rub her pussy juice all around her asshole. She knew what he was planning to do to her now and yet something kept her from protesting.

She could feel him lay on top of her and the head of his cock began to trace over her ass to her hole. Megan didn’t want to have anal sex and yet she didn’t cry out for him to take her pussy and not her ass. With a hard thrust from him and a yelp from her he was inside her rear. Megan was grunting in pain as Brad laid on top of her and violated her butt. She could feel his hot breath on her neck, his hips impacting against her as he used her body for his pleasure. She reached down and began to rub her clit. Her ass hurt so much yet she was loving the pain. Megan began biting the pillow to keep from screaming out in pleasure and pain.

Brad’s thrusts began to pick up in pace and Megan braced herself for his seed. Suddenly she could feel him shooting his load deep into her ass. She rubbed her clit and began to come as his body relaxed and fell on top of hers. They rolled over onto their sides in a spoons position and she fell asleep in his arms.

The next morning Megan hoped to leave before he woke up. And yet Brad did just that as she started to look for her clothes. He grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her into the shower as she half-heartedly tried to get out of his grip. They washed each other off before he made Megan face the wall and lean forward. She assumed the same position cops make you take when illegal bahis they frisk you. She sensed Brad come up behind her.

Again, he entered her rear but this time there was no pain. Megan gasped in pleasure as she felt his hands grip her hips solidly to keep her steady as he screwed her. Her hole was nice and loose from the previous night’s fucking and his cock was all wet from the shower. In less than a minute Megan’s cunt was coming. She could feel her pussy juices running down her thigh before being washed away by the shower spray. Brad reached up and squeezed her tits as they listened to the loud smacking sound that’s made each time his hips impact her ass. Megan reached down to rub her clit. She could feel a second orgasm building up inside of her. This was turning into one of the hottest fucks of her life. He gripped her hips again and pulled her into his rod as he started shooting his seed into her.

Megan was gasping as he finished filling her ass up and released her body from his grip. The problem was that he stopped just before her orgasm. Megan so wanted to come and she wanted it to happen while she had a cock inside her. So she turned around and kissed him passionately, working her tongue inside his mouth for him to suck on. She pressed her whole body against him, rubbing herself against him. She could feel his semi-flaccid cock against her hip starting to grow hard again. She grabbed a bar of soap and kneeled down in front of him. She grabbed his cock and began to rub it with the soap. Once it was lathered up she began to rub it into him with her hands. All the while he grew harder and harder in front of her. She stood up and let the shower rinse his cock off before tripping him.

Brad fell on the floor and sat up to see Megan standing above him, the shower spraying into her back. Water droplets were dripping off her hardened nipples as she straddled him and sat down on his lap. She lifted herself up a little and positioned her opening over his rod. Slowly she fell down onto him, taking him into her. Megan smiled at feeling her pussy being stretched. She began to rock back and forth, hugging his face against her chest. Brad contented himself with sucking her tits as she used his cock to pleasure herself. Megan was moaning softly as she felt his rod rub against her clit. Before long she was climaxing. She began to thrust her hips into him roughly as she rode her mind-blowing orgasm.

Once she had climaxed she got up and got out of the shower, leaving Brad sitting there with his cock pointing up in the air. She dried off quickly and went into the bedroom to get dressed. She had just gotten her bra on when she felt his hands on her. Brad pulled her roughly over to the edge of the bed and forced her to bend over. Megan’s head and chest rested on the bed as he mounted her from behind and began to fuck her roughly. Megan just stood there silently as he had his way with her. She felt no excitement from this but knew that resisting wouldn’t do anything to stop it from happening. Within a minute she could feel his load being emptied inside of her. When he was done she just stood up without a word and resumed getting dressed.

Once fully clothed she kissed him one last time then walked out of the room and out of his life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32