On the Loveseat Ch. 09

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This story has grown far beyond my original conception of it. The characters have inspired far more story than I thought would be possible. Your comments and messages have given me the encouragement to continue when I might have just let the tale end. The story has expanded to the point that I have enough plotted out enough to go on for many more chapters (if that is what you want!). I don’t know where it might end and I welcome any and all suggestions that I may weave into Jeremy’s story. I love getting comments or messages from my readers; you are why I write these words.

Note: It will help to read previous chapters to know fully what is going on. (I may do a summary for future chapters.)

Thanx for reading!


I awoke the next morning, Monday, more than an hour before my alarm was set to go off. I remembered mom’s statement about not visiting me this morning, so I unhappily rolled over and went back to sleep, trying to ignore my morning woody. That was just an indication of how the rest of my week would go. After such a sex-filled four days, I spent the next week much as I had before walking into the kitchen and asking mom to jerk me off, which is too say, handling things myself. Only worse now, because I knew what sexual treasures lay so close by, within my sight and practically untouchable. I noticed that mom seemed to be dressing sexier; shorter skirts, tight sweaters, blouses with an extra button left undone, jeans or slacks that clung so temptingly to her curvy ass. I had to believe her attire was for my benefit only; I never saw dad notice or make one comment about what mom was wearing. I stared blatantly, letting mom catch me almost drooling over her, a smile or a wink her only response to my ogling. She was also showing off her figure while no one else but I was looking. Mom would emphasize her ass when she bent over by not crouching at the knees but rather from the waist, stretching her arms up and outward, pushing her breasts forward in my direction, a few times I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra! Mom also would touch me more frequently, putting her hand on my arm when we would talk or during dinner, brushing up against me if we passed each other, usually rubbing her tits on my arm, one of her hands would stray over my dick that was almost constantly hard, or pushing her ass against my crotch. Mom was driving me crazy!

Not to say that I wasn’t doing the same things to her. I made sure she got an eyeful of the perpetual bulge in my pants, even grabbing it once or twice to emphasis its size and hardness. Mom would lick her lips hungrily at my display. Every time I got near mom, my hands were pulled to her body as if she was a black hole, her irresistible gravity causing me to grope her terrific tits or her full firm ass! I got into the habit of giving her a swat on her derrière every chance I could, mom would always respond with an almost imperceptible, ‘oh!’ Our hugs became more frequent, our lower halves grinding urgently in the brief moments we were connected.

Needless to say, our lips were never far apart if no one else was nearby. We would duck into an empty room and make out for a few minutes; sneaking into a bathroom, the utility room, or either of our bedrooms and press our tongues into the other’s mouth until we were breathless and flushed. Once we were nearly caught by dad when he came into the downstairs bathroom during a commercial break while I had my tongue in mom’s mouth, only the creaking of a floorboard under the hallway carpeting giving us a one-second notice before he appeared in the doorway. Mom made a hurried excuse about checking some rash on the side of my neck when dad found us standing close together. He gave us both a strange look and thankfully never asked about looking at my nonexistent inflammation. We exited, and after dad closed the bathroom door behind us, we resumed our lip lock for a precious few seconds more, before returning to the living room laughing with nervousness at our close call.

That wasn’t the only close call that week either. It was probably the least risky of any of the incidents that occurred.

Tuesday afternoon when I got home from school, I knew that there was some time before my sibling’s bus would drop them off, so I went into the kitchen where mom could usually be found. Sure enough, she was cleaning out the microwave oven, various racks and the rotating tray spread out on the counter. Mom turned as I entered the room. She gave me a big smile but continued what she was doing.

‘Hey, mom! Do you have a minute?’ I casually asked.

She turned, hesitantly.

This was justifiable after last week’s incident.

Even more so, as I had undone my jeans and dropped them and my underwear to my ankles.

Mom saw my erect cock with her widened eyes. There wasn’t the anger that she had last week, instead a hunger consumed her look.

‘Jeremy! Again?’

‘It worked pretty well last time!’ I wiggled my hips causing my cock to dance back ataşehir escort and forth.

Mom smiled, her eyes never leaving my little buddy.

‘That’s not exactly how I remember it, though the day did get much better after that!’ Mom answered, dropping her cleaning rag and moving over to me.

‘How about a blow job my cock-sucking slut mom?’

Mom’s eyes moved from my cock to my face, staring at me for a long moment. She then dropped to her knees and had her mouth wrapped over the mushroom dome before she even managed to get her hands around the shaft of my stiff dick.

‘Mmfrb nuhgle sunhrm.’ Mom mumbled with her full mouth.

‘What was that, whore bitch?’ Mom’s eyes glowed up at me.

She didn’t repeat it and never took her mouth off my cock, instead taking me deeper into her mouth. Mom was soon gagging with my cockhead pressing against the back of her throat. She pulled off for a second and then had it back deep in her mouth. She bobbed up and down, her tongue tickling the sides as she did. After a few strokes, mom again attempted to swallow my throbbing cock. She was within an inch of deep throating my whole length, her lips being brushed by my curly pubic hairs.

‘Good job, mom!’ I praised her. She looked up to my face, her achievement and my compliment reflecting from her emerald eyes.

Mom withdrew off my cock and began a thorough job of licking her thick saliva off me, one hand gripping the base and the other cupping my balls. She had me ready to cum in no time! Mom seemed desperate to have me unload in her hungry mouth, but she also wanted to prolong her enjoyment of sucking and licking my big hard dick. I, too, wanted both those things!

Mom once again took me deep into her mouth, intent on getting my entire dick down her throat. Even after she started to gag, she pushed her head forward. She was swallowing and gagging as my dick pressed deeper, getting to within an inch again. I grabbed her head with both hands and pushed my hips forward until I felt her lips smash against me, my ball sack rubbing her chin. I held her like that for two seconds before I let her go. She fell back to sit on her heels still making choking sounds and coughing up bile and saliva, her face a mess with tears and sweat. She stared at me with some fear. It wasn’t a look I wanted to see on her face ever again! Even if it meant never being able to do anything with her again. But, I was also proud that she had finally managed to get my whole cock in her mouth!

‘You really are a true cock-sucking mother now!’ I said. ‘Are you going to be okay?’ I know my concern may seem false since this wasn’t the first thing I said, but mom was breathing, she hadn’t puked, and she hadn’t gotten up and fled. She coughed again before she answered.

‘I’ll be fine.’ Mom gave me a look that I couldn’t decipher through her bedraggled face. ‘Don’t ever do that to me again, Jeremy.’ Her tone was a bit on edge.

‘I’m sorry, mom. I was just trying to help you get it all in your mouth. You seemed so intent on being able to get my dick down your throat and you were so close!’ I apologized profusely with my spit-coated cock still pointing at mom’s face.

‘I know you were just helping. It just startled me. I couldn’t breathe and you were holding me there, I felt … it doesn’t matter. Just please, don’t do it again.’ She took a deep breath.

‘I won’t! But you did it.’ Mom gave me a little smile, then her eyes returned to my hard dick.

‘Now let’s see if I can get you to fill my mouth with your tasty, creamy spunk!’ Her smile grew as she took hold of my cock and replaced her mouth over the head. In a moment she was bobbing her mouth up and down over my veiny shaft, franticly trying to milk my balls of my cum.

I had recovered from our short intermission and was within moments of unleashing my load in mom’s awaiting mouth, when the front door banged open.

My heart jumped into my mouth as mom fell away from me, my pulsing cock standing prominently between us. I bent and grabbed the waistband of my jeans, tangling them with my boxers as I pulled them up urgently as I heard my siblings barge into the living room and drop their school bags on the floor. Mom sprang to her feet, wiping her face with her hands, not making any improvement. I darted behind the counter island, trying to arrange my underwear and zip up my pants. I threw mom a towel that she caught with one hand and was wiping her face as Johnny and Jojo called out simultaneously, ‘Mom!’ and entered the kitchen.

‘You two are home early.’ I said as mom straightened her blouse and ran a hand through her hair.

‘Mrs. Darby drove us home.’ Johnny said without any further explanation as he went to the refrigerator.

‘Mommy, you look funny.’ Jojo looked at mom with cute concern on her face.

‘I was cleaning the microwave when your brother startled me.’ Mom looked from her daughter to me. I hoped my sister accepted this weak excuse for mom’s kadıköy escort flushed and streaked face.

Johnny had pulled the fruit juice container from the fridge. I turned behind me and grabbed two glasses, then added a third, and set them on the counter before me. He managed to get the cardboard juice container onto the counter that was almost as high as his chest, and I took it and poured out for the three of us. Mom gave me a look as she picked up her rag and resumed her work on the microwave as her kids drank their juice. I finished mine with one long drink and went upstairs to my room. I knew that mom would probably scold me later with how close we had come to being caught by Jojo and Johnny.

Another incident happened Wednesday night while dad and the kids were watching TV after the evening news. I had been upstairs in my room as was usual. I heard mom come up and go into the bathroom. I crossed the hall and pushed the open door further to find mom putting away towels in the closet. I startled her when I entered, but she set the towels down by the sink and was in my arms. I kicked the door closed blindly. I kissed her hungrily as she pressed her body against me. We were consumed by our lust in not more than two minutes, mom’s hands on my ass pulling me urgently against her. I ran a hand down her belly and over the valley of her crotch, pushing my fingers into her polyester pants. This increased her need; she wrapped a leg around mine and ground against my hand. I moved my hand and managed to unfasten her slacks and slip my fingers down into her soaked panties. Her mouth was sucking the breath out of me as I sunk one, then two fingers into her oozing gash. I couldn’t finger fuck her with her pants on very well, so I wiggled them inside her cunt as well as I could. I did this for a few minutes, mom’s moaning into my mouth letting me know that she was very close to her release. I brushed my thumb over her stiff clit and I felt like that guy in the Alien movie with that thing clamped on his face as mom had locked herself on me so tightly as she came on my probing fingers. She was still trembling when there came a knock on the door. We froze for a second, then I pulled my hand from mom’s pants and she redid them up. I opened the door to find Jojo standing there.

‘I have to tinkle. Dad’s in the downstairs.’ Jojo said looking at both of us, curious to find us in the bathroom together.

‘Mom was putting away towels,’ I indicated the towels sitting on the counter, ‘and one of the shelves was wobbly. I fixed it for her.’

‘Thank you, Jeremy.’ Mom said emphatically.

‘No problem, mom. I’ll fix your wobbly shelf anytime.’ I stepped out of the room, and after putting the towels away, mom followed me. She slapped me on the shoulder as the door closed behind us.

‘My wobbly shelf? More like my wobbly legs you little shit.’ She smiled, kissed my cheek, and headed down the stairs. I was watching her when I heard the toilet flush and Jojo opened the bathroom door.

‘Remember, we all have to help mommy, Jeremy.’ My sister grinned at me and she too headed back downstairs. I shook my head and went back to my room with a smile.

With the risk of being caught, and the consequences if we did, it might seem like we should be doing nothing and just stay away from each other. That would be the wise course of action. Mom and I weren’t thinking with our heads though. Our loins and our lust were making the decisions. And it almost came crashing down around us on Thursday afternoon.

I had come home from school and found mom vacuuming the living room. She was dressed in a pair of jeans that were practically painted on her, and a semi-sheer creamy white blouse that revealed the plain white bra underneath. I dropped my bag in my room and came back downstairs. Mom had put away the vacuum and she met me as my foot left the bottom step. We kissed briefly but passionately. Mom suggested we move to another room, and we had an all too brief make-out session in her bedroom (to give us more warning time if we should hear the front door) that we ended long before Johnny or Jojo would get home, by whichever way they got here. After the twosome got home and were busy in their rooms doing homework, I came downstairs to find mom doing dishes. I went up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist in an innocent hug. The soft kisses and gentle licks I left on her neck and cheek were not so innocent!

‘Jeremy! Haven’t we pushed our luck enough? Jojo and Johnny are just upstairs.’ Mom exclaimed in a half-whisper, but she stopped what she was doing and turned the tap off. She dried her hands and spun around in my arms. I allowed my hands to drop onto her cushy ass in her tight jeans.

‘I’m just giving my mom a hug and a kiss.’ I said as if affronted by her tone. ‘We aren’t doing anything wrong.’

‘Yet.’ Mom answered and melted into my lips, wrapping her arms around my neck. We stood there entwined together for five or ten minutes bostancı escort when mom broke our kissing.

‘Let’s not be so in the open if we are going to continue this.’ She said in a breathy whisper.

I followed as she walked to the utility room off the hall to the garage. Mom shut the door behind us and was back in my arms again. With a modicum of privacy now, we let our hands roam free over the other’s body. Mom couldn’t seem to get enough of her tongue in my mouth and it was as if she was sucking all the oxygen she needed out of my lungs! When I started to feel dizzy, I stepped back.

Mom stared hungrily at me, sizing me up as if I was a rack of lamb. I figured, barring any interruptions from my brother and sister, that mom and I had enough time for both of us to get off before dad was due to get home. Mom had the same idea as she dropped to her knees on the bare concrete floor and began undoing my jeans. She bared my lower half, revealing a very stiff cock that she engulfed in her mouth. Her intensity caught me off guard and I had to put my hands on the washer and dryer behind me.

Mom didn’t spend any time trying to deep throat me, she was strictly intent on making me fill her mouth with my hot cum. I held her head gently as she bobbed along my shaft, soaking it with her spit. Her hands were busy too, one stroking me and the other playing with my balls. The lack of activity during this week had me ready to blast my load into mom and right out the other end! Mom sensed this and quickened her bobbing tempo, her stroking hand squeezing so hard she might pull my cock off along with my load of cum!

‘Fuck mom! I’m gonna cum! Suck my cock, whore!’ I tried to keep my voice at a reasonable level as a thick load of white cum shot from my dick. Another followed the first. Then a third, and a trickle of a fourth. Mom never slackened her pace, her throat visibly gulping down my seed. She spent a moment after I finished, licking every trace of cum from my still hard dick. Mom looked up at me as she pulled her mouth free, lavishly licking her lips with a big smile.

‘I love your cum, Jeremy! I don’t know that I’ve ever had any that tasted as good as your does!’

‘Could it be because I am your son? Or that I am just that good.’ I beamed proudly.

‘I don’t know. Don’t go getting a swelled head,’ mom gave a gentle bite on my cockhead, barely brushing her pearly whites on the smooth dome. ‘Or I should say another swelled head. I like just the one you already have!’ Mom rose unsteadily from her knees.

‘It’s your turn now, mom.’ I reached down and began to unzip her jeans.

‘No, we can’t!’ She protested, trying to bat my hand away. ‘These jeans are hard enough to get on! I don’t want to have to try getting them back on if your brother or sister come downstairs for anything, or if your father comes home!’

‘Oh they won’t come downstairs, trust me. And there is plenty of time before dad comes home!’ My hands had succeeded in undoing her jeans and were sliding inside to start pushing the thick fabric downwards.

‘Jeremy, stop! I don’t want to get caught!’ Mom’s remonstration grew firmer.

I moved one hand from her hip around to the front and down further, finding her panties damp. I slipped beneath the delicate cloth and ran two fingers over her pussy lips. Mom moaned and her hands fell onto my shoulders.

‘We can’t! The kids … oh!’ I brushed a fingertip over her hidden clit.

‘Jeremy, please … ‘ Mom begged as her cheek fell against mine, her breath hot on my ear. I pushed one of my fingers between her closed lips, using the liquid seeping out to ease its entry.

‘Oh … God! We shouldn’t do this!’ Mom gasped as she started to suck on my neck.

‘Shouldn’t do what, mom? This?’ I pushed a second finger into her; its access was less restricted.

‘Fuck!’ Mom grunted.

My second hand had continued pushing the tight denim down around her hips, her curvy ass now a hindrance.

I pressed my fingers in and out of mom’s grasping cunt as well as I could, but the jeans only made it possible to wiggle my fingers within her hole. I couldn’t get enough grip with only one hand to get mom’s pants down past her hips and ass! Mom now began to help, grabbing with her hands and wriggling her hips. Once we got them over mom’s curvaceous figure it was somewhat easier. I had almost unlimited access to mom’s pussy now, only a pair of blue cotton panties hiding her treasure.

Now that I could fully finger fuck mom’s cunt, I frenetically pumped my fingers and hand. Mom was gasping for breath with her hands gripping my sides, her breasts pressed wonderfully against my chest.

‘God, yes! Fuck me Jeremy! Fuck me with your fingers!’ Mom’s voice got softer the closer she came to her orgasm.

‘Cum for me mommy! Cum on my fingers like a slut!’

‘Fuhh, gaah, cuuuhh minng!’ Mom’s body locked up against me as she orgasmed. I braced us against the washer to keep her from falling to the floor. It took a few minutes for mom to recover, her lips covering mine in a multitude of soft kisses.

‘Jeez, Jeremy. You shouldn’t have done that.’ Mom said quietly but firmly.

‘It seemed like you wanted me too.’ I answered just as firmly.

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