On The Job

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With two more hours to go on his shift, Joseph got up from his seat by the monitor screens to stretch. The other three overnight guards had taken their turns doing a patrol around the complex, and now it was his. He fixed the way his belt sat around his waist, checked the monitors one last time, and stepped outside, locking the door behind him. He scratched at the straps of facial hair that went down to his goatee before sitting down in the golf cart parked outside. Joseph turned it on, flicked on the headlights, and fixed the mirrors. “One last patrol tonight,” he said to himself. “Let’s go.”

The apartment complex he worked at overnight was typically quiet. It was in one of the better parts of town, and as such had a rather expensive and reliable security system. Aside from cameras there were high rod iron fences with elaborate top decorations and self locking gates. He was one of five overnight guards, one stationed in each of the offices at the four corners of the complex, and the supervisor in the main office at the center.

Typically he would go out on foot patrol, but tonight was a special night. He did his routine checklist of each of the areas that the cameras didn’t cover, and when he found everything to be clear he made his way back around to the east side of the complex. He drove off of the road onto the sidewalk, and cut off the lights. After rounding a corner of one of the apartments, he parked and cut the engine behind some high hedges and sat there, waiting.

“I thought you were never gonna come,” a voice quietly called from the other side of the hedge.

Joseph chuckled. “Like I would ever miss this.”

A figure came out from around the hedge and sat down in the cart next to him. “Nice to finally meet you, Joseph,” she said seductively, reaching down to stroke his thigh.

“Same here, Bri,” he replied, reaching an arm around her shoulders and placing his hand on one of her breasts that was covered by a bra and tank top. “I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. But we’ve got maybe twenty minute before I’ve gotta get back.”

She grasped at his stiffening cock through his slacks, which were slowly being stretched istanbul escort by his rising member. “I definitely think I can finish you off in twenty minutes.”

He smiled at the bespectacled girl sitting next to him before leaning in to kiss her, tasting her wet mouth on his tongue as he slid a hand between her thick thighs. She opened her legs for him, and as he rubbed at the center of her jean shorts he discovered she was already wet, and what wasn’t sticking to her thighs was seeping through the material.

Bri undid the hook and zipper on his slacks and pulled them and his boxers down, letting his solid cock bounce upwards and slam against his stomach. She chuckled as she reached to wrap her fingers around it, shifting her body so she had one knee on the seat and one foot on the floor of the cart. Joseph made to undo the button on her shorts, but she beat him to it, taking them and her panties off and tossing them to the floor of the cart before leaning forward and kissing the tip of his member. Joseph reached back between her thighs, sliding his hand up to the source of the wetness, running his fingers over her bare mound before delving into the folds of her soaked lips.

“Mmmm, that’s good,” he said as she licked up the length of his shaft. She said nothing in return, only closed her lips around his tip before slowly running her mouth down the length of his member. Joseph caressed the petals of her delicate flower, slipping a finger inside as he made a pass over her clit, making her briefly shudder.

Bri pulled up, dragging her lips along his length and leaving a wet trail of saliva that she used to rapidly stroke him. “Are you gonna fuck me or are we just gonna do this all night?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” he replied, pulling his fingers back from her soaking lips and licking her fluids off of them. “Fuck, you taste good.”

“Oh, I know,” she said with a smirk.

“Come on, the backseat,” Joseph said, stepping out and standing up before moving to the back of the cart.

Bri followed him, hopping up on the seat and spreading her thighs for him. Joseph avcılar escort kissed her, grabbing at his cock and lowering a hand to massage her thigh as he rubbed his tip against her slick folds. She quietly whimpered as he teased her entrance, licking her neck as he raised a knee to the seat for better leverage.

“Oh god just fucking put it I-” she began before being cut off, letting out a quiet moan as he entered her, sliding half of his thick length into her at first, then drawing out slowly. As Bri lowered a hand to his waist he gave another slow push in, delving into her steaming hot feminine sex.

Joseph raised his hands to her breasts, caressing them through her shirt as he slowly drove in and out of her. Finally he grabbed at the collar, tearing it down the middle as Bri gasped and pulling her tits out of the bra. He squeezed them, gently first while rubbing her nipples and pinching at her areolas.

“That feels good,” she whispered, wrapping her thighs around his waist. “But I want you to fuck me. Harder.”

Joseph obliged, grabbing under her thighs and pulling them apart as he sped up his thrusts, increasing his speed as her moans increased in volume. The sloshing sound coming from down below was almost as loud as the sounds coming from her mouth. Joseph hoped that the residents would assume it was another of them and not call it in, but he was too entranced by the warm, slick hole he was sliding in and out of to care much even if they did. She raised her legs up high, closing them like she knew Joseph liked. He wrapped his arms around her thick thighs and leaned them off to the side, enjoying the newfound pressure around his member.

“Oh god,” she said between moans. “I… I’m gonna… ohhhhh!” she cried out as her body began to shudder, pulsing around his shaft as her orgasm rocked through her. The sensation of the increased movement nearly brought Joseph himself to orgasm, but he restrained himself, holding back his cum as he slowed down his thrusts almost to a stop.

He pulled his cock out, slick and glistening in the low light and warm against the cool breeze of the summer night. Bri knelt şirinevler escort down and slowly stroked him, licking up her mess with a satisfied groan. “Can you fuck me from behind, babe?”

Joseph nodded, letting her get up and kneel on the seat, leaning forward and sticking out her smooth, round ass into the night. He reached between her thighs, nudging them as far apart as he could to expose as much of her sweet lips to him. He stood up on the metal floor of the back and slipped himself back into her, driving his full length forward into her dripping slit. “Fuck, that feels so good,” he said, exasperated as he drew out and thrust again, getting back into his rhythm from earlier.

He took a firm grip of her hips with both hands, slamming his cock into her as he focused now on his own orgasm after she’d had hers. The newfound aggression in him let him to raise a hand, slapping her on a cheek and leaving a great red handprint on her ass as she cried out between thrusts.

Between the heat of her entrance, the moans working their way through her throat, and the thrill of fucking outdoors, Joseph couldn’t hold himself back anymore. “Bri, I… I’m gonna cum.”

“Stay inside!” she said, breathing heavily. “Cum inside me!”

Again, Joseph obliged. Within seconds, he felt his waist shudder as he blew himself off inside of her, thrusting his full length into her as he came, groaning all the way. Bri groaned with him, grinding her ass backwards to shove him as deep inside as she could.

“Stop, stop!” he said, pulling away from her as a short stream of semen leaked onto the seat. “Fucking hell, that felt good, but I can’t take anymore!”

Bri laughed, getting up slowly and sitting on the seat next to the small pool of cum. “Damn, that was great,” she breathed, forcing herself to get back up and dressed as Joseph did the same. “Should we clean that off the seat?”

Joseph shook his head. “Leave it, it’s the morning shift’s problem. Did you park by here, or do you need a ride to your car?”

“I’m just right here,” she said, slipping her breasts back into her bra. “You know, if you want we can do this tomorrow night too.”

“Sounds like a plan,” he said, giving her a quick kiss goodbye as she got into her car. As she pulled out and left, he sat back in the cart and turned it back on, taking a look at his watch. It had been exactly twenty minutes. “Yes!” he quietly exclaimed as he drove back to the office, satisfied with the upturn in his quiet night on the job.

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