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(As always I’d like to thank “LarryinSeattle” for his editing and assistance without which this wouldn’t be nearly as an enjoyable story)

Jason groaned as he looked down at the text message. He knew that any plans he may have had for the evening just disappeared.

His grandfather started the radio station in the mid-1930’s when small radio stations were at their high-point. Over the years it had been both a blessing and a curse to the family. It paid for food, mortgages, and all the other necessities in life, as well as paying for college for every member of the family that wanted to go – including him. Unfortunately, the price had been paid in relationships, marriages, and occasionally, lives.

Jason’s mom and dad divorced while he was just a child because of the long hours needed at the station and the remoteness of the area they lived in. His mom, not a native of the area, moved away before the divorce was even finalized, saying she’d be in contact with him but he never heard from her again. His dad eventually remarried. Years later, his dad’s plane crashed in the Rockies while he was on a trip following up on a story. This left just him and his step-mom, Toni.

His phone beeped again and he knew he had better get going. The message was from Toni. “I need your help at the station.”

Toni was different than most moms. She had been born and raised in the area. She went off to college and graduate school where she earned an advanced degree in psychology and became a well-known psychologist before returning home.

She was different in other ways too. She was 29 years old, only 7 years older than Jason. She was 5-foot, 6-inches tall and had black hair that she usually wore pulled up, though in truth, it hung to the middle of her back. Her eyes were hazel and seemed to be filled with stars that twinkled when she was excited about something. Her skin seemed to be continuously tanned because of her Italian heritage and some said that was also the reason for her 36C-28-34 figure. Yet, none of that really mattered to Jason as his phone beeped for the third time.


Quickly tapping in “I’m on my way,” he hopped on his motorcycle and headed to the station.

The moment he walked in he knew that something was wrong, big time!! Toni was rushing about the broadcast booth and there was no sign of Jim, the technician.

“Hey, what’s up?” he asked.

“Jim called in sick. Apparently he has the flu and slept right through his alarm so I didn’t have a chance to try and get anyone to fill in,” she said excitedly. “So I had to call you … and call you … and call you again.”

“Hey, I’m sorry. I was on my cycle and didn’t hear the phone,” he lied.


Shrugging his shoulders, he asked, “So what can I do to help?”

“You have the degree in broadcast communications. You figure it out,” she responded tersely before closing the door to the booth and taking her seat.

For the next three hours, he switched controls and took requests until just before 10 PM. He knew the schedules well enough to know that the only thing left for the night was a talk show that Toni did on Friday nights. Frequently, she took calls from the listeners and provided advice about their problems. On other occasions, she used taped interviews from some of her clients. These usually got the highest ratings of the week since they almost always had to do with sex.

He looked at the programming guide and his eyes seemed glued on the topic: INCEST.

“What the fuck?” he thought as he looked through the window between the two booths.

Suddenly, he noticed Toni becoming more and more agitated as she began opening and closing the desk drawers. Then she started frantically tossing paperwork everywhere. When she missed her cue for the next set of songs, he quickly keyed them up and headed into her booth.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s gone. Shit, Shit, SHIT. The disc is gone,” she screamed.

“What disc?”

“The disc with my interview for tonight. I finished editing it yesterday and then put it in the drawer like I always do but now it’s gone.”

“OK, calm down. I’ll help you look.” For the next ten minutes, they ripped the booth apart but still no disc. Then he asked, “Who else knew about the disc and where you kept it.”

“Me and …,” she stopped as she got a far away look in her eyes before finishing, her voice drawing out and prolonging the answer, “Jim.”

“Ya, ok, so Jim knew about the disc. That’s no big deal.”

“Actually it is. He knew what the topic was and thought that the people I had interviewed might be people he knew.”

“Well, were they?”

“You know I can’t tell you that,” she answered. “The problem now is that I don’t have the time to do anything else and I can’t say the disc was taken by a member of my staff because the people I interviewed might be people he knew.”

Jason simply nodded his head. “It would serve him right” he thought ankara escort but said, “So what are you going to do?”

Sitting there silently, an idea popped into her head. “I still have my original notes from the interview as well as their answers. What do you think of doing a little acting? We could use the filter to alter our voices and pretend we were the people I interviewed.”

He didn’t say a thing. The idea of even role-playing like this with her was too close to the truth. For years, he’d fantasized about being her lover.


“Ok,” he said more out of habit than anything else.

Quickly, they set up the sound booth with three microphones. The first she would use as she normally would while the second would have the filter on it to alter her voice and the third, also with a filter, was for him.

“Right, here’s how we’ll do this. In the beginning I’m going to ask the woman some questions. I’ll have to pop back and forth between the first two microphones. Then I’ll start to ask you some questions. If you answer just like it’s written in the original interview we should be ok. Ready?”

He nodded as she slid her chair back to the first mike and hit a switch. “Good Evening, listeners. This is Toni, your host and interviewer for tonight’s program. As many of you know, I am a clinical psychologist specializing in sexual matters. So if you’re not interested in the topic, or have children listening, please come back and visit me another time.” She paused for almost a minute before continuing. “Alright then, tonight’s topic is incest and I have two people with me who I’ll call Sarah and Sam. They have agreed to be interviewed regarding their relationship but before we start I’m going to ask all listeners to hold your calls and questions until after the program is over. Thank you.”

“Good evening, Sarah, and you too, Sam,” Toni said before flipping the switch for the second microphone.

“Hello,” she replied in her now muffled voice.

Jason mumbled, “Evening.”

“Please don’t be nervous,” Toni said into the first mike once again. “Sarah, would you tell us how you’re related to Sam.”

“I’m his step-mother.”

“I see, and can you tell us how your relationship started?”

Shifting back to the second mike, she hesitated before replying. “I was attracted to Sam from the moment I first met him. He was such a handsome, polite young man. He made me feel like I was a part of the family from the very beginning.”

“That was very fortunate for you. And how about you, Sam? What did you think of Sarah when you first met her?”

“I really liked her,” Jason read. “She was really pretty and fun to be with. She likes a lot of the same things I do and she’s only a few years older than I am so it was kind of natural. Sometimes I thought of her more as a friend than as my step-mother.”

“So how did this all begin, Sarah?” Toni asked.

Switching back into her Sarah persona, she replied, “We were like any other family for about two years and then my husband, Sam’s dad, was killed in an accident. Sam and I grew much closer and though I knew I was beginning to have feelings for him I had no idea how he felt towards me. That is until one day when I was putting away some his clothes. A pair of socks rolled under his dresser and when I looked for them I noticed a notebook pushed way to the back. Naturally, I pulled it out. I didn’t think much of it until I opened it and began to read what was inside.”

“What was that?”

“Stories he had written. Stories about him and I and how he wanted to make love to me.”

“Really? Is that true, Sam? Did you write stories about what you wanted to do to Sarah?”

“Ya,” Jason muttered as he felt sweat begin to cover his forehead while he thought about the journal he had hidden under his own dresser.

“So, is that when you and Sam became lovers?” Toni asked.

“No,” she answered as Sarah. “That didn’t happen for several months after I found the notebook. I got into the habit of checking it every once in awhile and was delighted when I would find a new entry. They were so wicked and erotic. He is an excellent writer. The stories told of different places and different ways he wanted to make love to me. Sometimes he would seduce me while other times he’d surprise me when I’d least expect it and simply ravage me. Several times I got so wet reading the stories I’d have to go into my room to relieve myself, all the time dreaming it was his hands.”

Suddenly, Jason smelled the delicate aroma of a woman filling the booth and looked up at Toni.

She continued with the interview without returning his glance. “So when did the two of you become lovers?”

Toni blushed when she noticed the look on Jason’s face. “I own a small business and I needed some help one night. Sam came to help me and I just couldn’t seem to hold my emotions in check any longer,” Toni/Sarah answered.

He could see the stars twinkle in her eyes as she spoke into the microphone.

“We escort ankara were working on a project and suddenly the room felt so hot that I barely thought about what I was doing as I unbuttoned the top three buttons of my blouse. That was when I noticed how Sam was staring at me. Naturally, I looked down. I had forgotten that I had only put on a half-bra; you know one of those that support your tits without actually covering them, when I dressed that morning. Now, my nipples were almost completely exposed. He stood there staring almost like a deer in the headlights of a car. That’s when I knew that if anything was going to happen between us, now was the time, and it was up to me to start it. I still can’t believe it but I pulled my blouse open and then signaled him with my index finger to come closer.”

Jason fumbled with the interview script in his hands. Try as he might, he couldn’t find the portion that Toni was reading from. Then he looked up at her, a confused look was quickly replaced by shock as he saw her sitting in her chair exactly as she had just described, her blouse was open exposing her breasts and she was signaling him to come closer.

“It only took him a little while to understand what I was offering and what I wanted,” she said into the microphone as Jason approached. “I soon found out that Sam is a very loving and tender lover as he ran his fingers through my hair before gliding down behind my ear to my neck. It was such a turn-on to feel his fingers running lightly across me skin.”

Understanding what it was that Toni wanted, Jason took his cues from what she was saying into the microphone.

A shiver ran through her from head to toe. She had him, finally she had him. After finding his journal she had tried to find a way to let him know that she wanted him too but tonight it was going to come true.

“What happened then?”

“Sam’s hand floated down over my shoulder. Shhhhhhhhhh, it’s almost like I can still feel it,” she sighed as he ran his hand lightly over her shoulder. “And then he slid it down along the outside of my tit. Oh god he’s such a tease,” she giggled in her Sarah persona. Once again, her body shivered as Jason followed her directions. He smelled the heady aroma of her arousal becoming stronger.

“Slowly, he traced under my tit and the up between my cleavage. I had never felt anything so wicked and yet so tantalizing in my life.” Then in a whisper she said into the microphone, “I was so turned on I could feel my panties getting soaked from all the juices running from me.”

Immediately, Jason dropped to his knees and tried to move the hem of Toni’s dress up to see if what she said was true.

Toni had other plans though as she gently pushed him away. Moving back to her original microphone, she said, “Ok listeners, I’m sorry to do this but we need to take a short commercial break and then we’ll be back to continue our interview with Sarah and Sam.” Flipping a switch, she activated the pre-recorded commercial.

Standing, she leaned over, her tits dangling in Jason’s face and pulled him up from the floor. They looked intently into each other’s eyes. Both knew how this was going to end and that if either of them had doubts, now was the time to say ‘Stop’ … but neither did.

Slowly, she pulled his head down closer to hers. She could tell he was nervous as she felt him shaking or maybe it was excitement, she wasn’t certain. Instinctively, they closed their eyes and their lips moved closer and closer until her lips touched his.

He tasted the sweetness of her strawberry lipstick, smelled the delicate aroma of her perfume, and sensed the heat emanating from her bare breasts through his shirt. He felt her mouth slowly parting, the moistness of her tongue touching his lips searching for an opening. Then, he opened his lips slightly, allowing her tongue to slide in. It felt like a jolt of electricity coursing through his body as the tips of their tongues touched. Instantly, he felt his cock begin to harden.

Toni felt it too, triggering a primal need deep inside of her. Forcing her tongue deeper into his mouth, their tongues intertwined in battle as old as time while she ground herself against the growing bulge in the front of his pants.

Jason also felt the ‘need’ as he placed his hands on her waist and pulled her closer.

It was only when the alarm rang, informing them that the commercial was almost over, that they came back to reality. Reluctantly, they let each other go.

“WOW!!” they said in unison before beginning to laugh. All tension and uneasiness was gone. They knew that they had both willingly crossed a line and neither regretted what happened or what would hopefully happen before the night was over.

Toni quickly sat down, her tits still fully exposed, her nipples now hard and swollen. She crossed her legs and a slit in her skirt revealed her legs all the way to mid-thigh.

Jason’s gaze was drawn to the slit and he was surprised to see that she was wearing hose and ankara escort bayan a garter belt. He had always had an attraction to women who wore hose, a garter belt, and stiletto heels. In fact, in every one of the stories he had written about Toni, she had been dressed this way. Any doubts he still had about her having found his journal immediately disappeared. Just the thought made his cock harden even more and he had to avert his eyes to keep from cumming in his pants.

Toni pretended not to notice as she dangled a shoe from one foot and flipped the switch to begin broadcasting again. “Welcome back, listeners. Tonight we have Sarah and Sam with us and we are discussing their relationship. Now Sarah, just before our break you were telling us about your first time making love to Sam. Would you like to continue?”

Shifting to the second microphone, Toni, now Sarah, replied, “Yes, thank you. Sam had me so turned-on I could feel my panties getting wet. I knew he could smell it but he isn’t one of those ‘slam-bam-thank you, Ma’am’ type of men so he just kept running his fingers over my chest.”

Tony placed a hand over the microphone, leaned towards Jason, and whispered, “Touch me,” before leaning back again.

“He ran his finger up between my tits, to the back of my neck, along my shoulder and down along the outside of my breast. He did this over and over again, switching each time so it was like he was drawing a giant figure-eight on my chest. I could feel my nipples getting harder and almost begging to be touched … Shhhhhhhh.”

Jason took his cue and began to draw the same figure-eight on Toni’s chest but soon realized that her blouse and bra were in the way. Moving forward, he opened the last of the buttons on her blouse and slid it off her shoulder. He was rewarded with the sound of her sharp intake of breath. Gently, he pushed it down until it slipped from her arms and came to rest with one sleeve over each armrest of her chair. Goosebumps appeared, encircling her areolae as he moved forward and unsnapped the front of her bra, slipping it over her shoulders to join her blouse.

“I remember I had heard Sam’s father telling him one day that there are two types of men in the world when it came to being with a woman: the fuckers and the lovers. A fucker was only interested in his own pleasure while a lover made sure to please his partner first because he’d gain far more pleasure later. I had no doubt from the way he was touching me that Sam was definitely a lover.”

Jason knew that now was the time for him to take the lead. Instead of following what Toni was saying, he would initiate the scene and let her put it into words for her listener’s.

Swiftly swiveling the chair so she was facing the control panel, he stood behind her. Teasingly slow, he moved his hands along her waist and then up, grasping a tit in each hand while at the same time leaning over and lightly kissing her neck.

Toni instinctively settled her chin against her chest providing him easier access. “Yeeessssss,” she hissed. Aware that she was still ‘ON THE AIR’ she began to describe what Jason was doing to her as though it were Sarah and Sam.

She struggled to keep her voice calm as she asked, “How did it feel having Sam touch you like that for the first time?”

“Absolutely marvelous,” Toni/Sarah replied. “I’ve been with my share of lovers but none of them made me feel the way he did. I knew deep inside that what we were doing was considered wrong but it felt so right I didn’t ever want it to stop.”

So he didn’t. When his hands tightened around her large, firm breasts her head flew back and a silent scream filled the air. Her hands wrapped around his, holding them tightly against her chest. Her body trembled as he nuzzled her neck. When she leaned forward again he licked behind her ear.

“Oh god, he’s so good,” she mumbled.

Not wanting to let the moment pass, Jason took a nipple between the thumb and index finger of each hand and squeezed. Toni’s response was immediate.

“AAAAEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIII,” she screamed as her eyes flew open and chest arched from her chair forcing herself against his hand. “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she panted.

Quickly realizing what had happened, Jason took the interview mike and flipped it on. “I apologize, listeners, but we are experiencing some technical difficulties and seem to be getting some type of over lapping feed-back. We will take a short break and be back as soon as possible.” Then flipping all the microphones off, he turned on some ‘canned music’.

Toni sat in her chair trembling. She hadn’t anticipated that she would respond to Jason’s touch like this and at the moment she didn’t care.

Still trembling, she stood. Jason wrapped her in his arms. With the skill and determination of a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it, her hands worked busily to open his shirt and remove it. Sensually, she ran the fingernail of her index finger down across his chest until she found his belt. Once again, she moved her hands with deftness, undid his belt, and pushed down his zipper.

Using every ounce of willpower, he pulled away slightly. “Last chance. If we do this, there is no way of ever going back to the way we were.”

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