Olivia: The Hottest Mom Ch. 02

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Olivia, The Hottest Mom

Chapter 2

Cody is about to enter college, and eager to lose his virginity. His best friend’s mother, Olivia, the Hottest Mom, hired him to do some yard work. Looking for his missing sunglasses, he surprised them both when he saw her naked in the pool shower. Surprisingly, Olivia is flattered, and talks to him naked, inviting him back for more work the next day. When he comes back, her lust gets the better of her, and she persuades him to masturbate for her, and she responds the same way before sending him home. Cody waits for the next move…

Wednesday and Thursday passed without a call from Olivia, which worked out well since three other houses on my block asked me to pull weeds and trim their hedges. I earned a solid seventeen dollars, and another four in tips. Good money, I reminded myself, but something vital was still missing from my life, and I knew what it was, who it was.

My mind continually wandered to Olivia, and I hoped she wasn’t done with me. Tuesday had been a revelation, and I played the afternoon over and over in my head, wishing we had done more, wondering if we ever would.

Friday, my mom knocked on my bedroom door as I was waking up, dreaming of Olivia’s mouth on my cock. My hand was only a substitute, and a poor one at that, for any part of that gorgeous, tan and lush body, and the memory of her tongue barely touching the head of my cock was exquisite. My boxers were around my knees, nothing on above the waistband, and I was on top of my blankets, rubbing…

She knocked again. “Cody, phone!”

“Okay, mom. Down in a minute.” I hoped that at the very least it was another neighbor with a lawn job. I pulled my boxers up and put on baggy pajama bottoms, then a t-shirt which I purposely neglected to tuck in, another layer hiding my hard-on. I went downstairs quickly and grabbed the phone off the counter.

“Morning, Cody.” It was Olivia.

Using my best phone manners, I replied, “Good morning, Mrs. Nichols.”

Her chuckle thrilled me, made my heart skip a beat in anticipation of…what, exactly? I had no idea what she had in mind, or if it would ever be more than more yardwork. Now I really understood the guys trying to catch a glimpse of her changing, but of course I’d seen more than that…

“You up for more work?”

I swallowed. “Always.”

“Good! Please be here around noon. If there’s no answer at the door, come around the gate into the backyard by the pool. Okay?”

“Okay, Mrs. Nichols. I’ll see you then.”

She hung up, and I wondered what she would have me do today, and whether we would end once more in the conversation pit, or her bed. At the same time, I knew it probably wouldn’t happen. Her final send-off had made that painfully clear, but I still had wonderful memories.

I showered, turning the temperature down so my hard-on wilted, but only slightly, under the cool, then chilly, spray. My teeth were chattering by the time I was done, but my dick obediently lay down, and I knew it wouldn’t be making any sudden, probably unwelcome, appearances for a while. Dressing quickly, I headed out the door just after eleven-thirty, and walked when I wanted to run.

At her door, one minute to noon, I knocked, then knocked again when the door didn’t swing open. My heart skipped a beat as I remembered her telling me to come around the back, and didn’t that double entendre set my blood racing. I went around the right side of the house to the pool, as I had on Monday, the first time I saw her naked, and quietly slipped the latch and stepped in, closing it quietly but firmly behind me. I didn’t want to surprise her, so I called out in a conversational voice. “Mrs. Nichols? It’s Cody.”

When she didn’t respond, I walked forward, heart thundering in anticipation, and called her name again. Was she in the shower again? That seemed too good to be true, or even possible.

“I’m back here, Cody!” She sounded cheeerful and relaxed, and for some reason my dick took that occasion to stiffen and rise. Maybe, I thought, it knows something I don’t… Stepping smartly around the corner I saw her laying out by the pool. Completely, gloriously naked and on her stomach, the lone thing on her body a wide-brimmed straw hat, accompanied by a pair of big, dark sunglasses.

Olivia lifted her head and turned my way, peering out from under the brim. Her smile was wide and happy, her perfect white teeth gleaming, summoning me to her side. She was breathtaking, and I walked over to the lounge chair she was in, reclined flat. Her gorgeous back and ass were displayed to me in their full glory, and the twin swells of her breasts, compressed against the towel on the lounge, completed the picture. “Hello, Cody…”

“Hi…Olivia.” It was hard to remember to use her first name, harder still to speak, and all I could think of was that Monday and Tuesday might not have been the end of our sexual adventures. “How can I help you today?” My voice was much more formal than I intended, bonus veren siteler and she grinned.

“You don’t need to be so uptight, Cody. I’m okay with you seeing me laying out. I’d like you to help me with that, actually.”

I sat on the edge of a chair near her. “What can I…would you like me to do? Olivia…”

She nodded to the small table which had a frosty pitcher of lemonade next to a plastic tumbler filled with ice, and a dark plastic bottle. “First, could I trouble you to put some suntan oil on me?”

I reached over and fumbled with the top, opening it and letting too much flow into my cupped hand, suddenly more nervous than when I saw her naked for the first time. Some of it dripped onto her back, and she wriggled delightedly at the touch of the cool liquid. Closing the bottle took almost more coordination than I could muster, but I just managed not to spill it when I set it back down.

My hands were slippery with the stuff, shaking, and I started at her shoulders, working it into her skin and feeling her muscles and shoulder blades, then the curved bones along her back. She immediately relaxed, heaving a contented sigh as I touched every inch of her back, going along the sides down to the towel she was on, and working my way down to her firm, well-toned buttocks, where I hesitated. I knew she wanted me to do all over her back, but did she really want me to? Did she really intend for me to touch her buttocks, rub oil into them? Stupid question, of course, but I hadn’t broken the habit of second-guessing women.

Without moving, she cooed softly, “Cody, my ass won’t oil itself…” Now I was in new territory, working the suntan oil into her full, round buttocks, caressing and stroking them, massaging the oil into them. I thought I heard her moan, but that could have been me. I felt the familiar tightness at my crotch as my cock awakened, and I wanted to plunge into her, fuck her all day and night. Instead, I kept applying the oil down the backs of her legs, all the way to her ankles, lifting her feet to get the tops of them.

“All done, Olivia.”

“Thank you, Cody.” She put her elbows under her, arching her back to look at me. “But you’re not quite through. I think my back is probably done for now…” She turned and moved gently, slowly onto her back, showing me her front, offering to let me touch her. Olivia lifted her neck, and carefully arranged her midnight black tresses so they covered nothing, nestling them under her head. “Get the rest of me, would you?” She said it lightly, as if offering me more lemonade, then I remembered what that had led to.

My whole body was oscillating with a sort of deep, horny desire that I had never felt so intensely before. I put more oil on my hands, and started again at her shoulders. This time I leaned over her, and lifted her left arm, then her right arm, spreading the spicy liquid on them and placing them gingerly next to her, straight at her sides.

Next I moved to her breasts, biting my lip as I applied the oil, spreading it evenly over both of them at the same time. This time I definitely heard her moan, the small of her back lifted off the lounge, and I felt her nipples curdle and tighten as my palms lingered over them. Olivia’s eyes were closed, her lips parted.

Another soft moan escaped her lips, as I regretfully moved beyond and below her chest, my hands gliding down her flat stomach, then down to the tanlines where the bottom of her bikini had always, always covered before Monday. I hesitated again, and saw her take a breath. Eager not to have her need to tell me to go on, my hands found the forbidden jungle, and the infinitely smooth skin surrounding the neatly trimmed but still lush bush.

When I went down to her thighs, she moaned again, and spread them. I let my hands linger there, reveling in the sensation of touching and caressing the silky, slippery skin. Her muscles rippled at my touch, and Olivia scooted down so her hips were past the handrails. As soon as she had moved, she put both feet flat on the ground, further spreading her legs, and I continued massaging her thighs.

“That’s so…good, Cody,” she purred huskily, and her scent mixed with the suntan oil’s aroma. I heard a slight tremor in her voice, thick with pent up desire. Gently trailing my fingertips upward along the inside of her golden brown thighs, I saw her belly tense. Leaving the chair, I sat straddling the lounge, my straining hard-on inches from the pussy she had opened for me. For the first time, I clearly saw the entrance underneath her bush. The skin there was olive, her pussy lips a wonderful pair of curled, thin folds, shrouded in the thick, lush pubic hairs. Feeling bolder than I would have imagined, I slipped a finger between them experimentally, feeling the soft, welcoming warmth within.

Her transformation was immediate. Olivia’s back arched as a gasp blew out of her throat, and I started pushing my finger slowly inward, then back out at bedava bahis the same speed, repeating the motion. She didn’t speak, but I saw her belly tense again, her whole body shaking as I played with her pussy. “Oh, fuck, oh God, oh fuck,” she whispered as I gently inserted a second finger to join the first. My left palm started moving along the inside of her thigh in time to the thrusting of my fingers and the motion of my hands.

“Faster,” she whispered, her voice brimming with barely controlled passion. I knew Olivia was close to screaming it to me, but we were outside, and for the moment caution ruled. We had to be quiet, and our restraint made us both more inflamed and eager. “Faster, baby. I want to feel you go all the way inside me…” I pushed my fingers in up to my palm, and felt her get slicker and wetter with every inch, and I sped up, fucking her pussy with my fingers. Now I heard a wet, sloshing sound each time I moved, and I knew she was wet for me.

Her breath was ragged now, and we started moaning very softly together. My denim-covered balls were against the taut plastic bands of the lounge, and it transmitted every slightest motion to my sack, spreading along my erection, and making the head of my cock vibrate in time to my thrusts.

Olivia’s hips rocked and bucked, and she gasped quietly, gritting her teeth against the orgasmic screams we both wanted to hear. Her mouth flew open, and a single moan made its way into the air, not too loud, and not loud enough.

She sat up suddenly and tossed her hat away before throwing her arms around me, kissing me fervently, her tongue diving in to meet mine, and she shook violently, moaning her orgasm into my mouth, clutching me close against her, still humping the pair of fingers inside her pussy. I felt her grind her hips into the towel and lounge, the moistness devouring my fingers as she let her climax wash over her, drenching my fingers and the towel.

Olivia shook violently, an erotic earthquake, her naked, oiled skin moving against my shirt and shorts, moaning into my mouth again as the last of the orgasm overcame her. Still shuddering, she let go of me and suddenly stood, grabbing my arm to get me off the lounge, propelling me without any hesitation towards the glass door. She slid it all the way open and didn’t quite shove me through, then stepped in and closed it so hard it shook, not even latching it.

I turned to her, and she was on me again, kissing me with a passion I’d never imagined outside of a porn film. My hands ran down her slick, oiled skin, settling on and gripping her ass, spreading it as I pulled her up to me, her arms around my neck, spicy and fragrant with the oil and her musky scent. On her tiptoes, Olivia suddenly stopped and looked down, then grabbed my shorts, expertly undoing them with swift, sure fingers, stripping them off of me, almost throwing them down my legs to the ground. Still panting, she gasped one word. “Shirt.” I pulled it off, almost tearing it in my haste. I kicked off my sneakers, and was glad I hadn’t worn socks.

Then, we were both naked.

Olivia seized both my hands, half-leading and half-hauling me down into the conversation pit. She backed down the stairs into the open corner and laid back at the edge of the cushions, panting and spreading her bronzed, lubricated thighs, slick from the suntan oil, hot from the sun, wet from desire and pulled me down on top of her. Olivia’s legs were spread wide, her hot, silky thighs against my hips, her hot slit pressed against my groin. I felt her hand stroking my cock, as if anything could make it harder than it already was. She moaned and panted, her need resoundingly clear. “I want you inside, Cody.”

For one surreal instant, I almost answered that we were inside already, but I caught myself, and knew that wasn’t the inside she meant.

I moved forward, and she rubbed the head of my erection at the entrance, at the opening to all I had ever imagined I wanted from a woman. “Push, Cody. Push it in.”

My hips thrust forward, parting the forest of kinky black curls, and entered Nirvana. The feel of her pussy was indescribable, incredible, slippery and hot and sexy… I started humping instinctively, the thrill of my first time in a woman taking me over completely. My groin slapped against hers, only slightly muffled by our twin pubic bushes, and that repetitive sound immersed me further into our encounter .

Olivia looked like she was in rapture, eyes closed, head back, arms laying to her sides as she felt me penetrate her willing gates. I started pounding faster and faster, the slapping sounding now like an endless round of applause. She was smiling, eyes still closed, feeling the ecstasy I was giving her, was for the first time feeling myself.

“Oh, fuck, Cody! You feel so good inside me… Oh, fuck me baby, fuck me…” Her voice was high and rising, loud enough that I glanced to make sure the glass door onto the patio was really closed, even though I deneme bonus knew it was, and didn’t really care whether it was or not. Everything I was, was happening in that moment, just me and Olivia and our joyous joining.

“Olivia, you feel so good, too…” Now I wished I’d jacked off earlier, so I could last longer for her, for both of us. My orgasm crept around the corner and sprang, and I couldn’t stop myself. “Olivia, I’m going to cum…” I arched my back, feeling the flood build inside me, felt her hands running themselves over my shoulders and down to my forearms.

“Don’t pull out, Cody… Put it all inside me, every drop baby…” Her eyes were still closed, and she moaned as I got closer. It hadn’t occurred to me to pull out, and I was glad she didn’t want me to.

I came hard. No amount of masturbation or wet dreams prepared me for the intensity of it, the feel of unloading my cum inside her. Pulse after pulse of my hot jizz boiled out into her waiting cunt, filling it to overflowing. I glanced down, still humping her, and saw the thick white fluid leaking out between her pussy lips and around my pole. Finally, I started to slow down, still moaning, still hard inside her. Olivia’s arms encircled my neck, and I let her pull me down, while she covered my face in kisses.


We lay there holding each other for maybe half an hour. She was warm and still slick; wherever she touched me felt tingly and electric. We had moved onto our sides, and Olivia held me as tightly as before, slowly breathing, her head against my chest.

So, I thought. This is what not being a virgin is like… It was weird. I didn’t feel any different, but I also felt very different, aware of how I had looked at things before this afternoon. If Olivia were to have me rub oil on her again, which I fervently hoped she would soon, I wouldn’t feel at all tentative, and I would…be different about how I did things.

I meant to say her name, all four syllables, but all I managed was a soft, “Liv…”

“I like that, Cody. Like that Swedish actress.” She smiled into my chest, content to hold me for now. I decided I would call her Liv every chance I got from now on.

“Liv…,” I repeated, but what was I going to ask next? Was I good seemed too shallow, and not at all what I felt right now. Do you want to go again was wrong in the same way. Instead I put my arms around her and held her to me tightly, and said, “I love you.” It wasn’t what I meant to say, and it surprised me, not that I said it, but that it was completely true.

Her eyes fluttered open dreamily, and her smile was gentle, happy. “I love you too.” She sighed in contentment, and soon she started talking. She told me about her first time, and it wasn’t nearly as wonderful as what she had just given me, but noteworthy, and it made her yearn for more than just the physicality of sex.

When she mentioned the hurt she’d felt when her then-husband Maximilian had told her they were through being married, I saw another tear, this one of profound hurt, make its way down her cheek and onto my chest. A week later she had walked in on Maximilian and the new girl in a very intimate embrace in the bed she’d shared with him for sixteen years. She was still bitter about the way her marriage had ended, so deeply cruel and final, and I let her cry it out, stroking her long, dark hair while she curled up against me, wracked with sobs over her loss. I had the impression she hadn’t let herself cry about it for a very long time, if ever, and I was content to comfort her.

Finally cried out, she kissed me on the lips, stroking my face with her fingertips. “So, I was your first…” She giggled. “I knew how nervous you were, Cody, and you didn’t have to tell me for me to know you hadn’t… And you did everything right…”

“I tried to last longer…”

“You lasted just long enough, Cody. Fuck, I haven’t felt so satisfied in a long time.”

“Two years?”

“Try twenty. Maximilian was all about getting his rocks off, just like my two boyfriends in high school. The first one was when I was fifteen.” She regarded me for a moment. “Are you surprised I had sex that early?”

“Some girls do.”

“Not the ‘good’ ones, my mother always said.”

I chuckled quietly. “So, you were a ‘bad’ girl, Liv?” Actually, I couldn’t at this moment imagine this gorgeous woman in my arms ever being a virgin.

“Just like you’re a ‘bad’ boy, Cody.” She turned away from me and pressed her back on my chest, pulling my arms around her. “Jesus, you’re so bad…” She laughed now, her earlier melancholy banished. “Rubbing oil all over a naked older woman, getting her so hot she just had to have you fuck her.”

“I don’t think of you as older, Liv.” I was enjoying saying my impromptu nickname for her. “You are very sexy, and I’m surprised there aren’t a lot of men eager to…date you.”

“That’s so sweet.” She sounded genuine, not at all dismissive like some moms who said ‘how sweet’ when they meant ‘grow the fuck up’. “I actually get asked out pretty often, but I don’t like most of the men who ask. They just want to buy me dinner, take me home and fuck all night, then creep out for coffee and never come back or call. I don’t like one-nighters.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32