Office Fun (After Elevator Story)

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Stretching I checked the clock, thinking that it was probably around eight groaning inwardly when I saw that it was a little after nine.

Nine would have been good if things had gone as expected but, as I had been checking over the accounts I had found numerous tiny errors that would have to be put right. As it was I would be lucky to have everything finished by eleven at the earliest and was now wondering why I had volunteered to work late transferring files from our old system to the new. Correcting the last mistake I sighed, because everything needed to be up and running in two days time for the grand opening of our new head office and the Muppets currently working in accounts couldn’t be trusted to not to misplace a zero turning a £100 costing into a £10 screw up.

For the next hour I was all business, promising to treat myself to a coffee only when I had finished off the last few files. Closing the last account I read my emails, sent off a report then sat back once again checking the clock.

It was a little after half ten, pleased with my progress I stood and stretched, easing the tension that had built from sitting for so long.

“Coffee I muttered to myself.”

I walked off towards the kitchen and made a pot the smell alone seemed to revive me, I poured a large cup and decided to walk the two floors above and check on the progress there, earlier in the week it had been pretty much a shell but the decorators had finished and a parade of desks and chairs from the suppliers had been steadily drifting past my office.

The top floor, the fifth was to be the executive suite with IT and sales directly below. As the floors descended so did the pay check, anyway that was the theory on the shop floor.

The corridors and offices looked strange with the lights out. A small section of lights had been left on where I had been working, but everywhere else the only illumination came from the emergency signs above the doors.

The company were strict on wastage and anyone leaving a PC or light on over night would be reprimanded. The on duty security guard, Jack had stopped by earlier for a chat, he was supposed to walk the site every hour or so but we both knew that he had only stopped by to show his face before heading to his office for a sleep.

After a few minutes walking I noticed a faint glow coming from one of the blocks of cubicles that made up the sales department, casting long shadows out into the corridor. At first I thought someone had left a PC on and then I remembered Jake saying one of the IT people had stayed late checking the new computers.

Taking a long way round so that I didn’t startle the cubicle occupant I wandered through an adjoining office, a route that should have brought me round to the side entrance but instead I misjudged in the dark ending up directly behind the lit desk.

I stopped dead still in the shadows.

Instead of someone checking the computer I was amazed to find Richard, the youngest member of the IT team, doing something that he shouldn’t have been doing. From the way he was seated and rapid movement of his arm it was clear that he was pleasuring himself while watching porn. On the screen a woman was sitting astride one guy, riding as fiercely as she was able without dislodging a second guy who was thrusting his cock enthusiastically in and out of her mouth.

I grinned to myself glad of the entertainment, the view certainly was compelling, I was a secret voyeur to a young guys fantasies.

There was a familiar tickle in my stomach, the only sexual contact I had experienced in the last week had been on the morning I was ‘touched up’ in the elevator, which had been both a shock and thrilling but had far from satisfied my normal ‘needs.’ Being away from Steve was getting harder by the day.

I watched as the girl in the film eventually got onto her hands and knees inviting the guy she had been sucking to reposition to a doggie style. The guy was big; he pushed into her hard grabbing her hips and thrusting at a break neck pace not giving her chance to adjust to the savage assault. Her face was screwed up in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the first guy watched and jacked off, eventually they pushed her onto her back covering her tits, face and belly with cum as she wiggled about with one hand busy between her legs.

As the DVD switched to another scene Richard moved position, getting more comfortable by reclining the chair back a little, as he settled down I had my first look at the size of the thing in his hand.

Normally size is not an issue or of interest to me, Steve and our other friends are just ‘average’ with Steve having a little thicker shaft than the others, the thing is though my pleasure is of importance to them rather than just satisfying their own needs, they all have great staying power and love to play the games we play at my pace with my rules.

Some guys think that having a large dick is enough…it’s not!

Give me a considerate lover over a ‘big one’ every time.

Some halkalı escort stories go into the whole ‘thick as a coke can’ (uncomfortable at best, must have a pussy like a skip) or the 12 incher and above (eye watering) but to be honest these kind of exaggerations normally turn me off a little rather than get me going.

However I don’t know if it was frustration from my encounter earlier in the week or that I was just a little horny from the movie but as I watched Richard play I started to get really damp between my legs.

His right hand firmly held the bottom of his cock while the left glided back and forth over the rest of the shaft, he stopped when the first finger and thumb touched the head so that a little pre cum dribbled over them for lubrication.

He was probably stroking the hand about a hand and a half width; this is with his other hand nestled at the base. Although it was no thicker than the average he was certainly blessed as far as length goes.

As I have said normally size would not have impressed or interested me but the setting seemed to make everything so ‘erotic’ that along with the porn film and a week long lack of sex, (other than the elevator fingering) conspiring against me the damp feeling between my legs soon became a dribble.

The sensible part of me wanted to stay a safe distance and just enjoy the whole ‘voyeuristic’ nature of the situation while I took care of the tickle between my legs, but the naughty lustful part of me wanted a closer look at his ‘thing’ and what he was doing with it.

Richard was engrossed in the porno and did he not hear me approach.

Butterflies danced in my belly as I snuck up, still amazed that the cock of someone nicknamed ‘Richard the nerd’ by most of the office had me so fired up that I was contemplating a little mutual masturbation.

He heard nothing, but jumped as I rested my hand on his shoulder and whispered. “So, this is what you do on overtime.”

He tried to cover himself with one hand (good luck there) while trying to shut off the DVD at the same time. I pressed down on his shoulders and said, “Too late, I saw what you were watching and what you were doing”

Unnerved and ashamed at being caught out he sat with his hands in his lap not daring to look me in the eye. He knew that I held a senior position and now that I think about it was probably the only thing that stopped him from bolting.

He looked utterly miserable and must have been wondering if this was the end of his job, I laughed and pushed past his seat so that I stood in front of him.

I nodded at the screen, “Wow, they’re really going at it, aren’t they?”

He looked up at me shocked, mouth gaping like a landed fish.

“It certainly looks like they’re having fun.” I said not taking her eyes from the action, “looked like you were enjoying it before I interrupted you.”

“Please.” He said shifting uncomfortably, “I’ve never done this before.”

“What masturbated?” I exclaimed. “Sure you have, doesn’t mean you’re some kind of pervert.”

I paused.

“I do it all the time.”

He looked up shocked as I leant on the back of the chair and whispered close to his ear. “This looks a whole lot better than checking data, shall we watch it together?”

He looked stunned, unable to find his voice sitting with both hands clasped in his lap holding down his slowly softening cock.

The people in the film were still going at it hard and fast, the atmosphere was electric, Richard was holding his breath.

“It would certainly brighten a dull night up.” I whispered, leaning in close so that my left breast brushed his arm.

I was feeling more and more aroused from the combined effect of my voyeurism, lack of sex and the hold I had over him…this was my game

I nudged him playfully, he kind of jumped a little then asked,

“You like watching porn?” The question was barely a whisper.

“Of course” I answered casually “I like a good porn movie now and again, lots of women do”

I pointed at the screen, turning his attention to the action there.

“She’s keen.” I said as the girl’s head bobbed up and down in the one guys lap.

“Looks like she sucks as energetically as she fucks, has a girl ever done that to you Richard?” I asked wickedly, knowing full well the answer would be no.

He shrugged in answer.

“Have you ever done any of this with a girl?”

“Not yet.” He said, perhaps a little sharper than he meant because his blush deepened.

“So would you like me to watch some of this with you? You still haven’t answered.”

For the first time he looked up. “Are you serious?”

“Yes but only if you think it appropriate if I joined in though.”

He stammered, “What do you mean?”

“Watching you watching the movie has got me all worked up and I’m serious about joining you ‘playing’ while we watch, I’m game for it if you are.”

“You mean we both watch as we…?”

“Masturbate.” taksim escort I finished his question for him. “Just like you were doing before I interrupted, but this time not alone.”

He sucked in a deep, shuddering breath and took a moment; I could actually see his heart pounding through his shirt, the poor guy would have been expecting to be in trouble, what I had just suggested had obviously taken the poor guy by surprise. I was about to give up and tell him to clean up, go home and forget I had seen him when he very quietly said…

“Ok then. I’m game.”

“Great but one rule though, looking but no touching.” I said.

His blush deepened. “I wouldn’t even try to.” He stammered.

“No big deal, just so you know.” I replied.

“Move your seat back a little so that I can sit here on the edge of the desk.” I said.

He shifted position and I could see a silvery trail of pre cum had dribbled over his trousers as he had panicked and attempted to cover himself.

“Do you need some tissues?” I asked.

He went bright red and mumbled, “got some” reaching to a box in the desk draw.

“Looks like you were well prepared.” I said “But maybe you won’t need them now I’m here.”

He looked at me quizzically, not getting what I was hinting at.

“You can keep on doing whatever works for you, but I’m not going to take anything off.” I could see his disappointment until I said, “Just yet.”

I sat on the edge of the desk and when I was sure I had his complete attention I eased my skirt up over my thighs, almost to my waist revealing my thong panties while keeping my legs closed.

“You look silly with your trousers by your knees” I said, “Please take them off.”

He struggled for a few seconds, nervous but pulled both trousers and boxers off together, quickly sitting back down in his seat, slightly hunched forward still shy.

On screen a couple was starting to get into some serious action, “Let me see what you like to do Richard.” I said.

Still sitting a little forward and trying to use his hands as a cover he grasped his erection and made a few uneasy strokes.

I slipped a hand over my thigh and slipped it between my legs.

I opened them slightly and Richards’s eyes went wide, I didn’t move my hand though; content for the moment to just let the fingers rest against the damp material of my panties.

He stared mesmerized at the spot between my thighs.

“You’re supposed to be watching the film.” I said.

He quickly looked away and I laughed, “You’ve really never done this before?”

He turned his face to me with a furrowed brow. “No nothing like this.”

“Is it embarrassing for you, do you want to stop?”

“No,” He said quickly, “It’s ok.”

I laughed. “Relax its simple, you stroke and cum… I use my fingers and cum.”

“That’s what I was trying to watch.” He said nervously, “What you’re doing.”

I felt a flush of excitement.

“How often do you masturbate Richard?” I asked, “Is it every day?”

“I like to do it lots.” He said a bit non committal.

“Well we could watch each other instead of the movie.” I said. “But you need to sit back and let me see what you are doing, is that alright with you?”

He nodded while trying not to look over eager.

As he reclined back in the chair he was more than a little self-conscious, perhaps it was that a woman was seeing him do things he had only done in private, (or at least on his own, the work place is not exactly private) perhaps it was first time nerves or the promise of seeing a women semi naked, either way he soon forgot his embarrassment when I said.

“Shall I take my skirt off?”

His cock twitched and I saw his grip tighten on it as he nodded.

I turned my back, unfastened my skirt and slipped it down over my hips, bending from the waist, legs together so that he had a good long look at my ass, but nothing else. My thong was tiny and I did not want to show him too much.

I folded my skirt and placed it carefully to one side.

As I turned back to sit down his eyes were riveted to the tiny triangle of material between my legs, virgin or not he must have guessed that I was waxed clean, my panties were pale blue and I knew if I sat back and let him look between my thighs that there would be a visible damp spot.

I ran my fingers lightly over the little V of cotton and up over my flat belly as I watched his movements then started to unbutton my blouse. He was gripping his cock the same way I had first seen him, one hand at the base, the other working the shaft, he had also slipped right down in the chair and opened his legs, a little more relaxed now, giving me a completely unrestricted view as he pleasured himself with long slow strokes.

“Would you like to see my bra Richard?” I asked as I slowly slipped my blouse from my shoulders. “It matches the panties you seemed to like so much.”

He watched me intently as I folded the blouse and placed it with şişli escort my skirt; his tongue darted out wetting his bottom lip as I leant forward a little, tipping my breasts towards him, the smooth mounds almost spilling over the flimsy lace of my push up bra.

His cock looked big, long and meaty; the end red, engorged and weeping clear sticky tears as he slipped his hand up and down. My pussy was tingling with excitement and it was all I could do not to sit astride his lap and sink slowly down onto it. I gave myself a mental pinch to remind myself that I was here for a little mutual masturbation and nothing more.

“You have a nice cock, I like the way you play with it.” I said.

He said nothing but his face went another shade of red, the cheeks already flushed with excitement.

“Don’t be embarrassed, most guys would be jealous of you; you do know it is a lot larger than normal, don’t you?”

He shook his head no and I wondered just how naive he must be not to know that he was gifted in the size department, although if his sole source material for comparisons was porn movies I guess he would think it was pretty normal.

I was enjoying watching Richard so much, amazed that his cock seemed to be getting yet bigger, that I almost missed the warning signs that he was getting close to losing it. His breathing was becoming rapid and his eye lids were half closed as his hand travelled ever faster over the impressive shaft, pushing the foreskin right over the end on each of the upstrokes, peeling it back on the return to reveal the swollen glistening head.

His gaze was still riveted to the spot between my thighs, I hadn’t given a second thought to his inexperience and that sitting in front of him in my panties would be enough to get him off, I was so used to guys waiting patiently, playing the game until I was either semi or completely naked (depending on the circumstances).

I had taken it for granted he would be holding on for a little more than a glimpse off my thong.

I slipped off the table, reached out a hand and grabbed his wrist, “hey, slow down a bit, there’s no rush we have plenty of time”

I don’t know if it was surprise at my touch or that he was already ‘there’ but the precise moment I leant over him I felt his hand jerk under mine and a wet splatter across the top of my breasts and shoulder, followed by a second and third that soaked though the lace of my bra and caught me on the upper arm.

I jerked back, taken by surprise while a horrified Richard attempted to stem the flow by grabbing the head of his cock hard with one hand while at the same time trying to grab a hand full of tissues from the draw.

Cum spurted through his fingers and he let out a little cry as a few spots hit my leg just above the knee, he crammed tissues over his cock as it jerked and twitched, desperately trying to contain the mess oozing over his hands.

“Sorry, sorry,” was all he could say as he caught the last few spurts in a great wad of sopping Kleenex.

At last he had calmed down enough to sit back and take in the mess he had made. When he saw that I was calmly mopping up the cum that had landed across my breasts and the damp state of my bra he panicked

“I didn’t mean to hit you, it just did it, I couldn’t stop, oh no it’s all over you.”

This came out all in one long sentence, when he paused for breath I leant back on the desk casually dabbing at my bra; my eyes were drawn to the thing in his lap. It had only shrunken to about half the size it had been and I couldn’t help wondering if its natural state was one of semi hardness.

Richard sat in silence as I tossed the tissue to one side, although he was embarrassed about what he had done his eyes continually darted between the ruined bra and my panties, his cock twitched against his leg and I wondered how many times he would be able to cum like that, because with the few spurts that had hit me I had been covered in about as much cum as Terry and Jake manage together.

“First it’s hardly all over me and second do you think you are the first guy to do that on my tits, I like it when guys cum on me I just need a little warning when it’s going to happen and a little time to get myself off first.” I said.

“Do you want to try again?”

It was clear from the look on his face that he did, “It won’t happen like that next time.” He said, “I can make it last ages the second time.”

As I suspected earlier Richard was a serial masturbator.

I laughed. “News flash champ, so does every other bloke unless they have a serious problem, in fact most guys have a quick wank before they go out so that they won’t disappoint if they pull.”

He went red again.

“Look, I am going to the ladies to clean this mess off, you go to the gents, freshen up wash that thing and we will start again, ok?”

Richard agreed but as he went to stand I put a hand on his shoulder.

“Hold on though, you need to take the tissues with you and flush them, imagine what would happen if they were found in the bin.”

I reached around and unhooked my bra.

“And if you were still in any doubt about what I suggested we do I might as well take this off now to show you that I mean what I say.”

I let the bra straps slide down my arms, cupping the bra around my breasts so that it didn’t fall.

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