Office Affairs

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Chapter 1: Creating a Submissive

Avil was sitting in office, ostensibly busy with the latest research report sought by the senior management. Haah! A bunch of oafs is what they were, making people slave over inanities when they had no meaningful work to give. Luckily the juicy female trainees made life bearable. His body would literally burn with lust each time he would see the options on display.

“PLEASE Oh Lord!” he would often beg, “Give me the power to control women’s minds, I wont need anything else in the world.”

Minimized and tucked away in his taskbar was always a google window with search strings on mind control spells and hypnotism. Avil should really not be thinking all these dirty thoughts as the girls were basically very sweet and were good friends with him. But the very sight of panty-covered bums straining through cream-colored pants would make him want to whip the tender ass cheeks black and blue.

Avil was surreptitiously surfing as usual when he came to a website on some Tibetan llama. A weird one line “mantra” was given there; “OM AAH CHUNG VAJRA GURU PREMA SIDDHU CHUNG OM AA DUNG” went the mantra, it promised all sorts of miracles. If one recited it millions of times, one would attain nirvana or something.

“What crap” thought Avil as he clicked off. Later at home, as he relaxed with a vodka and watched a XXX film, he began thinking out ways and means to use the mantra.

“Hey, what if I record it in a tape and keep playing it at night on playback mode? My mind will virtually be reciting the mantra”. Swiftly arranging his stuff, Avil began recording. Soon the tape was ready. Fairly jumping with joy, he set up the apparatus and slowly drifted off to sleep while the hymn droned on….

The next day, Avil felt quite fresh throughout the day, generally he would be quite pooped by the time he took his late evening shag, massaging his dick with soap filled palm, but today, he felt like he could take on the whole bunch of chicks from office in one go! But hard luck! He felt no different or powerful. Still, with the dogged perseverance of the true pervert, he decided to persist with his efforts.

Two weeks had gone by, there was now a definite change coming over Avil. He was doing very well at work now, was able to coordinate multiple tasks better and could anticipate in advance just what his superiors desired. He sat at office one day and was wistfully staring away at Pam, one of the trainees. A slim girl, Pam generally dressed conservatively, but today she was clad in skintight worn jeans and tight T Shirt. Her long legs were on display, flashing like nunchaks in Bruce Lee’s hands as she flitted about here and there on her errands. Her tight ass wiggled this way and that as she moved, every once in a while her nipples would harden and would push through the thin fabric.

Avil however sensed a deep sadness in her, perhaps she was having boyfriend trouble, he hazarded. He managed to wangle a seat next to her at chow time and began chatting with her, slowly spinning out a yarn about unrequited love. Pam seemed to be taking a great deal of interest in the conversation; soon they were discussing her pathetic stump of a boyfriend, who was dithering in marrying her, just because his old dragon of a mother disapproved. Avil listened and occasionally put in the right word, which was designed to soothe her.

To Pam, the whole experience was cathartic; she had not been able to discuss the issue even with her parents, and here was this relative outsider who seemed to understand it all. She suddenly felt an enormous urge to pour out all her bottled love and care for someone and looking at Avil’s earnest face, she decided that he it would be. She invited him home for the night, to as she put it “have coffee and chat” But Avil’s cunning mind knew exactly what he wanted, and would take from her.

They entered the snug flat, a typical single girl’s pad, meticulous and feminine. Pam slowly walked upto Avil and they kissed, their tongues swirling and their teeth gently nibbling each other’s lips.

She drew away and fixing a soulful look at Avil asked “Tell me what you want, whatever you seek, I shall give you tonight!” “A total and absolute submissive is what I want, who shall rush to fullfil my every demand”. Pam smiled and did not answer; she merely began taking off her jeans. As the jeans peeled off, her shapely hips came into view, covered in white panties cut daringly at the sides. Avil gave a sigh of anticipation as Pam now stepped out of her jeans, her curvy hips leading to the sweep of her slim thighs, her tender calves and tiny feet with the digits clustered together like a line of rosebuds. She now pulled her T Shirt over her head, exhibiting her long and curved midriff, the navel stretched like a teardrop.

“All, take bakırköy escort off all your clothes for your master” Avil breathed.

Pam lowered her head in acquiescence and gently freed her breasts from the thin cotton bra. Her breasts were like ripe pears, oval and sweet, capped with tender red areola and dark nipples, which gradually twitched and perked up in the air-conditioned air. Pam hooked her thumbs in her panties and drew them down, revealing the sweet curve of her mons, encrusted with shiny, curly hair. Avil sighed as his penis swelled at this lush display, leaking pre-cum into his underwear.

Pam slowly stepped forward towards him, her firm breasts swaying and her hips undulating like a snake with every step. Slim white hands reached out and nimble fingers were soon unbuttoning Avil’s shirt. In a twinkling of the eye, Avil was standing stark naked, just like the love goddess in front of him. Avil reached out a bold hand and clasped the back of Pam’s neck, like a master leading his goat, Avil thrust her face downwards, forcing Pam to kneel as he guided her mouth towards his cock. Pam gently kneeled down, her raven black hair playing across her milky back. With a palm supporting his turgid balls, Pam slowly opened her butter-soft mouth and took his glans into her cavity.

Avil sighed with pleasure and thrust forward, pushing his entire cock length into her mouth. Pam was now moving her head forward and backward, taking his penis to new heights of ecstasy with each stroke. Avil watched her gentle giving eyes, her pliant white ass and decided to add insult to injury. Gasping with the effort, he suddenly released a stream of urine deep into her mouth. For a moment, Pam’s eyes looked up to him in mute appeal and her body tensed, then with a sagging of her shoulders, she continued her sucking motion and drank down each and every drop of his piss.

As she finished, Avil took a step backwards and his penis slipped out of her mouth with a loud plop.

“There, I have taken your very essences, your very excreta!”

“Don’t get proud with me, or I shall make you eat my shit!” Avil retorted.

He casually walked over to a low-lying divan and lay down on his back, his shiny red prick standing up proudly. Pam kept standing, she had experienced great revulsion at her wanton acts, but having her belly filled with Avil’s tangy piss had given her a great satisfaction. Truly she felt that she had proved once and for all the extent to which she could surrender for love.

“Well, are you going to stand there all night?” Waving towards his penis Avil said, “Who will take care of this?” Get your ass here NOW!” “Aah, Men!” she thought as she gently walked forward. Putting each leg on both sides of the narrow divan, Pam carefully flexed her legs and drew her vaginal slit down over the upright prick. Taking his spit stained cock, she slowly guided it into her opening and sat down, quivering as the cock bore deep into her. Avil kept a blank look as she unflexed her leg muscles and stood up; and again bore down.

So continued the painful routine for ten long minutes. Pam’s leg muscles were now aching like fire, plus, all this slaving for a relative stranger had set her mind on fire.

“You are the mother Earth,” Pam breathed to herself as she moved up and down, “Born to take the seed of the very men who then defile you”.

“Aaaah…” A deep moan escaped her lips as she felt a juicy orgasm build up, sweat oozing out of her every pore and dripping down on Avil’s recumbent form.

Avil reached up with clawed fingers and savaged Pam’s breasts, his nails raking across her tender nipples, pinching them and kneading them into fire.

They both screamed as jet after jet of sperm shot into Pam’s cunt, Pam in turn rewarded Avil with copious outpourings of love juice, their nectars combined and wet their pubic hairs, turning them slick and dark.

They panted like racehorses, their heartbeats slowly coming back to normal. Pam reached out to Avil and sought to snuggle up to him. But Avil disdainfully pushed her away with his legs and relegated her to cringe against the footboard while he regally rested his feet against her bum.

Pam wiped away silent tears and settled down as best as she could, accepting with delicious tragedy, the scorn of her new master.

Chapter 2: Enticing the Dyke

Avil sat in office, working or at least pretending to, while he watched Pam flitting around with a deep satisfaction. It was a treat to totally dominate such a independent, seemingly carefree girl. As he watched, Diane cut his view by walking past him. Now Diane was a very interesting girl indeed. She wore her straight hair long and flat, and had a lithe upper body with tight breasts and hard pokies. Her hips however were lush and beşiktaş escort gave on to hard, muscular thighs. Her buttocks were hard and muscular, sculptures in perfection. Avil had seen her eyes follow the movements of the girls in the office. She had a particular letch for Pam, ogling her juicy, bouncing tits seemed to make her day.

All said and done, Diane was a consummate but dominating professional at her work. This used to irk Avil and they used to often have big fights. Diane was wrong for a change today but Avil and she had a big showdown before their boss resolved the issue.

“Hey, no hard feelings ok?” said Avil as a patch up gesture.

“Yeah,” she shrugged, “Guess I get carried away sometimes”

“Yup, you seem to get a kick out of this manly behavior stuff”

“What the fuck do you mean?”

“Well, I have seen you eyeing the broads, just want to say that if you want to have a go at our Pam, it can be arranged!”

For a moment, Avil thought that she would hit out at him, but then her face clamed down and a shrewd look came on her face. “Oh Yeah? And who are you to talk for Pam?”

“I am balling her right now, and whatever I tell her, goes!”

“What’s in it for you, buster?” demanded Diane with her hands on her hips

“Me? Nothing! Just a ring side seat” Avil gave a sly grin Diane’s instincts warned her that not everything would go as smoothly, but her body was burning with frustration at having to keep secret her lust for girls. And she had a particularly huge crush for Pam, her sweet butts and tender boobs were the stuff of Diane’s masturbatory fantasies each night.

“Ok” she nodded, “But how do we get this done, I am NOT going to rape her!”

“Hey, who said anything about forced entry, she is gonna welcome you into her arms! Just wait and watch!!”

That evening, as usual, Pam left office first and headed to her home to tidy up and wait for her lord and master to arrive. Avil had today asked her to wear a old and short school uniform of hers, it was so ridiculous, the outfit barely covered her ass cheeks, the shirt left her navel bare. As she was arranging a bunch of fresh flowers on the coffee table, the door opened and Avil came in.

Pam was shocked to see Diane, that too in her present half naked state. A stab of fear raced through her cunt, no one in office knew what perversions she had to endure from Avil, and now here was a new person!

Pam colored as she felt Diane’s fierce gaze dipping into her exposed thighs and seeking out her belly cleft. She had often felt her gaze on her in office, but it was only now that the lust in her eyes was plain to read. Pam’s pussy throbbed and her nipples hardened as she wantonly returned Diane’s looks.

“Diane will be your mistress for the evening for you to serve, take care wench, or else I shall whip your buns raw!” warned Avil with an evil grin.

Diane was totally bowled over by Pam, her miniscule skirt highlighted her long never-ending legs, and her unfettered boobies squirmed and peeked from under her shirtlet. Diane stepped forward and took Pam in her embrace as Avil settled down on the settee for the show. Holding up Pam’s lovely face, Diane sought her lips and they kissed long and deep, their tongues lashing at and tickling each other.

Their hands sought out the other’s heated bodies and soon, school dress joined corporate suit, as both became bare ass naked. Their naked bodies cupped and cradled into each other, Diane’s busy fingers moved down Pam’s smooth back and dipped into her ass crack. Pam gasped as a smooth manicured finger eased through her tight ass muscles. Their mons were now rubbing against each other, and both trembled as a gentle orgasm tore through them.

Diane gently disengaged herself from her lover and stood up, she walked over, ass swinging, to her handbag and retrieved a double dildo. She thrust one end deep into her pussy, shivering as the thick rubber stretched her inner walls. Pulling at the rubber cock to make sure that it was firmly lodged against her cervix, she now walked over to her love slave.

Pam had never experienced sex with another woman, but this strong muscular goddess had set her on fire. As she saw Diane coming towards her, her stomach muscles quivering and dildo jiggling, her pussy ached with longing and she threw open her arms to her lover.

Diane fell into Pam’s embrace, kissing her like there would be no tomorrow. She quickly lined up her protruding dildo above her lover’s cunt and thrust in. With quivering thigh muscles and groans, the dildo slowly speared its way into Pam’s love box. They both cooed and moaned as Diane set up a steady rhythm, the dildo simultaneously moving in and out of both slits.

As Avil watched the love locked pair, he could not take beylikdüzü escort his eyes off Diane’s ass, the globes straining with her every downward thrust. Moving up slowly, he positioned himself above Diane. As Diane plunged up, she suddenly felt hard palms grip her hips and a hot dick head attack her pink ass bud.

“Aaah…” she cried out in pain as the fat cock jettisoned itself into her tender ass crack. “Nooo…” she screamed, but it was too late as Avil had already begun thrusting into her like a bull. In between the rubber dildo beneath and the live cock above, Diane felt like her whole body was being roasted in a fire. The pain was so exquisite that it was almost pleasure full.

Avil was going mad from the delicious sight of two beauties squirming helpless underneath him. Pam was also bucking from the double weight on her, which was driving the dildo deep into her womb. The room was filled with cries as all three of them came together. Avil pulled up Diane’s head by her hair and imparted a rough lascivious kiss on his new conquest’s lips.

Chapter 3: Discipling the Secretary

Avil was pleased no end at the way things were going. Two office girls as his personal sluts and today, he had just been offered a voluptuous secretary. Sally was married, or at least so the ring on her finger proclaimed. But Avil had eyes only for her luscious and juicy ass cheeks, which thrust proudly out of her rear profile. The days when she used to wear her cream colored pants; her panty line would drive him mad. His hands itched to slap her buttocks into submission.

But the deal would have to be laid out carefully. So he set his plan into motion by giving her work that would require domain expertise, where as a beginner, she was bound to make mistakes. Then came the hot rebukes, Avil really laid it out to her for the next few weeks, till she used to actually shiver whenever he called her to his cubicle. Finally he asked her to prepare some important documents and submit it to his apartment one night before she left for the evening.

Sally had already had a rough day, and now this detention! Sally was driven wild with worry, but she needed this job badly as her husband was currently unemployed and they had a kid to raise.

It was well past 11 pm when she reached Avil’s flat. Avil opened the door himself and gruffly invited her in. He sat on the divan, examining the documents while Sally was made to stand in front of him. Within a minute, his experienced eyes had spotted a few crucial mistakes and he suddenly threw the papers at her.

“You ignorant fool! I am going to have your job for this mistake!”

This was the limit! Sally’s face winced as hot tears burst out of her eyes. “Please Sir, I really need this job, please do not fire me Sir”

“Hmm..” Avil mused loudly as his eyes again fell on her buttocks, ohh.. How they curved out, just begging to be beaten black and blue!

“Take off your clothes, all of it, Right Now!!” he roared, his tone leaving no scope for refusal.

Hiccupping from fear and shame, Sally slowly took off her shirt. Her large and somewhat drooping boobs came into view. Her generous tummy thrust out over the elastic of her pants. She slowly hooked her thumbs and pulled down her pant, revealing her fleshy thighs and thick calves. By this time Avil was too aroused to have patience. Stepping forward, he spun her around, grabbed her chaste white panties and pulled hard. As the flimsy material ripped apart, her white and quivering ass globes came out. Avil was awestruck and just gloated upon his find for a few minutes. Slowly he reached out a hand and cupped a globe.

He caught hold of her hand and pulled her along to the divan and laid her across his legs. As she lay prone across his thighs, her cute ass cheeks thrust up, like a pair of errant schoolboys. Avil drew back his hand and landed a heavy hand across the cheeks. Sally felt as if her ass had been set on fire and screamed.

“Keep silent, you dumb bitch,” panted Avil as he landed blow after blow to her quivering members.

After a few blows, he could hold back no more and he pulled her up. Kissing her roughly, he clawed her back like an animal in heat. Sally quivered with pain and arousal, the beating had set her pussy singing and now this fierce assault on her lips and back maddened her as well. Screaming and growling, the two of them pawed, bit and scratched at each other.

Avil gradually mounted her and pushed her thighs apart. “Bitch!” he screamed as he pushed his rock hard dick into her moist and demanding snatch. Sally felt the hard prick invade her cunny and bucked up her hips to accept the full thrust. They screamed like dragon slayers as they set up a torrid routine, his balls slapping onto her ass crack with each thrust. As the movement built up to a crescendo, they gurgled and moaned as hot seed mixed with syrupy juices.

At last, Avil lay on her and they kissed long and sweet.

“Well Sir, so how did I perform today?”

For answer Avil got up and turned her over. “Oh No, not again” sighed Sally as his hand slapped down on her ass…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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