Off Campus Lessons

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Public Sex

I was attending university. I could not believe it. I was roaming the last chapter of my youth before I would step out into the real world. Four years of fantasy fulfillment and organized debauchery had been all I had been waiting for since the age of sixteen. Now, as I was about to turn twenty-one, I had only one goal in mind for this first semester – other than passing my classes, that is – losing my virginity. To a woman. Hopefully.

After the first week, however, my hope of finding someone interested in seeing me naked was slowly fading. In my various classes, the women seemed interested in the teachers, not the guy ogling them from two desks behind. I have to admit however, I was something of a mess. I always wore oversized sweaters and had a long gruffly beard that made me look forty-one and not 21.

Yet, after I got a position writing for the campus newsletter – I edited the arts and literature section – my appearance seemed appropriate. Women would comment on my poetry, call me an urban gypsy, and one even asked for my autograph. But I never had any groupies that would sneak up to my room. Poets are tormented loners dedicated to their art. The reason I wrote poetry was because I had to find a way to direct all my horniness.

After two months of fruitless attempts of getting dates, I decided to become the lone poet.

That seemed to cause the winds to shift in my favor. One day, while I sat at a table during a class break, writing , a group of students joined me. Among them was this woman I had seen in class but had never spoken to . She sat down next me, her long red hair grazing my shoulders as she slid into the seat. “Hi,” she said. Her voice had a slight lilt to it I had never heard.

“Hello,” I said as I put my pen down. I watched her stare at me intently as she took a sip from my coffee cup. “That’s my cup,” I commented.

“I’m sorry,” she said, putting the cup back down in front of me. “You’re James, yes? The writer?”

“Yeah. How do you know my name?” I slipped my paper back into my bag on the floor next to me. She kept looking at me with her intense brown eyes. I found it a bit disconcerting. No one had ever stared at me like that before. I felt my cock tingle.

“Joey told me,” she said. He turned to look at me and smiled. “My name is Hannah.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said. “I’ve never heard an accent like yours. bahis siteleri Where are you from?”

“Germany originally. But I’ve been here for almost twenty years.”

I was about to ask her something else when she suddenly leapt from her seat and headed back for class. I watched her walk away. Her hips were slightly out of proportion with the upper half of her body, but men looked at her appreciatively as she walked by. I got up and followed her as I realized I would be late for class.

In class, I noticed that Hannah was sitting next to me. The teacher passed out an assignment he had graded earlier and he asked us to share our papers with someone else. The assignment had been to write a love letter.

As I was about to get up to find someone, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Can I read your letter, James?” Hannah asked me. I passed her the sheet and she returned to her desk. As she read, she would peek at me from behind the letter. Her lips moved as she read. Each word she mouthed was sensual and I noticed that she seemed to breathe a bit more quickly. She shifted position in her seat more than once as she read the two page letter.

“How old are you?” she asked as she returned my letter.


“Hum. I’m old enough to be your mother. I’m thirty-eight.”

“So,” I said. Hannah sat on my desk, crossing a wonderfully muscular set of legs that peeked from underneath her ankle length skirt.

“Would you like to come over tonight for a drink after class?”

I sat there for a few moments. I was stunned. “Yes,” I whispered. She smiled and wrote her address on the back of my assignment. For the rest of the class I couldn’t stop my hard-on from torturing me. The last half-hour seemed to last forever.

But after class, I decided to go back to my dorm room to change. Hannah lived off campus so I told her that I’d be late. I had to change as I had been so nervous I sweated through my clothes.

The bus ride to her apartment lasted fifteen minutes. It was the last bus of the evening so I knew that I was going to have to take a cab, or stay the night. When I got off the bus, I stood in front of her apartment building, frozen in my steps with the wonder as to why such a sensual and subtly sexy woman was interested in me. After five minutes, and the fact that I saw Hannah peek out her window and look at me, I muttered: canlı bahis siteleri “Oh well,” and went inside.

She smiled at me when she opened the door. Her cheeks were blushed as I noticed a bottle of schnapps on the living room table. She blushed even more as I let my eyes stray to her cleavage; she had changed into a tight fitting halter while keeping her long skirt. I had not realized the her tits were so nicely shaped underneath the large blouse she had worn to class.

We sat down on her couch. Hannah pulled her knees under her skirt as she moved closer to me. Her tits were only inches away from my arm; as she leaned over to pick up the bottle of schnapps, they pressed firmly into my shoulder. She put her hand on my thigh to steady herself; it was very close to my crotch. We both drank slowly, chatting quietly about who we were. Hannah had been divorced for ten years and was studying philosophy. She had just started the writing class we shared.

After a few drinks I asked her: “Why did you ask me here tonight? I mean, you could probably have any man you wanted. And I’m younger than you.”

“I’ve been reading your poetry for a while now, and I wanted to see the man behind the words.” She got up and went over to her amply filled bookcase. “You seem so old in your words. When I met you and you said you were twenty-one, I thought I was crazy to think I wanted you. But the way you looked at me in class when I was reading your letter … I knew you wanted me so I said what the hell. I’ve been sleeping alone for over a year now, anyway.” Hannah put her glass on the bookcase and reached behind her back. I gasped as her skirt feel to the floor. “Do you want to fuck me James?”

I got up from the couch and joined her by the bookcase. She faced me. I closed my eyes and drank the musky smell of her perfume; it blended in perfectly with the smell from her cunt. “I’m a virgin,” I muttered suddenly.

Hannah put her hand on my mouth. “So?” She then kissed me deeply, her tongue reaching for mine. It was like we were trying to reach orgasm with our mouths. She took my hand and lead us to her bedroom.

I pulled off my sweater as she struggled with my belt buckle. Taking my cock from my briefs, Hannah kissed me again while slowly pumping my already stiff hard-on. “Nice,” she whispered. We moved to the bed where she let herself fall on canlı bahis her back. I slipped out of my clothing and joined her. I crept my hand under her halter and lightly massaged her nipples while I explored her neck with my lips. She giggled, cupping my balls and taking my ear in her lips; I shivered and then pulled her shirt over her head. “Suck my tits,” she said. “Suck them nice.”

I traced little circles around her nipples before sucking them. One in my mouth, the other in my hand, I slid my leg between her thighs. Hannah began to hump me more and more quickly, moving her clit against my thigh until she pulled me tightly to her and trembled when she came.

“God, that felt good,” she said. “Now, it’s your turn.” She moved over so I could lie on my back. She pulled her underwear off and moved her hips over my face. I felt drunk from the scent of her cunt. I probed her lightly, tracing the shape of her pussy lips while she took my cock in her mouth. My hips heaved as heat and pleasure pulled me into her throat. Her juices flowed freely while I matched her movements on my cock.

“I can’t stand it anymore,” I said. “I want to be in your pussy now.” She smiled mischievously, reaching over and pulling a condom from the dresser. I tore the package and slipped it on; she hovered over my hips and slid herself down on my cock. I closed my eyes, savoring the heat that surrounded me. Her up and down movements drew moans from deep in my gut; I cupped her tits and pinched her nipples while moving in tandem with her. Hannah began to moan as our thrusts accelerated.

“Fuck me, fuck me … hard!” she whispered as I pulled her to close to me. I steadied her hips and took over the thrusting. Each motion pushed me seemingly deeper and deeper into her until the pressure in my cock became unbearable. My balls tensed, my legs stiffened, my load filled the condom. “Oh God Hannah! I’m coming,” I moaned. She fucked me until I was completely empty, whispering my name as she trembled and came again.

“You’re a virgin, eh?” Hannah asked me while grinding her pelvis around my slowly softening cock. “It didn’t show.”

I kissed her. She moved her tits across my chest. “You could say I’ve been reading up on the subject for a while now,” I said with a laugh. “But I’ve been waiting for the right teacher.”

After Hannah rolled off of me, we talked a bit about where we want to be by the end of our time at university. That lasted about fifteen minutes.

My cock grew hard again. Before she went down on me for the second time, Hannah said: ” James, I think you’re ready for your next lesson.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32