Of Scarecrows and Corn Poles

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Annie was cycling home from work. It was getting very late; darkness had fallen, and a nagging, drizzling rain fell — the type of rain that doesn’t seem too bad when you’re sitting inside, staring out the window, but that completely soaks you once you’re outside. Annie kept pedaling and grit her teeth. About fifteen more minutes, and she’d be home.

It had been a long day, and her boss, who had been in an even worse mood than usual, had given Annie so much filing work that it was hours past her regular time to go home. She hated her boss, because he was an arrogant asshole, and he always stared at her breasts whenever he thought she didn’t pay attention to his gaze. Annie was a secretary to a small shipping firm; she only worked a couple of days a week, to be able to pay for college.

She passed the corn field. She was always a little apprehensive when she passed the corn, especially during this time of the year, when it was particularly dark in that rural part just outside the town where she worked. And today, things were a little extra eerie: it was Halloween.

Suddenly, Annie heard a weird, unsettling sound. She stopped and listened carefully. It sounded like a child was crying. “The wind?” muttered Annie, who thought the blazing, cold wind might cause the sound. No, it wasn’t the wind. It really sounded like a child, and it was coming from the corn field. Annie got off her bike and looked around. No one to be seen. But if there really was a child, she couldn’t leave it. She put her bike on the ground and carefully walked into the dense, high stalks of corn.

With every step she took, the peculiar sound got a little louder. “God, why am I doing this?” asked Annie, aloud, “I’m freezing, and I’m soaking wet. Uh… Hello? A-anyone there?” The rain started to beat down onto the world — and onto Annie, whose strands of amber hair clung to her face. She was soaked to the bone, and yet she pressed on; one step after the other, until, finally, she reached what appeared to be an open spot in the middle of the corn field.

The sound was very distinct now: it really was a child, crying, Annie was sure of it. “Hello? Anyone? Please, where are you?” And then the crying stopped. All was silent, except for the rhythmic pounding of the rain on the leaves of the corn stalks. The smell of wet earth and mud filled the air.

A loud thunderclap struck, and Annie jumped up as everything was illuminated for a good second by a blinding flash. The thunder seemed to ring out, reverberating loudly, then softly died out.

Annie wiped her forehead, rain pouring down her face, and tried to look around. Everything was pitch black around her, and she had no idea from which side she’d entered the corn field. “Oh, shit…” she mumbled, trying to get a bearing on where exactly she was. “I came from… That way…” whispered Annie, and she turned around.

“Oh my God!” cried Annie, as she stumbled back and fell. There was someone, something, staring at her. He was large, and wore rags, and his head looked like a pumpkin, with fiery eyes, and a wicked grin for a mouth.

“You looked for me, and you found me,” said a deep voice, “Finders, keepers…”

“Oh my God! Please, please don’t hurt me! I’ll give you money! P-please!”

Annie started to cry, fearing that the person towering over her, looking down at her in a menacing way, was some homicidal maniac. “You looked for me, and you found me.”

“Y-y-you just said that! B-b-b-but I wasn’t looking for you! I swear! I… I just heard a child cry and, and, and…”

“That was me. I am so alone here.”

The man, or whatever it was, had a very deep and soothing voice.

“A-a-are you going to hurt me?” asked Annie, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Hurt? No, I won’t hurt you.”

Annie looked at him, “Who are you?”

“I am the Duke of Lantern.”

“The Duke of Lantern? So what happened t-to your head?”

The creature sighed a plaintive sigh. “Many years ago, when anadolu yakası escort this area was still covered in woods, I had an affair with one of my maids, who was young, and full of life, and not at all like my wife… Unfortunately, my wife caught us when we made love. She went to the witch, who cast a spell upon me, lifetimes ago, and I was turned into a scarecrow.”

“No kidding…”

“Quite so. I spent ages upon this field of corn, watching, scaring the crows, who seem to love corn better than even humans do. And once a year, I may walk, and be a man again. But even then, I am so alone…”

“I can imagine,” replied Annie, “So Halloween is your day off, huh?”

“It is indeed. Unless the spell is broken, I must remain a scarecrow.”

“How can the spell be broken?” asked Annie, who sat up in the mud, putting her hands behind her for support. To her own amazement, although her heart was still beating in her chest, she was getting increasingly comfortable around this strange creature.

“Well,” said the Duke, “evil can only be conquered by good, as darkness can only be vanquished by light. Therefore, only selfless love on my behalf can solve my loneliness. A punishment for my earlier lust, you see?”

“S-selfless love? You mean someone needs to…? I mean, uh, do it, with you?”

The creature stared at its large hands of straw, then looked up into the rain; its flaming eyes making trails in the darkness. “Yes.”

“But, do you actually still have a… Well, I, er, I mean, looking at your hands and your head and all…”

“I am still a man, although my manhood has been… altered somewhat in shape.”

Annie stifled a smile. “What does that mean?”

The Duke sighed and started to fumble with the rags that were his trousers. One of his big hands pulled out a large corn pole. Annie laughed softly and said, “It’s uh… big. But… Can you feel something with it?”

“Most certainly. I say, would you be willing to assist me with my plight?”

Annie got up and said, “Well, uh, Duke, it’s been very interesting to meet you, but I guess I will have to get home now. I’m, well, I don’t think this is going to work out. Sorry.”

The Duke sighed and said, “I understand. Go, then. Go in that direction to exit the field.”

And so Annie started to walk out of the field. The rain was now pouring down on her, soaking her to the very marrow of her bones. The wind howled, and Annie was thinking of a nice, big cup of hot chocolate, when the wailing picked up again. Annie moved on, thinking, ‘I’m sorry, Duke…’ But the wailing grew louder, and pity grew in Annie’s large heart. She stopped and turned around, then started to walk again.

“Duke!” she cried out, her voice nearly drowned out by the screaming wind, which appeared to discourage her, telling her to go home and take a shower.

“I am here,” said the Duke, suddenly appearing before Annie.

“So, if I would, uh, suck that big pole of yours, would that suffice?”

“Possibly,” replied the Duke in his deep voice.

Annie took a deep breath. Why the hell was she doing this?

“Alright, then I’ll do so. I just can’t leave you here alone.”

And so the Duke took out his big corn pole, and the amber-headed girl got on her knees. She wrapped two hands around the corn pole between the creature’s legs. Annie estimated it was a good nine inches long. She moved closer to the corn pole and licked her lips. “I’ve never sucked… uh… corn before, so I’m not sure whether I’ll be any good…”

“You’ll do fine,” answered the Duke.

And so Annie did what she had done to a few boyfriends. She licked along the back of what was usually a man’s shaft. Apparently, although the outward form was different, the Duke’s tool worked the same as any male’s, because he groaned deeply. Annie then licked around what was usually the head of a penis, and once more, the Duke moaned. Annie wrapped her warm ataşehir escort lips around the creature’s peculiar phallus, and let it slide in as far as she could; then she retracted, sucking as she did so. She moved her lips down over the shaft again, a little bit further this time. Annie actually liked giving blowjobs: it gave her a sense of being in control. She liked the feeling of stimulating a man in such a basal way; using the sensuality of her lips to caress every little bit of a hard, throbbing penis.

The Duke thoroughly enjoyed what Annie was doing for him. He stroked her drenched hair with his large straw hands, touching her gently. The girl was very good at this: the Duke understood she knew how to pleasure a man. He looked down and saw her head bob up and down. It was so, so long ago since he’d had any pleasure like this, that it was difficult for him to hold back.

He arched his back, and his fiery eyes looked at the sky, as the rain lashed his pumpkin face. For a moment, he saw nothing but pure, white light, as he emptied ages of pent-up lust into the girl’s mouth.

Annie was surprised by the huge eruption of the Duke’s pole. Wave after wave shot from his corn pole — but it didn’t taste like male sperm at all. Her mouth was filled with the liquid, until it dribbled down her chin.

Annie retracted her face from the Duke’s big pole, swallowed, and said, “Are you kidding me? Corn syrup?”

The Duke laughed softly and replied, “The witch had a sense of humour. And after all, with corn for cock, what did you expect?”

Annie wiped off her chin and said, “Well, at least a little courtesy, Duke. You may be nobility, but it’s not nice not to let a girl know that you’re about to come. Do you know how much we hate it when a guy sprays our mouth full of sperm without telling us?”

The Duke nodded gravely, “I… am sorry. You were just doing such a great job, and I had been without any relief for ages…”

“I understand, but this was not selfless love…”

The Duke heaved a sigh. “You are right.”

Annie got up, and stood looking at the Duke, hands on her hips. She let the silence fill the air for a few seconds, then whispered, “But I’m willing to give you a second shot. I admit that it’s a little weird, but sucking down on that big pole made me a pretty hot. Would you care to, uh, put out my fire?”

The Duke nodded and said, “My pole is always hard…”

And so Annie took off her coat, then unbuttoned her white blouse, which was made completely transparent by the rain, reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, and then took it off completely. The Duke groaned at the sight of her young, firm breasts. The cold rain—not to mention the excitement—had made her nipples quite hard. Her breasts were just the right size: not too small, and not too large, and her nipples pointed slightly upwards at the dark clouds.

Then Annie kicked off her shoes, took off her belt, and peeled off her fairly tight jeans. She pulled down her black thong, and kicked it away. She was perfect. Her pubic hair was shaven in a nice little landing strip, and her vulva looked a little swollen and glistening.

“Like it?” asked Annie, who had noticed that the Duke’s burning eyes were checking out every inch of her body.

“Perfect,” stammered the Duke. “In my time, women did not shave their pubes…”

“In your time there wasn’t electric light either, Duke. You ready to fuck me, or what?”

“I would use my tongue to pleasure you first, but alas, I have no tongue…”

“Then I guess your big corn pole will have to do…”

And so Annie got on all fours, then wiggled her luscious buttocks, enticing the Duke of Lantern.

He kneeled behind her, and grabbed hold of her hips with his big, straw hands. He inched forward, and Annie felt the tip of his pole against her most intimate opening.

“B-be a little careful with that thing,” whispered Annie.

But the Duke ümraniye escort needed no instructions. Very, very slowly, he slid inside of her, filling her up in a way Annie had never experienced before. And then he retracted, only to slide inside of her again. Annie groaned: scarecrow or not, this guy was huge, bigger than any guy she’d ever been with. Carefully, gently, the Duke slid in and out of her, allowing her to accommodate to his large intruder. Annie closed her eyes and focused on the pleasure the huge corn pole was giving her. Slowly yet steadily, the Duke built up the pace, grabbing a firmer hold of the girl’s hips. In and out, in and out. He himself was in heaven as well: the girl was very tight, indeed. However, the Duke tried to focus on her pleasure instead of his own. After all, the witch’s spell had to be broken.

Annie started to rock her hips, trying to force the Duke in as deeply as she could; he was now ramming in and out of her, and even so, she liked to increase the pace. She bucked her hips, impaling herself on the huge pole, and, cold rain notwithstanding, she had the feeling she was radiating heat. The Duke felt really great inside of her, and then Annie decided it was time to take a little more control herself.

“W-wait!” groaned Annie. “G-get on your back. J-just do it.”

The Duke complied, and Annie crawled on top of him. She positioned herself over his corn pole, put her hands on his chest, pushed herself up, and then slid down. Up and down, up and down. She rode the creature like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh, Duke! Oh my God! Oh, Duke, Duke, Duke!”

The rain beat down on the two, and the wind howled, cooling down their overheated bodies. Vaguely, the moon shone through the clouds.

“C-c-call me Jack,” panted the Duke.

“J-Jack! You’re fucking me soooo good! Oh! Oh fuck! Jack, I’ve never been fucked like this before!”

Jack completely filled up Annie. She pounded up and down, burying the huge pole inside of her. She was dripping wet, and she enjoyed every second of it. And then, the Duke reached up to her breasts with his big straw hands. The straw tickled Annie, and he caressed her granite nipples. Jack wanted to suck those hard buds, but he only had a grim pumpkin grin for a mouth, so that was impossible. He groaned: the girl rode him like a madwoman; every thrust was deep. His entire straw body seemed to tingle with lust and the desire for orgasm. But then he realized that he wasn’t being selfless, and so he let his hands slide down.

Down over Annie’s taut belly, his large hands slid, until they crossed her navel, and then, finally, reached the top of her little pubic landing strip. Down even further, until they found the hard little nub that they were looking for.

Annie gasped loudly, “Ooooh! F-f-fuck! Jack, you’re tickling my clit! Oh, Jesus, this is so good! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck! Just like that! Harder! Faster! K-keep touch… touching meeeee!”

And then, for a few seconds, the two lovers convulsed together, sharing the most intimate moment two beings can share. The world stopped for a moment, and there was just perfect bliss, which seemed to last a lifetime.

The wind carried the sound of the church bells, which chimed in the distance. Once, twice, and so it went on until the bells had rung out twelve times. And then, a huge, deafening thunderclap ravished the silence, immediately followed by a blinding flash of lightning.

When Annie opened her eyes again, she thought she’d passed out for a moment, as it was now broad daylight and the sun shone brightly. She couldn’t remember what had happened. She tried to raise her arms to rub her eyes, but nothing happened. She looked down and saw a stake where her legs had once been. She cried out in panic.

A deep voice next to her spoke, “Thank you, girl, thank you so much.”

“Wh-what the hell happened?” asked Annie, panicking.

“You gave yourself to me. You have relieved my loneliness…”


“You permitted me to give you selfless love; , thereby relieving my loneliness. We will be together forever now, my dear, dear, girl.”

“I’m turned into a fucking scarecrow!”

“Only until the next Hallows’ eve, my darling, only until the next Hallow’s eve — and a long eve that shall be…”


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