O Means Olivia

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I opened the door and walked into the house, dropping my suit coat on the corner chair. Walking into the kitchen, I started going through the mail on the counter.

“BOO!” Hands suddenly covered my eyes. I jumped a bit in spite of myself.

“Hi baby,” I said, turning to you. I was stunned. God you were incredibly gorgeous tonight. All you had on was chemise that matched your eyes.

“What have you been up to baby?”

You put your arms around me and whisper “I’ve been having Olivia’s lover.

I smile, knowing how you call orgasms Olivia’s, your name.


“Yes baby?”

“I need more.” I watch as you show me your vibrator. Slowly you lick your juice off, your tongue moving up and down. “Lover, drink me. Make me cum. Give me Olivia’s.”

You take my hand and lead me into the bedroom. Taking my tie and shirt off, you lay them on the chair. Next, my pants and shoes and socks. Then you kiss me, oh so deep and long. Your tongue lashes mine, they play together. I am overcome by you.

“Now lover, now. Make me cum.”

I watch you lay down on the bed, blatantly pulling your chemise halkalı escort up. I lay down next to you, scenting you. Your pussy is wet with your juices, and I want to taste you. I kiss the soft inside of your thigh, licking there some, watching your juice seep out. I move a bit, and lick the juice that is running down to your ass. I lick there, tasting the juice on your pucker baby. Slowly I lick up, running my tongue along your puffy lip. Yes baby, just kissing you there, taking your lip into my mouth, sucking it, feeling you move under me. I kiss your pussy hard baby, and slip my tongue inside you, feeling you so soft and wet. Yes, more juices to drink, you are so good baby. Your fingers pull up your hood, letting me see your clitty. I move up a bit, and rub the underside of my tongue on you.

“Oh yes Brad, love me there. Take me.”

She is arching up against me as I take her clit into my mouth, sucking and licking. Suddenly she cries out, shuddering, gasping over and over, and I know she has had her Olivia.

I kiss my way up here, taksim escort stopping at her tummy, loving her piercing. I lick all around it, taking it into my mouth, gently sucking her there. I move up, and kiss her hard nipples, licking them a bit. I kiss her mouth, holding her close.

Sigh, “Oh lover you are so good to me. I love you so much. I want to pleasure you, love you so much,”

She moves a bit, kissing me deeply, sucking my tongue. She licks my neck, her fingers playing with my nipples, her and moving through chest hair. She kisses me there; mmm it feels so good. Lower she goes, her fingers gently upon me. Her fingers encircle my cock, her tongue licking my balls, rolling them around sweetly sucking me there. Her hand strokes me, her tongue pushing into my slit, gathering up pre cum. Her tongue moves around the head, swirling, then her mouth envelopes me, moving around me.

“Oh god, baby, you are so good, I’m so close baby.”

She stops, smiling at me, my cock in her hand. Sitting up, she points my cock at her pussy, and slowly descends. She rubs her pussy lips şişli escort and clit with me, then moves down on me. She bends her head, watching my cock disappear into her. Kissing me, she begins to rock on me, her pussy squeezing my cock. God, she feels so good. Up and down she moves, while my hands guide her, her fingers rubbing her clit and nipple. I start thrusting up, and she smiles at me. Suddenly she moves off of me. She leans down, and licks her juices slowly off my cock. Her mouth sticky with juices, she lies down, and pulls me onto her.

“Fuck me lover, fuck me gentle and hard.”

She takes my cock, guiding me. I push into her, her juices coating me, and I begin to move inside her. Her arms around me, she pulls me closer and deeper. Harder I push, and we are both gasping. She begins to shiver, and I feel myself exploding in her as she cries out. I hold her tight, both of us rocking together as one, sharing all.

“Mmmmm baby, you are so wonderful,”

“Only because of you, my lover.”

I reach down, and scoop out some of our cum from your pussy, and draw an O on your tummy. I put more on your nipples. Then I slowly lick up the cum from you. You sigh, and lick cum off my fingers; then kiss me.

“Oh my lover, I love it when you give me an Olivia.” you whisper, kissing me, sharing our cum.

“Now that each of us has some of the other in us, we are truly one baby.”

We hold each other so close, lost in on another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32