Nurse Mom

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This, as with all my stories is a long read. If you are looking for a quick, get to the point story, this isn’t it. If you like the build in a story then enjoy and please leave a comment.


It all began with a car accident where I was T-boned by another car that ran a stop sign. This accident had me hospitalized in traction for 3 weeks. My left arm was shattered, I had a broken collarbone and 2 cracked vertebrae between my shoulder blades.

The meds they were feeding me helped with the pain but it was the little things that were driving me crazy. Things like not being able to scratch an itch or use the bathroom. The upper body cast that I was in was very debilitating.

I really hadn’t given anything more than a couple minutes thought due to the pain med’s that I was on, so my time in the hospital wasn’t that bad, I guess. It was only after I was released to go home that things turned weird.

I had been made comfortable in my old room at the house that grew up in that my mother still lived. While my body healed I would be stuck in the cast for at least 6 months.

As the days went on and my pain subsiding, my doctor prescribed my med’s to an as needed dose. Well, along with the lessening of pain med’s, my sober reality began to clear up. I was beginning feel things and understand what was happening again.

A couple of the things that the drugs had hidden from me was the fact that someone had been bathing me and taking care of, well, toilet needs. While heavily sedated and in the hospital, it was the nurse’s that had the responsibilities. Now I was aware that while at home, it was my mother who had taken on the deed.

Humiliated at the fact that my mother, once again, was having to wipe my ass like I was a child. I would close my eyes in disgust and try to think of anything else that may distract from what my mother was having to do.

I would constantly apologize to her for having to take care of me like that at 20 years of age. Of course she would mother-up and tell me that that is what mothers do and to not give it a second thought.

Along with my mental awareness returning, other feelings were starting to come back also. Apparently, the drugs also had the effect of suppressing sexual stimulation. The sponge baths that I had been receiving were just another thing that had come and gone without a second thought.

It has been 5 weeks since the accident and at least 6 weeks since I have had any kind of sex. Now with my head clearing up and senses returning to normal, something as minor as bathing would have me becoming aroused.

Again, mom being the trooper that she was would just tell me that I shouldn’t be ashamed as it was a natural reaction and continue bathing me. This went on for about a week.

One day when she came in to bath me, she had noticed my discomfort while she was cleaning around my business. She had always been thoughtful enough to clean there with just her hands knowing that the sponge may be too irritating on my sensitive skin.

At this point I was still flaccid but as soon as she cupped my balls, she gasped noticing how tight they already were.

“Oh My God Jeff, I am so sorry” she blurted

She was already five thoughts ahead of me as I tried to figure out what she was sorry for. I had never thought about her sexually or visa versa but she knew what was going on before I ever thought about it.

Confused, I asked “what are you sorry about?”

“Well, I’m sure that you don’t think of your mother in a sexual way, as do I not with you.”

“Thats good,” I interrupted.

She continued, “And what happens to you is a natural thing so no harm no foul. But what I never thought of was that other things happen over time also.”

Still not sure what she was talking about I just assumed that she was thinking that I may begin having thoughts about her, so I blurted “Mom, you are the most wonderful woman I have ever known but don’t worry, you’re my mother and I won’t ever have those thoughts about you, no matter how much time passes.”

“Well that’s good to know but it’s not what I am talking about.”

Again confused, I asked “what is it then that you are talking about?”

“Are you sore when I clean you down there?”

“A little, why?” I asked.

“Well, you flinched when I touched you and your testicles are tight.”

Not being able to see or feel for myself, I didn’t realize that my balls had tightened up. I just knew that they were a bit sore.

“Well, as natural as your erections are from stimulation, I had failed to realize that it has been over a month since you could have had any, lets say, release of tension.” Clearing her throat she continued “Jeff, you have a case of blue balls and i’m afraid that I’m the one who caused it.”

An awkward silence pierced the bathroom as I still laid there naked with my mother kneeling next to me outside the tub.

With a big breath of air, mom spoke up, “ok, so lets finish up here I’ll do some research on this little problem,” playfully waving taksim üniversiteli escort her finger in circles above my junk.

I was actually ok as long as I didn’t move around too much. Getting in and out of bed and the bathtub is pretty uncomfortable to say the least, but I bear it as I don’t know of any other way.

The next morning started off pretty comical. Mom helped me out of bed to start the day. First things first, I had to use the bathroom.

I don’t really cherish the thought of my mothers experience handling a hard cock, but the thought of how much experience she’s had handling a morning wood that has to pee, I can’t imagine allot. I have had erections before in the mornings and she was able to handle just fine, but this morning it was hard as a rock and pointing straight for the sky.

Now normally in this situation, I would take a stance a bit away from the toilet and lean forward, holding myself against the back wall. That way I could still aim at the toilet without having to bend my hard-on down to the point that it would cut off flow. Now, with the upper body cast, that is kind of out of the question.

“I’ve got an idea, Come here,” mom said as she turned me towards the bathtub. “You can just pee in the tub.”

Again, mom fumbled with my solid shaft trying to aim towards the drain. She was at an awkward angle to me so when my urine started flowing, it naturally shot off in a direction that she wasn’t expecting. She was unable to avoid the first bit of my pee from landing on the arm of her robe.

“It’s alright, I’ll do laundry in a bit don’t worry” she said while still holding on to my shaft that was shooting a high arc of pee towards the drain.

Then out of nowhere, she started giggling. What’s up, I asked her.

“Oh nothing,” she smiled back.

Curious I asked, “no really, what’s got you chuckling.”

“Do you really want to know?’


Snickering still, she stated, “The feeling of your pee rushing through your penis feels very strange, almost ticklish.”

Not what I was expecting to here from my mother. She was now slightly waving my cock around drawing shapes in the air with the stream of urine. I couldn’t believe it, my mother was playing with my hard cock. I really couldn’t see what she was doing but it was apparent that she was having a good time when I realized that she was spelling words on the shower wall.

Unsure what to say or do, I just stood there and peed. As my bladder emptied, my erection began to subside. Either my mom didn’t notice this or she was having too much fun to care. Needless to say, her grip on my shaft never changed.

She let out a quiet sigh as I finished and pushed out the last few spurts.

Letting my cock fall to its resting position, She immediately stood up and dropped her robe to the floor.

Startled by this I excitedly ask, “What are you doing?”

“Well, you don’t expect me to walk around the house with urine on my sleave, do you?”

“I guess not,” I shot back at her.

“let’s get you some breakfast,” she said as she turned me towards the exit and led me into the hallway.

I have seen my mother in a bikini hundreds of times before. I have seen her in her underwear before. I have even accidently seen her naked before. I can say that she does have taste in underwear as the lacy bra and matching panties that she was wearing highlighted ever wonderful curve of her body.

Now this beautiful woman was holding me up as we walked towards the kitchen. I could feel the heat from her body against mine as we entered the dining area.

Standing in front of me, she helped sit me down on a chair. While I was sitting, she was bending over me for support. For the first time, my eyes we’re staring at the luscious breasts that were hanging inches from my face without a care of whom they belonged.

The silence was broken as she pushed my seat forward, turned towards the cabinets and asked if I would like some coffee.

Telling her yes, I could do nothing but sit there and stare at this super hot body that was in front of me. To me, this was no longer the body of my mother, it was the body of a some hot 20 year old.

I mean, her legs were toned and very sexy and her ass rivaled most of the younger girls that I had seen. As much as my balls hated the idea, my cock had different plans. Blood began to flood my cock flesh causing it to swell in my boxers.

I was actually dissapointed when she finished starting the coffee, turned around then stated that she was going to go throw on her other robe. I watched her as she walked away admiring her perfectly rounded ass.

There I was, sitting at the table, arms suspended in air like I am giving someone an imaginary hug. Now add a massive tent in my boxers. Unable to cover it or lay it down, I am sure that my mom had seen it when she returned to the kitchen.

Walking straight to the coffee maker, she poured 2 cups and brought them to the table. Feeling excitenly tophane escort vulnarable, there was nothing to hide my erection from my mother as she sat down next to me to help with my coffee.

She began chatting away about anything as if nothing was out of the normal. She had to have noticed but was playing super cool about it. Or so I thought.

“Oh hey, I did a little research last night on your, problem. I came across allot of warm wash towel recommendations.”

“Oh yeah, will that really work?” I asked now again reminded of my sore blue balls.

“Well they all say that it will relieve the discomfort for awhile.”

“Just awhile” I said. “How long is awhile?”

“I read anywhere from a few hours to a day. Hey, even if it is just a few hours, any relief is welcome, right?”

At this point my erection had gone away as the talk about my pained testicles was the subject.

“Ok, I suppose we can try that.”

We continued with the chit chat as we drank our coffee and ate breakfast.

Although I was on very minimal doses of pain meds, they still made me weak and tired. So after breakfast it was back to bed for me.

Again, helping me into bed, mom made sure that I was comfortable before turning to leave.

“Uh mom”

“Yes dear, what is it?”

“Are we going to try the warm cloth thing?”

“Oh yes, I’m sorry. I’ll be right back.”

She left the room to returned a few minutes later with a washcloth, towel, folding tray and a bowl of warm water. Placing the towel and washcloth on the bed, she put the bowl on the tray before sitting on the bed right next to me.

She pulled the sheets down to my ankles before grabbing the waistband of my boxers. My soft dick fell back to my stomach as it broke free of the tug of my boxers.

“Oh my, your testicles are so tight right now, I’m sure that it’s painful.”

Not needing a reply she grabbed the towel and prompted me to lift my butt again as she slid it under me.

She then took the washcloth and began swirling it in the bowl of water. She was doing this with one hand as the other searched out my package. She found and then cupped my balls in her free hand and began to lightly massage them.

There was a mixed flood of feelings coming from below. There was sharp pain conflicting with the immense pleasure that her hand was creating. By the time the warm cloth had made it to it’s destination, my cock was once again rock hard.

I couldn’t help it, it had been over 6 weeks now since the last time my balls had been emptied. Anything that is done to my business is going to result in an erection.

By now, mom was also used to seeing her son with an erection and gave it a playful pat as she rested the cloth across my tight groin.

“There ya go. Now get some rest and I’ll be back in a while to take care of this.”

Within a few minutes of her leaving my room, I felt the warmth seeping into the depths of my sack before I was out.

A few hours later, I awoke to the soft voice of my mother sitting next to me.

“Hey there! Are you hungry?”

“Sure, I could eat” I replied.

As she was helping me get up, she asked how I felt.

I told her that I guess that I felt a little better even though I now felt as if I was getting kneed in the sack with every step I took.

“Ok good,” she said. “Maybe you’ll be up for some TV after you eat.”

She sat down at the table and then headed to the counter area to prepare some food. She, of course, has been dressed for a few hours now, but that didn’t change the image of her body. She had obviously been working out prior to waking me up as she was wearing a pair of black spandex pants and a very loose cut off shirt.

Her nicely shaped ass perched beneath her soft naked midriff sent a chill down my spine. Studying her beautiful ass, my jaw just about fell to the floor when I noticed that her pants were so form fitting that I could make out the folds of her labia.

My heart began to race as it strongly forced blood towards my flaccid penis. Once she bent over and I could see about an 8 inch sweat circle around her very well defined pussy lips, my cock shot up so fast that it got bunched up in my boxers.

Again, she took the seat next to me to feed me. Because my cock was tangled in my boxers, I wasn’t pitching a tent this time. It wasn’t much comfort to know that while my balls are sore, my cock is aching to be unrestrained and my mom’s lose top keeps hanging open in front of my face every time she feeds me.

Her breasts looked so squeezable and soft. They weren’t big but not small either. I would say a 32C. She was wearing a bikini top under her shirt. It was very small with patch’s that seem to only cover her nipples.

The show soon ended as we finished eating. Thank God, I don’t know how much more of this I can take, I told myself.

I lately seemed to have had an erection more often than not. I figured mom was getting use to me almost always being in that state, so I told topkapı escort her that I needed to use the restroom. I thought that this might be the only way to free the pressure that my cock was under.

Because it was tangled in my boxers, my dick never got to that rock hard, stand up straight state. Therefore mom had no trouble freeing it or holding it so I could pee. I am unsure if she realized it or not but she was holding me like she did that morning.

She had been able to aim me with just her finger and thumb until this morning when she had to take a controlling grip. Only now, she could have easily managed with her fingure and thumb but instead, she had a full hand grip on me.

Again, as if it was nothing out of the normal, she shook me and returned it back into my boxers.

Sitting me on a lazyboy, she got me comfortable, fixed the TV to a show that I wanted and then asked if I wanted the washcloth again. Honestly, the warm cloth did nothing to ease my discomfort but I was trying to make her feel better by letting her help me, so I told her I would.

She went to etrieve the supplies returning a short time later with the towels and water. Setting the stuff on the floor at my feet, she reached up, grabbed my shorts and pulled them to feet.

Then she knelt down on her knees between my legs. I flinched at the first contact of the warm cloth on my scrotum followed by her hand litely pressing the cloth onto my balls.

This process was repeated 2 more times before she left me be.

“Ok sweety, kitchens clean, I’m going to go take a bath. Are you ok? Just hollar at me if you need something.”

And with that, I settled in to watch my shows.

Later that evening, it was time for my bath. I was becoming scared at the thoughts that I was having. I was thinking that tonight, 3 things can happen. 1. Any touching may result in extreme pain. 2. Any touching may result in my ultra sensitive groin to give up the fight and just explode. Or 3. I may refuse any touching in fear of ether of the first 2.

The routine started as normal as It had been, mom runs a hot bath with about 3 inches of water so I would have to sit in a cold tub. She then strips me down, again exposing a semi hard dick. My cast, being so restrictive, only allowed me to see the head of my penis if it was hard and sticking straight out, like now.

I could see that the crown was turning a slight purple, the color it usually gets when on the verge of climax. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t have a girlfriend and I couldn’t masturbate so release was something that was going to have to wait. I was soon going to find that my wait would be quicker than anticipated.

I was carefully lowered into the tub before mom took her spot on the floor outside the tub. She started at my feet, frothing up some soap on a luffa before applying it to my toes. I had become aware of how much I enjoyed what almost seemed like a massage on my toes and feet.

There must have been a few drops of water on the edge of the tub because when she started working her way up my legs I can see that she now had a few wet spots on the front of her shirt from where she was leaning on the edge.

Also, she was either braless or wearing a very thin bra as she had a nipple that was very hard and protruding at least a half inch beyond the rest of her fleshy tit. Again, I know it is my mother but that didn’t stop my cock from stiffening to it’s full arousal.

As soon as she had made it to my groin, she squeezed some soap from the luffa onto my junk before putting the luffa down and replacing it with her hand. The second that she touched my tight scrotum, I let out an involuntary grunt as the pain shot right through my body.

“Oh my, I thought that the warm cloth was easing your discomfort,” she said as she quickly pulled her hand away.

I answered back, “lets just say that it hasn’t been adding to the pain.”

“Well, that was the most recommended way to easy the pain.”

Discouraged, I replied “It’s ok mom, I guess I can tough it out.”

“There is one other way that would guarantee relief but that would require you to have a “release of pressure”.”

“Mom, you know I love you and I know you love me but would you be willing to,” having to clear my throat at what I was about to suggest, I continued “give me a hand with that.”

“Son, is that what you want?”

“Well, it’s not exactly what I want but I don’t want this pain ether. If that will guarantee to take the pain away then I think I could turn a blind eye. I think that I would have to anyway as the thought of my mother doing this is not the most arousing of thoughts.” I kind of chuckled at that last statement.

“Ok, I guess we can give it a try. Just close your eye’s and think about A hand and not WHO’s hand, It might help.”

I again took one last glance at her hard nipple before closing my eye’s in anticipation of my upcoming release.

I couldn’t grab the sides of the tub for support so I just balled my fists closed as I felt her hand lightly rest on my stomach. With everything soaped up, I felt her slide her hand under my shaft followed by her fingers gently wrapping around me.

She very slowly began to stroke the shaft. Of course, the new sensation on my extremely sensitive cock caused my balls to flex, sending another sharp pain through my body.

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