Not A Word Was Spoken

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The wait for the bus was not getting any easier to bear. It seemed to get later and later, but tonight I almost decided to walk the eleven blocks to my apartment. A few minutes before 10:00, a young woman in a full-length wool coat joined me. Her long blonde hair was up in a loose bun with a pencil pushed through it, and she moved nervously in the cold.

She was rubbing her hands together and blowing on them, like me. Or not. It took me a few moments to notice that when she blew on her hands, she held them up to her neck, not her mouth. I concealed my glances, or so I thought, as I noticed the plume of steam coming out between the lapels of her coat. As I stole a glance at her, we made eye contact. After an embarrassing moment, she opened her lapels, pulled aside a pretty blue silk scarf, and showed me the hole in her neck. The expression on her face dared me to look away. I didn’t. She smiled.

“Cancer?” I asked.

She shook her head no.

“Accident?” I wondered aloud.

She nodded.

“Can you speak?” I asked. She made the ASL sign for no, and mouthed the word as she shook her head.

I made the signs to show here that I understood American Sign Language, and said, “Would you like to have some coffee, and then I will call a cab?”

“That would be great”, she signed, and smiled.

We walked about half a block, with me making small talk, and her signing appropriate responses. Just before we turned into the café, I slipped and just about fell on my ass. When I recovered, I heard a strange hissing noise, and looked up to see her laughing, soundlessly. The steam rose out of her coat, and her hand was over her mouth, but she was very definitely laughing. I smiled and pretended to slip again, and she held her hand to her side and laughed some more.

“Forgive me,” I said, “but you are even more lovely when you laugh”.

Her smile faded and she signed, “Aren’t you embarrassed to be seen with me?”

“Why would I be?” I said. “You don’t have toilet paper stuck on your butt, or anything”.

She smiled slightly and signed “My voice. My neck. My laugh”.

It was my turn to get serious. “No,” I said. “Your voice is quite eloquent, your neck is long and beautiful, and you don’t snort when you laugh”.

She stuck out her hand. “I’m Emily,” She signed. “And I used to snort”.

We had a lovely chat, Emily and I. Actually, we ended up holding hands over coffee. She explained that she had been in a motorcycle wreck two years before, and her face and throat had been badly torn up.

As we approached my building, esenyurt escort I asked her up. She signed, “Sure”.

I gave her a drink, then walked to the windows overlooking the city. Emily stood beside me for a while, then sat her drink down and turned me to face her. I took her face in my hands and kissed her very gently.

“Be careful, my new friend, I haven’t been with a man for over two years. I’m not sure I can control myself,” she mouthed and signed.

“I hope you can’t, because you are so gorgeous that I’m sure I can’t. You know, if you want to talk by burping, I wouldn’t mind, I have known people who do”.

“I can’t.” She signed. “No tongue.”

“Well, that may change my plan a little, because I had actually planned to go looking for it.” I said. I pulled her to me and kissed her more insistently, and when her lips parted, I slid my tongue between them a little.

Emily’s breath at my neck quickened, and she grabbed involuntarily at my butt. I took that for a cue, and the next time her lips parted, I went looking for her tongue in earnest. I found it, a tiny fluttering flap the size of a golf ball wiggling desperately in the bottom of her mouth, and as I circled it with mine, her grasping grew more insistent yet. When we pulled reluctantly apart, she looked and me, her stomach spasmed with the intake of air, and she signed, “Fuck me, please”, but what came out was “Fuh muh, pwiff”!

I reached behind her and lifted her sweater over her head while she was unzipping my pants. Her Victoria’s Secret bra came off next, revealing pendulous missile shaped D-cup breasts with nosecone shaped aureolas, topped with stiff brown nipples the size of my thumb, pointing straight at the floor. Emily kneeled in front of me and signed, “Watch this.” She reached into her mouth with one hand and withdrew upper and lower dentures, and looked to see what my expression was. It must have been OK because, she took me in her mouth, and I watched in amazement as my entire 9 inches disappeared. She stopped with her mouth against my pubic hair and raised her hands over her head, looked up and signed: “No gag reflex, no teeth, and no need to breathe. I hope you have tomorrow off”.

I could feel a restriction where her soft palate stopped, and then an unbelievable feeling overtook me. She had swallowed my cock! I could plainly feel her throat muscles contract around the shaft of my cock, and pull it deeper into her face. As she took me in and out of her mouth, I felt her breasts slap against my knees. Her avrupa yakası escort gums chewed at me as I slid in and out and I grunted as I came in her mouth. She waited until I stopped panting, looking up at me and caressing the back of my legs and my ass.

I stepped out of my pants and underwear and stripped off my shirt. As I helped her up, Emily’s tits swayed and swung with her movements. She took my hand and led me into my bedroom, where she sat me on the bed. She went into the bathroom and I watched through the crack in the door as she bent over the sink and opened her mouth. A thick rope of cum drained out into the sink, and I realized how difficult it would have been to swallow without a tongue. She opened the cabinet and after a second or two of searching, found my mouthwash and poured some into a paper cup. She tipped it into her mouth, and then shook her head to agitate it. She bent over again and let the mouthwash fall out of her mouth, then dried her face and stood up. Unaware of my watchful eyes, she took a nipple into each hand and pulled, twisting them as she did so. She released her tits and supported their weight in her hands as she watched her nipples harden into little pegs. She dropped her tits and shook her shoulders, sending them into a frenzy of motion, bobbing and swaying. She smiled a toothless smiled and turned off the light.

Emily walked toward me, and then went to the head of the bed. She picked up a box of matches and struck one, using it to light the three candles on the nightstand. As she bent over, I watched as her breasts dangled, her hard nipples pointing toward the floor. When the candles were lit, she brought the match to her lips, then smiled slightly and lowered it to between her shoulders and blew it out. She stood between my legs, and I pulled her over onto me, turning us as she fell until I lay between her legs. She placed her hands under her head and looked at me. I licked my way down from her navel to her mound, and then kissed it once. I spread her legs with my hands and inhaled her sweet musky odor.

When I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and plunged my tongue into her wetness, her hands flew out from behind her head and she put one on each side of mine, her fingers clutching my hair gently. Her head nodded and she smiled, revealing her gums again. She moved her hands and began to sign to me, but I reached up and held them. A puzzled look crossed her face.

“When we’re making love, I want you to talk anadolu yakası escort to me. I think your voice is sexy, even if it is hard to understand at first. Tell me what you want me to do,” I said.

I felt her abdomen pull air into her stomach, and then she said, “Wih mih puffa!”

“Lick your pussy, right?” I replied.

A slow head nod, with a smile.

I slid my hands under her ass and reached up to cup her tits, which were lying beside her chest on the bed. I held a nipple in each hand and pulled slowly as I pushed my tongue deep inside her. I heard the air moving in and out of her neck hole and looked into her eyes as she stared at me through half-closed lids. I separated her fleshy pussy lips and found a treasure inside. Her clit was completely free of any hood, and lay inside her vulva like a tiny cock. I sucked it into my mouth and spun my tongue around it as my finger found her G-spot. Emily’s face was contorted as she bucked her pussy against my face, and her lips were forming soundless words as her stoma puffed in time to them. She finally began to shake and then collapsed under me.

I had started to rise when she grabbed me and rolled me over, and then straddled me. Her eyes focused on mine as she reached between her legs and guided me to the entrance of her vulva, then engulfed me as her hips dropped onto mine. Her tits drug across me, and her mouth was everywhere at once, it seemed. She had no suction at all, but her lips pressed against my chest and face almost frantically. Her gums nipped at my nipples. She put her lips on mine, and when I touched her gums with my tongue, she chewed lightly on it. I touched the remains of her tongue with mine, and it danced on and around mine like a manic bee.

Emily sat up on me and braced one hand on my chest. A fingertip went deep into her mouth, and she bent over to show me that she was licking her finger with her remnant tongue. She placed the finger in my mouth and I sucked on it. Her pace increased, and as she bucked on my hips, her tits orbited in counter-rotating circles.

Emily went to her elbows and almost frantically pushed her mouth against me, placing suction-less kisses all over my face, as she panted on me with her neck hole. I reached between her legs and took her clit in my fingers, stroking it like a cock. Her mouth moved as she belched “Yuh, Yuh, Yuh. Fuh mih, Fuh…Fuh…Fuh…FUH!”

She collapsed on me, her breath whistling in and out of her stoma.

We slept, and I awoke to find her smiling at me as she traced circles around my chest with her nipple.

“You smell like sex,” I said.

“I can’t smell.” She answered, in sign.

“Sure you can,” I answered. I dipped my hand into her crevice and scooped up a slick puddle on one finger, then placed the finger near her nose. She looked at me and shrugged. I put my lips on hers and inhaled smoothly. Her eyes snapped open and she smiled.

She didn’t snore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32