Nocturnal Emission

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Big Tits

Have you ever had the urge to take someone as your lover? That was how I felt about Diane. She was a friend of my wife, Stacy. The strange part was that Diane wasn’t really beautiful or anything like that. She was petite and had short brown hair. Diane was strictly average in the body department and she had small breasts. That didn’t matter to me, I wanted to fuck her badly.

I always thought that Diane had a thing for me, but I never could seem to find a way to be alone with her. My wife Stacy told me that Diane and her husband Larry, were going to throw a party this upcoming Saturday night. Maybe I would have the opportunity to get Diane alone. Stacy and I made it to the party that Saturday. I wasn’t really friendly with Larry, but he did have a good stock of alcohol.

I love my whiskey and Larry had some topnotch scotch and bourbon in his liquor cabinet. Before you knew it I was rip roaring drunk. I didn’t normally get this loaded, but lately I had been sexually frustrated and I decided to tap into the whiskey. Stacy had been cold to me in bed and maybe I was repaying her for her frigidness. I happened to see Diane out in the kitchen and I strolled in to see her. I moved up close and I placed my hand on her bottom and started to rub her ass.

Diane just looked me in the face. She reached back and removed my hand from her ass.

“You must be frisky bakırköy escort tonight, Jeff.”

I didn’t know what to do. I was suddenly embarrassed because Diane removed my hand. I got another drink and I went out and sat down on the end of one of the sofas. I don’t remember much after that. I did finally come out of my stupor and I opened my eyes. It was dark in the house except for an overnight light that was on in the kitchen. I looked down at my watch. It was one forty-five in the morning. I must have passed out right there on the sofa. Where my wife was I had no idea.

Right about then, I heard someone in the kitchen. I looked over to see Diane at the kitchen sink. She was getting a glass of water, it seemed. After she finished she walked over to check on me.

“I see you finally came out of it,” she whispered to me.

Diane was standing right before me when she knelt down on the floor. She started to tug on the zipper of my pants. When she pulled my zipper down, she reached in and freed my dick from my underwear. I must have been in a daze right then.

“Do you think you can get it up?” She asked me.

Diane took hold of my cock and she brought my prick close to her mouth. The next thing I know, Diane is using her tongue and licking up and down the underside my rod. Drunk or no drunk, I started getting beşiktaş escort hard. Diane then worked her tongue all over my mushroom. I could hardly believe this was happening to me. After a few minutes of the licking Diane took my cock into her mouth.

It was so quiet in the house. All you could hear was the slurping sounds of Diane’s lips as she surround my erect cock with her lips. My wife was not a fan of giving me head. There was always some excuse. It tasted like pee or she was always gagging on my cock. Here was Diane going right down to the base of my shaft. She would sometimes look up at my face to see my reaction. I think I had my eyes closed for the most part and I was moaning as she worked me over with her mouth.

I was also pushing all of my seven inches down her throat. I wanted to make sure she took all of me that she could. Diane also started to massage my balls. That and the sucking were bringing me right to the boiling point. Diane didn’t indicate that she was going to stop if I was close to cumming. In fact, she must have sensed I was almost to the point of release and she sped up taking me all the way down.

I tried to hold out, but it was no use. I lifted my ass up from the sofa and I blew my sticky load down her throat. Diane pulled back at first, but she never removed her lips from my dick. beylikdüzü escort She kept squeezing my balls like she was trying to get every drop of seed from me. I had quite a load stored up. It seemed like I fired one load after another for ten minutes or so until I felt like Diane got every drop from me.

When Diane did pull off, she licked her lips so she could get any dribbles of cum that might have escaped. I watched her swallow one final time before she stood up.

“You better zip up,” she said and then she walked off.

I pulled my zipper up as I heard the water running in the bathroom. Diane never returned and I promptly fell asleep once more. The next thing I felt was someone shaking me.

“Wake up Jeff, it’s time to go.”

I looked up to see my wife Stacy, standing before me.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“It’s nearly ten am,” she said.

I got myself together and then I stood up. Diane and Larry were in the kitchen making coffee and breakfast for the people who stayed over. My wife was in some big hurry to get home. I wanted to stay and get some sort of reaction from Diane about last night. The weird part was Diane barely acknowledged me. Diane and Larry walked us to the door and we headed out. My wife drove home and I sat in the passenger’s seat wondering what really happened last night.

My head was pounding that morning. My wife gave me a load of shit about getting so drunk. I barely listened to her. What I needed to know was, did I really get a blow job from Diane last night or was it all some vivid dream on my part. I had one thought in my mind right then, I needed to get Diane alone and find out the truth about last night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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