No Panties

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It seemed like weeks since he had been inside me, though in actuality it was scarcely a matter of days. I was aching even so. I needed him to fuck me again, I needed his cock deep inside me, and I needed it soon. I knew our time was running out for the day, and although we would be together for the rest of the day, if I didn’t act quickly I would miss possibly our only window. And believe me when I tell you, I was not willing to let that happen.

I quickly slipped away from everyone, up to my room, for a quick change of clothes. I couldn’t wear something skimpy that would obviously scream I wanted to fuck. I needed something understated, but still, something little kick that would push him over the edge. This was it, my long black skirt. I could easily hide what I wanted under there. I slipped on my black thigh high stockings. Damn these things made my legs look hot! That would just about do it I think. I walked toward the door, but I stopped. I giggled softly to myself as my hands reached up my skirt, running my fingers against my smooth skin. I hooked my fingers around the waistband of my little panties and slowly pulled them to the floor and stepped out of them. There, now THAT would do it.

I walked down the stairs with a spring in my step, and told him it was time to go run errands. He followed me down to the basement where I had carelessly left my shoes earlier. I grabbed them innocently and pretended like the sudden alone situation we walked in made no difference to me. I put my shoes to the floor and grabbed him by the shirt. I pulled him close to me and kissed him like I hadn’t tasted his sweet lips in years. My hands ran down his body, up under his shirt, feeling his skin under my fingers.

I am not quite sure what it is about him that can just make a girl so hot, so needing, so… aching for a good fuck. I rubbed his cock through his pants and kartal escort pulled my lips away from his. We were both breathing heavily.

I looked into his eyes, and between heaving breaths I whispered, “will you please fuck me?”

He moaned from deep in his throat, “ok,” was his playful response.

I leaned against the arm of the sofa just in time to catch my balance. He started lifting up my skirt… pulling it anxiously from the floor to around my waist. His fingers searched my hips, looking for my panties. He looked down and his eyes opened wide realizing that I wasn’t wearing any. He moaned again. I already had his cock free of his pants, rubbing it in my hands. His large cock never fails to amaze me. I always doubt that he will actually be able to fit all of himself inside me, but I am always willing to let him try.

He bent his knees, gaining the perfect angle to fuck standing right where we were. With one hard push all of his cock was deep inside my cunt.

“Oh God!” I yelled out instantly. I reached for him, pulling his toward me till our bodies touched.

He just moaned as he began to pump his way in and out of me, slamming me hard with each entrance into my sopping tight cunt. He was barely inside me a minute when I felt the orgasm beginning to creep up on me. Oh he was so amazing.

“Mmmm… yes! Oh God yes!” I screamed over and over while he fucked me. My muscles began to tighten. I started shaking; I knew I was going to cum soon. Oh how I needed this I thought to myself. There is no one who can fuck quite like him, and it’s a good feeling to know that cock of his belongs to me.

“Ooooh! Oh yes! Oh fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ooooh!!” I screamed loudly as I came. I didn’t care if everyone in the house heard me. I had needed him to fuck me so badly, I wasn’t holding back for them.

He bostancı escort continued to pound into me as I shuddered in his arms. I couldn’t hold myself up anymore. I leaned back against the arm of the sofa and allowed my back to arch back down toward the seat. He grabbed my breasts, holding them tight as he fucked me.

I could see it in his expression; he was getting close. His heavy breathing was turning to moans as he squeezed my breasts as his own tension built. He moaned loudly with one last jerk of his hips. I felt his warm cum fill my cunt and slowly drip down my leg.

We collapsed there for a moment, a bliss pile of sweat and pleasure. We couldn’t bask in the moment long; we had to run.

* * * * *

At last we had finished running about town. We pulled his car up my block and hunted for a parking space. It was still light out, but it was still getting slightly late. It was near dinnertime and everyone was home leaving few spots on the block for non-resident cars. We found one, all the way at the end of the block. We pulled into the spot and sat in the car alone for a second.

He leaned in to kiss me and I willingly opened my mouth to allow his tongue to enter my mouth. He always tasted so sweet. His cold had slipped up my skirt like ice running against my skin. It felt divine as the chill ran through my body. He inserted two of his fingers deep into my cunt. A quite moan slipped from my lips. He looked into my eyes and he pulled his fingers from my hot cunt. He put them to his lips and licked my juices from his fingers.

“Mmmm,” he said playfully. I smiled, slightly wondering why we were still sitting in the car. “Would you mind if I ate you right now?” he asked.

“Now?” I asked, very surprised by his request. “But it’s still light out, someone could see?” I tried to ask though maltepe escort I knew he wanted to do it. It was the possibility of getting caught that had him going. The raw fight to do it quickly and well before anyone could find us. And u must admit, it was starting to get me all hot again. I smiled and gently kissed his lips. “Ok” I said with a small giggle. I couldn’t believe he was going to do this.

He reached under my seat and used the lever to push my seat back. He pushed it back as far as it would go and laid my seat back a bit for comfort and hiding. He looked at the room between the passenger seat and the edge of the chair and decided it was just enough. He climbed down his face right at my hot cunt. He lifted my legs up, over his shoulders. My skirt was high up my legs, nearly around my waist, my thigh highs in clear view. God this was so erotic.

He buried his face in my cunt, lapping up any juice my cunt could produce. I laid back, no longer caring if someone saw or someone heard. My own senses had taken over, taking out reason from my mind. I just wanted his soft expert tongue to work my clit, to make me cum fast and hard all over his face. And he, without so much as an order, was following my every desire.

His tongue worked on my clit like that is what it was made to do, hard but gentle, soft but rough, and most importantly, incredibly untiring. His right hand ran along my legs, from stocking covered area to my bare skin. He started to rub my cunt with his fingers as his tongue ate away at it. All of a sudden, he shoved to fingers quickly right inside me, fast and hard.

I screamed.

That had done it; I couldn’t take anymore. I crumbled right in his mouth… shaking wildly with pleasure as the orgasm ripped through my body. I could always count on him to make me cum so amazingly. He licked me clean, getting every drop of my juices from my sopping cunt and my damp legs. He climbed up from the floor.

I looked into his eyes. I was smiling widely and glowing uncontrollably. He pressed his lips against me and I could taste myself on his breath. I savored the taste of his mouth, and hoped to myself, we would be able to do this again real soon.

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