Nights are for Exploration Ch. 01

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Natalie’s hand was shaking slightly as she pushed the call button on the video chat. She was sitting alone in her hotel room in her cute purple bra and panties set she had packed just for this call. She was looking forward to having a night to herself to try something new, away from the stress of home. Her favorite vibrator was sitting on the bed and she smiled, thinking about what she would be enjoying later that night, if she could just get over her nerves!

Tim had spent his day hoping that Natalie would actually make the call tonight. They had talked about how Natalie had wanted to explore some new things in her sex life, but was really nervous to make any moves to make it happen. They were good friends and shared their desires with each other, flirting a lot and fooling around occasionally, but it wasn’t anything serious. He knew she would enjoy so many of her fantasies if she could just get over her anxiety. He had somehow convinced her to take a first step and video chat with him on her business trip and was hoping she would call him and show off for him how she used her favorite toy.

He was ready for the evening, laying in his bed already naked, prepared to have some fun regardless of whether Natalie actually called or not. He had been thinking about this all day and his cock was hard in anticipation. He loved they way her breasts looked, perky and full with erect nipples that he knew she loved to have pulled and sucked. While he was disappointed she would be miles away in her hotel and he wouldn’t get to touch them, he was excited to see them again.

His phone rang with the incoming chat from Natalie, rousing him from his thoughts of her.

“Hey gorgeous,” he said grinning.

“Hey handsome” Natalie replied, also grinning as she realized Tim was totally naked. He had adjusted his camera so she could see his face and his cock standing at attention.

She had seen him naked before several times and loved how big his cock was and how he controlled and stroked it in his strong hands. She was looking forward to watching him tonight and started licking her lips in anticipation.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” he said mischievously.

“Oh really? I didn’t know you would have a head start!”

Tim shrugged.

Natalie took a deep breath and let it out, thinking to herself that the first step is the hardest and since she’d actually made the call, she might as well go for it. Decided, she smiled mischievously and stood up and winked. asyabahis yeni giriş “I guess you’re right.”

Reaching behind her back she unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor twirling around once to give him a complete view. “Better?”

“Mmmmm. Yes, some…” Tim quirked his smile and began slowly stroking his cock, enjoying the view so far with her full breasts bouncing a little as she spun around.

Seeing his enjoyment, Natalie began to shimmy out of her panties, turning her back to the camera and bending over, giving Tim a nice view of her backside. Shaking it a little she turned over her shoulder and looked into the camera, teasingly asking “Like what you see?”

“Mmmm. Yes. Very much.”

Natalie took a deep breath as she sat back down on the bed, adjusting the camera so it showed her upper half only. She had brought another toy besides her vibrator and was anxious about showing that off. But, she reminded herself, she trusted Tim and was already this far, so she thought she could do it.

“Guess what else I brought tonight,” she said teasingly.

Tim looked over in surprise. “I know you brought that clit rabbit of yours. Did you manage to get yourself a dildo?”

“No” she replied sheepishly. It was on her list, but she wasn’t sure what exactly she wanted and all the options were making it hard to choose. Smiling again, she said “Guess again.”

“Hmmm.” He started thinking out loud. “If it’s something new you bought, and not a dildo, maybe a new vibrator…”

“It’s not something new. Something I already have. And not for down there.” She smirked.

“Oh. Your nipples clamps!” He grinned. He remembered when she talked about buying them a few months ago, but she hadn’t ever shown them to him whenever they had fooled around. He was excited to see how turned on they made her.

She grinned. “Yes. Wanna see?”

Natalie reached over and pulled out a pair of tweezer style nipple clamps and held them up to the camera. “You like?” Without waiting for an answer, she turned her attention to her breasts and attached them, tightening them so that her nipples were pinched slightly and standing out. She started shaking her breasts back and forth so the little charms at the ends jingled.

Tim was entranced by the show and Natalie’s confidence. He couldn’t believe she was actually sharing this with him. He started stroking his cock a little faster in his excitement and anticipation of what else might be in asyabahis güvenilirmi store.

“Very nice. How to you usually use them? Start loose and keep tightening them?”

“No,” she said looking into the camera. “I like to keep a consistent pressure on them and use the clamps to twist and pull my nipples.”

She started demonstrating, each hand grabbing one of the clamps and began to move the clamps in all directions… twisting her nipples in circles and then pulling them away from her breasts, doing something different with each side. She began relaxing a little, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensations in her breasts. This was getting her excited and she could feel the wetness starting to grow between her legs.

Tim sat there transfixed, watching Natalie enjoying herself and continuing to stroke his cock with a steady rhythm. He had known she liked attention payed to her nipples, but didn’t realize quite how much. He was thinking how he could use this to get her even more excited next time they fooled around.

Natalie opened her eyes and returned to watching Tim stroking himself. She really loved the shape of his cock and how confident he was in giving himself the pleasure he wanted. She was getting wetter watching him stroke himself, the head of his cock slipping in and out of view as he stroked it.

Without saying anything, she took one of her hands away from teasing her nipple, moved it down to her pussy and started to rub her clit gently. She gasped slightly, feeling the energy shoot through her with that first touch.

Tim, hearing the noise Natalie made, returned his attention to the screen and noticed she was up to something new. “Hey, no fair! What are you doing over there? You’re getting to watch me…” he trailed off with a little pout on his face.

Natalie smirked and stopped what she was doing long enough to adjust the camera. Trying a few different options, she settled on putting the camera between her knees, looking up at her pussy and breasts. She laid back down and admired the view of herself, legs spread to either side of the camera, giving Tim a great view of her wet pussy. “Better?” She asked with a grin.

“Mmm. Oh yeah, and that’s even better,” as he noticed that Natalie has moved her hands back to what they were doing before, giving him a perfect view of her fingers moving over her clit. He was transfixed and just stared at the view on his screen. This was better than he had imagined and he asya bahis giriş began to stroke himself just a little faster, trying to keep himself under control and make this last as long as possible, or at least as long as Natalie could last with that vibrator.

Natalie continued with her fingers for a while, ensuring her attention with her other hand moved in between each nipple clamp, continuing to tease them each in turn. Noticing how wet she was, she reached for her vibrator, rubbing it in her juices before placing the rabbit ears on either side of her clit and turning it on to the lowest setting. She let out a small moan as the vibrations began to move through her and then began to move the vibrator around in small circles, moving her hips slightly, creating a rhythm to her pleasure.

Tim was watching intently, biting his lower lip slightly in his own pleasure. He began to pull at his own nipples, pulling them away from his chest and then releasing them. He was imagining it was Natalie’s hands on his nipples, or her mouth, while his were attacking her nipples in the same way she was right now. His speed increased again and he began to moan softly, the excitement was almost too much for him to control.

As she watched Tim, she increased the speed of the vibrator and began moving her hips and the vibrator in more urgent circles. The excitement was building in her pussy and she was starting to breathe heavily and little moans were escaping her lips. She closed her eyes for a minute and just enjoyed the sensations that were coursing through her body.

As the sensations from the vibrator began to reach her breaking point, Natalie opened her eyes and looked at Tim again. Watching him excitedly pumping at his cock and knowing how much he was enjoying watching her, put her over the edge and she began moaning loudly, waves of pleasure coursing through her whole body as she came hard against her vibrator.

At the sound of Natalie’s moans, Tim let go of his self control and came as well, mixing his moans with Natalie’s, enjoying the look of her shuddering body and the resulting glow in her cheeks as she laid there basking in the afterglow of an amazing orgasm.

“That was wonderful. Thank you for sharing that with me,” he said with a genuine smile on his face, blowing her a kiss.

“Yes it was. I’m glad that you talked me into it and I had a chance to share that with you,” returning the blown kiss.

Switching to a mischievous smile, she said “Maybe next time you can join me in my hotel room. There’s a few other new things I’d like to try…”

“I’d like that.”

And with that, she ended the video chat, hand shaking again, but this time with pleasure rather than the nervous excitement with which the night had begun.

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