Night to Remember

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I wash up the dinner dishes as I let you do some stuff you needed to finish up on the computer. It was a scrumptious dinner of baked chicken with flavored rice and peas. I smile to myself as I stand there in just my t-shirt rinsing the dishes and placing them in the dishwasher. Thinking of the evening ahead and trying to pace myself on the dishes to give you time to finish up before I come distract you from what you are doing. I can feel my nipples harden as I think about you kissing me and touching me and know this is going to be one of those nights to remember.

Last dish is in the dishwasher and I wipe down the countertop and table and the stovetop. Rinsing and drying my hands with one last look around the kitchen, satisfied I walk out and turn off the light.

Quietly I walk down the hall and to the bedroom door peeking in to see what you are doing. I walk up behind you and kiss the back of your neck and run my hands down the front of your chest. Nibbling on your ear with my hot breath teasing and then my tongue down your neck giggling a bit and asking you in a quiet voice if you are close to being done for the night. You respond by pulling me into your lap and grinning at me. I put my arms around your neck and start kissing you. Feeling your lips against mine. How warm and wonderful they feel and then our tongues mingle. Slowly teasing each other, tasting. Deep slow kisses that soon have us both breathless and wanting more. My hands are now in your hair as I lean my head back a fraction and I can feel my hardened nipples against your chest through the t-shirt and your erection against my thighs.

You istanbul escort smile at me and before I can move you are picking me up and carrying me to the bed. You are naked except for a pair of shorts that you had on. I sigh as you sit me down and I feel your hands against my skin as you pull the t-shirt up and over my head and it disappears onto the floor somewhere. We start kissing again and you are guiding me down onto the bed and I love the feel of your body against mine. Tongues twining and searching, tasting and heightening the desire that is fanning like a flame over my body. My nipples beg for your touch and lips and tongue. My sighs turn to gasps of pleasure as shock ripples through me at the first touch of your hands on my nipples, teasing and enticing as your mouth and lips trace a path from my neck down to one and then the other. Licking and sucking them I arch off the bed to give you greater access and want you to not stop as I can feel the pleasure building, coiling deep within me. I can feel moisture seeping from between my legs as you tease my nipples with your lips and tongue and here and there a small nibble with the teeth just barely grazing them.

You stop for a moment and whisper as you kiss me again that you have a surprise for me. I would give you the moon right now if you asked, as turned on as you have me. I watch you get up and cross the room. I close my eyes and stretch trying to ease some of the tension you have created and I feel your weight back on the bed. I open my eyes and you are grinning avcılar escort and placing one of my hands into what looks to be cuffs. I nod and grin back at you and move up slightly on the bed to accommodate being cuffed to it. We start kissing again and I realize you’ve also removed your shorts because I can feel your cock against my thigh. Hard and warm and like satin against my skin and I would so love to feel you inside me but I know that is not going to happen for a while. Feeling your naked, awesome body up against mine just fans the desire that is already building. You work your way back down, licking and suckling on my nipples again and then working your way down across my stomach. Tickling me with your hands and tongue as they follow each other over my stomach and abdomen.

I feel your hands on my thighs. Lightly touching, feather like touches on the outer then inner legs at the same time working their way back up. Barely grazing my nether lips as my hips move desperately already wanting you to touch me. You slowly build the anticipation with your hands then I can feel your breath on my skin as your tongue licks both inner thighs. Then I gasp I as feel your tongue part the skin of my nether lips and feel it delving, exploring. I can hear the blood rushing in my ears and I feel so warm all over. My nipples are hard as rocks as you tease my clit with your tongue. I am slowly losing all control as I hand it over to you becoming an incoherent stream of moans and gasps. You nibble and suck and then sliding 2 fingers inside me which causes me to arch into şirinevler escort them and gasp at the contact which I’m craving so much. Fingers exploring and finding that spot that always drives me right over the edge. I no longer know anything but your touch that I’m craving and I don’t want you to stop. Your tongue is finding the best rhythm to match my movements and your fingers are massaging that spot. I feel the pressure building as my movements become more frenzied and you grip my hips with the other strong hand not letting me pull away. It is so intense as I feel the spasms begin that I’m almost screaming. Finally as my orgasm subsides and I feel myself laying there pliable and spent, you grin as you slide up my body and kiss me as I feel the tip of your cock teasing me. I kiss you back and even though I may have my hands unavailable doesn’t mean I can’t wrap my legs around you and use my hips to stop your teasing.

I gasp as you enter me, filling me. We keep kissing as you begin to move slowly letting me feel every delicious inch of your cock as you move. I match your pace moaning at how good you feel inside me. I tell you how good it feels and listen to the sounds you make as well knowing it feels as awesome to you as it does to me. Tightening the muscles and hearing the hiss of pleasure you make as I do that. Biting my lip as you increase your pace and the pleasure becomes intense again. Trying to hold back I whisper in your ear that I want to feel you filling me, coating me with your cum which sends you over the edge. I let the spasms take over as you drive into me once more hard and then collapse spent as we both let our breathing return to normal.

I love the feeling of you laying on top of me with my legs wrapped around you. It is one of the best feelings in the entire world I think as we drift into sleep for a bit. Me dreaming about being uncuffed and getting my turn to send you into ecstasy like you’ve done for me already.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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