Next Stop: Never-Ending

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The drive to the station was unnerving, traffic uncooperative, and she already had a headache. After parking the car and dragging her luggage to the check-in counter, she felt completely exhausted, so it wasn’t too surprising when she snapped at the mere mention of a delay in the arrival of her train.

Across the terminal, amidst the crowd of travelers, he watched her, studying the way she tossed her long hair with the back of one hand. She seemed frazzled, even at this distance, yet intensely focused, or perhaps it was just distracted. He was fascinated, and continued to watch as she walked to the boarding line – a dark, mysterious shadow in a black silk blouse and long straight skirt, carrying an expensive leather briefcase.

The train opened for passengers, and she waited until she was in the next car before looking for a seat. She selected a window seat and immediately pulled out a pad and pen, beginning to write.

He saw her halfway through the second car, and took the adjoining aisle seat. She didn’t look up, acknowledge him or cease writing. He touched her thigh with his, a subtle and casual attempt to get her attention, but she simply moved away, continuing to write.

He wondered what she was so intent on.

In fact she had noticed him at the train station. He gave her too little credit for observation – points istanbul escort lost for that. But points gained for following her. Perhaps this would be a more interesting trip than she originally thought.

Already it was dark outside, and she could no longer see to write without turning on the overhead light. He was curious about the notepad – she hadn’t taken the pen from paper for over two hours.

She leaned back against the seat, soft mounds protruding from her chest like shadows in the dark. The words she had written played in her mind like a movie reel… a seductive fantasy with no inhibitions or boundaries – pure pleasure the only wish, ecstasy the final desire.

Long dark lashes fluttered on closed eyes as she imagined what he felt like.

His eyes adjusted to the dim light of the moon in the train windows, and watched her, an erection unmistakable under his jeans. She looked like a woman who was being fucked… and it was an unbelievable turn-on. He lightly brushed his hand across her thigh, and she looked up at him for the first time, a hypnotic gaze that lured him closer.

She had blue eyes, striking crystals that seared him all the way to the end of his cock when she looked into his face. He was amazed at her soft, natural complexion, untouched by makeup. She avcılar escort didn’t speak, her lips slightly parted and she reached for his hand. Long, slender fingers teased his palm, and she continued to keep her eyes on his.

She was already hot, the fantasy playing out just as she imagined.

There was a long slit up the skirt, and she lead his hand inside – he felt the heat as she guided him gently until he touched the satin-covered treasure between her legs, then she squeezed his hand against her so that he could feel the depth of her lust.

She reached across and deftly began unzipping his zipper, quiet in the dark car.

Only a few other passengers rode in this section, and most seemed asleep. She lay across his lap, taking him silently into her mouth, knowing he would have to stifle any urge to moan. Lapping with her tongue, sliding his growing cock in and out of her lips, sucking then swirling – holding his balls in her hand possessively.

He moved her panties aside, exploring the lush lips hidden beneath. She was wet and slippery, and completely shaven, her skin smooth and inviting. He traced the tender folds with skill… and she responded by pushing against him, pleading for more.

His cock stood hard and aching: now a glistening tip in the moonlight. She wanted to fill more than şirinevler escort her mouth with his delicious shaft.

He reached under the blouse, feeling bare breasts beneath. She pressed against him, and then slithered up his chest, kissing him, pulling at silky hairs with her teeth. Their breathing synchronized as her mouth met his – pausing before their lips touched – thrilling, infinite desire that electrified. She wanted to feel him inside her, and whispered the invitation as she slipped her sweet tongue into his mouth.

He didn’t need to hear it twice: her sultry voice sent messages throughout his every vein, until he thought he would explode. He already knew how tight she was – he had explored the luscious, moist entrance with his fingers and it was a tempting treat.

She loved the taste of him in her mouth, and was anxious to feel his thickness thrust deep inside her – every sense enhanced, the darkness enveloped their silhouettes, disappearing into one as she slithered her body over his.

And then he began the whispers – telling her fantasies she had imagined, until she merged into the seductive tales, neatly woven into his web. She felt his breath against her neck, and she fell farther under his spell. She danced in the darkness, knees on the seat either side of him… guided his cock inside her molten pussy until she sat on his lap. Back and forth, back and forth… rocking until their flesh burned in fiery passion and their moans of pleasure were lost in the roar of the train along the tracks.

Two tickets purchased for travel to places unknown, but their final destination was… forever, never-ending.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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