New Year

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I arrive at the hotel at precisely 5 pm. It’s a beautiful suite. There’s a box on the bed with a card on top that says…”Read First.” I look around the room for any sign of life but I am all alone. I open the letter and begin reading quietly to myself…

Turn on the VCR and press play.

I do as the letter instructs and after pressing play an adult movie begins. It’s two beautiful women engaging in some very erotic open mouth kissing.

‘Open the box, inside you’ll find your clothes for this evening. There is a long black raincoat in the closet for you to wear over your dress. I expect you downstairs in the lobby at 7 pm sharp. If you are not there I understand…remember you will completely surrender to me at 7 pm until Sunday at 7 pm. There will be no turning back.’

My heart races with anticipation and nervousness at what I am about to do. I open the box and inside lay a very sexy black fishnet dress. Black stockings and a black lace thong and matching bra. There is also a pair of very sexy heels but not as high as I expected.

‘There are several things you should do before meeting me. Completely shave your legs and that luscious pussy. Take a long hot shower. Do not under any circumstances play with my pussy. But I want it wet when I see it.’

Already my pussy is on fire. I know what this night means to us both. This is New Year’s Eve and I think this year will end and the next begin with a bang.

I walk into the bathroom and on the counter I find everything I need. Rose scented shampoo and conditioner. Rose body wash. Baby oil for after my hot shower. Shaving cream and two new razors. There is also a bottle of Tuscany perfume, a black satin collar and crystal clit clip.

I start the shower running and walk back to the bed and begin to take off my clothes. I am transfixed at one point watching the two sexy women on tape. One is wearing a long, thick dildo and fucking the other in the ass. My hand instinctively moves to my pussy and then I remember that I am not allowed to make his pussy cum.

I quickly go to the shower before I can’t stop myself. I move all of the toiletries to the shower. As the hot water cascades over my body, I begin to try to imagine what tonight will be like. What will he do to me? How far can I go? I take great pains to enjoy every sensation by slowly washing my hair and body. Running my soapy hands all over my tits and ass are making me hotter and wetter. That’s probably his intention.

When I am thoroughly done cleaning my body I rinse my hair and shut off the water. I then turn on the faucet to shave my pussy clean. The shave cream feels cool to my heated skin. I make sure to get the shave cream spread all over my mound. I make quick work of shaving it clean but it’s definitely better when someone else is doing the shaving. I take the baby oil and before toweling dry, I rub the sweet oil all over my skin including my aching cunt.

I begin the task of getting dressed, garter and bahis siteleri stockings first…then the clit clip. The agonizing torture of touching my clit while manipulating the clip onto my swollen flesh is nearly my undoing. Several times I have to stop and breath deep. Finally, I put on the lacey black bra and thong. It presses and rubs the clip further igniting my lust.

I slip into the strappy heels. I mousse my hair and dry to get that wild sexy look he loves. I spray perfume on my neck and wrists. Lastly, I fasten the black collar around my slender throat. I look at the clock and it’s 6:52 pm. My stomach lurches with nervousness. And every move I make reminds me that my clit is firming pinched and that I am nothing but a slutty whore waiting to be used.

I put on the rain coat and leave my room. Walking to the elevator I am wondering if I can go through with this…

I step from the elevator and walk across the lobby. I barely notice the leering stares of the men I pass. I imagine they must be wondering what’s under my coat. All they can see are my ankles, heels and long silky hair. And of course my collar.

I glance at the clock in the lobby and it’s exactly 7pm. I look around but don’t see him anywhere. A chauffer steps into the lobby and heads straight towards me. “Good evening, miss. Right this way.” I follow him out into the cold night and he opens the door to a beautiful black limousine. I step inside and sit facing forward. It’s then that I see him sitting across from me.

The door closes. We sit in electric silence for several long minutes. Finally he quietly says, “Remove your coat. I want to see you.” I unbelt the waist and remove the coat. I cannot see his face just his outstretched legs and his hands resting on the seat to either of his side. And a shoebox.

He notices me staring. He picks it up and hands it to me. I rest the box on my lap. “Open it.” As I slowly open the box he pours me a glass of champagne. Inside is an incredibly high pair of black patent leather pumps. “Put them on for me.” I set the box next to me and remove my shoes and slide into the sexy heels.

I feel my sex get wetter. He knows what I like. What I need. For the fist time he leans forward and I can see his beautiful deep blue eyes. “You look delicious. And I am going to take exquisite pleasure in enjoying you this evening.” I look down. He gently grasps my chin and tilts my face up. The back of his hand slowly caresses my cheek. “What’s this? Second thoughts?” Shyly I answer, “No.” “Then what, love?” “Since I am no longer in control, what should I call you?” He sits back. “Yes, I’ve given that some thought.”

“First, remove your underwear.” I reach up under my dress and pull the black material from between my legs. “Give them to me.” I hand them to his outstretched hand. He briefly glances at the crotch, which is soaked with my liquid. He tosses them to the side. “Spread you legs for me.” I part them slowly feeling them slide across canlı bahis siteleri the leather of the seat.

“Wider.” His voice is beginning to sound impatient. I slide my legs farther apart. But not far enough for his liking for he quickly moves towards me. His hand grasps my throat. He moves his mouth right next to my ear. “Are you playing games with me Christine?” I shake my head no. “You know how I like my pussy to be spread before me.” His hands move to the insides of my knees and he wrenches my legs as far apart as they can go.

He sits back as if savoring the view. He can clearly see the crystal of the clit clip I am sure. “Now, here are the rules. You will spread yourself like this whenever we are alone. Is that clear?” I nod my head. “You will do whatever I want you to do when ever I want you to do it.” He moves closer to me.

“You will ask my permission to do everything.” His hand moves to my throat again. His breath is against my ear. He tightens his hold and I softly groan in ecstasy. He whispers with that sexy voice, “I’ve decided that I want you to be my little girl. My naughty little girl. I promise I will not do anything to hurt you…permanently. And I will not do anything to cause you public humility or discomfort to any great degree. Do you understand?” I nod my head yes.

“Do you trust me Christine?” I turn to look into those deep blue eyes. A small smile appears and I softly say, “Of course I trust you, Mich…” He cuts off my words, kissing me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth.

His hand is at the back of my neck, holding my head in place. His kiss turns brutal. I can’t breath but am in complete submission to his mouth and tongue. He breaks the kiss. “Tonight I want you to be my little girl.” He looks straight into my eyes, “Tell Daddy you understand.” I softly moan. “Yes, daddy.” It has become clear what I am to call my master. I am his little girl, his naughty-slut of a little girl.

He moves back to sit opposite me. I can feel a pool of my liquid on the seat. He has a seductive smile on his lips. “I want you in a constant state of arousal. I want you near to an orgasm every second and to ensure that I have a surprise for you.”

My heart races. “Turn around and get on your knees.” I quickly obey him. He sits back. “Christine, you have such a beautiful heart shaped ass. And seeing that dripping wet pussy…” he groans as his hand caresses my ass. I am squirming, trying to get him to play with my soaking cunt. “Patience, baby. You’ll get what you want…soon,” his hands spread my ass, “very soon.” I hear a bottle being popped open and soon feel slippery cool liquid sliding down over my asshole.

“Who do you belong to Christine?” I look back over my shoulder, my long hair falling towards the floor. I softly and obediently whisper, “You daddy, I belong to you.” “Does this sweet pretty ass belong to me?” “Yes, daddy.” “Are you going to let me do whatever I want with it?” I swallow. “Yes, daddy.”

He canlı bahis slowly begins working the entrance open with one finger. I am trying to be patient and not push back against his long finger. “God you are so fucking tight, baby. I can’t wait to get my cock inside your tight little ass.” I groan, “Please daddy. Give it to me.” He hands slaps hard on my ass. “You’ll get it when I am ready.” He pulls his finger out. I whimper. “Understand, cunt?” “Yes, daddy I’m sorry.” He inserts his finger again.

All I can hear is the wet sound of his finger sliding in and out of my tight ass. I am in ecstasy. Soon I can feel another finger penetrating my hole. I feel the pearly liquid from my cunt drip and slide sensuously down my thighs. His fingers slide out of my ass. Again I whimper with need. I feel a new sensation. Something cold possibly rubber.

The tip of it rests against the lubricated entrance of my ass. “Tonight and every night you belong to me.” Pressure. “Do you understand Christine?” I nod. He slaps my ass hard. “Answer me you fucking cunt!” “Yes daddy.” “Say it, say you belong to me.” “I belong to you daddy, I always will.” Suddenly my ass is filled to bursting. It’s an anal plug and it’s filling me completely.

I come. I can’t help it. “Did you come?” “No daddy.” But my body betrays me and so does the creamy liquid now coating my pussy. He grabs my hair and pulls me to face him. Looking into my eyes he whispers, “Don’t lie to me Christine. Did my pussy come when I put that plug in your ass?”

His grip on my hair tightens. Two small tears stream down my cheeks. “Are you crying because I hurt you or because you lied to me?” I look away from his intense stare. “Because I lied to you daddy.” He strokes the curved arch of my back. “Did you come, baby?” I softly moan, “Yes.”

He pulls a cloth from his pocket and wipes between my legs. He lets go of my hair and I fall back to the other seat. I turn and sit. The anal plug slips deeper inside me. “Put your thong back on. We’re almost there.”

My eyes widen…”but daddy I can’t go out like this?” He grabs my chin and pulls my face close to his. Barely audible, he asks, “Who are you talking to?” He pinches one of my nipples and twist hard. “You belong to me. You will do what I tell you, is that not clear.” I look down. “Yes daddy.”

He hands me my coat. I slip it on with his help. He belts the waist for me and cradles my face in his large hands. He kisses me so softly and sinuously, his tongue dancing with mine. He pulls back giving me a very erotic open-mouthed kiss. I am melting for him. “Remember, I’ll not do anything to embarrass you.” I nod obediently. He removes the pumps and allows me to slip back into the lower pair of sexy strappy heels. The limousine stops and the door opens. We are out front of a very upscale restaurant. He gets out before me and offers me his hand. As I step from the limo for the first time I notice he’s wearing a tuxedo.

We walk to the entrance and just before the doorman opens the door for us he whispers in my ear, “How does my ass feel?” I whisper back, “Like I am a very naughty little girl.” I blush. “You have no idea how naughty you’re going to be, darling.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32