New Neighbors… New Adventures

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My wife and I lived in a quiet neighborhood. It was an older subdivision that seemed a little boring at times, but it was quiet and safe. The house next to us had been vacant for quite some time. The realtor maintained the lawn and it was a decent house but she just couldn’t gain any interest in the property.

One day she came to the neighborhood with a couple in her car. They looked at the home with a lot of interest. They walked around the house and seemed very inquisitive about the neighborhood. I watched though the blinds and imagined them as our neighbors. I had seen the realtor come and go with several potential buyers and knew she was frustrated, so I decided to take some action.

I walked out to the edge of the yard and introduced myself. I had hoped this would be seen as a warm welcome rather than a minor intrusion. I fielded a few questions about the neighborhood in general and wished them luck in finding a home.

About a month later the realtor drove up to the property and slapped a SOLD sign on the front yard sign. Two weeks after that, there was a moving van in front and lots of excitement over the fences of the neighbors in the area.

While the movers were unloading, the realtor stopped by my house and gave me a check for $500.

“I just want to say THANK YOU for helping me with the sale. Its been a hard sell due in part to the former owners. I honestly believe you had some influence in the sale and I wanted to show some gratitude.” she said.

I accepted the envelope and said, “Thank you.”

She left a business card with me and as she was saying good-bye her phone rang. She waved to me as she turned to discuss an offer on another house. She got in her BMW and talked for a while. A few minutes later she was standing on the porch with the new owners next door saying her Congratulations and then she was back on the phone before she got in her car and raced off.

Around lunchtime I walked over to the neighbors and said hello again. They were stressed out and seemed to be short with one another over where to put things in the home. I could tell they were tired and NOT their usual selves but still pleasant people to be around.

Al was my age and had a strong build to him. He was a little taller than me and more muscular. He drove a Jeep and had done a half marathon – based on the stickers on the back window.

His wife Connie was shorter with blonde hair and green eyes. A striking combination that anyone could find beautiful by itself. She was a fitness instructor and it showed. I tried not to stare at her body but it was very difficult. ALL I could think about was the fact that they had a pool and I could see it from the bedroom window. She would look smoking hot in a bikini … or nothing. She wore tight leggings and a thin white tank top that was very tight. She didn’t need a bra. In some circles it would have been a crime to hide those breasts from others. I gathered that she liked to show off her body and I was not wrong. I couldn’t place Connie but something about her seemed familiar.

After offering to help in any way I could, I dismissed myself and returned home. My wife Ellen was going to be home in about an hour and I had a few things to do before she got home. I mowed the yard and was just putting things away as she pulled in the drive.

“Kathy called and said our new neighbors seem nice …” she greeted me with a sarcastic grin.

“They have “movers stress” right now … I wouldn’t judge.” I said back.

Kathy was the neighborhood “gossip switchboard” and know-it-all. Her kids were fat and lazy but she was still a good parent. She was living on alimony payments from her former husband. Rumor was he was busted at work having sex in the supply room. Normally this kind of thing would be swept under the rug, but he was caught with two other men. His company transferred him to the east coast and Kathy refused to make the move.

Kathy took it hard and nearly ruined him financially. She was still bitter about it. I always joked with Ellen, “She just needs to get laid.”

Ellen gave me a kiss and curled up her nose. “You need a shower … you smell like a locker room.”

I tried to hug her but she ran into the garage and threatened me with a hatchet.

Ellen was sexy as hell. She had the wholesome “girl next door” look down to a T. She took a lot of pride in her appearance but didn’t dress as sexy as the new neighbor. Ellen’s “look” was cut off jeans and a bikini top around the house but she wouldn’t leave the house like that. She kept me horny all of the time and I was comfortable with her knowing it. She was the type of woman that wore matching bras and panties. When she went without panties, it was a special treat and it usually meant she was ready for something kinky.

I held up my hands and she lowered the hammer. “Don’t make me cut you …” she playfully threatened.

I kissed her gently on the lips and asked, “How was work?”

She looked me in the eyes and said, “I would have been home istanbul escort 3 hours ago if it weren’t for my toddler of a boss. He is SUCH a fucking douche bag!! Totally helpless and cannot navigate through Excel.”

“The asshole” I agreed.

She nodded.

“That promotion should have been YOURS.” I said.

“If I want it, I have to go back to school and finish …” she said, “We have been through this.”

“Yes … and the bank is going to keep you on part time so you can do both, RIGHT?” I argued.

“Yes, But -” she replied.

“Then we need to get you enrolled … a LOT of guys my age would LOVE to sleep with a college girl.” I said (interrupting her).

She blushed a little.

“You KNOW I support this Honey … I really wish you would reconsider it.” I finished.

We had talked about her going back to school for some time but she was hesitant. I had hoped to convince her but was losing traction. I just didn’t know how to motivate her. I felt getting passed over for promotion had stolen some of her confidence.

“You sure you can take the competition?” she jested.

“I’m sure.” I replied confidently.

“What if I need to sleep with my professor to get a passing grade?” she joked again.

“Then you make sure you give her enough orgasms to get on the Honor Roll.” I replied.

“HA HA … Fucker …” she said.

“I could show you a few things … ” I suggested.

She glared at me. “You aren’t THAT good.” she teased.

She knew one of my “forbidden fantasies” was to watch her with another woman. I just find the image of two women sexually gratifying each other erotic and beautiful at the same time.

Ellen had been hit on by other men and other women before. I wasn’t the jealous type. We had a strong bond and I was not threatened.

We were at a New Years Eve party in a Hilton down town a few years ago. A drunk woman that she had just met surprised her by pressing her against the bathroom wall and kissing her on the lips – which turned into French Kissing. Ellen actually admitted that she enjoyed it and she DID admit that she found the woman attractive. The woman came up for air and moved her hand to Ellen’s pussy and Ellen stopped her. The same woman came by our table a few minutes later and said, “If you want to finish what we started, I am in room 269.”

I was in shock. Ellen had no choice but to explain what had happened in the bathroom. Ever since then, I have not missed too many opportunities to tease her about it a little bit. The woman had planned her escapades right down to the room number … TWO sixty-nine!!

Ellen walked over to me and grabbed my cock (my back was to the street).

“Why don’t you shower and show me THIS instead?” she asked.

She laughed and walked into the house – knowing all too well the state of mind she had just left me in.

I finished up with the mower and pulled the cars into the garage. I closed the garage door I raced up stairs to shower. Ellen was in the office doing some last minute changes to a huge presentation they were pitching next week. “I shouldn’t be long.” she yelled out.

I got out of the shower and put on some comfortable lounging clothes. I thought I heard laughter and some odd voices down stairs so I assumed one of the neighbors had seen me talking with the realtor earlier and wanted to know if we were selling.


The neighbor’s wife had come over to ask if she could print out some moving forms they needed to sign before the movers could leave. I stood in the open room above the stairs so I could listen for voices. It was just Connie. Al stayed behind to keep the movers entertained and to get the last few things placed before they left for the day.

“I wouldn’t leave Connie alone in a room full of men either …” I thought to myself.

The wives exchanged pleasantries and chit chatted a little while waiting for the printer to work. “Its a little slow but does the job” I heard Ellen say.

“This fucking move has me soooo stressed out right now … and my Dumbass husband doesn’t help.” Connie complained. Then there was silence.

I heard some muffled voices and then more silence.

A dull moan filled the air … followed by hushed tones and whispers.

My imagination ran wild for a few seconds before the printer started working. That was all I could hear for a while.

When the printer stopped I couldn’t hear anything. My imagination picked up where the printer cut in.

“We were JUST talking about this!!” I thought to myself.

“No … I cant.” I heard Ellen whisper.

Silence again.

I heard mumbling but no distinct voice or wording.

I heard the office door shut.

“FUCK!!” I mouthed.

I went back into the bedroom and decided to stall a little bit. I thought to myself:

“IF what I HOPE is happening … then I need to let it happen and NOT be the idiot that ruins it.”

I sat on the bed, trying to not get a avcılar escort hard-on.

A few minutes later the fucking doorbell rang.

“SON OF A BIIIITCH!!” I said out loud.

I came out of the bedroom and heard nothing. The doorbell rang again.

I looked down at the office door (still shut). I started down the stairs and Ellen poked her head out the office door. I surprised her when I turned the corner on the landing.

“OHH!!” she said surprised, “Can you get that?” she asked as she closed the door.

I walked passed the office door, through the living room and answered the door.

“Kathy … So nice to see you.” I lied to her as I opened the door.

“Hey Pete … Is Ellen home yet?” she asked.

I thought to myself, “Yes, but she is busy in the office with the new neighbor’s wife learning how to eat pussy.”

Instead, I said, “Yes, she is in the office working on a presentation for next week.”

“Oh … THE presentation?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Is the new neighbor helping her with that?” Kathy pried.

“I don’t know … I just got out of the shower and heard the door.” I replied.

“Can I have her call you when she gets a minute?” I asked.

“I suppose …” Kathy said in disappointment.

Kathy was lonely. We ALL knew it. We also knew if you invited her in, she would stay for at least one meal. She was a talker and a gossip but still a sweet woman that didn’t deserve to be emotionally abandoned like she was. With her response, I felt bad.

“Let me go see if she is at a stopping point Kathy … I will be right back.” I suggested.

She replied, “No .. its not that important … Please have her call me?”

“Absolutely!!” I said.

I closed the door and tip toed towards the office.

I pressed my ear to the door and heard nothing. I tried the latch and it was NOT locked.

I slowly opened the door and peeked inside. I was NOT prepared for what I saw next.

Connie was sitting on the desk with her back facing the door. Her leggings were on the floor next to the desk.

Ellen was kneeling on the floor between Connie’s legs. It was almost quiet. I could hear some sloshing sounds and small whimpers from Connie.

“Uh HUH … Just like that Ellie” Connie whispered.

Her toned legs flexed in the light as her back muscles tensed. She balanced herself on one hand as she used the other to hold Ellen’s head in place.

“mmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned.

“Ohhhh YES … This is JUST what I needed … ohhhhh YEA …” she encouraged Ellen. (I guess it was Ellie now …)

“I cant WAIT to 69 with you …” Connie said between heavy breaths.

I wanted to watch SOOO badly … but I didn’t want to be caught and dissolve any trust that had been credited to me already. As I pulled the door closed, I heard Connie start to orgasm.

“OHHH FUCK … Ohhh Ellie .. oh Ellie … ohh ELLIE … I’m coming .. I’m coming … AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH … MMMMMMM … Oh YEA … Oh YESS … OH YES OH YES … OH SHIIIIT OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH … MMMMMMMMmmm.” Connie chanted.

I backed out of the door and did my absolute best not to make a noise as I ensured it latched.

My cock was hard enough to drive a nail though a cinder block. I crept upstairs and put on some better clothes and a little cologne.

“She will be all over me after THIS.” I thought to myself.

MINUTES ticked by and neither of them emerged from the office. I moved to the second living room and turned on the TV. If nothing else, I wanted them to have a little noise to help block what I KNEW was going on.

A commercial came on for the down town Hilton.

“HOLY SHIT!!” I nearly said out loud.

THAT was when it hit me. Connie was the woman from the New Years Eve party!!

After I closed my jaw, I thought to myself, “HUH .. Small World.”

About 10 minutes later, Connie emerged from the office.

As I heard the door open I jumped up.

“THANK YOU!!” she said loudly (mostly for MY benefit).

As Connie turned to walk herself out, I caught up to her and exchanged pleasantries about midway to the door. It was HARD to keep a straight face but I managed it. She still had some of my wife smeared on her face. Her hair was tossed but still looked okay and she had a calmer demeanor about her. She smiled at me as if to say “You LUCKY Bastard.”

“Hey Pete … I just came over to print out some stuff for the movers to sign. Al spilled Gatorade all over their clip board a few minutes ago.” she laughed as she told me.

“Your wife and I have just been getting to know each other while we were waiting for the printer to do its thing.” Connie said.

I chuckled, “We will have to get together for dinner or something.”

“THANK YOU Pete … that’s very nice.” she replied.

Ellen poked her head out of the office door and yelled down the hallway, “How about dinner tomorrow night?”

“That would be GREAT.” Connie yelled back.

“Pete will make Spaghetti” Ellen volunteered.

I şirinevler escort got a little red. Connie laughed and said, “We’ll bring some wine.”

I said, “Perfect … we will see you then.”

I let Connie out and then headed for the office. I wanted ALL the details.

I opened the office door and found my wife’s hair in a mess. She was naked from the waist down. Her blouse was open. Her panties were hanging on the lampshade and her skirt was on the floor in a pile. Her thighs were wet from having a HUGE orgasm and her face was smeared with pussy juice from Connie.

Ellen slouched in the office chair and just looked at me. She was a little embarrassed but more proud of herself than anything else. She looked at me and said, “That bitch can eat a fucking pussy!!”

My jaw dropped wide open.

She looked at me and smiled, “Apparently … SO CAN I!!”

“WHAT!?!?!” I nearly yelled.

Ellen nodded. “I made her come twice … the second orgasm was so hard she nearly broke my nose.”

“THAT is awesome!!” I said.

“Congratulations!!” I said.

Ellen looked at me, “You aren’t upset?” she asked.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I asked. “Honey, I am so proud of you right now .. words fail me.” I said.

Ellen looked at my shorts. “I see THAT hasn’t failed.”

She held up her finger and motioned for me to come closer.

“She was very forward with me … ” Ellen started as I took off my clothes.

“yea?” I asked – encouraging her to continue.

“She wanted ME to eat her pussy first because she was afraid we would get caught …” she said.

She paused and just stared at my hard cock … inches from her face.

“She told me that if I brought her to orgasm and we got caught, she would make it up to me later on …” she said.

“Did you like eating her pussy?” I asked.

She nodded yes. My cock throbbed and ached.

“She keeps it shaved … ” Ellen added.

“YES!!” I thought to myself.

“You want ME to shave my pussy hair off?” she asked.

With that, she took me in her mouth and started working my shaft with her hand and her mouth.

I managed to say, “YES.” before I came instantly in her mouth. She swallowed my load and then wiped her face off.

“I LOVE YOU.” she said as she looked up at me, my cock in her hand.

I looked down into her eyes, “I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!”

We straightened up the office and showered together. It was getting late, so we just had sandwiches and then went to bed. I figured she was satisfied for the day, but as I turned my light out, she took my cock in her mouth and started getting me hard again.

I watched her head bob up and down in the dim light. She paused for a moment, “I just want to fuck … you okay with that?”

I managed a weak, “Uh huh”

My cock was already twitching and throbbing.

She took me in her mouth again and pumped my shaft with her fist and her mouth.

She stopped and straddled my waist. She was very wet and her pussy was HOT.

She grabbed my cock and I slid in with ease. She let out a hiss as she slid to the bottom. She pressed her hands into my chest and ground her hips against mine as my cock filled her pussy.

She growled as my cock filled her. She moved slowly at first. Her eyes were closed and I knew she was thinking about her experience with Connie.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she moaned.

“Your cock feels soooo fucking good right now …” she panted.

She moved slow and deliberate but I could tell her orgasm was building up to be something huge.

Ellen started going faster and harder. Her breathing was faster and she sound like she was running a foot race.

I tried to take her nipples in my mouth but she swatted my hand away.

“Raise your hips” she demanded.

I grabbed her hips and help with the thrusts. It was the difference she needed and she started to moan loudly. I could feel her pussy contract around my cock. She was sweating and it was dripping in my face.

“YES YES YES YES YES YES YES …” she chanted as she slammed her hips against me.

“ohhhhHHHH FUUUCK … I’m coming BABY … MMMMMMMMM …” her voice got louder.


she whimpered.

She started moving a little slower and then things came to a halt.

She leaned down and passionately kissed me with my cock still inside of her.

I still had a hold of her hips.

I stretched my arm around her and rubbed my index finger against her anus.

She snapped away from my face and in a husky whisper, “Ohhhhhh … You KNOW what that does to me …”

She lifted herself off of my cock and spun around. “Lick it” she demanded.

I ran my tongue up and down her asshole. Anal was always taboo to us and we saved this for those rare occasions and celebrations.

As I tongued her ass, she pumped my shaft slowly. She pushed her hips against my face and I soon had my tongue IN her anus. I reached around to her clit and started rubbing her clit. She had one hand on my cock and was using the other to hold herself up.

She came quickly and very hard against my face. After her orgasm, she jumped up, grabbed some lube from the nightstand and lubed herself up. She squirted some in her hand and rubbed my shaft with the jelly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32