New Job, New Challenges Pt. 04

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Previously….following their night out Will had been taken back to the girls house where Michelle and Sarah started making out. Jo had distracted him from watching, luring him upstairs to satisfy them both.

You can read about Will’s adventures with his new colleagues in New Job, New Challenges Pts 1-3, but you’ll still be able to enjoy this chapter even if you don’t know the backstory.

This episode starts quickly….


Will opened his eyes to a ceiling he didn’t recognise in a colour he didn’t much care for. He was enveloped in a warm quilt covered in a floral print, lying on a firm mattress. “Definitely not my room or my bed” he thought. There was a small stabbing pain behind his right eyebrow, a definite indicator of too much to drink.

Closing his eyes again the events of the night swam into focus, how he’d fingered Michelle to an orgasm in the pub, how they’d run off and ended up at Michelle and Sarah’s shared house. How those two had been licking each other’s pussies on the sofa, and how he and Jo had fucked in this bed. And then how they’d fucked for a second time, with Jo riding him hard into ecstasy. He remembered her hair falling in his face and the curve of her small perfect breasts as she arched her lithe back. He remembered the golden strip of curled hair and the prominent clit that sent her into a frenzy when he touched it, and he remembered shooting his sperm deep into her hungry cunt as he thrust into her from below.

It was a warm memory, making the hangover worthwhile. Even now he could feel the slight figure on his left side breathing gently. One of her arms was lightly draped over his torso which gave him a feeling of contentment. What he wasn’t sure of was the breathing that was coming from his right side and the hand that had just found its way to his muscular tummy.

Opening his eyes again he looked to the left, sure enough Jo was sleeping peacefully looking angelic with a small smile on her face. He glanced to the right, it seemed pretty certain there was another body in the bed, hidden under the quilt. A body whose hand was now stroking down towards his pubic hair.

As the hand reached for his much abused member he gently lifted that side of the quilt. There was Sarah lying on her side, grinning up at him from beneath a head of tousled auburn curls. Her large white breasts were squashed together by the arm that was stretched across him, but one rosy erect nipple was poking out as though asking for attention.

“Morning boss” his young colleague purred, “I thought we could build up an appetite for breakfast, what do you think?” With that she took full hold of him and shifted position so her tits were at his eye level. All he could see were pale fleshy globes and all he could feel was his cock growing in her hand. Will groaned, a mixture of exasperation and desire.

“What’s up boss don’t you like my titties?” she put on a baby voice.

“Sarah, please we can’t” he groaned “Jo’s just here”

The redhead giggled and tightened her grip on his rapidly hardening cock. “Two things tell me we can boss,” she whispered throatily “firstly this gorgeous dick that feels so good in my little hand,” she squeezed and stroked up and down his shaft as she said the words, sending a dart of pleasure into his balls, “and secondly, well it’s my bed so I make the rules!” she flashed him a broad grin.

Will groaned again, her hand felt good and her breasts were inviting, but he felt guilty. Guilty that he’d already slept with one of the girls he was supposed to manage. Guilty that she was asleep next to them and guilty because he really wanted to suck on the redhead’s beautiful long nipples.

“I thought you were with Michelle?” he whispered not wanting to wake the girl on his other side.

“Oh you silly man” Sarah laughed out loud “That was just a bit of fun last night! I won’t lie, Michelle certainly knows how to give a girl an orgasm,” she grinned at him again, “I like girls Will, bahis siteleri but they don’t have the thing I’m holding” she squeezed his now fully erect cock again “they can’t fuck me until I scream!” With that she leaned into him and kissed him hard.

“Now boss, please play with my tits.” She let go of his cock and straddled him, disturbing the sleeping figure of Jo who rolled away from them. Holding her boobs in her hands she pulled at her nipples. “Quickly Will I don’t want to do everything myself.”

He could resist no longer and reached up to the beautiful large mounds in front of him. Her tits were heavy and firm. He kneaded them, one in each hand, every so often brushing his thumbs over her nipples, making her shiver with delight, then leaning forward he fed her left nipple into his mouth while continuing to roll her right nipple in his palm, making her squirm on his torso so could feel the wet secretions from her pussy dampen his waist.

“Keep doing that boss, suck my tits.” She egged him on, her breathing getting heavier as she slipped a hand down to her ginger slit and started rubbing circles around her pussy. “Suck them boss” she panted as Will moved from one beautiful breast to the other, “suck them hard.”

Sarah’s eyes had closed she was in a world of her own, wonderful sensations flowing from her nipples to her pussy and her pussy to her core then back to her brain. She needed to cum badly and slipped two fingers inside herself, frantically fingering her dripping pussy as Will continued to create magic in her enflamed nipples.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah” she was panting heavily….then a moments silence….followed by a huge gasp as she clamped her legs tight around her fingers and Will’s waist, falling forward nearly suffocating him in a wave of warm breast. “Oh fuck, oh fuck” she gasped in his ear, shuddering as her fingers extracted the last of her orgasm. “Oh fuck yes” she looked him in the eyes and kissed him hard on the mouth.

There was a voice, “I’m not disturbing you, am I?” Jo had woken and was sitting up smiling at the scene beside her. “Will I can’t believe you! You just can’t keep your hands off us, can you?” she laughed.

But as Will opened his mouth to defend himself Sarah kissed him again and he was occupied with soft lips clamped to his own and a firm tongue probing his mouth. As they kissed he felt a hand grab his hard-on and Sarah changing position slightly, and then the unmistakable feel of a hot pliant pussy sliding down his engorged penis.

“Oh goody” he swivelled his eyes over to see Jo sitting up on her knees, nipples standing proud on her pert tits “you’re going to fuck” she said it with such glee in her voice, “I hope you don’t mind me watching,” she grinned “I do love to watch!” She had bed hair and smudged eye liner, but glowing eyes, a wicked smile and the black velvet choker that he found so alluring around her neck.

As Sarah broke the kiss and sat up fully on his dick, Jo slipped a couple of fingers down to her pussy and started gently circling her proud clit, all the while watching Will’s cock sink in and out of the pale girls slippery snatch as she rose and fell.

Will still had his hands full of Sarah’s pliant breasts and as he looked back at her he could see in her face the effects of rolling, rubbing and pinching were having. She gave little gasps or squeals depending on his actions, but it was when he rubbed his thumbs around both swollen red nipples simultaneously that she really groaned, slamming herself hard down on his cock and rubbing her pussy round and round in circles, increasing the pressure both inside her cunt and onto her clit. “Fucking keep that up boss” she looked at him through sultry eyes extolling him to rub harder as she ground her cock filled pussy into his pubic bone.

He started gently rotating his own hips, moving his hard tool around inside her clinging pussy, changing her sensations, all the time keeping up the pressure on her nipples. She looked down at him smiling, “Oh you fucking bad canlı bahis siteleri boy” she panted, dishevelled red hair waving around her pale face. Her cheeks had reddened alongside a glow spreading down her chest. He could feel the heat in her tits as their bodies ground against each other.

“Suck them again boss, please suck them” it was a command he couldn’t resist and as Sarah moved forward to give him access, for the second time that morning he took a strawberry coloured nipple between his lips, swirling his tongue around the hardened but pliant flesh, all the while holding and squeezing her other tit. “Fuck that’s good.” Sarah threw her head back and as there was now space between their groins Will started thrusting from below, repeatedly filling the hot void between her legs.

He was consumed by the voluptuous girl above him and the feel of her tits and cunt and started pounding deep into her, listening to her sighs and moans as her senses were consumed with dazzling sensations.

“Fuck that’s good to watch.” Both Sarah and Will had forgotten Jo, but there she was standing now at the end of the bed, watching fascinated as Will’s slick cock plunged in and out of the redhead’s willing pussy. “You should see it Will, it’s fucking amazing” Jo exclaimed, her own fingers busy at work below her sculpted nest of blond curls. “Wow you should see how her cunt clings to you as you pull out.” Will carried on pounding, Jo encouraging him on “Go on Will fill her up, fill her full of cock.”

Sarah had started to gasp out shallow breaths, “Suck the other one Will, I need you too, now” she sounded frantic, clearly desperate for her right nipple to be subject to the tonguing and sucking he’d been applying to her left.

Releasing her left tit he looked up at her, her eyes were closed, she was flushed “Now Will now, please” she gasped, so he grasped her succulent boob and fed the long sensitive point into his mouth, sucking hard as he did so, all the time thrusting from below into her slick snatch.

“Oh Christ”, she screamed as his mouth did it’s work “Oh Christ, Oh Christ, Oh Christ, Yes, Yes, Yes” and then she let out a howl and started shaking, slamming down again and again on to his thrusting cock, finally falling forward to smother him in breast and hair as she shuddered around the swollen member filling her hole.

“Fuck me Sar,” squealed Jo, “that is so fucking hot!” Sarah looked up from her position panting on Will’s chest and panted throatily.

“I haven’t finished with him yet babe” she was breathing deeply, barely able to get her words out “I’m going to fuck him properly now!” and winking at Jo she sat up, languidly stretching before placing her hands on Will’s chest, filling her cunt again with thick cock “You don’t mind do you boss?”

Will didn’t have any choice, he was amazed at the stamina of Sarah, she’d already had two orgasms and was clearly after more as she commenced bobbing up and down, riding him like a jockey, filling herself repeatedly with hot hard cock her wonderful tits bouncing gloriously before his eyes.

Jo was kneeling beside them on the bed again, “She does love cock Will” it was said matter of factly “and she can keep this up for hours!” She giggled and lent forward kissing him softly on the mouth, her blond hair falling over his face as she probed his mouth with her firm tongue. “That’s nice” she sat up again “but as Sarah has you trapped here, you can do something for me too” and with that she swung a leg over his face, planting her dripping pussy directly on the mouth she’d just kissed.

The two girls faced each other grinning, one full of cock, the other with a probing tongue lapping at her folds. One blond and slim, small pert breasts and hard pink nipples, the other voluptuous, full breasted with prominent rose coloured nipples. Both of them in sexual ecstasy as their new boss filled their holes and their fantasies.

Jo lent forward, allowing Will to insert his tongue into her sopping vagina, prompting a sharp intake canlı bahis of breath and a long sigh, then a whisper in the other girls ear,

“See sweetie, didn’t I tell you we could make him ours?” They both laughed, looked at each other, kissed gently then resumed their wriggling on cock and tongue.

The three colleagues were completely consumed in each other’s flesh, they’d swopped positions, the girls had both cum again, but Will still had stamina, having spunked copiously twice into Jo the previous night he knew he could last as long as was needed, or at least until he ran out of energy.

After their last orgasms he’d suggested he fuck them both from behind, so now they were kneeling on the side of the bed, heads down on the mattress and arses in the air, their glistening swollen pussies gaping and waiting to be filled. Will stood behind, hot and sweating, his hair matted and his cock red and swollen with the blood pumping through it.

“Who’s first?” he asked as he stroked both girl’s labia’s, thinking about whether to introduce a finger into their very different looking arses.

“Me” they both squealed at the same time in response.

“Please boss, please I need it more than she does” it was Sarah looking round at him “you fucked her all last night!”

He couldn’t fault the logic and even though they’d both ridden his cock that morning he decided to position himself behind the ample rump of Sarah, lining his cock up with her slick pussy before pushing slowly into her once more, making her grunt in pleasure as she felt herself fill and stretch around the solid flesh.

“Will you bastard,” it was Jo, “it was my turn!” the smaller girl pouted. But Will had plans for her too and with one hand on Sarah’s arse for support he moved his other hand to Jo’s pussy, slipping a finger along the length of her wet slit, eliciting a long sigh, before plunging two fingers inside her, picking up the rhythm he was using to fuck Sarah.

All three of them were panting and grunting as they fucked, Will’s cock and fingers a blur as he repeatedly plunged into the happy girls glorious cunt’s.

He slowly started to feel the stirrings of his orgasm, so knowing it would subside for a while switched places, bringing a longing gasp from Sarah as he left her pussy and a satisfied gasp from Jo as he entered hers.

Fucking Jo and fingering Sarah he started really pounding, pumping as hard and as quick as he could, the sight, the situation, the sensations all suddenly too much for his aching cock and over stimulated brain. Quickly the boiling in his balls had him on the verge, he’d only need a few more thrust.

“OK girls who wants it, who wants my cum?” he practically shouted, holding back as long as he could, tensing all the muscles in his body, both wanting to cum and to prolong the feeling.

It was at that moment that the door flew open, and a raised voice was heard.

“What the fuck is all the fucking noise at this hour of the fucking morning?

Will turned to see Michelle at the door just in a pair of black knickers, as he did so on the middle of an outstroke, so close to his orgasm, his desperate cock left its happy wet home inside Jo and as though with a life all of its own sent out a relieving jet of creamy sperm.

He was powerless and watched as if in slow motion as the first spurt struck the athletic girl on the cheek. His cock was in overdrive now after the treatment it had taken that morning and he staggered backwards into the bed as more jets of cum landed on Michelle’s tits and tummy.

He was groaning in pleasure and horror but had no control and as the final spurts shot from his cock he caught the horrified look in Michelle’s eye as she recoiled, sperm dripping from her nipples as she ran from the room.

Meanwhile behind him, seeing what had happened Jo and Sarah had sat up and were suddenly giggling uncontrollably.

“Oh fuck boss, that is just the best” laughed Jo.

“Tell you what, why don’t I see if she’ll let me lick it off?” beamed Sarah, now up on her feet and skipping naked out of the room after the taller girl.

Will groaned thinking, not for the first time since he’d started his new job. “What the fuck have I got myself into?”

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