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It really happened just like this…

It all started with some feedback on a story. We realized we were both local, within about an hour’s drive. The emails started flying between us, the flirting, the photos… We started making plans to meet.

I was pretty nervous about meeting Mike… Even though we’d played online and sexted a lot. Face to face was something else. I was getting cold feet… I asked him to meet me so I could see him in person and break things off… But we were so well suited for each other, hard wired for the same sexual kinks, and at that perfect age-old enough to know better but young enough to do it anyway. The chemistry was there, and with a few kisses, we knew my feet would be warming up, and this was a go.

Tuesday finally came. After several annoying delays, I finally got out of work and drove over to the motel. He’d texted me the room number… 224. I climbed the stairs, my heart pounding in my chest. I knocked…

Mike opened the door and pulled me into a darkened room, shut the door behind me and drew me into a warm embrace. Our lips met, and just as before at our brief meeting, the flame was kindled. I’d requested wine, but it didn’t do a thing to intoxicate me… I wanted this and I’d already found the courage.

I sat on the edge of the bed and kicked off my shoes.

We began slowly… Drinking wine, chatting a little about my day and his drive… Kissing… Kissing… Kissing.

He drew me on top of him on the bed but I rolled to the side and coaxed him up beside me… More kisses… Then I pulled his shirt off over his head. To be fair I let him remove my shirt too. Then he deftly unhooked my bra and removed that as well.

He gently and sweetly caressed and kissed my breasts, my nipples…I was so aroused… Nothing was on my mind, except him and his touch, his kiss, at that moment. With him nibbling and sucking on my nipples, I felt completely hungry with desire for completion. I arched my back and abandoned myself to waves of mini orgasms coursing through me.

Mike esenyurt escort was leaning over me, kissing my lips, my face and neck. I decided I wanted to feel all of him, now. I reached down and unbuckled his pants, found the snap and the zipper, and unzipped them carefully. He wasn’t wearing shorts under them, so when I slipped them off his ass, he was stripped. I laid him back on the bed and began the blowjob I’d been promising him for weeks. I took his long, hard cock gently into my mouth and laved him with my tongue. I licked and sucked and stroked him. I could hear him sighing and groaning.

He deserved this; he’d been so patient, waiting for me to be ready, talking me out of my tree more than once. I went deep deep onto him and his cock slipped down my throat. My nose was buried in his balls. I bobbed up and down, kept taking him to the deepest place. His hands petted my hair and I could hear the excitement building in his sighs.

Reaching around my back, Mike had his hands in my pants, and he kept massaging my ass, trying to get closer to my pussy. Finally he said, “We gotta get you out of those things…” And I slipped off the bed and slid my pants down and off.

Finally naked, we lay skin to skin and kissed some more. Our tongues danced as we explored each other’s mouth. Mike reached a hand down and said, “God you are so wet…” He stroked his hand over my smooth waxed mound and let his middle finger trace the valley between my lips. He found my clit and worked it, wanting to give me one hard orgasmic release to relax. It worked. I clutched at his shoulders and bucked against his hand. I experienced a huge, body wracking orgasm that left me breathless and so very eager to have his cock in my mouth. I went back down on him and stroked smoothly along his shaft as I “lollipopped” the head of his cock. Soon he rewarded me with a flood of warm cum, which I swallowed carefully. “Easy girl, easy… It’s so sensitive…”

I sat up and poured myself another glass of wine. It was cheap Arbor avrupa yakası escort Mist, my request, and I was surprised that I wasn’t feeling the effects of the alcohol one little bit. We joked about me being a cheap date…the bottle had a screw off top! But I like the flavor, what can I say…

Since Mike had already blown a wad, he needed time to recover and we lay and talked… I told him about some of my wilder “sexploits” from my past, threesomes with a friend of mine and her boyfriend, getting a ride home from the airport with a stranger and being propositioned, and my counter proposal that began a yearlong “sex for cash” relationship.

Mike stroked my arms and back and squeezed my ass. He had me purring in no time and resumed his exploration of my pussy. Much to my disappointment, this epic date coincided with my period, so cunnilingus was out. Mike made up for it, however. I slipped into the restroom and removed my tampon. Thankfully my time was tapering somewhat.

In a very short time he was up and ready to go again… It was something I’d anticipated for weeks, and I couldn’t wait to be filled up with Mike’s gorgeous hard cock. He climbed up over me on the bed and slid between my legs, nudging them apart. The head of his cock lined up with my pussy and he slid it home in one easy stroke, saying, “Damn girl you are so tight!” He put his arm under one of my knees and stretched me wide, stroking in. He held himself up on sinewy muscular arms and we both watched his cock slide in and out of my bare pussy. It was so hot… His cock stroked right along my G-spot and I was seeing explosions of color behind my eyes.

We fucked like that for a while, but he knew my favorite position, and one I never get, is doggy style… So he pulled back and I flipped onto my front side and up on my knees. I stuffed a pillow under my tummy and he slipped his tool into me, perfectly. It was just how I imagined… Mike had his hands on my hips as he banged me anadolu yakası escort from behind, and I could feel him occasionally slide his hand down to my ass checks to squeeze and spread them. (He told me later he wanted to slide a thumb or finger into my ass, but was afraid to scare me, this being our first time and all.)

He directed me, saying, “Put your hand under you, play with your clit…” When I did I felt his cock sliding in and out. My fingers stroked his shaft and cupped his balls as they slapped against my ass. It felt so damned good… I ground down on his cock and grasped the sheets. “Yesssss… Fuckitfuckit… fuckitfuckit oh Jesus yes,” I was pretty incoherent. I told him to pull my hair, so he grabbed a handful and tugged firmly. This sent me reeling into another hard orgasm. Once when I bucked back against him I almost threw him backward off the bed, but he was anchored hard holding onto my hips. I came hard, two or three times, getting plowed from behind. Mmmmm… The memory makes me wet…

He withdrew and flipped me over, saying “I’m gonna cum and I want to be kissing you when I do.” Sliding back home, his cock jackhammered my pussy and I could feel his tension build until he exploded and came deep inside me. He leaned down and kissed my lips, stroking the inside my my mouth with his tongue, which I sucked like I sucked his cock… He collapsed and rolled over, exhausted. We were both covered with a sheen of sweat, and we caught our breath.

The temperature in the room was ideal, not hot and not cold… I slid the light sheet up over me and snuggled into the niche of his shoulder. In the afterglow we talked about past relationships, crazy exes, sneaking around and the do’s and dont’s we learned along the way. It was a wonderful first tryst. We were so comfortable with each other and so relaxed in the afterglow. Since he was on his way north to another destination, and had a 4-hour drive, we cleaned up and loaded up our stuff to go. I was worried for him, because he had so far to go and hadn’t slept much in two nights, being all wound up anticipating our date. He texted me when he’d arrived safely and we both slept well that night.

Damn the sex was awesome. Very incredible and perfect.

This is 100% true… And more stories will follow. We are planning to go down our sexual “bucket list” together in the coming months… Stay tuned!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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