Never Underestimate the Limited

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I hate this rain, it seems to be never-ending. South Florida, the Sunshine state. Whoever came up with that one was a wee bit off. Granted, I would never move for anything. There is nothing like the freedom of our USUAL tropical weather. I rarely wear shoes, not to mention clothes. But here I sit with my securely closed convertible top the only thing keeping me from the torrential storm outside my windows. Lazily, I am staring watching the downpour when I hear a short horn blast, which smacks me back to reality. Oh. Light is green. Sorry impatient one in the humongous conversion van behind me. Rude. Must be a former New Yorker (like the rest of us)

Publix, where shopping is a pleasure, is our wonderful monopolized grocery chain. And that is precisely where I am headed on this lovely Saturday morning. I, not being the average female who loves the shopping experience, am so glad to be here. Frankly it sucks.

I’m pulling into the parking lot, and I get a nice close spot, which only matters because of the weather. I love parking next to the handicapped spots, more room. Then, in pulls my horn honker in his luxurious conversion van. Yippee. Might as well make a run for it. I get out of my car; hit the remote to lock the doors and head toward the store. But curiosity causes me to twist my head around in an attempt to catch a glimpse of rude van man.

Well, never did I expect to not only catch a glimpse, but also get a full on view of the driver. Perfect view actually, mostly facilitated by the fact that in the steady rainfall I have now involuntarily turned and stopped dead. Perched in a rather sporty looking wheelchair is the man who exists in most of my deepest sexual fantasies. Shoulder length mousy brown hair, pulled back into a sleek ponytail, prominent jaw, wide strapping shoulders, narrow waist, and rather hefty legs for a man in a chair. He looks up at me and I swear his eyes are golden. I guess they are hazel, but from the reflection of the water off the hot Florida pavement, they are illuminated. His lips slowly curve into a decent smile, and it is now that I realize I am really, really wet. halkalı escort Not merely soaked to the bone, but warm and moist between my thighs as well. Rather sheepishly, I smile and spin myself around heading toward my original goal … the food store.

Barely focusing on my shopping needs, I simply quit on aisle 5 and head to checkout. Great, only 2 lanes open, the 10 items or less speedy check out (I have 15 items) and the one My fantasy van man is now occupying.

I am methodically transferring my groceries onto the belt when I hear his glorious melodic voice…

“Hello, My name is Dr. Trey Miller, you are?” extending his hand. Taking hold of it I am sure he can feel my heart beating right through my hand.

“Vanessa” is my reply in a voice I don’t recognize.

“You seem off in dreamland today, you must have something on your mind.”

Right my MIND that’s it.

” And no I am not a psychologist, sports medicine actually.” He lightheartedly states.

I cannot help but to relax a bit after that quip, even letting out a mild giggle.

Trey pays his bill, then heads out to his van pushing the cart with one arm, and wheeling himself with the other.

Purchases completed, I am half sprinting to the door, and YES, he is still in the parking lot! It is still drizzling.

All of his groceries inside, he is about to roll himself onto the electric lift when he motions me to him.

I have just reverted to a 16 year old in .5 seconds.

Almost shyly, he asks, “I thought, maybe, if you are interested, I could give you a call sometime?”

My eyes sparkling, my heart pounding, my body having a sudden urge to break into a rumba…I blurt out “Wait here, I will get a pen and paper in my car…for my phone number…or whatever you need from me…to call me I mean.” UGH! He is making me nuts! Forming a sentence should be second nature to a CEO of a large marketing firm.

Throwing my stuff in the car, I quickly come back around to where Trey is and he is now in the van, facing me looking down with those damn golden eyes. I reach out to hand him the şişli escort paper with my very clearly written number on it, and he takes my hand and pulls me toward him. He places each of his hands under my armpits and begins to slowly raise me from off the ground. Slowly rolling himself back as he lifts me, I end up straddling his lap as the door automatically shuts behind me. I lean into him and he is nuzzling behind my ear, stroking my cheek with the strongest hands I have ever touched, seen or experienced. Then, Trey slides his hand to the nape of my neck, burying his fingers in my long, chocolate brown hair. I swear I can see my dark eyes reflected in his incredible amber colored pupils. Pulling me in for a kiss, I am now grinding in his lap, intense need and desire overcoming any rational thought.

“Ever made it with a cripple?” He jests.

“No, but I have never made it with a God either, so make this two firsts for me.”

Throwing his head back in laughter, He sits up straight, and whispers in my ear, “Vanessa, you know it is only my legs that don’t function properly.”

Sitting on his lap still I am quite aware of his hardness pushing up into my moist, pleading womanhood. Yes, he is functioning just fine.

“Want a ride my little one?” The sex in his words causes a shudder through me as I gently remove myself from his lap and slide onto the floor. There is plenty of room in the back and I prop myself against the back bench seat. Pouring now, the rain is soothing yet invigorating. He scoots himself out of his chair and crawls toward me. Kissing my feet, he removes my sandals. Licking my calves as he scoots further up my body, all the time caressing my thighs. He rubs my hips in circular motions, and begins gliding his hands up my sides creating sensations at the base of my spine that spread and slowly wrap themselves around my entire body. Nipples clearly visible he slides up my baby tee and begins massaging my ample breasts, I am losing the ability to breathe deeply. I pull the shirt over my head as he unlatches my bra in unison.

“I sarıyer escort want to feel your skin on mine, please.” I beg as I try to get under his shirt.

He rolls off me and sits next to me, crossing his arms in front of his chest and removing his shirt in one, upward, sexy swoop.

“Wow”. Unreal he is. Absolute perfection. I can actually wedge my finger between his abs, tracing them with ease, up to his round, firm abs, finally tweaking his nipples, eliciting a moan. Leaning forward while straddling him once again, I press my chest on his and the physical heat instantly overwhelms me paired with the emotional electricity between us. Lustful, heartfelt passion is all I feel as we kiss again, realizing this is not comparable to anything I have felt, ever.

Trey pulls away suddenly, practically growling in my ear, “Vanessa please, NOW!”

He unbuttons and starts to slide his shorts off his heavy motionless legs. On my knees now and in desperation I simply pull up my skirt. Shoving over my thong, I lower myself placing his head between my breasts. I can feel his throbbing knob right at my entrance. Trey is panting, so far gone am I, that when I bury my nose in the top of his hair; his scent takes on a life of its own. I subconsciously open my mouth wanting to devour every inch of him.

Slam! I am on him to his pubes, gyrating and grinding like a spinning top on its last few turns. And what a ride it is! He is thrusting his abs forward, causing friction on my clit, making me involuntarily buck in between grinds. I am so charged I know I can’t hold on. Leaning myself back just slightly, he hits my sweet spot and there it is. That familiar itch. I feel the flush start in my cheeks, creeping down into my chest, causing my belly to be on fire. The inner spasms come first. I am now raising myself completely off him leaving in just the head then crashing back down…Oh My…

Amidst the thunder, I can only imagine what any passersby might hear. The intensity has me howling, and yelling, “Yes, Damn, Oh Oh Oh…”

Quivering, grinning, I look down to see Trey, head back, eyes sealed shut, lost in his own release, and suddenly I feel it. That slow, forceful pulsing I so love to feel. Lifting his head upright, I am rewarded with a creeping smile and Golden, sparkling eyes.

The connection is undeniable.

“Don’t you just love it when it rains?”

I do now, believe me, I do now.

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