Neighbor needs curtains

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One night while looking out the window of my home office I noticed I could see into the bedroom of the townhouse across from me. I hadn’t met my neighbor but I had seen him around at the mailbox a couple of times. He was taller than me and probably in his mid 50s, not really good looking and a bit overweight. Seemed quiet, only nodding as we would pass on the path to the mailboxes, maybe seeing him once a week or so.

… but now I could see him, and see more of him than I ever had. My window looked across the path into his window, and he was lying in his bed naked and stroking himself. I turned off the lights in my office and peered through the blinds. I could see his TV and he had some porn playing and just smoothly stroking his cock… slowly up and down. I couldn’t really see what he was watching but I could see him playing with himself clearly. I didn’t know what to say or think… so I left and went downstairs.

This happened again a few days later. I was sitting in my office and I looked over and could see him lying in his bed, his cock in hand, moving up and down. This time I was prepared. I had brought up my binoculars and could use them to take a look. I had never thought about wanting to see my neighbor masturbating but… I stood there and watched. I turned off the lights and peeked out the window. With the binoculars, I could see what he was watching. It looked like gay porn as there were several big, hairy guys naked in a pool and he was really into it. I could see him watching the screen and stroking his big cock. It had to be at least 7 inches or maybe more. He had a lot of dark hair at the base and a large hairy belly and chest. I watched as he continued to pleasure himself, masturbating and pinching his nipples. I could see his hand moving quicker and then he stopped as a big spurt of cum shot up and landed on his stomach. A few more strokes and a few more spurts to finish his session… he used a towel to wipe himself up and turned off the TV.

I didn’t keep track of it, but I probably watched him masturbate half a dozen times over the weeks. Sometimes I had my binoculars and sometimes I just peeped through the blinds. It was always the same… I would notice the lights out and TV on and see him stroking his cock.

Then one night, I got caught. gaziosmanpaşa escort I noticed his lights off and the TV on so I turned off my lights and got my binoculars. I was peering through then but didn’t see him in the bed. All of a sudden I saw a flash of light from a reflection and realized he was at the side of his window watching me watch him. I quickly put my binoculars down and left the room. I didn’t work in my office at night for a whole week and I resorted to checking my mail at odd hours instead of when I might pass him on the path.

A couple of weeks later, my mind totally forgot about getting caught peeping on him masturbating. I was back in my office working when I noticed the lights off and the TV on again. I glanced over and could see him stroking his big cock again. I couldn’t resist and I found myself turning off my office light and l grabbing my binoculars. I focused in on the room and watched him slowly work his cock. As I scanned around the room, I saw something on top of the TV. A sheet of paper; and in big, bold letters… “The front door is unlocked.”

I was unsure what to do. I mean, basically he was inviting me over to watch him masturbate and maybe more. Well as the saying goes…”In for a penny, in for a pound” or maybe a pounding.

I walked over to his townhouse and casually opened the door. I heard a beep from the entey alarm… so he knew I was there. The lights were on in the stairway so I headed up the stairs to his room. He was lying there as I usually see him, hard cock in hand stroking while watching the TV. I stood in the doorway watching as he continued work up and down. He looks at me and says “I guess you like what you see” with a big smile on his face. I nod and start to pull my shirt off. Stripping down I slide onto the bed down by his feet. I lean in and start running my tongue up his thigh and bury my face in his crotch. The feel of his pubic hairs in my face and the smell of his musk turned me on and I felt my cock start to harden. Now that I was up close to it, I could definitely see he was closer to 8 inches and had a nice girth. I started licking his balls and reached up pushing his hand off his cock… l leaned up and said “let me help you with that” and I pulled his cock haymana escort into my mouth and slowly took as much as I could. He put his hands on my head and slowly pushed me down until I coughed and started to gag. I pulled back but ducked back in licking his shaft and stroking him. Positioning myself between his legs, I lowered my head back down and started sucking his cock again. Working the shaft with my hands, I focused my tongue and lips on the tip… licking the head and slobbering all over it and then taking it back into my mouth. This was the biggest dick I had ever sucked and I was not sure how to handle it… but I kept it in my mouth as I felt him push down on my head again. Holding him in my mouth for a bit, I then started licking his balls and the shaft more. Down the shaft and then sliding one ball in my mouth, then the second and then back to his shaft with my tongue. When I got to the tip, my tongue darted all over the soft head and I lowered my mouth again, just rubbing my lips on the head of his dick. He moaned and thrust up into my mouth, slowly fucking my mouth. I knew he liked it as I could hear him moan when I would slobber on the head. I moved up closer so I could reach up and I found his rock hard nipples and started pinching and twisting the one that he was playing with. His hand pulled my hand up to his mouth and he pulled my fingers in and sucked on them as I sucked on his cock.

He pulled me up beside him and leaned up to kiss me. His facial hair poked my face as he brushed my face with his lips and his tongue. He slowly worked his way down my chest and slowly bit down on my nipple. I could feel his hand sliding down my stomach to my dick which was hard and leaking pre cum already. He continued to nibble and lick my nipple while sliding his hand between my legs and cupping my balls. He slowly stroked me as he continued to tease and pull at my nipple. Waves of pain and pleasure radiating from his mostly gentle biting and he finally moved his mouth down further to my hard cock and softly kissed the head. Moving lower he pulled my balls into his mouth before running his tongue down my thigh. Shifting to the lower half of the bed, he rolled me over and quickly straddled my legs… his hard cock resting on my ass. I felt ankara escort a warm liquid squirt into the crack quickly followed by a couple of fingers in and around my tight hole. OMG! He was going to put his big cock in me. I turned to look at him and I tried to tell him that I had never been fucked by someone as big as him. He smiled and slowly spread my ass so he could position his cock against my tight hole. Slowly he started rubbing it with the head of his cock, massaging it with the tip and a finger. After a couple of minutes of just rubbing my hole, I felt him stick in the tip and I breathed deep. He was so big. I tightened up and I could feel his hands on my back, rubbing my back and he said to relax and slid another couple of inches into me. My ass was on fire with this big cock in me and he was only part way. Sliding back a bit he then slid in a bit more and I moaned and buried my face in his pillow. He waited a little bit and then pushed in the rest of the way, I could feel his balls hit my ass. My face was buried in the pillow and I moaned as he slowly started to thrust into me in quick, short thrusts. He leaned over me, I could feel his warm breath on my neck as he licked my neck. I started to relax as the rhythm of his thrusts was slow and steady. My ass was throbbing but I could feel myself loosen up and I started to push back against him as he moved in and out. Feeling me match his rhythm, he sat up and pulled me up on my elbows and reached around to tug in my cock. My cock was already leaking cum and with a few quick strokes he made me cum. He started sliding out more and sliding back in with a faster pace. I could feel his sweat falling in my back as he grabbed my hips and started going full length in and back out, popping his cock out and then back in quickly. I was moaning and focused on the pillow in front of me as sometimes he would slam into me with a grunt. I pushed my way up to all fours and looked back as he started shaking with pleasure. I could feel his cock unload in my ass, his cum deep in my ass and all around his cock. He moaned and drove in deep again with another burst of cum. I reached around and felt the cum leaking around his cock as he pulsed another jet of cum in my ass and slowly pulled out. My hole hurt now that it wasn’t being fucked and I could feel his cum leaking from his dick and onto my ass. I slumped down on the bed and pulled him up to me to kiss… his cock dripping cum on my stomach. I leaned into him and let him know anytime he needed a helping hand to let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32