Natural Girl Julie Pt. 01

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For years now Dec had bemoaned two trends, now nationwide, that have deprived guys like him of the natural beauty of the female form we love so much. The first is the stick model thing. Nothing wrong with athletic but he had never been attracted to women intent on looking as much as possible, as Barbie dolls. The second thing is the shaved thing. Underarms and legs, absolutely yes. Nature’s lustful pubic bush, absolutely no. He just did not understand the appeal of grown women looking like pre-pubescent girls. His dream woman was curvy, busty, natural. The kind of woman that looks so good just in jeans and no makeup that he had to rush home and empty his aching balls. On the rare occasion he had a really good angle and time to enjoy it, and he had just finished a workout, it was nothing for him to go home and stroke his big cock to a massive cum two or three times, even as he was close to fifty.

One quiet Monday night after a tiresome day at work Dec stopped by the golf range to get a bucket in, change the plane he was on. A good workout always helped, as did the fresh air, cigar, and shot of T. He changed his shoes in the parking lot, threw a couple of wedges and irons into his stand bag, and went into the pro shop, where most of the counter guys were guys his age and demographic, usually volunteering here for free golf. Tonight though he was jolted to see behind the counter a girl that just about stopped his heart. This was unusual; he just wasn’t the kind of guy who perved on young women his college stepdaughter’s age. He immediately pegged her at 19 or 20. She was wearing tight cutoff jeans shorts, Daisy Dukes, ankle socks and trainers, and the polo shirt of the facility, pretty typical for the area and time of year. But it wasn’t until she bounced up, greeted him, and started with the transaction he really got a taste.

She was obviously not some debutante, college golferette, or from money. She was dead rural Southern, friendly, polite, and just the right trailer. She had shoulder length brown curly hair, no style, just fresh and bouncy, a medallion around her neck with a couple of thin gold chains. But what startled Dec was her steel gray-blue eyes, and long, red fingernails that instantly brought visions of what they could do and where they could go. When she was in the register, Dec subtly adjusted his bulge. He then went out and methodically went through his practice routine. But actually he couldn’t wait to get done and maybe catch another encounter with her on the way out. He was massively disappointed when he was halfway through the pro shop and did not see her on the way out, and then suddenly heard, “Have a good night!” She said it so cheerfully he turned around and smiled. “Sorry, didn’t see you there. By the way, I’m Dec.”

“I’m Julie,” she said, and pointed to a bracelet, where, indeed it had “JULIE” in gold script. Dec suddenly realized he had been so intent on checking her out he never noticed her name badge. “Really nice to meet you. See you around?” He sure as hell hoped so.

The next couple of weeks he tried to figure her schedule out. It never occurred to him she might be interested, although she was friendly and even flirty. Dec was totally smitten. Her eyes were so young, but so expressive. She had a big, goofy smile with a wide full mouth, perfect teeth, and tanned, muscular legs. Little did she know that Dec had been going home and envisioning her as he cranked on his big cock. One night he just happened to notice the stubble on the inside of her thighs and it drove him insane thinking of the possibilities. Her wide smile and teeth, all wet and glossy, jarred him with a vision of them sliding up and down his big, stiff, rod. He always came extra hard after a workout, and one night he discovered the facility had posted a picture of her with the rest of the staff. Dec blew it up, made it full screen, and that night masturbated anadolu yakası escort to an orgasm so powerful he was shocked when his cum hit him on the face. He was enraptured.

One night it rained heavily and Dec was the only one out on the range. To his surprise and delight Julie had come up and said hi. “You know, if you weren’t here, I could lock up and go home.” She grinned and bent over for a bucket, and Dec’s heart jumped.

“Well, that’s an easy fix,” said Dec, grabbing his clubs and putting them in his bag.

“Oh no, no—I was only kidding.”

“Well, y’all are closed in 35 minutes anyway. Let you go do what you do, and me, too…” If she only knew.

“You know, I ain’t never played. You give lessons?”

Dec’s heart rolled. Actually, he did.

“I do. Why, you wanna learn?”

“Oh, doubt I could afford it.”

“Sure you could. No charge for the lessons. Feel like I can repay (again, if she only knew) your, uh, hospitality.”

“OK,” she smiled. What a knockout. “Where do we start?”

Dec’s mind whirled. “Well, I find it’s best to do a meet n greet, talk some things over, before you actually get out on the range.”

“OK…I’d say come on over, but I live with three other girls.”

“Hmmm…well, so I don’t seem a dirty old man, you wanna drop by on Friday night while I’m BBQing?”

“That’d be great.” She really did look excited.

Henceforth, Dec could not concentrate at all.

Friday night finally arrived and Dec, uh, handled his business before Julie came over. Not that it helped any. Actually his cock was as stiff and sore as ever. Around right there was the doorbell, and he called, “in the back.”

She was just stunning, a white miniskirt, sandals, tank top, lip gloss, to die for. Dec could barely speak.

He forced himself to be a total pro, even when he was directly behind her and had his hands on her hips. “It’s OK, I’m havin’ fun!” she laughed.

After supper Dec and Julie were in the living room, on the couch, Golf Channel on. Dec was old enough to know this wasn’t love, but it was real. She was terrific. Then something happened that marked the fork in the road. She had had a few glasses of wine, and without knowing it, she exposed her panties ever so slightly. And then Dec saw it: unmistakably, there were short and curlies peeking out. He gasped.

“Are you alright?” She had no idea.

“Um, yeah…gosh, weird.” She came over and sat right next to him, genuinely concerned. He could smell her scent. She was only a B cup, but that’s not what had Dec in this condition.

And then, there’s that second when two people have been circling around it for weeks and the eyes lock on…

Dec was a total gentleman, but after a couple of soft kisses he realized she was just as insistent. “The door’s wide open,” he murmured as she swung around on his lap.

“I don’t care…do you?” She was practically in heat. He had his hand on her thigh and could actually feel the heat from her steaming bush. Dec was close to 50 and had had major back surgery, but he was a stocky 225 and needed a size 52 in the shoulders. He picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. He realized how young she was when she put her head in his shoulder.

Dec said her on the bed and pulled his shirt off. She considered him.

“Hey,” she said in that drawl, “baby, if this is gon’ happen, you need to know I don’t sleep around, I ain’t on protection, and I hate rubbers.”

Dec looked at her and smiled. For all his lust, he really did care about her.

“Already been a dream come true for me,” he said quietly. She bit her lip, then reached for his belt buckle with those nails. He groaned, out loud.

She took her time, running her hands all over him, grazing his cock, and looking at him. She pulled off her shirt. No bra, about a 36B…Dec like ataşehir escort big busted women but this one had things he’d only dreamed of. And then, speaking of dreams, she yanked down his boxers and his raging prick sprang up so hard it slapped against his abdomen. “Wow,” she laughed softly, then grew serious.

Dec stood in disbelief and ecstasy as just like he’d fantasized so many nights, her gorgeous mouth was sliding up and own his big stiff cock, slowly, expertly, one hand stroking and the other tickling his swollen balls. It was so overwhelming Dec was alarmed he would just blow his load in his face and then collapse. Like she knew, she stopped, grabbed his hand, pulled them on the bed, spread his legs, and went back to work. Dec’s head just turned from side to side as he ran his hands through her soft, curly hair. Just as he thought he could hold out a little longer, she utterly shocked him, pressed two fingers and nails hard against his prostrate—she was twenty years old, how did she know what that did?—and after a couple more long strokes, Dec began shaking as a massive wave of contraction pulled all the way up from his perineum and thus began one of the longest climaxes he’d ever had. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH baby baby so good AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH,” he half shouted, half groaned in a guttural, primal grunt. He could actually feel his vas deferens emptying as his load pulsed through his scrotum and out his mouth. The room was spinning. Finally, he realized they were both still and she was leaning over him, his cock still in her pretty mouth.

“Do I make you feel good baby?” she whispered.

Dec, who had been through a war, a divorce, and much much more, responded by gently pulling her up and into his chest and shoulders. She kissed a pec, and they both lay a while.

“Can I get you anything,” asked Dec as he got up. He was fixin’ to take a leak, and had a bottle of Veuve Cliquot in the fridge. He liked golf, or pussy, only a little more than real champagne.

With no notion of the time, they talked, and Dec pondered his life. He was falling for her, fast. And then after she set her glass on the nightstand and reached for his balls, he stopped her. “No way,” he said. “My turn.”

With his full attention on her lower half finally, Dec was practically on fire as he took in her magnificent pussy. Her bush was a full triangle, peeking out at her inner thigh. Her labia were red, brown, swollen, and just begging. Looking up, her nipples were like the tip of a pool cue stick. He tweaked them as he took his time, circling, circling, until he finally spread her wide open like a flower, and began flicking his tongue on her labia, three fingers at her entrance. She twitched like a live wire and moaned. “Yeah, baby. Yeah. Oh yeah.”

Her head thrashing side to side after a minute of this, Julie grabbed the top of his head, not that she needed to. Dec lasered in on her massively engorged clit and, when she grabbed the side of the bed with both hands, he slowly inserted his fingers up to the knuckle, and found her spongy g-spot at the top of her pubic bone. “YES BABY YES,” she screamed. “YES.” Dec stayed calm and just kept on truckin’—one benefit of being a guy his age was he may not understand women, but he knew their anatomy, and that like golf, touch was the key. Eventually, she grabbed his head and pushed him away. “OK OK OK.” She was trembling. Dec took advantage. He loomed his massive chest and shoulders over her and looking her straight in the eyes, kissed her deeply, then rolled her back to him.

Eventually his angel went to freshen up, and Dec stared at the ceiling in wonderment. He cautioned himself that no incredible twenty-year-old gorgeous filly would extend him more than a ride. But a ride it was. And he’d only had a taste. His real fantasy had yet to be fulfilled, him grunting like a wild animal as he ümraniye escort emptied his load into her, just like he did after every time he saw her. She was so—

His daydream stopped short as he picked up her peripherally. A shadow figure, leant against the doorframe, a microdot moment, she said:

“Almost three in the morning…you mind if I stay? Had a lot to drink tonight.” She laughed.

Dec waved impassively. “C’m’ere, you precious thing.” She climbed atop him.

“You can stay tonight, and any other night.” He meant it.

“OK then…” she laughed, “s’long as you know I ain’t already fixin’ to hang my toothbrush just yet.”

“Extra toothbrushes in the drawer,” Dec deadpanned. He didn’t want to make it too serious.

Dec awoke around eleven, and Julie was not there, but he could tell she was still in the building. He shuffled off, hesitant to look at his grey in the mirror, and walked out into the living room. She was on the couch reading a magazine, and all she had on was one of his sweatshirts. “Mornin’,” she smiled. “Hope you don’t mind. You looked so peaceful sleeping, I didn’t want to wake you up.”

He looked at her with his kind eyes. “Sleep OK?” She laughed.

“I shore did.” She winked. Good. Nice and light. But then Dec froze. She had no idea, but the sun had just shifted, and Dec felt a jolt as he caught a glimpse of her thick, tight thigh, and half of her perfect goodness. He didn’t want to push her, or scare her away.

“You working today?”

“Un-uh. Gotta ton of homework, but no, free til Monday.” Dec’s heart leapt but he tried to hide it. “Get you anything?”

“No thanks hon. Made coffee, though.” And so it was. The sun melted through the window, the breeze trickled in, and they lay on the couch, no need for anything.

Later that evening, the sun was sinking and Dec found Julie out on the balcony. Dec was glad for his tall hedges. By now he was still all gentleman but his cock was like something hardened and forged over a fire. She knew when he came up from behind and nestled her. “Ummm hon…that’s nice.” Dec turned it up a notch. She had a sharp intake of breath as he nuzzled her, then grazed her sweetness with his fingers. He could tell. She turned around to him and kissed him hard. “You are bad. Very very bad. Watcha gonna do if you knock me up?” Sell everything I have and move you to where no one can ever find or bother us, Dec thought.

Once they knew, Dec drank in her as in a trance. She looked so…vulnerable. He was in between her, his cock raging and rubbing against her gorgeous, turgid labia. No time like the present. The sight of him entering her was the most erotic thing he had ever seen, she threw her head back and groaned, and Dec went in all the way to the hilt. What followed was surreal. She shook and moaned and reached. Dec had to stop and start to make sure she got her fill before he unloaded. And then, with her a look on her face resembling shock and her red nails tightly gripping his ass cheeks, Dec thrusted all the way twice, three more times, and from him came a guttural, primal noise he did not think possible. He could actually feel his cum pulsing way deep inside. As she wrapped her arms around him, they collapsed in a sweating heap.

Later, after supper and a great bottle of red zin, they were back, slowly this time. Except she suddenly morphed into an evil look and said hoarsely, “I know what you want.” She got up on the bed on all fours and spread her golden, furry sweetness for him. Dec went in standing. To her shock, he smacked her ass. Hard. “Did you know? Did you know? Did you know this is what I wanted to do to you since day one?” To his shock, she reached underneath and feathered his heavy balls with her nails. Her eyes were close and they were drenched in sweat. Then she caught his just right, a couple of full strokes and…Dec grabbed her ass and grunted so loud and hard later his vocal cords were totally strained and he could only speak in a hoarse whisper. So deep he felt her cervix her came so long and hard and total it felt like he was pumping his guts out the end of his dick. Even when we was done he pumped twice more as she collapsed into him.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32