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She wriggled excitedly as she pulled on her black stockings under her knee length black skirt. The light material flowed around her shapely thighs as she brought her knees up. Her pale blonde hair flowed over her shoulders and the black blouse she wore.

“He’s really coming!” she thought to herself. She was meeting him for dinner at the restaurant at the hotel across from the local airport, and from there…she let her mind trail off to the new matching bra and thong set she’d bought just for this night and shuddered again. His words, his ideas, his voice…she loved everything about what this night promised. She finished dressing and chose a pair of heels with ankle straps, almost appearing like dancers’ shoes. She went into the bathroom to check herself out in the mirror for about the hundredth time that afternoon. She caught a glimpse of her removable showerhead in the mirror and began to get a tingle between her legs. “No,” she said to herself. “You have to wait.” She’d already had two orgasms in her morning shower playing with the water, and she was ready for more.

She drove quickly to his hotel and when she entered the restaurant immediately saw him. He stood when she made eye contact and she nearly melted at the sight of him and the intensity of his gaze. He was wearing black trousers and shoes topped by an emerald green collared shirt and a black sport coat. “All that work getting dressed just to have me rip it off of him,” she mused to herself, flushing slightly at the thought. “You are not this easy,” she said to herself, trying to force herself to calm down. His eyes behind the bare steel wires of his glasses smiled at her as the corners of his mouth turned ever so slightly upward. His shortly trimmed goatee made her neck tickle at the thought of it running over her skin.

“Natalie,” he said quietly. “It’s good to see you.”

“You, too, Rob,” she replied, grinning from ear to ear as she wrapped her arms around him.

They ate well, but quickly, most of the small talk exhausted by years of talking on the internet. He asked about her family and she answered between bites of her food. After a light dessert, he paid, and they stood and moved to the entrance of the restaurant. She glanced at the hotel elevators. He didn’t seem to notice.

“How do you feel about going out to see a movie, hon?” he asked. She giggled.

“I think I could handle that,” she said. They went to her car, walking hand in hand, and she drove to the local theater where they picked a film that had been out for a little while that neither of them had seen. He led her up to the back of the mostly empty theater sitting in the shadows between two of the overhead lights. “So this is where he makes his move, eh? Well, I’ll just have to surprise him!” she thought. She excused herself to the bahis siteleri restroom, and there removed her panties, stuffing the flimsy swatch of material into her purse. Her fingers lightly traced her mound of flesh and she shuddered, weak in the knees, before forcing herself to stop before she masturbated again there in the women’s restroom. She went back to the theater, climbing over his knees to get back to her seat, wondering if he’d notice that she was aroused. He took her hand as the movie started and once began to idly stroke her thigh with his finger, but never went any farther than that. She was beginning to get frustrated. She drove back to his hotel and he never gave a second thought to her walking inside with him. She put on a small smile of satisfaction and they waited after he pushed the elevator call button. He slid his arm around her and pulled her close. Her breathing quickened as she looked him in the eye, her chin tipping up to kiss him. Her eyes closed as he leaned in and his lips brushed hers, pressing against hers, her tongue slipping between her lips to trace his mouth as his flicked across her tongue and pushing into her mouth. She sighed in spite of herself.

“And with that, you’ve given me all that I’ve dared dream of for the past four years, Natalie,” he said and stepped into the elevator. “Call me when you wake up and we’ll do something tomorrow. Good night, babe,” he said with a smile as the doors closed. She couldn’t believe it! He hadn’t tried anything or touched her, or hinted or anything! Here she was standing in a hotel lobby that he’d flown hundreds of miles to stay in, getting wet from his amazing kiss, and all he had to say was “Call me in the morning!” The nerve! But there was always tomorrow…in the meantime, she heard her water operated boyfriend calling for her.

She called the hotel the next morning and asked for his room.

“It’s about time, sleepyhead, after the dreams I had about you and the ones I’m sure you had about me, I was up bright and early!” he greeted her in his usual flirtatious mood.

“I’m sure you were,” she said.

“Anyway, ask for a key at the desk, under your name, and come on up when you get here, we’ll have breakfast somewhere. I’m going to hop in the shower. See you in a few, darling,” he finished with a purr and hung up. She was stunned again for a moment, but quickly dressed and headed back over to the hotel, entirely unsure what to expect from him today. She asked at the desk for a key under her name and they gave her the room number as well. She headed up to the room, slid the key in the lock and opened the door just in time to hear the shower turn off.

“I’ll be out in a second,” he called. “There’s coffee and some juices on the counter.” She turned and selected a pastry from the breakfast tray that had canlı bahis siteleri been brought to the room, and sat down in the chair for a moment. He exited the bathroom with only a white towel tucked around his waist, so poorly that he had to hold it up with one hand. Her eyes devoured his skin and she knew that her time had come. She stood and moved next to him.

“Rob,” she said, as she took his hand off the towel and knocked it off his body by running her hand over his hip. “Kiss me like you did last night.”

He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply, literally making her knees weak as his tongue sought hers, dancing and playing in her mouth. He ran his hands along her waist, lifting her shirt over her head, tracing his fingertips down her sides, catching her loose pants and her underwear at the same time, dragging them to the floor as he knelt. He looked up at the small patch of hair between her legs and glanced up at her eyes, pushing her back gently to sit on the bed, her knees falling open as she laid back, and braced for what she hoped was coming. He ran his hands up and down along her smooth legs, tracing kisses along the inside of one knee before finally and slowly kissing his way up her body.

He glanced up at her again mischievously and leaned back, dropping his chin between her thighs, making her tense at the feel of his breath on her vulva. He tentatively snaked his tongue from his mouth, tapping her lips with it in several places. She gasped in pleasure and tried to wiggle closer to him. He felt him chuckle more than she heard it, and his flat tongue slowly licked the entire length of her sex, the tip of his tongue burrowing into her flesh at the top, seeking something that he quickly found, judging by her reactions. She squealed as his tongue found her clit and he began to trace a figure eight pattern, flicking his tongue against it from side to side with each pass. She moaned loudly at the way that he seemed to know exactly how to touch her with his tongue. Every now and again he would flatten it out and slide it between her lips to her wet opening, and lap at the taste on her skin eagerly, sighing a little himself. She would whimper if he didn’t immediately come back to her clit, and soon his fingertips began to gather to themselves the wetness at that was starting to appear on her lips as they massaged the flesh surrounding her opening, teasing, pressing, every sensation adding to what he was already doing with his tongue. Her body began to tense and she ran her hand through his hair, begging him not to stop what he was doing, and she swore that she almost felt him grin as he ground his tongue against her clit and one of his fingertips traced the smoothing skin outside her opening. She nearly jumped off the bed when that finger slowly pressed its way into canlı bahis her vagina. She moaned loudly and every muscle in her pelvis clenched on that finger as he gently traced the inside of her wet pussy, dragging his fingertip across the most sensitive spots. She started a low moan that was only punctuated by breath as her hips pushed back against the intrusion, bucking gently, her hand in his hair now palming his head to make sure that he didn’t leave her now. Her whole body began to clench as the warm ache deep inside her grew and she moaned loudly, punctuated with several grunts as his tongue danced with her clit, pushing her right over the edge of an orgasm. He sat back with a satisfied smirk, but left his hand where it way, feeling her muscles still doing a running contraction as she seemed paralyzed for a few seconds, a look of utter ecstasy frozen on her face. After what seemed like an eternity to her, she blinked slowly and cleared her throat, the last sound from which had been a choked squeak as the orgasm forced the air from her lungs. He slowly removed his hand from her groin as she shuddered with each millimeter that he moved.

He lay down beside her with a smile. She reached for him and held him close for a few moments before looking up at him with a soft smile of her own and pulling his face to hers and kissing him deeply and passionately. She pulled his body closer to her, and over top of her, taking one hand to guide him to where she wanted him to be. He kissed her with abandon as his hips gently lowered to meet hers, his penis entering her, spreading her much farther than his finger had done. She bit her lip a little and tightened her grip on his shoulders as he worked his way into her with short strokes, finally giving her his all, his pelvis grinding against her clit and making her moan loudly. He kissed her ferociously as he took long slow strokes into her, pausing now and again to shudder in pleasure and be utterly amazed at this woman he was making love to. She felt that dull ache begin again, and swore that he was building it up by touch. She caught him biting his lip slightly and kissed him again, clenching with her muscles in encouragement with a grin.

He kissed her, tongue slipping between her lips as he began to thrust faster, building her orgasm at a much better rate, making her moan loudly, call his name. He, too, began to moan, and sucked gently on her neck and collar bone as he felt his own orgasm beginning. He groaned loudly and she felt his penis spasm inside her, flooding her with a different feeling, and triggering her own orgasm. Her body flushed and her muscles seemed to milk the semen from his still hard cock as she felt several waves of pleasure roll through her body. The both lay there carefully, neither moving for a long time. He nuzzled her neck with his nose and kissed her.

“Natalie?” he asked wondering if she was awake.

“I know, baby, let’s sleep. I have many more plans for you.”

She swore that she felt him grin as she faded off to dream of him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32